***We're All In - 11/7/11***

  • Welcome back, boys! (Joe and Bob). You where definitley missed on the forum. Bob, congrats on the 20 pounds! That's outstanding!

    This holiday season is tough, but I've been doing the best I can. I have missed only one workout so far which I will make up at some point. I have also decided to do a back to back challenge if anyone else is interested. The challenge for me has been the 6 dialy meals. I've been having 5 on a good day and 4 on a bad day, which is why I think I'm just losing a pound a week. So, I have to work on that.

    Rachel- I took your advice and started watching the Secret in pieces and I really like it! I can't wait to make a vision board!

    Sharon- How are you?

    Stay Strong, everyone!


  • "Out of life's school of war: what does not destroy me, makes me stronger."

    @ Rachel, Monica, Joe and Bob (and anyone else who is still out there)...I am back and I am more committed than ever!

    Thank you all for your words of encouragement and advise. I needed some time to work through my emotions and I have a lot of healing to do. However, the rest of 2011 and all of 2012 is ALL ABOUT ME!!!!!! I can't really say that I am now at week 7 of the challenge but I can say that I am back at it. I think that I will enter the official challenge starting January 2nd but I will continue to work it until then. Initially, I had no intention of entering the official challenge. Now - I am going for it!

    This journey was never about a quick 12-week fix for me. I have said all along that this was going to be a life style change and that it would take me back to back challenges (at least 2 if not 3) to get me where I need to be and then a life time of mini challenges to stay there. I am committed to doing that for ME!

    Here is what I have learned over the past two weeks: I am responsible for me. I will rely on me and me alone. I have a tremendous support network that loves me more than I realized. I will never again put myself in such a vulnerable position. I am just as important as anybody else in my life. I will not put myself or my happiness second. This is my life and I am the boss of my own destiny. I will finish what I started even if it takes me longer than originally anticipated. My dreams are as important as anyone elses and I will go for them.

    As an emotional eater in the past, I can say that I have changed. Even through the turmoil of the past few weeks, I did not turn to food. I made healthy food choices and am very proud of myself for that! I am down 11 pounds and 9 inches. I did not get in my workouts and I did not eat 5-6 times a day. I also did not drink my water or get nearly enough sleep. That is all ok! I did the only thing that I could - I got through it. I did a great cardio workout this morning (kickboxing - I felt like beating the crap out of a punching bag) and followed it up with a yummy BFL breakfast. I have healthy foods in the house and will make a trip to the grocery store today. I am picking up the pieces and moving forward : )

    I love you all and I am so very blessed to have you in my life!

    Have a great BFL Day!

    ~ Sharon

  • Sharon - Great to hear that you are working things out. Attitude is everything and it sounds like you are back on the path. 11 pounds and more importantly 9 inches is great. Worry about winning the daily battle and the rest takes care of itself.

    As for me not so good. I am battling some major post vacation depression. Getting back into the routine has proved harder than I thought. I am very busy at work and I am have not been doing a very good job there.

    My wife brought home a huge plate of cookies from work yesterday and I thought about them all evening. I am a big emotional eater and being depressed was pulling me to the cookies. I am happy to report that all though I did pick up some of them and smell them I did not eat any. I was actually arguing with myself out loud, but I knew if I ate one that the flood gates would have opened and I would have polished off the whole plate and been disgusted with myself. Chalk one up for me.

    Today is a new day, on to new battles.

    Make it a good one, Keep the Faith,


  • This is the reader's digest version of my post I just lost:

    Keep up the good work everyone!!!  We are awesome for doing this challenge during the holiday seasons. So! A pat on the back to us all.

    I am a believer in this program. I remember looking at the pictures in the front on back of my books thinking that would never be me. Crazy! I'm on my way, as we all are.

    I'm wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays :)

    I can't wait to hear your results at the end of the week!


  • Where is everyone? I hope that the holidays just has everyone busy and everyone is still on the program. Send us a note it doesn't need to be a long post just let us know you are still here.


  • I'm still here and enjoying every part of the challenge.  At last weigh in I'm down 25 pounds.  I found another gold nugget of motivation this week.  It was a post on the Gym forum, 'What's a 10'  by a great Body For Lifer named 'Legs'.  She posts regularly.  She was quoting another person 'Orrin' on what a 10 is when weight lifting.  It encouraged me to up my weights.  After reading it I decided to up my weight and the results were great.

    I bought myself some workout presents for Christmas.  I bought a pull up bar that attaches to a door frame, 2 35 pound dumbbells and Homedics body fat scale .  I can't even pull myself up 1 time on the pull up bar so half way in between upper body workouts I did some negative reps (hanging on the bar and resisting as I drop down).  I did that 20 times and was whipped by the 20th.  The next 2 days my lats were very sore which shows that there was some muscle growth.  Today's upper body workout was very difficult.  I up'd my weight on dumbbell curls and triceps extensions.  The funny thing is where I was at failure at 6 reps on curls last week I was able to do 8 reps this week.

    That's my update.  Read that post by 'Legs' in the Gym forum,  good stuff.  I'm inspired fellow BFL's like 'Legs' and 'OptiGirl'.  They post regularly and drop gold nuggets from time to time.  Ok, that bring a strange visual but I mean it in a good way....  :)

    Keep up the good work Joe and everyone else that's still on the plan.

  • Joe and Bob, way to go!  I'll check out those gold nuggets Bob. Thanks :)

    I'm still here and will be until the end. No matter what! I've been really bad the past few days with eating chocolate in the evening. There is too much around the house and I think I am getting lazy because I hit my weight goal. Time to stop doing that and get back into the program to see what else can happen :)

    I've lost 9 pounds. I started at 147 lbs. and am not 138 (my goal). I am 5'7", I've gained muscle---I wish I knew how much. I was a size 11 starting out and am now a size 6. My husband kept asking me if he should buy me a bigger size for Christmas. I stuck to my guns and the size 6 fits. It felt so good to slip those pants on with no effort. Who knows, maybe those pants won't fit by the end of the challenge. That is a mind-blowing idea.

    A little about me: I've lost 45 pounds in the last 7 months (since my baby was born). I just need to remember how long of a road this has been--- and every time I put those Christmas sweets into my mouth, I'm heading back down the hard road again.

    My husband is off this week and he is a bit difficult to have around: He eats all of this junk and leaves it out for me to put away. Also, he doesn't think I am eating enough . . .   Advice? I've already asked him to support me.

    By the way, my mom starts the challenge on January 2nd with Sharon!!!!! I cannot wait to hear about the changes!

    Keep it strong. I'll put my head back in the game. Starting today. Ask me about it please . . .


  • Hi there!

    I am also still here and kicking. I haven't weighed my self this week, but I know I have lost weight and few inches over the last 3 weeks. I knew I will not be able to make all my workouts or not all the food I would consume will be clean during this holiday season. But I have done the best I could, and I don't feel the overeating guilt that used to previously. I thoroughly enjoyed the food I ate during the holidays, but I couldn't overeat even if I wanted to. My stomach has shrunk done for sure!

    This morning at 530 am, I hit a true, euphoric 10! As part of my christmas gift, I got a sports watch with a touch heart rate monitor. In the past, I have always been a little afraid to push my self to the max because (a) I'm not an athletic, avid runner and (b) I have a history of passing out. I was still feeling a little nauseous after my Cardio workout and did not know if I has straining my untrained body too much, Well, with this heart rate monitor on my wrist, I felt armed and confident that I can read the response of my heart and respond to my heart accordingly. In the past 20 mins is all I could possibly do in the cardio department. I used to feel like I have nothing else to give once the 20 mins were up. Well, today, I broke my own personal record. I was in the zone, checking my heart rate after each time I hit a 9, and at the end instead of exhaustion, I had another burst of energy, I did a whole additional set of going from 6 to 9 and then managed to hit that 10! And I did not pass out or die doing it! It is such a fantastic feeling. Sounds ridiculous, but I almost cried after. I never realized that I am now capable of a cardio workout at this magnitude. It is insanely empowering.

    TopDog and Joe- I have missed your inspiring posts so much! I check my email several times to see if anyone has posted on this forum. Perhaps I should also subscribe to some other forums for motivation. Any suggestion?

    BoB- I couldn't find "what's a 10" by Leggs. Is it an old blog?

    Rach!- That's awesome, girl! Can't believe you already hit your goal weight! Super! I started cutting up some pics and quotes from magazines to create a vision board. I finished watching the Secret and it was awesome! I too have a husband that loves unhealthy treats around the house. And annoyingly, he is a skinny guy no matter what junk he eats. But I am slowly, but surely changing things around the house. Healthy food does not have to taste bad. I buy "food should taste good" chips and the hubby and kids love them. Slowly, I have introduced salad as part of the dinner meal, etc. This is a lifetime change. You need to have him on board with you and your healthy lifestyle. Just do it slowly, so he doesn't feel deprived and angry. It may take a year, but you will all be on the same healthy wagon at the end and it will make you journey together that much more enjoyable.


  • Monica,

    To find that post go to Forum and then 'The Gym' and then 'What's a 10?'.  I was just there a moment ago.  'What's a 10?' was the third from the top.


  • Thanks Bob- I just read it. Amazing blog. Eye-opening definition of a true 10. I am doing upper body tomorrow morning and will definitely be utilizing this technique. Thanks for the nugget!


  • Thanks for the post Bob, great perspective on our weight training.

    Good to see some everyone back at it, one more holiday weekend to go and then we are clear for a while.

    Weighed in on Monday, down to 267 from 289, the cruise was quite a setback but I am back on track now.

    Monica - Great to see that you are finding your true potential, there is nothing better than impressing yourself.

    Rachel - Make sure your husband understands the program, guys like to fix things, if he sees you are sticking to a set program he will help you. Keep up the good work 45 pounds WOW!

    Just think when all those people start those New Years resolutions to get in shape we all have a big head start on them.  Keep the Faith People!


  • "We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all of the power we need inside ourselves already." ~J.K. Rowling

    Hi guys! I have missed this forum and you guys and gals. I am so proud of all of you that are still kicking butt and taking names!!!! You are well on your way to having completed your 12-week challenge.

    I have managed to keep off the majority of the weight that I lost during our initial 6 weeks and am very much looking forward to getting back into the program 100%.  I have been good about eating smart foods but have not been as diligent with my workouts.  In my last post, I said I was back and ready to go. Mentally I thought I was but emotionally I guess I wasn't : (  So, this is soon to be a "New Year - New Me!"  I am definitely ready now and can't wait to start sharing with you all again as well as draw my inspiration from you.

    I posted on a group forum that is starting Monday since that is the day I will use as my official challenge entry date.  However, I feel like you guys are my BFL family!  I am not on the same time frame as you guys anymore but would like to still participate here if that is cool with you : )

    Anyone still planning on continuing after this 12 week challenge is up?

    New Year's Eve/Day plans?  I am going out with friends on New Year's Eve but plan to spend New Year's Day with The Secret and a new vision board.  I started my old one prior to my world falling apart.  It got thrown away as my husband, my marriage, and our shared dreams were such a big part of it.  It was a constant reminder of what happenes and that is just not what I need right now.  This year is about me and my vision board needs to reflect that.

    Happy New Year's!!!

  • Rockinitt,  glad to see you visit us again.  I know it's got to be hard for you to keep emotionally up after what happened to you but your last post shows that you are a strong women and can keep swinging even after the blows you've received.  This program will help you and give you a boost of emotional and physical strength.  I plan on doing a back to back challenge when this one is complete.  I figure I might as well keep going now that I have all this momentum going for me.  I've become real good at preparing my meals and making them in advance.  Last night I made a brown rice and red/pinto bean combo that is delicious.  I made enough for about 10 meals knowing my wife is going to consume a lot of it.  It should be enough for several days.  I added onions, garlic, red pepper flakes and worshesher sauce.  I'm sure i butchered the spelling there but I'm too lazy to look it up.. lol.  Good luck on your next challenge and hang in there.  Take care.


  • Hi everyone,

    Im kind of relieved to know I wasnt the only one to blow the diet and workouts during the holidays. It feels great to get back into routine and it really teaches me how important it is to eat healthy, it is amazing how much better I feel and the differance in energy I have when I eat clean!

    Cant wait to bring in the new year and keep make further progres in 2012!! My resolution is to make even more healthy choices and changes and do more things to better myself!! I am happy to have stubbled on to body for life what a great tool to teach me better ways and help me make changes!!

    Speaking of tools, I found a great little app on the Iphone called My fitness Pal which is basically a calorie counter ( in which I am using to ensure im consuming enough and not too much) its very quick and easy to use it even shows you charts and graphs on your carb, protein and fat  ratio intake.  It has a huge data base in specific foods, portions and brands and even allows you to scan barcodes on food items. Also it will keep a summary of all the nutrion values daily or weekly to give you a great overview of your diet and progress. Im looking forward to using this instead of writing it down all the time seeing as my phone is always with me and the app gives me a much better insight! Did I mention its free??

    Just thought id share my little find with you all and wish everyone the best of luck, progress and health in the new year! Im off to eat my turkey and lettuce sandwhich on whole wheat 12 grain bread for lunch ;)

    JO :)

  • Sharon!- It's great to hear from you. I will also be doing a back to back challenge. I bought a board today to pin up the pictures I have cut up so far for the vision board. I'm planning on hanging it on the inside of my closet door, so that I see it everyday and night. It will be a progressive process as I will keep adding picture and quotes as I find them throughout the next few months. But I'm excited to start the process!

    Bob- I'm a sucker for spicy rice and beans. I was wondering if you have the exact recipe of that dish since it sounds yummy! Also, did you add anything else for protein?

    Jo- My fitness Pal app is great, especially to see the nutritional value of the items we consume daily. I have been using it on and off, but plan on really getting into it this New Year.

    To my BFL Family- Wishing you a Happy, Healthy, and Fit New Year's!!!!