***We're All In - 11/7/11***

  • Hi Sharon and all,

    This is Wendy here,

    I am still committed but I am posting on "40 SOMETHING FEMALES "  which I began 3 weeks ago approx.  I am in week three and just this week with my Birthday, my son's birthday I have given myself a green light with some food which makes me upset with myself.  I do remember that it is just a "meal away from good again"?  Is that the saying?  Anyway my workouts are really strong 90% of the time and it really feels good the small changes that are happening to me.  I also do abs on my cardio day so I get it in more as well.  God knows my middle can use more ab work. LOL

    I use the food method from the Bill Phillips book and love it.  Although I you do kind of get tired of some foods.  That's when I go to the site for recipies.

    Any advice to help me keep on the right track after messing up food wize?  I have always felt as soon as I mess up that's it it's ruined.  I know logically it's not but HELP!!!!!!

    Keep up the good work everyone.  Even if you don't hear from some of us we hopefully are all still going strong but not always posting. It seems like life ...BFL......family.......work .....etc are getting in the way.  LOL.  

    Stay strong Ladies and Gentleman

    Wendy from "40 SOMETHING FEMALES"

    I love all the advice....Thank you so much.

  • Thanks everyone for the support. Things are going good so far. I will be checking out for a while. Tomorrow we are leaving for Florida and a seven day cruise. I am planning on sticking to my workout routine on the cruise but the eating will be tough. If you have ever been on a cruise you know what I mean. I am going to try to maintain my current weight for the week. I hit the 20 pound mark this morning which was my goal for the cruise. Thank you everyone for helping me get there, do not worry, I plan on picking up right where I left off when I get back.

    Bob and Sharon  stay on top of everyone while I am gone and don't let them slack off. There are some amazing people on this string and I thank you all for your support.

    Stay the course,


    "Progress not Perfection!"


    Enough said!!!!  

    @ Joe - 20 pounds removed is incredible results! So celebrate your accomplishments on your cruise (NOT with food but with fun) and have an amazing time!  We'll anxiously await you return : )

    How's everyone else doing?  I have completed about 50% of my vision board.  It really is motivational for me and I am enjoying the process.  Tomorrow night is movie night for me - my treat to myself - and I am excited to watch The Secret.

    Any new recipes you want to share?  New workout routines or specific exercises you find working well for you?  

    Let's get some chatter going here...it's been kinda quiet.  I know, I know...I am at fault too for not posting daily but I am getting back into a routine that will allow me to post more often.

    Have a great BFL day all!

    ~ Sharon


  • Hi ALL-

    @Rachel- Thank you for the info and the advice. I will stick the plan I have already started until I complete this challenge. But I am intrigued by the 80% smart food idea instead of the free day, since I think it is better long term solution and practical lifestyle. Did you get to watch the Secret? I want to Netflex it but have had no time yet. But I do plan on watching it and creating a vision board.

    @Sharon- You rock!! I'm so glad you are back! I look forward to your posts. How are you holding up? I went back and read your post about BFL for Women and it was very helpful. How is the vision board going? Sounds like you are having a lot of fun with it. I want to see the movie first and then I will create my vision board. There are a few things I am very clear about that I want for my future (personal and family life) and there are other aspects that are unclear to me as to what direction I want to go in (i.e. my career). I think the vision board will really help me clear things up and prioritize my life well. (P.S...I love your quote of the day! That picture is going on my vision board! lol)

    Joe- Congrats on the 20 lbs, dude! That is AWESOME! Have a great time on the cruise! We will be waiting eagerly for your return.

    TopDog- Where you at?!?! ;-)


  • Hey guys-

    I promise that I am still here with you plugging away!  I'm sorry that I haven't been on the board everyday...you know me- trying to balance it all...

    I did have to miss two days worth of workouts on Sunday and Monday.  My knee was so swollen (I tore both my ACLs as a teenager) and then I had a 36 hour headache that was affecting my vision.  It was really weird.  I kept with the eating and then jumped back into working out on Tuesday.

    It's good to see you guys are still in this.  The vision board sounds really cool and I'd like to look into it at some point.

    You guys are awesome and I'm really proud of all of us for sticking to it and THRIVING!!!


  • Hello everyone! Week 6 here we go!!!! I am so proud of us all for making it this far. Now, we need to finish and finish strong :)

    I love hearing from all of you, so keep posting!!

    @Sharon- I am pretty plain on my meals: meat and vegetables sometimes brown rice. It's easy and my son and husband can add more "stuff" to theirs for more taste.  I LOVE that picture you posted :)

    @ Wendy- When I screw up in the eating category, I usually don't feel well soon after. I think our bodies thrive on good food when we get into healthier lifestyles and then the body will complain when we add "junk" again.  Also, I try not to beat myself up over a mess up, yet- I'm firm and recommit to do better. The success journal I'm using says we have to want to be better more than we want to stay the same. It is a constant battle. We can do it!

    @ Joe- Happy Cruise! If you gained some weight while out--- tackle it when you get back. Fast weight gain= fast weight reduction.

    @ Monica- Watch that movie!!! Do it in segments if you don't have enough time. I need to make a vision board also . . .

    @Jo . . . You still out there?

    @Bob- Where are you? I hope you are still doing well and staying strong. Don't give up!! We need you here on our thread :)

    Did I miss someone?

    Happy Holidays!!!!  There will be mess ups, but work through them and try to keep them minimal.

    I have an excellent cardio workout on Saturday. My lungs haven't burned like that since a district track meet in high school!

    Let's ramp it up and see what miracles we can achieve!!!!  I want tighter abs for Christmas!!!

    You all are my lifeline. Thank you so much!


  • @ Laura- Sorry I missed you, I must be tired . . .  I hope your knee is ok. Be gentle on it.

    Keep THRIVING!  I like that :)

  • Well half way there guys!! Reflecting back on the past six weeks, I definatly have made progress but have alot of room for improvement. My goal for these next 6 weeks is to step it up, stay focused and push my self alot harder through my workouts. I also am going to aim for less cheating in my meal plans and continuing to make healthy choices!

    The past six weeks have really shown me it takes motivation and disipline to earn results and that perfection is not nessary to change my lifestyle. I love whomever said the quote " to get back on track is one meal or workout away". Ive always been so hard on myself for screwing up or not following a diet or routine excatly. But this challange has shown me that I am not perfect and that I will only make progress if I stay strong and dont give up.

    Here is to a more focused and challanging 6 weeks!! Stay with it guys!!!Love hearing you are all seeing results and feeling healthier!

    Jo :)

  • Can't even come up with a motivational quote today...

    My husband left for Afghanistan 10 days ago.  It turns out that he volunteered to go without me knowing about it.  We have been married for almost 20 years and this is not something that is ok.  We own our own business which is now completely in my hands.  It was hugely screwed up in the finance department with unreconciled statements and the likes.  I can't meet payroll due to my husband's mismanagment. Our personal finances are just as bad.  I know - shame on me for not having a better handle on all aspects of my life.  I know...

    I only had 3 weeks notice that he was leaving - he had 6.  He spent one of those weeks at his mom's house.  She hasn't been in good health and he wanted to spend some alone time with her.  I think he was afraid she won't be there when he returns in a year.  I begged him to let me go with him but he was adamant about doing this alone.

    As I am now in charge of everything, I was taking a hard look at our cell phone bill.  There were literally hundreds of calls and text messages to a number that I didn't recognize.  Bet you can now guess where I am going with this huh?  Yup - another woman.  That is who he went to spend time with before deploying. She lives in the same town as his mom. She was his high school sweetheart and they have apparently carried this torch all those years.  They were on again, off again through out his first marraige and apparently ours as well.  He has had more communication with her since he got to Afghanistan that me (by about 10x).

    I was able to talk to him yesterday, for the first time since he got there, and I confronted him.  I didn't want to at first.  I wanted to ignore and hope that it would go away.  That was a stupid, naive approach so I tackled it head on. He lied initially but then came clean once he realized that I already knew.  He told me that they do "love each other" and always have but that he still loved me too.  He agreed to end all communications with her and focus on making us better.  He is half a world away so there is absolutely no way for me to know if he is upholding that promise or not.  Plus - really - how do you focus on a marriage in a combat zone????  I can't be one of those crappy wives who leaves their husband while they are deployed.  He needs my support even if he doesn't deserve it right now.  As a Soldier and a patriot, I will do all that I can to help him come home safely.  Where does that leave me though?  My life and marriage really just got put on hold for an entire year.  I don't know what to do with that!  I don't even know how to wrap my head around that.

    So now I am left to pick up the pieces of my completely shattered life.  I have a job to do, a business to untangle, final exams this week for my MBA, blah, blah, blah.  I can't eat, I can't sleep, I can't focus and I am just barely functioning.  

    I will place myself first and protect myself financially as well as emotionally. I am a strong woman and I can make my life amazing. I am just not here today. It is an open raw hurt right now that I can't begin to explain.  I feel like a cliche and a complete idiot.  I should have seen this coming.  The signs were all there I just didn't see them.  I didn't want to see them...

    I don't know where that leaves me with this challenge.  I don't have it in me to do the workouts right now and I can't keep food in my stomache.  I am committed to changing my life and being a heathier, stronger version of me.  It just isn't happening this week...

  • Sharon!!!!!!!!   I am so sorry!!!!!!!  You could not have seen this coming, you are a good, strong, supportive wife.

    I have some strong words for you but know that they are meant in love and peace.

    I need you to scroll up and look at that picture you posted: IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO BE WHAT YOU MIGHT HAVE BEEN.

    Your husband is not being a good man right now to you. Don't let him bring you down any further than he already has. This all has to hurt and I am crying while writing this to you. What pain you must be in!!! Please don't fall. Gather all of that pain and hurt and use it as fuel to better yourself.

    As for finals for your MBA. It is time to "Rock It" as your screen name says. You've done so well for so long . . . finish strong. You know you have it in you. Please let us know how your finals went.

    Eating:::::   You MUST eat! Your daughter and many others need you to be strong right now. I recommend just drinking protein shakes/meal replacements and eating protein bars until you FEEL like eating. It is a quick fix, but please put something in your body.

    Remember in the Body for Life for Women the pictures of 'THIS IS NOT THE ANSWER'? 'THIS IS THE ANSWER'? It  is time to post those up around the house. Your MBA: This is the answer. Sticking with Body for Life: This is the answer. Taking time for yourself and giving yourself good things like time with friends, uplifting movies, returning to former hobbies/talents, taking long baths . . . . This is the answer.

    The workouts? How about you try one. Choose today, tomorrow, the next day; and see how you feel. It might help.

    Financially:::: Have you heard about the book Financial Peace? Dave Ramsey? I suggest you look it up. I love his good, strong, no nonsense advice on finances.


    Post back. I don't even mind if you yell at me. But!!!! And I quote you: "I am a strong woman and I can make my life amazing."

    I am sending you peace and a BIG, BIG HUG :)

    Much love,


  • Sharon,

    I can't even begin to fathom what you must be going through right now. I am sooooo sorry. I have known you only for about 6 weeks, and you lady, are a ROCK! It may not seem like right now, but this may be a blessing in disguise. This is the time, more than ever, when you need to start focusing on YOU. Putting your life on hold for others, just so that they can come back and bite you in the ass is OVER. This is your time. Take the time for yourself and heal yourself. If you need to live in devastation for a while, then do it. But remember that that time is finite and once over with, you will pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and move forward with your life. I am so glad you started this BFL challenge at this point in your life. I really feel that this challenge will actually save you from falling and falling hard. THIS is the time, more than EVER that you need to stick to this program. It will give you the tools to pull through, re-prioritize your life, focus, and move forward to happiness and joy that you deserve.

    Sending you much love and hope,


  • Sharon!!!! What up?!   What up?!!!!  I'm sure you are doing excellent despite the circumstances :)  Remember "the secret". Watch it again? I'm going to :)

    Monica- I agree with everything you told Sharon and I'll take some of that advice also.

    Hey all!!!! My name is Rachel and I have an addiction to food. Namely, my famous chocolate chip cookies. I made some for a cookie exchange and ate 7. Yes, 7!!  When I was not supposed to eat even one. I have learned that I don't have control. So, when there is not a serving-sized amount available I should not have any at all. If I don't start, my body will not overwhelm me with the desire to eat those cookies/whatever it is. Sad. I know, you would think I could control my mouth/brain a bit more. Nope. I'm working on a plan that will work for me.

    I ramped up my upper body weights yesterday and I am SORE. A good sort of sore. This program really does work. I am feeling so much more self-confident and I can see some muscles popping through. I have direction in my life and I am sticking to my healthy habits. I love weight lifting days.

    When it is too cold to go outside or I'm too lazy to run outside, I have been using workout DVDs. I aim to hit a 10 each time at the end.

    Let's finish this and finish it strong!!!!


  • Hello everyone! How are you all doing?

    As for me, I can't believe I am already at the 1/2 way point. This really isn't that bad! I thought it was going to be brutal when I starting reading about the Body-For-Life program but it actually very doable.

    I'm getting all revved up for a tough week! Luckily, I don't have desserts and candy staring me down in my kitchen. When those desserts do arrive, I just need to remember my commitment to this challenge. I CAN DO HARD THINGS. It is worth it.

    At this halfway point I am amazed at the changes in my body/mind/spirit. I am so grateful for this program. Also, thank you so much all of you out there joining me on this challenging and worthwhile journey.

    Joe- Are you back from your cruise? Welcome back!

    Sharon, Monica, Jo, Laura, Jo, Monica . . .  Anyone else?  Let's do this!!! Progress, Not Perfection this week :)  Hang in there everyone.

    Topdog????? You out there?

  • Good Morning BFL Team,

    I am back from the cruise. We had a great time. Disney does the cruise thing right. I'd like to say that I ate right and exercised everyday but I didn't. I did get three workouts in on the cruise but the eating was just down right disturbing. It just confirms that if I do not focus on each and every meal what can happen. I need to make a life long change here. I will go right back to my old ways and it terrifies me. I am scared to go near the scale.

    I got my UBW in today. It actually felt good. Now I just need to get back into to my pre cruise routine, should be real easy with Christmas this week.

    Rachel, Sharon, Monica, Jo, Laura, Wendy Nice job hanging in there, it seems as though everyone has thier own issues to deal with and you still take time to recognize each other, thats a rare trait. Thanks for the support, I missed you guys while at sea with no access.

    Sharon, I can not even think of what to say to you. Except I am sorry for what you are going through. hang in there and reach out for support when needed.

    Where's Bob?

    Keep the Faith people, six strong weeks to go for a lifetime of benefits!


  • I'm still here and kicking.  I stepped on the scales this morning and I'm down 20 pounds.  I got a bad cold last week and I missed a couple of days working out but I needed to recover.  Hope everyone is doing well.  Keep truckin everyone.