Starting!!!! NOV 14!!!!! I need a good support team...

  • Opti you are amazing! How you can rejuvenate yourself. I admire you immensly!

    I have had a week from the burning depths! Major layoffs at work...really thought I was a gonner...but they are keeping me. I got sucked into a depressive state..caused problems in all aspects of my life, work, marriage, I am finally digging myself back out and we have two days left! eekkkkkk

    I need to bust my butt!

    I do believe I will take AR...not neccessarily because my 12 weeks were as intense as they could have been, mainly to regroup, re-evaluate my goals, my new schedule...applied to graduate school scarrrrryyyy. New work schedule, new boss at work, alot of 'new' going on in my life.

    So I am thinking 2 weeks off...anyone with a different start date in mind? Let's stay together on this please.

    Opti what are your plans?



    Superbowl sunday is weigh  in and measure day! It's really going to be a SUPER Day!!!<3

  • wow!  starting graduate school??  

    I checked when my school's gym is open in case it would work for me to get a workout in there.  but it's only open on lunch break noon-1.  That's it.  I teach from 11-2 so that won't work.  

    Still looking at my calendar for when to regroup.  

    Oh!  I thought of another 'fun' thing to do on AR since you shouldn't lift real heavy intense.  You know how Curves gym is for women?  You rotate to the next station after a minute or so?  Wouldn't it be fun to rotate through the different lifting machines at the gym?  Like a medium weight for 20 reps.  Then rotate.  A fun circuit to break it up.  It would work if the gym wasn't very busy at the time.

  • Well today was the day I weighed in and took measurements---This is the first time in over a year I GAINED back 3 lbs and 1/2" in a few areas!  I keep wondering if I didn't drink enough water yesterday, or maybe my period's coming...  No, I'm pretty sure it's my discipline!  I have it for a few days, then eat too much at night for a few days.  Then splurge a whole day.  Then back to being good again, and repeat cycle.  I need to sit down and look at what I'm doing.  I think maybe my meals during the day are too small.  What I eat at lunchtime is so much smaller than what I eat at supper.

    How did the rest of you do?

    I feel ashamed at posting my results.  It was my 5th Challenge and all the ones b4 this had small improvements (The 1st one had the most improvement).

    I REALLY need to think about the ways I'm sabotaging myself!

  • Opti, no shame, it's for life and all we need to do is tweak, tweak, tweak.  You helped motivate me, no way you are throwing in the towel!!

    So my results are in, 26 lbs fat gone, 5 lbs lean mass gained, net 21 lbs down on the scale.

    I've jumped right into challenge 2, keeping it going, keeping it real.  It's about progress, not perfection!

  • nope, not throwing in the towel, that's for sure!!  k, I looked at my calendar.  I am taking 2 weeks AR and still getting about 2 boot camps in each week (a coworker is tagging along with me tomorrow for her first one and she doesn't want to go alone, we're both so excited!!!)  And during this 2 weeks I'm getting some other projects done like taxes, re-reading the book, scouring this site for renewed meal plans and motivation (can't wait to read the new champions essays!)  also finishing up all the leftovers in the freezer from the past 3 months.

    i'll be starting C6 on 2/20, same day I get even MORE busier at school, and the 12 week-ending date is the last week of the school semester.  I'm thinking I'm crazy for attempting to do another challenge during the busiest time of the year for me. But it's already 2 days out of a challenge, and I feel I'm roaming around with no purpose. I wanna cook, and I don't wanna cook. Eating leftovers, but not satisified.  Then I eat junk food but still not satisfied.  I feel like I have to 'save' the good new recipes for 'challenge time.'  And the junk food makes me want to nap.  I'm just going in circles.  I get free tanning at my gym, and I don't even feel like doing that right now!

    Sat. night I rewarded myself with my 12-week haircut.  It was only a $15 haircut, and I guess it kinda matches my mediocre challenge.  Not one I'd call super duper!  More like "eh".

    I've picked out some glasses I want to reward myself with for this next challenge.  Hmm, maybe I should save a picture of them and put them as my computer wallpaper as a reminder of a reward coming to stay on track!  and to picture my sexy self wearing them.

  • Sounds like we are on the same schedule Opi.

    I am ashamed of my self..haven't weighed, measured any of it. I'm in a bad place right now and need to pull myself out...I'm afraid my results from my first challenge will be disheartening and I will go deeper down. The last three weeks of the challenge I was not abiding by the guidelines...not eating right and not going to the gym like I should. Now it's three days past end of challenge and I'm scared to check my stats.

    My son however has done fabulously! I am soooooooooooooooo proud of him. I wish he would have measured and weighed prior so we have something to compare to..because all his clothes are bagging on him big time. He has lost so many inches it's just amazing.

    wow I'm kinda being a hipocrit aren't I? with not measuring and weighing...hmmm ok better late than never! I will get up right now and do it...let you know on my next post!

  • dmrn--I know the fear of checking your results.  If we don't see a particular number, we feel we have failed and what was the point anyway.  

    But you finished!!!  Well you had some rough weeks, but look at how many people started, had bad weeks, and then fell off the face completely of the entire challenge?  Like it got too hard, so they walked away, never to be heard from again.

    You admitted you had rough patches.  You were honest about your feelings.  But you still remembered your ending date, you didn't write it off, quit partway through, just to restart b4 you even finished the first time.  (so many do that and it drives me nuts! I've done it too.  12 weeks is 12 weeks.  Not 6, then start over at 4, then start again with 10, etc.  Before you know it, their '12 weeks' has turned into 30 weeks!)

    Hurray for your son and his loss!! :)

    The picture of the glasses I want is copyrighted, so I can't save the image on my desktop.  oh well.  And my coworker and I went to her first boot camp last night and she loved it!!!  Afterwards she couldn't stop talking about it.  Felt good to be a part of that :)

  • Opti great words of advice you are 100% on this.  dmrn, you just chalk it up to experience and move forward!

  • Rereading the BFL original book.  Being reminded how easy these meals are to put together.

    Went and bought a corkboard I can post my goal sheet and pics on. And magazine cutouts, people doing handstands, etc. (I'm still working on those.)

  • Opti, the corkboard is a great idea!!! I think I will utilize one also.

    So my stats are disappointing, but I finished! I lost 8.2 lbs on the scale, and a total of only 4 inches. I don't have a way to determine the fat lost vs muscle gained....but I have gone down 2 pant that is nice. I know the program works, it is fun, it is healthy, itis do-able! Challenge #2 I will achieve even better results, I just know it! I have one challenge under my belt, so I know what I am doing and what needs to be done to achieve results. I also have my son as inspiration! Hopefully I can get him to get measurements and track his success that way. He looks fabulous.

    I feel much healthier,have so much more energy and I have a special connection with some wonderfully strong, admirable people that I would never have known had it not been for BFL...& those people are all of you that are reading this now. Thank you all for your encouragement, ideas and support. I look forward to starting just one week.

    I have been re-reading the book...I know this time I will keep better track of my stats & logging them. It will help me stay on track I believe.

    Went to the gym twice this week with my son and I found myself just doing has become second nature. I used to be do minimum of 45 min cardio each day I went to the gym before I started's like I've lost the desire to do that. It used to be a great way to relax and I find I get bored to quickly, so I do eliptical for 20 then go do weights or something else, then bike for 15, then something else. I don't like to just do one thing anymore.

    The gym I go to 'Planet Fitness' doesn't have any classes, so I am looking of yoga, palates or maybe even boot camp...probably butt kickin' boot camp hehehe. The gym does have a 30 min workout arena where you kind of do like you were saying the other day Opti, where you do a certain amount of time on one machine, then rest one minute then move to another area for cardio for certain amount of minute rest then move to the next. It's nice I really like it and I never get bored!

    My problem areas are my belly and my thighs, so any suggestions you all want to share for the upcoming challenge, would really be appreciated.

    Better run...going out to dinner with my hubby.

  • dmrn--THOSE RESULTS SOUND (using your word here) FABULOUS!!!!

    TWO pant sizes!  You may thing it was only 8.2 pounds, but TWO pants sizes!!!  And 4" off waist!!!  Your results are similar to my first challenge over a year ago.  Oh my, you just keep at it, girl!

    Are you not starting on 2/12 anymore?

    My AR is 1/2 over with and still feel like I have so much to prepare yet!  I should write my planning list down, then it won't seem so daunting.  There's a boot camp I want to go to on my day off, but that's also when I was going to finish my taxes.  And once those are done, I will feel SO much better and focused for the next challenge .

  • Opti---No I am not starting until 2/19 actually..I need to start on Sunday due to work schedule. But I am only 1/2 way thru my AR...I am not even ready to start tomorrow!

    I do have to admit that in an earlier post I was saying we would end C2 around my 45th Bday...not it is my 46th!!! now that was wishful thinking...forgetting how old I that a sign of dementia or what??? I plan to set down  today with the book. Start my goals and get my preliminary shopping list done.

    Are you excited? I am!

    Ohh it was 4inches overall...not all off my waist, I lost 1in off the waist...but I was week 4 when I took my original measurements, so these are not as accurate. This is one of the reason's I am going to be stricter with myself in keeping a journal/log of my diet, stats etc.

    I keep trying to put my info in on this site for my challenge info with my stats and goals...I am having a problem perhaps someone cah help?  It is not saving the info I put into it. I get started go partway thru then save to come back later...then when I come back later all it has saved is my name & weight...discouraging...maybe I just won't do it...i don't know

    Yes GRADUATE school! am I crazy or what?;)       I applied..we will see if I get accepted. It is mostly online, which is the only way I can do it...One starts in June the other in I hopefully I will hear soon.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!

  • I am with ya..starting Today!

  • Caught an awful flu this week!

    Re-reading the book, digging deap for my goals, refreshing myself on how simple the diet it. I am learning alot about myself preparing for C2. Very excited even though I feel cruddy:(

    Plan to hit the gym tomorrow for the express workout and try some new ab exercises.

    A 5 K cancer run in March is sounding like a good 1st marathon for me, so I will also work on that this week and see my tolerance for the distance. My knees give me some trouble on the treadmill and when I try to run, but the cause is important to me so even if I speed walk it, I will feel accomplished. It is something to work toward.

    Opti we still on for starting another challenge in just a few days? I sure hope so! You have truly been a blessing to me with your encouragement, advice, sounding-board & just knowing someone out there is with me on THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  • Glad to have you with us Zumbamama!!!