Starting!!!! NOV 14!!!!! I need a good support team...

  • Happy holidays!  They were tough lol... I managed to behave for the most part, but I tend to over do my cheat days for those cravings of sweets and pasta over the week.  Honestly up to this point though, I'm ok with it.  I have been religiously weighing myself, mesauring, blah, blah, blah... and I seem okay even after those cheat days.  One thing though I felt so bloated Christmas Day... was a good and a bad thing, good, because I got my sweet tooth and pasta cravings in, but felt like SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bloated all day/ night lol, but I'm  back on track :)

    Opti, your husband is on the right track!  I gave up Diet Coke and Blue Moon, and anyone that knows me real well will tell you that's like a king without his sceptor lol.  I did have a diet coke on one of my cheat days and only drank one quarter of it.  My wife was floored, I told her it was very syrupy lol.  I have yet to have a Blue Moon, holding out as long as I can... I want one, but don't need it.

    D, I feel so bad about the step -daughter issue.  I wish everyone understood how important family is and to spend it with each other during the holidays.  It's a tough situation no doubt.

    Zoobey, make sure to hit the fluids, drown yourself in them.  Maybe some low sugar jello to help? Green teas and chamomille teas before bed.  By a netti pot to cleanse your sinuses, be an addict like me :)

    I went back to cardio every day, just did not like my results last week and with my focus being fat burning/ weight loss, I'm back at it.  I had such good succes 10yrs ago with doing my cardio in the morning and weights in the afternoon, that I am trying to get into the split schedule this week.  Started yesterday with HIIT on the bike in the morning and then weights at night, started great but fely sluggish.  I wish I had been at the gym about an hour earlier as I think my energy was fading.  It was sooooooooo hard to get up this morning and run, but I did.  Wish me luck on my split schedule :)

    Next challenge is our vacation next week... yup, we going to Florida to visit wife's grandpa.  Do a day in Disney and then the rest with him.  I've already been looking for local gyms, but looking for 24hr one, so I can still manage around family time.  I'm excited... and terrified at the same time.  I've been debating how I am going to handle my supplements... a few shake packets to go and purchase the rest at a Walmart/ Sam's club down there would probably be best.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, the decisions lol...

  • Hey everyone!

    Holidays were good.  I haven't been at the gym because I'm out of town..but really My commitment just waned...I've been at my inlaws and it just felt like I was too involved with mysel by wanting to work out and eating  meals....the comments started coming out, so I just decided to try and do a cardiovascular each day and I have.  Bad eating yesterday. In and out burger and fries....something we don't have in Colorado and Xmas was my free day. But today I had an ice cream cone and I'm on here because root beer floats are on the menu tonight.   I just got discouraged,  but reading everyones post has recommitted me.  

    D - step daughters are so hard...I'm sorry o hear what she put you guys through this holiday season.

    Opti way to go only having one slushee it sounded yummy!

    Flatliner thanks for the upbeat posts it is a commitment or life

    Ok no root beer float tonight !!!!!!!  Heading back home tomorrow.  :)

  • hi all--checking in after a very naughty week for me.  These last 2 weeks I didn't get all workouts in.  The first week I had to travel for work, and I ate for stress AND to try some new restaurants in that area that I never get to.  Then this past week with a week-long potluck at work, I started good, but then people started bringing in my favorites that I never eat all year long--and well, I gorged, had a full stomach after every lunch.  my gums and teeth hurt.  I can't remember if I said this already, sorry if I did.

    But today I'm back on.  Trying to get back into habit.  I haven't drunk enough water in days.  So now I keep forgetting to.

  • Happy New Years!

    Naughty week x 2 for me...haven't gotten all workouts in...haven't eaten very well....haven't drank the right fluid;) too much to drink last night tho head hurts! But did make it to the gym prior to our night out last night. My sweet husband went to the gym with me, I am so lucky to have him. Did not eat much yesterday...unless jello shooters count :-)

    Back on track tomorrow, up at 430 am for work...should get off work & head straight to the gym by 830 or 9pm... then home, shower, bed and start all over...

    Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays..I was not good to myself, but had lots of fun!

    Night all.

  • i"ll be starting my 2nd job up in exactly 3 weeks, and trying to gather find all important papers and crap for that.  NOT looking forward to it, since I haven't been able to find them yet, but i hope to get far in that project, then 'celebrate' by going to a boot camp tonight.  Already dressed for it.  

    haha, do you guys often walk around your house in your exercise clothes, 'cuz you either didn't change after your workout, or you're just getting ready for your evening workout hours ahead of time?  nOtice people in soap operas are all dressed up every single day even just to sit in their house?  who does that?  Not that I have time to watch soap operas anymore, but I did when I was younger.

     today was Day 1 of hubby's exercising.  He has always been so private about it, but this time he ASKED me to help him and watch his form.  :D  This circuit he picked out is an overall beginner one, and has lunges, a few stretches, pushups, can't remember, some other stuff.  Wow, it was interesting.  It will take some time for him to work on his form.  Then he asked me to do a lunge so he could see it.  He said "showoff."  He was joking, but I could tell he started to feel self-conscious and stupid.  I hope he doesn't let that stop him.  I kept trying to reassure him that to just keep practicing, maybe hold onto a chair at your side as you're lunging to get your balance.  

    He wanted to rotate different circuits he wants to try from the book, but this one kinda kicked his butt, so he just wants to focus on this particular one 3x/week to get his form down.  And this one didn't even need ANY equipment!  

    There was this stretch I've never seen b4.  you stand up against a wall with your arms raised, like a stick up.  But you have to have your butt, shoulder blades, head, elbows, hands, arms ALL touching the wall.  then you slowly lower your arms until your elbows are tucked at your sides.  The picture looks like the guy isn't doing anything.  But HOLY COW!  My flexibility sucks, I had very limited range of motion trying do it.  

    These are kinda fun, I might be doing these circuits myself here at home if my week gets too crazy with the 2nd job.


  • went to a boot camp last night. We did 1 pushup on floor, then get up do 1 on wall, then 2 and 2, 3 and 3, so on until you get to 12!!!!!! That's 156 pushups in all, 78 being on the floor, 78 against a wall, no rest inbetween.

    I have to do them on my knees (working towards doing them regular-style) Once I got to 7, I had to keep taking breaks. Once I got to 11, everyone else was done (supposedly) except for me and this woman next to me (thank god I wasn't alone). I couldn't even do them anymore-I was doing modified the whole time and it felt good to KNOW I maxed out, definitely! There was no way we could get to 12 without taking another 5 minutes, but everyone was waiting for us. The trainer asked, "Get to 12 ladies?" We said, "Sure." yikes, didn't want to say no, but I KNOW a lot of people in there didn't even get to 12, but just stopped when the first ones finished.

    Feeling pretty strong this week.  It's like last week's potluck never happened :)

    hope the rest of you are still working it!

  • Can now do 6 regular pushups in a row b4 I need to drop down to my knees to continue doing more.  I was at 1 b4, then 3, now 6!

    A trainer at the gym invited me to do the Fight For Air stair climb in 2 months.  Registration is $15 until tomorrow, then it goes up.  But you also need to raise $100....  I'm AWFUL at fund raising.  i'm not social, I'm not a salesperson, I pretty much suck.  I will take a day to think about it b4 the price goes up.

    Ate too much today, blah, bloated now.   Arg I like working out, but eating right most of the time IS SO HARD!  

  • Ohh I am not social at all either Opti, but the challenge sounds it pledges or? how do you raise the $? Perhaps your bfl family can help...I would be willing, couldn't do much this time of year, but to support a fellow bfl..what the heck! let me know k?

    I left work late the other night. Didn't want to have to drive clear to the gym, change clothes, do cardio, come home, shower, blah I decided to change it up. Wow am I hurting. I am not a runner...or jogger..I walk alot. But my idea that night was, I have a school with a track about half a block from home. I leashed my two german shepherds, Gus & Gunner, and we went for a jog, 4 laps around the track then home. Felt good, frosty cold air in my lungs, really worked it good. But man that night in bed I was awake all night long with cramping in my lower legs and feet so bad! geez it hurt. Then the next day I had shin splints horribly! More cramps that shins are still killing me today! What did I do to myself? How long or how do I get rid of the shin splints? I think the cramping was an electrolyte imbalance from not eating properly, had a bit of stomach flu. but man my shins still hurt. It was so difficult, I couldn't make it through lbw, then last night we (as a family) went and played tennis for our cardio, that wasn't too bad, but my stomach is still bothering me so I didn't finish the last two games.

    If anyone has advice for my legs I would really appreciate it.

    My husband is really enjoying working out with me. He told me it completely surprised him, he never thought he would like going to the gym...but he does!!!

    Some really good news! I have lost 11.8 lbs since beginning of C1, even through the holidays with 2 naughty weeks! pretty happy with myself. Will measure later, anxious to see the accomplishments!

    Opti so happy your husband is joining you, good luck!

  • dmrn--I don't know much about shin splints, but maybe if you try the search option up in the corner, it will bring up all forum topics regarding 'shin splints'.  Thank you so much for considering to donate!!  It is for the American Lung Association.  I guess it's like 'pledges'.  But the website doesn't use the word 'pledge.'  Is there a difference between a pledge and a donation?  I don't know.

    the more I research this stair climb website, the more I'm getting psyched!!  I'm going to check the calendar at work to see if that date is blacked out, but if they schedule an important meeting or something, I won't know until that time is closer anyway.  So if the calendar looks clear, I'm gonna sign up tonight!

    everyone who signs up gets to make their own personal fund raise page where you get to post a picture, write a few words, then it has a link that you can share on Facebook or send to people so they can donate online and it goes right to the site and into your find raise goal chart thing.  I can also take checks or cash, but no way would I send a check to someone I don't know in hopes that it's being cashed properly!

    I looked at the other people on the team I would be signing up with, and no one has made their page yet.  I don't know why, I'm excited to work on my page!  I don't know if maybe they already have family/friends that are just paying by check, or just paying themselves.  I hope it's not complicated to make the page, or technical problems.

    I'll post a link or whatever the heck it is as soon as i'm able!

  • Opti, I lost a brother to lung cancer when I was 12. I would gladly donate what I can. Keep me posted on your page and the link and I will support you!!!

  • hey everyone, sorry i kind of abandoned this site and only posted a few times on the fb page. our vacation and the holidays were great, but definitely threw us off of our game. we are getting back up to speed, hitting the gym and eating well. i did read all the pages since my last post, and i am glad to see that everyone is clearing their hurdles and doing well. happy to be back, and i will be here regularly from now on. missed you all.

  • Happy Holidays and I am glad to still be hanging in there with this group.

    I wanted to post to you primarily but couldn't figure out how.  Can you tell I do not post anything much?  I started with his group and will finish with this group.  I would like your feedback on owning and using a total body gym?


    Giving love to oneself one day at a time. 


  • Hi D

    I would love to join this group and get started on the 14th with you all. I started my own business 6 years ago and work from home and believe it or not I've found it harder to follow a regular eating programme than when I was working full time, so now Ive got about 50lbs to lose.

    I dont belong to a gym so Im going to be working out at home, Ive got some free weights and stretch bands I can use but does anyone think I should get any other equipment?

    I would love to have the support from you all and if i can encourage anyone along the way I will do my best!

    Cant wait to get started!!!

    Regards Bev

  • I'm still here, just horrible cellphone connection and my 4g router almost no signal.  Quill check in again later

  • Welcome true blue! When are you starting? I will be taking a break after challenge 1 for a week, maybe 2 then start right back to back with challenge 2. Glad you have chosen to make the change, you won't regret it!!!