Starting!!!! NOV 14!!!!! I need a good support team...

  • This is it! I am going to do it and I need a support system please! If any of you are starting Nov 14th we could help eachother out,,,cheer each other eachother's back etc;)

    I'm so excited for this transformation. Need to go shopping...swap some recipes...hey if anyone is a few weeks in you could be a great coach and give us advice as we go.

    Hope to hear from sooooo many of you!!!!


  • Hi D!

    I am starting on 11/14 too and would love to form a team with you. I completed BFL in 2010. I lost 30 lbs and 4 inches. It was the most invigorating program that provided me with true results. I completely changed my life! I had a baby 5 weeks ago and am ready to get back on the program. My plan is to read the book this week and set some goals. I'd love to join forces and share with you what I learned last round. I did the challenge alone last time and think it'd be neat to try it this way. Let me know what you think.

  • hey

    I am really hoping to start the program the 14th. I gained a ton of weight since my hubby to be, and i started dating. So im ready to put an end to that. Theres a marathon in may that i want to run in the worst way. count me in!!

  • I wanted to start today, but i have a hard time having my six meals.  i'm not used to it.  i would like to try harder this week and start on Monday with you guys.  It seems that you guys have already done the program in the past.  How did you guys make the program work with all the meals and work? what snacks do you guys recommend that are not as heavy?  i feel that after breakfast, i'm still too full to have a snack when its time.  please advise me on this, i would really like to get on board the 14th.  thanks a bunch!!!

  • Hi Liz,

    I had to plan accordingly as I was in night classes after work. I was definitely a busy gal! I recommend packing your meals each night before work. Or if you have a more flexible job, you can bring your groceries to work at the beginning of the week and make your meals there. My job was flexible so I was able to make this way work. Some of my favorites snacks were fruit and cottage cheese. I also enjoyed low carb yogurts and turkey bites (a sausage like snack). I really enjoyed the low carb balance bars. They are a good alternative to EAS (only because they are cheaper). I found my local Target also sells EAS shakes at a reasonable price. I like having a protein bar or shake as one of my snacks. It makes the planning process easier :) If you are doing fruit as a carb, avoid grapes and really big bananas. I found they hindered my weight loss because they contain alot of sugar. Hope this helps!

    Do you have kids? My biggest concern is balancing my newborn and morning workouts once I go back to work (Jan 1). Any ideas?


  • Also, what are you having for breakfast? If you arent hungry in 2-3 hours, my guess would be your meal was too large.


  • Hi Rose,

    I will try looking at Target to see what i can do.  Is there a particular brand of low carb balance bars you used?  i've been looking at some of those bars, and some still contain a lot of sugar, and makes me worried it would hinder my plan.

    I don't have kids, so sorry i'm no help in that area.  If your job is flexible though, i would hope that is a big help for you.  I for one have a flexible job, but we don't have an area you can consider "break room" so not much there for me to use to prepare meals.  All i have in my office is a mini fridge, which would help with cold


    -R: i usually don't have breakfast because i eating early upsets my stomach.  I try to have small meals but it feels like i really have to push myself.  Then to have another snack in 2-3hrs really makes things worse.  I used to just have 1/2cup of oatmeal and 8oz of orange juice, and that was the only thing that would not upset my stomach, but i was still not ready to eat anything in 2-3hrs.

  • How about an English muffin with spray butter and 2 egg whites? I used to have that for most of my breakfasts. I'd hard boil eggs every Sunday. Then at breakfast all I had to do was peel the egg shell and throw away the yolk. I would eat my breakfast at work, around 9:30 or so. It takes me a while to get hungry in the morning. I'd avoid juices as they have lots of sugar.

    Here are the bars I really liked:

  • The balance bars are expensive on amazon. I found them at my local Fred Myers for about $1.25 each. It sounds like you will need to pack your meals each night. A sandwich and carrots was my typical lunch. I made mine on tortilla wraps with the light laughing cow cheeses. Yumm! :) Good luck! You can do it!

  • Hi Everyone!

    WOW sounds like we are going to have a fabulous group of BFLer's...

    let's see there is    rkelsch welcome! congrats on your baby and I'm glad you have been through it so you can help and give us good advice.

    Siri42 Welcome also....we can definately get you ready for that marathon in May! and congrats on your engagement!!

    lizq welcome also. This will be my first attempt at BFL, I think the 6 meals per day are to be small, with the snacks like a protein shake...I already use muscle milk chocolate of course...and pure protein' protein bars are pretty good too...anyone got other ideas.

    A little more about me...I'm 45, on blood pressure meds, cholesterol meds, etc...I want to get healthy! I found the love of my life four years ago and really want to be able to enjoy and live life together. I started a very restrictive diet and an attempt at an exercise routin in 2010, I have lost 50lbs and still have 60 lbs to go! I want to get stronger and the more I read about BFL the more I like what I see and hear as the results.  I have adult children, no grandbabies yet, I work 12-14hr shifts 3-4 days per week. I have a real hard time getting to the gym in the morning because I would have to get up around 3:30am. So I tend to work out at night after work. I finally make it to the gym about 8:30pm.

    The dietary protein/carb/calorie is where I am no much protein should we have daily?

    rkelsch since you've been down this road...what is a typical day or weekly menu like?

    OHHHH I can't wait...I think we should name our group as well...any ideas?


  • I have to pack my days good on my long days...14 hrs

    I take a muscle milk (20 grams protein) & drink it around 7am...then have yogurt & granola around 9am...then a string cheese or protein bar about 1130, lunch is usually about 130 or 2pm turkey & veggies or cottage cheese and fruit, then snack around 4-6pm of protein bar or string cheese..then go to the gym about 830pm and dinner i usually make a fruit smoothie. I feel like i'm eating all day long and I don't think I am doing the correct protein/carb/calorie thing!

    Any suggestions?


  • I am very good with my H2O consumption...but I still have to have my coffee!!! Plz tell me I don't have to give that up;(

  • Hi D,

    Congrats on your weightloss. Thats got to feel so good! I cannot wait to start getting results :)

    Don't worry, I'm pretty sure coffee is allowed :) I certainly drank it throughout my challenge. I'll share some meals and my sample time line as well. I think one of the greatest things about BFL is you don't have to count protein or caleries or fat. It's great! More on my sample meals in a later post.

    I love that we are doing this together. It's such a good idea. How should we communicate moving forward? Do we continue posting to this forum thread?

    I think one of the most important things about this process is to read the book and set goals. The book changed my entire outlook. It was honestly what allowed me to succeed. I'm going to start the book tomorrow and I'll share my goals by the end of the week. Do other folks want to share goals as well?


  • no way coffee is a great filler. just keep the suger down^_^

  • besides my marathon my biggest goal is to get into a size 6. i want to show off so badly.