Starting Monday, November 7th - Anyone with me????

  • I'm starting Monday too - doing my food planning and grocery list now!  


  • I'm also starting on Monday and plan on completing this challenge by 1/31/2012! So excited! I'll be grocery shopping for the week as well. Good luck, All!

  • I'm in too!!  I have been starting and not finishing the challenges since 1998, and i'm 55 now so the meter is running.  Am on four meds right now for hyper-tension, cholesterol, all of it.  Three days ago my doc told me I was following my pop's footprints to an early grave.  She also told me that if I was able to get under 175, I would be well off that path and that she could maybe eliminate two or three of the meds. Sooooo..that 175 is 50 less than I am right now.  My goal is to be at that 175 by March 27, 2012, which will be our 35th wedding anniversary!!

  • WOW!!!!  I am super excited to share this challenge with so many amazing people!  In my mind, there is strength in numbers so the more the merrier.  

    This was my first attempt at starting a forum thread and I am thrilled that we are all in this together.  I have read on many other forum postings and champion winner blogs the importance of community, support systems, and personal connections.  You all have made my day!  I am sure that we will all struggle at various times during our next 12 weeks but it sure is nice knowing that I am not going at it alone.

    One of my goals is to read and, ideally, post daily.  It will help hold me accountable :-)

    Off to grocery shop for the week...  

    Have a great day all!

    - Sharon

  • I'm with you!  I'll be doing back to back challenges as well.  Probably several...I have a lot of weight to lose and miss being strong.  I did the challenge in 2003, but that was pre-kids so I'm nervous!  Should we have a name for our group?

  • am starting my first BFL 12-week challenge on Monday as well!  I'm what I used to call myself a repeat offender on the Weight Watchers program.  I've been yo-yoing with Weight Watchers since 2003 and am ready for the BFL challenge that seems the most realistic.  I never knew why I had to eat certain foods or why to eat after working out.  The BFL book was like the dawning of a new time for me.  Now, it all makes sense.  I am extremely excited to get my transformation underway and get to know all of y'all as well!   =)

  • I am in! This will be my 2nd challenge. I started my first one in January of 2011 and completed my 12 weeks, and went on till about July when life kinda got crazy. For everyone brand new to BFL- let me tell you, it WORKS! I lost 30 lbs during my first challenge and have managed to keep most of it off.  It is hard work but SO worth it.   I started out at 5'10, 188 lbs, and a size 16, after having 2 kids, I was overweight and miserable. I finished up at 5'10, 160 lbs, and a size 8.

    I stopped working out in July as school was beginning again ( I am a teacher) and started to gain some lbs back and just didn't feel 100% anymore. So now I am back in!  

  • I am in. I just subscribed to this thread.

  • balancingact - we should have a name and start a new post under the new name (thread) with Nov 7 somewhere in the description. There is another thread of people starting Nov 7 and once we set up the new thread we can invite everyone to move over to it.  I will set it up and invite if someone comes up with a name?  

    TBlack - yep, repeat offenders welcome here (I think most of us are guilty of this!)  I felt the same way when I discovered BFL - its finally someone teaching us what "eating right and exercise" really looks like.  I think of it as a lifestyle, not a diet.  

    momof2 - excited to be "back" with you!  I lost 19lbs my first challenge - looking forward to spurring each other on to greater goals!

    drshelto - lets do this!!

    Rockinit/Sharon - love your enthusiasm - it gets me reved up!  We can and will struggle - but we WILL NOT QUIT!  

    CombatBottle - can't WAIT to say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and know you have changed your life!!!  You CAN do this.  Its not easy, but its important and its easier together.

    Its hard for me to get on here everyday, but I will try to get the new thread started if someone comes up with a name.....or someone else can start it and just let us all know where to go or put a link to it on a post in here...

    Tomorrows the BIG DAY!!  We can't change yesterday but we sure can change tomorrow!!


  • I'm so excited that there are others starting tomorrow. We can all support each other!! I did BFL back in 2001 and had good success. But I gained it all back and fell off a slippery slope of weight gain.  Fast forward 10 years and I just got done losing 75 lbs on a different super restricted program (which I quit in July). I'm ready to eat "real" food and start busting it in the gym to lose this last 20ish pounds. I just read the Champions book cover to cover and was so excited that Alexa Adair was featured. I'm from Lincoln, NE (where she went to college and just an hour from Omaha). Yay! There is good BFL energy here already. :)

    Here we go.... !!!!

    By the way, lets get cozy since it's going to be 3 months together. My name is Ashley, 30 y/o, mom to a busy 3 year old and ready to rock this program and come out the other side of the holidays feeling amazing and not fat. :)

  • I am also starting on the 7th!  I would love the support this group can offer.  I am a Mom of two great boys.  A 4 year old and a 18 month old.  Currently a stay at home mom with no excuse to not work out.  I have been following a light version of BFL and have lost 10 lbs.  I am hoping to loose another 20.  I have never been lighter than I am right now, so I am not sure how much I can loose.  Here goes.

  • Welcome to Day 1 of our BFL Challenge!!!!!  

    @BalancingAct - a new thread name now that we have officially started is a great idea.

    @Sally-For-Life - thanks for being willing to get it set up and bring everyone together.  

    After a 5:00am workout (feeling strong and inspired BTW), I don't know how creative I am but I did see that many of us responded to this thread using the term "I'm in."  So what if we name our thread after that (poker terms).  Something like...

    Going All In on 11/7/11

    I'm All In - 11/7/11

    We're All In - 11/7/11

    Something along those lines...

    I am sure there are TONS better ideas out there but hopefully this will get the creative ideas flowing.

    Hope you all have an amazing BFL day : )


    Commitment leads to action. Action brings your dream closer.  ~Marcia Wieder

  • @Rockinit- love the idea about naming our group. I especially like like "We're all in- 11/7/11!" IT makes me feel like we are not only doing this for ourselves, but also for each other. We will NOT let each other down!

    I just finished my upper body workout for today and I''m feeling great (and achy and shaky ;). I have tried the BFL challenge before several years back, but fell off the wagon around 8 weeks. I had seen a significant change in my body at that time.  I think our group doing this together and contributing their thoughts and support daily will definitely help me keep my motivation and complete this 12 week program once and for all. I'm so glad we are all in this together!

    Don't forget to estk 6 small meals today and drink lots of H2O!

  • I'm in just started today. Already sore from the upper body workout. Did this challenge back in 2001 with great success, so it does work. I am back to beggining weight from back then. You know kids, life, job all the excuses were in place. Time to get it back! Please help keep me motivated.

  • I started today as well.  I worked out so hard I felt like vomitting but didn't.  My body is in shock right now.  I did this many years ago and lost over 50 pounds so I know it works.  I bought "Eating for Life" a book that follows the body for life nutrition plan.  I cooked up a storm yesterday and have 6 meals ready to be consumed.  I've planned it out well.  I have printouts of exercise pdf's taped up in my excercise room.  

    Good luck to everyone! (even though it doesn't take luck)  If you stay on this you will lose weight and gain strength.  It is the best plan out there.