Starting Monday, November 7th - Anyone with me????

  • Hi!  I am starting the BFL Challenge this coming Monday, November 7th.  I plan on doing back to back challenges so that I can live up to my user name - Rockin It!  My goal is to be able to "Rock It" in shorts, tank tops, swim suits and cute summer dresses by May.  Anyone else out there starting next week?  I could use all the support I can get :-)

  • I will start with you monday!  I will need help for sure.. the beginning of the week is great but by the time thursday rolls around it is harder to hit the gym and keep the diet clean.  Are you in the US or Canada?

  • I am in also let's do this!!!

  • Hello all, I'd love to have the support, so count me in if you'll have me. :)

  • I'm planning on starting the challenge two. And I will need a lot of support!  It's so easy to find an excuses, but I'm so tired of myself. Feeling so  yyyhh and not sexy with this tummy in front of me. I want to have a nice shape again!

  • @ mygoal130  

    Totally with you on losing motivation as the day and then week slide by!  This is always an issue for me.  We can help each other through this : )  I am in Arizona.  You?

    @ all - two more days until we start to change our bodies and our lives!  I need to use this time to plan next week's menu, grocery shop, plan my workouts, and review portions of the Body-for-Life book.  

  • how much is everone looking to lose in the 12 weeks and in total?

    I personal would like to lose 60 lbs and would like to try for 30lb in these next 12 weeks.

  • 40 is my target number but I know it will take B to B challenges to get there.  I am striving for the first 20-25 these next 12 weeks and the rest in my second challenge.  My plan is reach my goal by the end of April.  I know it is going to be tough but it will SOOOOOO be worth it!!!!

  • Hey Everyone I'm in to start on Monday as well. Let's get it

  • My target is to lose about 20 lbs. The more the better, but I believe I can achieve that if I stick to the program and with all of your guys' support.

  • Count me in!!! So far I'm motivated to get this ball rolling! However, ask me again in a week? lol j/k... It's definitely going to be difficult not coming up with excuses to not follow through sometimes! We can do it!!! I don't know about you all, but I'd like to feel attractive naked lol!

  • I'm in as well, I'm away on a business trip Monday thru Thursday, but will still try to get with it. I did the BFL challenge in 2004 and lost 38lbs, but now I have two youngsters and it's been hard to stay the course, what with serving pancakes and waffles for breakfast, making chocolate chip cookies for desserts, Football Sunday's with beer and chips, eh the list goes on........Anyway, I still have my weights, my weight bench and my stationary bike, since then I've added an elliptical for cardio and that's a great workout as well. It'll be nice to have an extra hour of sleep to start it off with!

  • Hello All,

    I am starting on Monday as well!  I am having a breast reduction in mid-December, so I will wait until January to officially register for the program. My goal is to lose 30 lbs and get as healthy as I can before my surgery. After a couple weeks of recovery, I plan to officially register for the 12 week body for life challenge beginning January 2!

    Here's to a better us!

    Caroline *smiles*

  • I'm in also.  I'm finally up for a challenge and ready to put ME first!  I have a goal of 15 lbs, but if I get of more then fabulous!  Things have gotten much harder after age 40, and two babies.  Time to get organized!

  • RockinIt will you be my week in advance support system? I'm starting Nov 14th....our goals are sooo similar. I would gladly offer you any support I can;) good luck & keep in touch!