BFL and 1/2 marathon - an impossible match?

  • Hello,

    I'm just embarking on my first BFL challenge, and one of my goals are to be able to run a half marathon this fall. I have run before, but I'm now in terrible shape, and want to finish the challenge to really get focused. My question is how and if I can combine my quest to get fit with my wish to run a half marathon...?

    Any thoughts?


  • I'm not a running expert by any means, but I'd say the cardio that BFL suggests we do fits perfect for training for 1/2 marathon. It's interval training, which is a very effective method for training for 5K, 10K and 1/2 marathon, so I've heard.

    Not sure if I'm supposed to recommend other people's training sites on here so I hope this isn't a no-no. Go to treadmill trainer dot com and check out the running trainers on the site. they are in mp3 format so you can download them on an iPod or mp3 player and he walks you through your training routine. Really cool stuff. The trainer's name is Yuri Elkaim. He's also a great motivator since he talks you through each interval and encourages you to keep pushing it.  I've used 2 of his training mp3's and they are really helpful. And I'm pretty sure he has one for training for 1/2 marathon. The method he uses on these training mp3's is considered HIIT so you should be good to go. Might be something worth looking into.