Anyone starting today October 17, 2011????

  • I can't believe it's been almost two months now!  Anyway my husband and I do a budget each month and track spending and usually it doesn't get done til the beginning of the next month.....last month was our first month where we were both exclusively on BFL and we spent $300 less on food than the month before - we always have to go through and back out diapers and such:)  whoo hoo  That was really exciting!!!

    Last night we made the Colorado Buffalo Burger recipe from the Eating For Life cookbook and they were really good - although it called for no seasoning and I added some Emeril BAM burger seasoning I had in the pantry......probably a little salt in there, but I don't look at any labels on free day :)

    How is everyone else hanging in there?

    Mal - some exercises you can do just about anywhere are pushups (arms wide or arms close together), tricep dips, crunches, reverse crunches, almost any ab exercise, leg lunges, reverse lunges, calf raises.........I think if you just keep a list of all your options to remind you of the exercises you'll be just fine.  

  • How is everyone doing??? Seven weeks down!!!!

    Mal- The resistance bands your talking about sounds like your best bet. You can always do some running for the cardio portion. There's always push ups, sit ups, crunches, leg lifts, lunges, squats, which you can do without weights. I don't know where you are going on vacation, but maybe you can do some swimming, mountain biking, use rocks or boulders as weights. i am sure there is a way you can do it, maybe only do cardio while on vacation and weight training when you get back, depending how long you are gone for. Have an awesome vacation!!!

    Bahamasbound- Sounds like you are doing an awesome job on the food budget! I'll have to try that buffalo burger recipe out!

    Hope everyone is having a great week, keep hitting it hard! 7 weeks down, we're over the peak of the mountain!

  • Hi All!!  Seems like the feeling of being over the "hump" is addictive.  I tried to sleep in and skip my cardio yesterday, but my body was ready to go!!  Did some measurements this morning and was thrilled.  Lost 4 and 1/2 inches off the ole beer gut!!  I also started on the last loop of my belt and today I'm on the first loop.  Very, very exciting feeling!!

    My wife is starting to get mad at my progress, so she started a plan off of another site.  Now she's cooking healthy and the bodyfat is really falling off.

    I've also found I enjoy getting on the treadmill even when I don't "have to".  Ran 3 miles the other day FOR FUN!!!

    I only share because I want all of you to know that it does suck at times, but sticking with it is worth it.  I've changed as a person in the last 2 months and can only imagine what the next 6 months will bring!!

  • Hey Ryan!

    Good to hear you are sticking with it! Good job on the 4 inches! How many pounds are you down? That's awesome that you have encouraged your wife! keep up the great work man!

    How is everyone doing? It's been a little quiet in here, hope you are all doing great!

    I hope this doesn't offend or embarrass anyone here, but I never had a chance to look at the profile pictures before. You are all beautiful people, I can only imagine how you are looking now 2/3rds into this challenge!

  • Hi everyone!

    I forgot who said that "The Biggest Loser" is inspirational... but whoever did say that - thank you!

    I had never ever seen it before... however... last night I watched it!  The whole 2 hrs!

    I used to be a runner... and that footage of the marathon had me in tears the entire time.  

    ... It even motivated me to stop snacking right then and there!!

    Thanks team!

    Have a good Wednesday!

  • Jason, I started at 194 and I'm walking around at 170 today.  Don't want to be any lighter, my clothes don't fit as it is!!  I do enjoy the bodyfat loss, though.

    Getting ready to start using some "other products" (Muscle Pharm Shred Matrix) to burn some stubborn fat and finish off strong, especially during the holiday.  I am really kind of upset with all of you.  I tried to sleep in Tuesday morning and this morning (4:45 AM SUCKS!!!), but I just keep thinking of your posts and I soon find myself plugging away on the treadmill.  Not sure how I get downstairs and dressed, maybe some sleep walking :)  So, thanks for being my motivation, YOU ALL are the reason I'm finding abs again!!!

  • Ryan- Wow! 24 pounds already, I would love to be 170, I wish I had your metabolism! Good for you man! You're probably getting incredibly toned and ripped now! Glad our group motivates you to stay on top of it!

    Shb- That's awesome the Biggest Loser helps motivate you too! I watch it just about every day before I work out and it helps keep me in check!

    Hope everyone is having a fantastic week, keep strong, repeat to yourself "hard work/dedication". If you're getting comfortable in the gym, you are not working hard enough!

  • Hi Everyone, just finished my LBWO and I'm feeling high on endorphins.

    Ryan:  Wow! 24 pounds lost, that's a fantastic effort.

    I've stagnated at around 200 pound and so I'm starting to add in a few extra cardio sessions, I found my old heart rate monitor in the shed yesterday and bought some new batteries so I'm going to start using it to measure my pace through cardio sessions.  One question though, when I used it in the old days I'd train at between 60 and 80% max heart rate, I take it the 6,7,8,9,10 equate to 60%, 70%, 80% MHR etc?

    Really starting to notice some strength improvements in every day life,... kids aren't such an effort to lift...walking up hills is easier...and best of all.....I can bend over to tie my shoelaces, and breathe at the same time!  lol.

    have a great weekend everyone.

    kia kaha


  • Hey Mal- I hear you about the weight, I'm stagnating around 190 - 200, would love to drop another 40-50 pounds. Glad to hear you are doing such a great job with your workouts! As far as heart rate and your levels go, I don't think there is any way to gauge it using percentages, but if those percentages feel  like a 6,7,8,9, & 10 to you then it sounds like you are doing what works for you. Keep up the great work!

    Hope everyone is having a great week, almost 8 weeks down!

  • Hey 10/17 crew!!!  I am so excited for you all, the results everyone is reporting are so motivating.  I maxed out my squats at 85 lbs today (men-folk, no laughing please).  ;-)  Wow, that's exciting to see the lbs I am lifting increase every time!  I only have 100 lbs in free weights, so I am gonna have to add more soon!  

    I am officially in the 140s!!  No yo-yo'ing over that 150 mark anymore!  I have lost 13 pounds, and I am feeling awesome!  LOVIN IT!  I can SEE the upper-two of my six pack!  The lower 4 are still insulated with a little love from my 6 babies, but I'm not going to let them hide much longer!

    Bahamas - I tried the Luna Protein bars this week and they are REALLY yummy.  Satisfying, too.  Great tip - thanks!!

    Ryan, super jealous of the huge weight drop! Congrats!!

    Week 9 around the corner - are you ready for the last quarter?!  Let's KICK IT IN!!!!

    It's all about progress, not perfection.

  • I agree with Lins, it is so motivating to read about everyone's progress.....I do read the forum posts, just don't always have the time to respond...

    I am feeling so awesome!  Took my picture today and it is amazing the progress from 8 weeks ago....I'm way to embarressed to post them online, though :)  but I never want to return to my old unhealthy habits.  I really thought it was just too overwhelming to try to get back into took me two years to completely get out of shape and if I would have known it would take just 8 weeks to feel this good, I would have done it long ago!  

    I am glad I did the pictures and the food journal and looked at it daily.  Nothing could have motivated me more than that horrible before picture of my in a bikini!!!!  Now I am ready to start swimsuit shopping for the Bahamas!

    I'm a little nervous about Christmas coming up......anyone else feel the same way?  There will be a lot of temptation :)  hang in there....only four more weeks!

  • Hey all, seems like it's quiet on here.  I'm hoping everyone is still going, I know the "dropout rate" is high, but want our group to stay strong.  I took some pics the other day, very motivating.  From Day 1 to the end of week 7, I was pretty proud of the progress.  Jason tells me I should share, but the whole world doesn't need to see me in my boxers!! Ha Ha!!

    Anyway, keep going, we're about home!!  I can't wait to be finished, already looking at doing a back-to-back and seeing what I could look like by Spring Break :)

  • Hey everybody! Sorry for my late posts, my music has really picked up in the last couple weeks, been getting gigs just about every weekend, I'm really stoked and having a fun time. Still keeping up with the work outs and eating right all though it is a lot harder when you are away from home playing shows.

    What are we at week 9 already, and this week seems to really be going by quick! I wish you all the best of success this week, keep hitting it hard, we're going closer to the finish line!

    Ryan, I think you should really post your pictures! Very very motivating! You did one hell of job in the last 8-9 weeks!

  • Hi Everyone,

    This will likely be my last post since I'm away on holiday tomorow.  I'm happy with where I'm at and I'm all set up for the sprint finish with a "holiday kit" put together.

    I can't wait to see where everyone ended up at the end...what is everyone planning beyond week 12?

    Personally I'm thinking that I might just keep going, certainly by the time I get back from vacation I'll be desperate for a gym session.

    Thanks Jason for steering this thread, I hope it remains active after the 83rd day.  Do you have a youtube link to one of your guitar gigs?  I know it's a little off topic but I'd like to hear you play.

    Good luck on the last leg everyone

    kia kaha (be strong)


  • Hi everyone!! I'm going strong, took pictures from the beginning and wow big changes! Measurements in chest, stomach and hips down almost three inches everywhere!! I'm so glad I haven't used a scale to see results because that would just frustrate me! My plan after week 12 is to go another month if not more! Thanks for all the support and I'm proud of everyone, your doing amazing!!