Anyone starting today October 17, 2011????

  • Hi Everyone,

    I'm still here too!!!!  Took two cheat days over Thanksgiving and skipped one workout but now I am back on track and feeling great.  Wore my old pre-baby pants last week and seeing big changes in my arms :)   I've lost 10 pounds so far, but I'd like to lose at least 5 more pounds of fat all around stomach and hips.  

    Lins, I do the Myoplex bars sometimes but I also mix in the Cliff Builder bars my weight days - they are more calories so sometimes I do 1/2 bar before the workout and 1/2 after.  I didn't do any research, but fitness instructor I know who's super healthy and vegetarian and has education in health science told me that she did a ton of research on all the bars out there and that's her top choice b/c of some scientific reason that I didn't really understand and couldn't reiterate, but basically it was made of more natural ingredients that were more easily absorbed by the body :)

    Trip to the Bahamas is booked and now I need to get back into that bikini!

    On a side note has anyone noticed any savings on groceries with this plan?  Along with getting healthier, and giving up our expensive wine habit I really thought I'd spend a lot less on groceries, but I don't really find that to be the case so far - maybe it's the timing of my purchases or the fact that I hosted a big Thanksgiving this month :)  

  • Linsforlife – wow! That’s incredible!!  Congratulations!  I only have 6 weeks and 2 days left... I am going to try so hard to be diligent with my eating... as I know that that is the issue.  I have doing the exercise portion to the best of my ability... which is pretty good.  I will try to only have one cheat meal... not a day... or a weekend (which I have been doing... oops).  I want to lose 10 pounds and drop 2 dress sizes... and feel as good as you do!  If you don’t mind... would you please list an average of meals for me?  Six kids – congratulations!!  And six kids homeschooled??? You are AMAZING!!

    Nzmal – welcome!  Keep up the great work!

    Littlemrsstacey – congrats!  Whatever helps!  What’s your website, if you don’t mind sharing... ?

    BahamasBound – Congrats!  I too have booked a trip to Hawaii... but if I don’t get my butt in gear, I will be wearing a wet suit instead of a bikini! ;)

  • OK I can't believe that we are all on week 7. The exercise is going well and I managed to work out first thing in the morning twice last week. I had a binge last night and I didn't exercise because I was working late. Need to get back on track today. I'm in Canada and sometimes the winters make going outside the biggest challenge to get to the gym. I'm lucky because I have a group of people at work that motivate each other to go. I have a feeling that the month of December is going to be interesting with Christmas the parties have started already. I need to stay focused and on track. Mexico hoilday booked in Los Cabo Feb 2012 and I want that lean body for the beach. Anyways so glad I joined this group and off to the gym at lunch to do lower body.

    Have a Great Day Everyone:)

  • Yay! Good to see everyone's back in action! Hope everyone is having an awesome week 7, I pushed it really hard today, i just want to crash out I am so wore out. Anyway I hope you all have an amazing work out week!

    Lins- to answer your question, I have not tried out the cliff builders bar, but it sounds amazing. Where can you purchase those from I'll definitely try one! Thanks for suggesting that!

  • nzmal/Malcolm, didn't get a chance to welcome you to our group, and of course you are invited. Sounds like you are really motivated! Keep up the great work!

    Stacey- Wow 14 pounds? That's freaking incredible, wish I could say I lost 14 pounds already! Definitely tell us what your plan is and I hope you keep visiting our group. Honestly not everyone follows it perfect to the letter, some people make adjustments to better suit there needs, so I don't see anything wrong with you staying in our group for the full 12 weeks, that is if you want to.

    Hope everyone is having an amazing day!!! Today upped all my weights and hit really hard!

  • Hi everyone,

    Had a great workout yesterday (lower body).  Optigirl has changed my perspective onwhat I thought a 10 was and I've subsequently increased my weights with a view to reaching failure onthe super-set.  It's shown that I've been kidding myself with what I thought were 9's and 10's.  I put up my "rise on toes" 40lb in an effort to reach failure and still managed to complete a set of 12.

    It's summer over here so training outdoors is great at the moment, I take my hat of to yu guys doing this challenge through winter, it must be so much harder to keep motivated...

    Jasongitar: Thanks for the welcome, you're clearly doing a fantastic job of keeping this group together.

    kia kaha

  • Nzmal- welcome to the group!

    sbh- thanks!  It is exciting!  I used to do hours of cardio (including weights), and it just got me nowhere. Mainly because of my diet. I keep reading that what you eat is at least 70% of the change.  I am now convinced that I cannot workout to compensate for what I eat.  It just doesn't work!  Ok, so an example of my daily food intake is: meal 1: 4 egg whites, 1 whole wheat English muffin, 1/2 tsp butter

    Meal 2: 6 oz cup chobani Greek yogurt w 1 tbsp whey protein added

    Meal 3: 2 1/2 oz grilled chicken mixed with a bunch of steamed green veggies, 1/2 c. Applesauce or brown rice

    Meal 4: cliff builders bar

    Meal 5: 3 oz turkey deli meat on a sandwich thin (like a low-carb bun) w/ mustard; steamed or fresh veggies

    Meal 6: 2/3 c. cottage cheese; 1 fat free jello pudding cup

    I try to keep my carb/protien portions at ~20 grams each, and calories ~200 for each meal.  I was doing more protein but I had plateaued, so I dropped it a little.  I like to keep a log once in a while on I don't use it everyday, but I did in the beginning to make sure I was where I wanted to be.  Im not great with the eye-balling of portion sizes.  There's an iPhone app for fitday, too, so it's easy to use.  Hope that helps!

    Oh, & I'm not amazing bc I homeschool, but thanks, you're sweet. My kids are awesome, & I love having them home with me.  The hubs does some schooling, too, so I can't take all the credit. ;-)

    Jason- I have seen the Cliff builder's bars at Whole Foods and Kroger.  I don't know about other stores, not sure what's around you, but Cliff might have a store locator feature on their website.

    Bahamas- I have not noticed a change in my grocery bill either, even with my drop in wine budget, like you. :shrugs:  I guess it's the bars?!  I try to only have one a day, though.

    It's all about progress, not perfection.

  • Hope everyone is having an awesome day! My chest looks like its about ready to burst out of my t-shirt and I'm lifting about 20 pounds more than I did last week, definitely putting on some muscle!

    Lins- thanks for the info on the bars, I will definitely try them out! Have you ever tried the Lara bars? They seem to be ok every once in awhile for a meal replacement, but I notice if you eat them throughout the day, you get a pretty good sugar rush from all the dates. Looks like you have an awesome food menu for the day, seems like a lot of food for 200 calories per meal, I might have to try that plan out, on my lower calorie days.

    nzmal- thank you for the compliment and looks are getting some good workouts in! Keep up the excellent work!

    BahamasBound- Glad to see you are still here and sounds like you are doing really well! Awesome you got your vacation booked, I should plan a nice getaway after challenge too, something fun to look forward to and work hard for! To answer your question,  I usually spend about 10 bucks a day on my food with this plan, and it seems to work out good. Before the challenge I spent about 15-20 bucks a day. I was more apt to go out for dinner in which you can easily blow a 20 bill each time. So yeah I am saving about half at least.

    Tip for the day- We all have those days where you wake up and the last thing you want to do is work out. Not only having this groups support, but one major major thing that helped me is watching "The Biggest Loser". You can view almost any season for free on hulu. After about 30 minutes I am so motivated to get in that gym, that its helped me not miss any workouts and keeps me really focused. Something about seeing other people do it, Just a suggestion.

  • Jason, so true about using TV for motivation.  I find myself watching "I Used to be Fat" on MTV whenever I can.  Very motivational to watch them go through the same struggles!!  Good news, one of my students found my wedding ring in her backpack and gave it back.  To those of you losing lots of weight and body fat, beware!!!  Mine fell off the Tuesday before Thanksgiving in my classroom at school!!

    It's easy for me to get up in the AM, because I now the rest of you are as well :)


  • Since everyone's talking about the Clif bars, ironically I was eating 1/2 of one while walking out of the gym yesterday and a woman stopped me to tell me her thoughts on it :)  She pointed out that it has 22g of sugar and that it probably wasn't the best choice for an after workout snack and compared it to a Snickers bar :)  I didn't realize it had that much sugar in it, but just an FYI.  She suggested Luna bars if I had to do a bar.......

  • Jason, don't quote me as exact on the 200 calorie count per meal, it's just what I aim for - ballpark.  Some are less, some are more.  When you say on your lower calorie days, what do you mean?  How do you vary your calories, higher on weight days? And why, if you don't mind my asking?

    Ryan - seriously you've lost so much so fast that your ring FELL OFF?!  How much do/did you have to lose total?  Why is it coming off so quick/easy for you?  :jealous:

    Hey, Bahamas, don't you love when people give unsolicited advice? LOL  So, I had to look up a Snickers.  :)  Twice as much fat, 30 g sugar, 4 g protein.  I hardly think they compare.  I agree that those Cliff builder's bars are a bit higher in calories/sugar than I'd like, and I don't use them for right after workouts.  I looked at the luna protien bars (not just basic luna).  They are pretty close to the myoplex lite bars as far as calories/protien/fat/carb/sugar content.  Definitely more natural ingredients than myoplex!  I will give them a try, too.  If I remember right, they're about 70 cents cheaper than the Cliff ones, too!  Thanks for the tip!

    Finished my UBWO about 45 minutes ago, arms are still tremblin.  Love it!  One more HIIT tomorrow and I'm done with week 7!  It's going so fast, isn't it?!

    It's all about progress, not perfection.

  • Hello everyone, I need some help. I have hit the seven week wall and motivation has gone down. I missed a workout and my eating if off. Any suggestions and encouragement would help. I'm going to do upper body tomorrow and with all the chat about cliff bars I'm going to get some to help me get back on track. Thank!

  • Hey everyone! Is it Friday already???

    Ryan- I love that show "I Use To Be Fat"! Another really good series is called "Heavy", I believe they have the whole first season on Netflix. So happy you found your ring!

    Lins- To answer your question, and this is something I only recommend if your weight loss has totally

    stalled. I learned this from some of the first competitors that won in the Body Of Work movie, and Bill Philips wrote an article about it in Muscle Media awhile back. Anyway what you do, is you have calorie loading weeks and calorie cutting weeks, you still eat 6 meals per day, but for 1 or 2 weeks, you raise calorie intake by say anywhere from 200 calories or more per day, and then when you complete that cycle you lower your caloric intake for the same amount of days, its basically tricking your body and raising your metabolism. So I have been experimenting it with it so far and having good results. On your calorie loading weeks it also cause a surge in hormones, which build muscle, and makes you feel really awesome. You have to really dial it in as far as calories go and length of time that you do each cycle, because everyone is different. So anyway I have been incorporating that theory into this challenge, and seeing what happens. I don't do the free days anymore, because I would just end up gaining 5 pounds that took the whole week work off. The calorie increase seems to take the edge of the hunger, and I seem to have a lot more energy, so its doing something.

    Tiataz- Your over half way done, you can do it! Take some good music with you to listen to while you are working out, change up your meals, try different exercises, get a personal trainer for a week, find a workout partner, have movie marathon with low calorie snacks, watch biggest loser, reward yourself with some new clothes, plan an awesome vacation as soon as your 12 weeks is done, come here for our support. You can do it, only 5 weeks left!!!

    Hope everyone has an awesome day!!!

  • One more week down, hope everyone is doing awesome! Keep hitting the high points and push it hard!

  • Hi team,

    Had a great weekend, not so good on the eating front but very active so balanced things out and got some extra cardio in.

    Has anyone tried using resistance bands?

    I'm headed on vacation no-where close to a gym for weeks 11 and 12 and thought I'd try to figure out my weight routine for that period.  Resistance bands look ok for maintenance but I'm sceptical about the ability to reach those 9s and 10s. Does the elasticity of the bands hamper the movements?

    Any other ideas?...unfortunately I'm camping so can't take a weight set with me, ...although one thing I have started playing around with are some small pulleys and ropes that I can tie to tree branches and use for lifting the kids (54lb and 62lb).  That seems to work reasonably well and the kids have fun riding up and down on the end of the rope. lol

    kia kaha