Anyone starting today October 17, 2011????

  • Hey guys.  My end of week and weekend was a much needed break.  But I am struggling being back now, as there are marital issues I do not want to deal with. Really wanting to go to old vices (namely, wine!).  Reading posts tonight really helped me to stay focused on my goals.  Thanks for being there.

    It's all about progress, not perfection.

  • I hope I didn't freak anyone out. ;-)  I'm okay!!  LOL  I filled my belly with water and went to bed early.  Nothing like sleep to keep from cheating.  Just finished an awesome HIIT workout and I am feeling good.  1/2 way through week 4 - I definitely notice I am getting stronger.  I was already noticing increased energy throughout the day, but now I am feeling like I can push harder during cardio.  It's pretty cool!

    It's all about progress, not perfection.

  • Hey Lins, Sorry you have been having a rough time. I definitely can understand the relationship issues, I have them from time to time. It can definitely cause a lot of stress on your day,  your workouts, and make you get discouraged and just want to turn to food/alcohol sometimes. Hang in there, just know you will be so proud of yourself and the accomplishments that you make in the 12 weeks. No one can take that from you. Hope you have a better day and I am glad you feel like you can talk about your struggles with us, we're here to encourage you!

  • Hi Ryan - thanks for the encouragement.  I'm a firm believer in trying to learn something positive from even the most tragic of situations.  This is something I need to take with me.

    Lins - congratulations on pushing through a really tough emotional time and still staying strong.  That really says a lot about your character.

  • Jason & MsBluesKat, thanks for the encouragement!  It has been a tough few days mentally, but I have made it through without getting off plan and I feel so good about it.  MsBlues, you too should be proud of yourself for being here and staying strong!

    To all my 10/17 buddies, here's a little motivation I came across today.  :) Ya gotta do the WORK to get the results!  Stay strong!


    It's all about progress, not perfection.

  • Was it me, or was today the hardest workout ever???? Hahaha! I'm totally beat after a cardio 20 minute workout, I sweated like crazy and feel like I am going to pass out, I hope I am not getting sick too!

    Anyway I hope everyone's week is going good!

    Good job Lins! Sounds like you are back on track and staying motivated!

    Kat sorry to hear about your rough first few weeks! My first week was really rough too, I almost want to count my 2nd week as my first week. Now is a chance to get a fresh start! Stay strong, we're here for you!

  • How is everyone doing today? Hitting the high points?

  • Sounds like we've all had to face some adversity in the last week or so.  I've been really tempted this week to crash the diet.  I need to start adding some other foods, as I'm growing tired of the same old stuff.  We did make some turkey meatloaf, which turned out really tasty, and the kids even loved it, so that was a good change.  Can't wait for the weekend so I can smoke a couple whole chickens and have some "other varieties" for next week.

  • Hey Ryan, I hear you man! You've come so far, almost 4 weeks, don't crash the diet. You can do it, you have worked so hard! I don't know if you have seen the Eating For Life book, but there is all kinds of recipes in there to change it up, and I believe they are all Body For Life Kosher. Definitely change the meals and workouts around and it will keep it interesting! have you taken any progress photos yet to compare to your before photos? Than can really be really motivating as well!

  • Hi All,

    Congratulations on nearing the 4 week mark!!!!  I'm feeling great regarding workouts, but really starting to crave some bad foods also.  

    I agree with Jason above regarding the Eating For Life book.  A lot of the recipes are really good.  I'm pretty much making all my food from it.  The enchiladas and taco pasta are two of my favorites so far and I'm actually eating the cheesecake right now (pretty good).  

    The hardest part for me is feeding everyone in my house different foods!  I've been to the grocery store 5 days this week I think.  I need to get better at meal planning.  Although this past week I talked my husband into doing BFL with me, so he's three weeks behind me, so it's good to have each other for motivation!

    Anyone taking 4 week photos this weekend?  I'm going to do mine tomorrow morning before my free day starts and see what I look like 10 pounds lighter!!  :)  

    Hope everyone has a wonderful free day.

  • Website question:  I can't update my profile....I go to edit profile and I can type into the box, but then when I hit save nothing happens and it doesn't save my text.  I had this problem the other day, and thought maybe the website wasn't working, but I still can't get it to work.  Anyone else have this problem?

  • Hey we made to week 5 or close to it right? How is everyone doing? Did everyone have a good free day?

    Bahamasbound- Sounds like you are really sticking with it! How are your meals coming along? How did your Before and After pictures turn out for 4 weeks? That's awesome that you are getting your husband involved with it! I noticed my girlfriend is starting to go the gym more now that she sees me going everyday. Keep up the great work!

    As far as the profile thing, I am not really sure, did you try refreshing your page and everything, my edit profile link seems to be working ok, but I haven't messed with it for a little while, I'll try it again.

    Hope everyone is doing awesome, 1/3rd of the way down!

  • I can't believe it's been a month already!  Free day was good, but too much wine....I overindulged and did not feel well the next day!

    Jason - Meals are coming along well.  I'm trying to plan a little better this week and did the enchiladas tonight and spaghetti and a chicken dish are planned for later in the week (all from Eating For Life).  Also I've started doing a little Greek yogurt to break up the monotony of all the cottage cheese.  

    Husband is following the eating part, but insisting on running long distances and I think he's already injured himself.  I told him to just do the stationary bike or elliptical and go easy on his knees.......

    Argh, profile still won't update.....can't figure it out.  

    The four week picture.........I had my husband take it and when I looked at it on the camera I was so disappointed, b/c I still look fat :)  But then I uploaded it to my computer and put it next to my before picture and I do look less fat than I did 4 weeks ago.  Glad I'm doing the photos b/c it's really keeping me motivated.  I keep them in the front of my food journal and look at them every day.  Also we are only 1/3 through the program and I have read that some of the most drastic changes happen starting around week 8.  So we will see.  

    Hope everyone is having a good week 5!

  • Glad to hear you are doing well with it Bahamasbound, I am sure you have heard this a million times, but one way to chart your success is by a measure tape, haye you have lost inches? Are you clothes feeling a little looser? I have have tried the Greek yogurt and it is awesome, if you can find the regular type and not the low fat kind it tastes a million times better and way better texture too. Keep up the good work!

  • Hey guys!  I'm still alive and kickin' too.  I am really seeing a difference.  I haven't taken another photo yet bc I didn't get my "before" taken until after week 1.  So I plan to take a 4-wk photo at the end of this week, if that makes any sense.  I have been weighing and measuring weekly, though and I am seeing a difference in how my clothes fit, even have gone down a  size in pants.  My shoulders/arms look so much better, I am LOVING it!!  

    My husband made from-scratch pumpkin pie Sunday (my cheat day is Sat) and I have not even had a taste!  When I turned down his prompts to just take ONE taste, he said, "your loss".  I said, "that's what I am hoping for!" ;-)

    It's all about progress, not perfection.