Anyone starting today October 17, 2011????

  • Of course you can join our group littlemrsstacey! I think we have about 10 people subscribed to this feed I am not 100% sure who all is following it or not, but so far the participation has been good. my 2nd week is going way better than my first week although today I got hit hard with allergies and I'm having a hard time getting things done, but I'm going to suck it up and get it all complete. My workouts are going great! How is it in South Korea? Welcome to our group, and I wish you the best in this challenge! We are to encourage and motivate each other to finish and meet our  goals by the end of the 12 weeks.

  • Hey everyone.  I also started the week of 10/17.  Don't know how I missed this thread, but here I am!  Last week 2 workout was today for me.  Weighed in 7 lbs lighter this morning, I am soooo thrilled!  Mainly because I know it is real, true weight lost, not just water or even worse - muscle!  Looking forward to cheating a little tomorrow, having pizza with my hubby.  

    Have a great Friday!


    It's all about progress, not perfection.

  • Thanks, Jasongitar! I hope you feel better! Sometimes working out will help you recover from sickness, depending on what kind it is. South Korea is good...very different from what I am used to. I also only have two resistance bands and a thigh the exercises are limited, but I can do it. I have quite a bit of free time, so I figured I would make the best of it! I am blogging in detail about my progress (

    I strongly recommend to journal somehow. I did a workout program before an kept a blog the whole time. It was helpful, and allowed me to reflect on how I was really doing.

    How are you all doing your free day? I know the book says to basically forget about eating healthy that day. Are the results still great with people that totally splurge on that day? Also, can we drink wine on that day? I am curious to know this group's thoughts.

    Have a great weekend!!



  • Hey littlemrsstacey,

    I'm new at this too, just started my first challenge 10/16.  But from what I have read & been told, splurging on free day helps keep your body from shutting down metabolism from thinking you're starving it.  It might cause a little water gain the day or so after, but you'll get a better look in the long run by feeding those muscles.  I just finished week 2 today and I'm down 7 lbs.  I had a yummy cheat day last week, though I did find I didn't *want* as much as I thought I would.  I had wine, too.  ;-). Some don't, some do (drink alcohol).  You'll get varying opinions on that.

    Hope that helps!


    It's all about progress, not perfection.

  • It does! Thank you!

    Last Sunday was my first free day. I had a mocha latte with breakfast, and pizza and red wine for dinner. I felt a little bad, but I remembered in the book him saying you could splurge for every meal and it would be alright. I was just curious what everyone else was doing. Thank you for the clarification! Congrats on being down 7lbs!! In Korea, they do everything in KG, so I have to look up online how much I weight in lbs every time! I started dieting about a month ago and I am down 9 lbs. I don't know how much of that is from BFL, but ever since I started BFL the scale has been going down a little ever day! :)

    I am probably going to have wine with every free day. That is my guilty pleasure for making it through another week! :)

  • Welcome to our group Lins! One more day till free day, woo hoo!

  • Thanks! :)  Actually my free days are Saturday, it just works better with my schedule.  The hubs brought me a pumpkin spice latte this morning - yum. :)  Loooove free day.  It really helps to keep me motivated through the week to eat clean, clean, CLEAN.  Which I have!  I tallied my progress this morning.  For the first 2 weeks I have lost 7.5 lbs, and 6.5 inches.  I am so stinkin' excited!

    Littlemrsstacey - I will raise a glass (or two...) of my fave red wine to you tonight!  Enjoy your free day tomorrow!

    It's all about progress, not perfection.

  • Question for all.  Due to travel and other circumstances, I just completed my leg workout this evening and plan to do cardio in the AM.  Is it counter-productive to have cheat day on the same day as my cardio? I really want me some chicken chimichangas tomorrow :)  Any help/advice is much appreciated.

  • Ryan0425-

    Honestly (and some may disagree), on the day you do your cardio (or any other workout), to have to best fat-burning results, you should fuel your body with what it needs... not deep fried tortillas with cheese and chicken or whatever, lol. Is it a big deal to wait and have those on your free day when you do not have a Body-for-Life workout? Just a thought, but I don't think it will ruin your progress if you do, however, I would not make a habit of it. Hope that helps!


  • Hey eveybody, 2 weeks down already, time is flying by quick! How is everyone's progress going this week? Ryan, I would agree with littlemrsstacey and say that it probably will not ruin your progress, you are doing awesome!!!

  • Hey everyone, hey jasongitar. I'm doing well!  Two workouts into week 3 here.  Got some running shoes today, and a stop watch. I usually do a HIIT video/plyo (Cathe Freidrich) workout but am going to be out of town 4 days this week so I am gonna have to change things up!  I have loved and hated running in the past, but really I've been kinda craving it for a few weeks now so I'm excited.  

    Ryan0425, I agree, too.  I've read posts from others that for whatever reason needed to do eat-cheat day separate from free/rest day.  Whatever makes it doable for you!

    It's all about progress, not perfection.

  • Alright its a new week! How is everyone doing? Today I so did not want to work out, but I pushed and pushed and got to the gym, and felt sooo much better after I did. Do you ever have the days, or are all of you totally motivated every day? Anyway hope everyone is doing well, I'm starting feel the confidence and noticing little bulges in my arms that weren't there anymore, so that's cool.

  • ooops that came out wrong, meant to say that weren't there before

  • Same here, was gassed before I got to the gym, but was sure going to make it.  Felt great once I got started.  A couple of the regulars were there and made some positive comments about my changes, so I was really motivated to kill a workout!!  Saw the veins back down the front of my biceps tonight after I left the gym, so I was thrilled.  Weight-wise, I'm not sure how much lower I'll go, but am positive that the bodyfat is getting burned.  Cardio was TOUGH the other day, I finised at 9 mph and felt great doing it (after I caught my breath).  

    I love this forum, you all help me so much to stay connected and motivated.  I did skip the chicken chimis on Sunday, maybe next week I'll visit my favorite eatery :)

  • Week three doing good! I do enjoy getting e-mail updates about this forum! I am however, getting sick... runny nose, sore throat, and chesty-sounding cough.

    Does anyone know if workout out sick helps you get better, makes it worse, or does the condition stay the same?

    I did my cardio this morning but I am not feeling too hot...

    Any information would be great :)