Anyone starting today October 17, 2011????

  • Welcome Kat, sounds like you are doing a great job! I will definitely look into those Jay Robb shakes. Don't be so hard on yourself because of weighing in, I personally don't see anything wrong with checking your measurments and weight every couple days or so as long as you don't get discouraged.

  • Hang in there El Profe, I have had the same thing happen before when getting into a challenge.

  • Day 6 workout is complete.  So far so good.  Tomorrow is my cheat day but I don't have any big eating plans......maybe some Mexican but I don't plan to overdo it.  I think I will forgo the alcohol as I read that it slows down the burning of fat.  

    How has everyone's first week been?

  • I had a great week! I did have to flip flop a workout but I did do them all. I am very proud of myself and everyone else too. It seems we are all following through very well. So this morn I did upper body and I feel great. I do get some weird looks in the gym when I'm writing down my stats but, I just think; Wait till you see me in 12 weeks.Lol! I tend to run behind on eating. It's like before I know it time to refuel. Not sure what supplements anyones taking but, I have been taking 500 mcg of vitamin B12 every morning and boy does it help. It gives me a little extra boost of energy and on the inside it helps with formation of red blood cells. Helps with energy metabolism in the body. Also guys another Protein that works very well is a Vegan protein called Vega by Sequel. Very good! Well hope everyone is having a great day. Let's keep it pushing! :)

  • Well, I have finished week one and am very pleased.  The scale is 4 pounds less, I assume that is due to healthy eating and the lack of the couple of beers I used to have each evening.  Today is my free day so I took myself to the local greasy spoon for a "traditional" breakfast.  I had about 2/3rds of it and decided that it really didn't taste as good as I had hoped.  Even after only a week you can really taste the grease.  I will go out for Mexican with the GF this evening but don't feel like I will over do it.  I would like a beer or two but keep reading that alcohol slows down the fat buring so I will most likely pass.

    How is everyone doing today?

    There are two threads for those of us that started around 10/17.  Is there anyway they could be combined?

  • Hey I wanted to wish everyone a happy and successful new week on BFL! Hope you all had a great free day and a great first week! Time to hit it hard again, I'm on my way to the gym! How is everyone doing? Get any noticeable results yet???? What kind of challenges did you run into??

  • Week 1 went well, this week will be the challenge.  The busy time is NOW!!  My wife's team is playing in the VB State Championships, I start basketball practice today ( I coach) and have parent-teacher conferences this week from 6-9 pm the next 2 evenings.  If I can get thru this week, I'll be on course to really tear it up :)  I've gained a belt loop in the first week, and look MUCH better without the sugars in my system.  Took Week 1 pics just to add to my portfolio that I'm keeping.  VERY EXCITED!!!  Well, not excited to blow my legs out again tonight at 9:15 PM, but I WILL BE THERE!!!

  • Ok guys, so I kinda messed up my first week.  I have been on a 'well deserved' vacation with my husband of 21 years.  My schedule was messed up, my diet was loose and my exercise was slacked.  I tried hard the first couple days, but then kinda lost it.  I plan to start AGAIN in the it should go smooth from here for a may take a little bit to get back on my routine, but just know I haven't quit!

  • Cardio was great today.  Just short of 2 miles, with my Level 10 being 8 mph.  Very pleased with the results I'm seeing, but also give some credit to quality supplements at this point.  How's the group doing/feeling?

  • Day 9 aerobic workout complete.  So far so good.  My diet has went very well except for a slip yesterday when I ate 6 jolly ranchers.  Don't know why I did it but felt bad afterwards. I did eat 6 good meals though.  How is everyone doing?

  • Hey MommaDee, my first week was tough too! Hang in there, give yourself a fresh start today and you will make it through, we're all in this together to encourage and motivate each other, lets make some goals and make it happen!!!!!

  • Hey David, sounds like you are doing well! 6 Jolly Ranchers are probably around 100 - 150 calories, I doubt it had any negative effect on your progress, we all have those mini slip ups sometimes, keep up the great work, time is going by fast and you're doing great!!

  • Ryan, looks like are really sticking to it and doing a great job, keep up the great work!!! I am doing well with my workouts, I'm sticking to it and making charts to check my progress daily.

  • Sounds like you are really doing awesome with this! What brand of supplements do you take? I'll have to check into that vegan protein. Keep up the great work Greyshae!!!

  • Hello everyone... I started this program on the 17the as well. However, I am in South Korea teaching english this year, so I am not able to officially "join" the challenge online. I would like to have some online support though, I think it would help! Would this be ok if I joined your group? I have done programs before(other) and gotten great results, but I stopped and gained the weight back. I like the body for LIFE concept though. Please let me know what you think. How many people are in this group? How is everyone doing with it?