Anyone starting today October 17, 2011????

  • Hi all!

    I have to admit... I have seriously contemplated quitting a few times since I first started... and normally I would have just quit --- but for some reason... I haven’t.  I keep on hearing my inner voice saying, “you committed to 12 weeks... you owe yourself this...”

    It hasn’t been easy... I haven’t seen a lot of “progress”... My energy levels are still low (may be my medications)... but I committed to once and for all – complete something... and I will.  

    The last 10 lbs – which was my goal – is truly the hardest.

    Today marks the end of week 8.

    I will weigh and measure myself and let you all know.

    Thanks everyone for your support... I know that this sounds a bit manic, however, I am thinking that I will start another cycle on January Monday 23rd... haha.  So let me know those that want to... we should just keep this thread alive!


  • wow, sounds like everyone is doing well!  Congrats and less than a month to go!  Anyone else extremely hungry just this past week???  I've been really pushing myself on the workouts and eating the same things I have been all along but this past week I've been so hungry!  The other day I ate two full servings of the Eating For Life Asian Beef Stir Fry meal for dinner - I figured it was mostly cabbage and onions with a little meat in it so it wouldn't derail my diet too much.....

    Anyone else really, really hungry?  I also seemed to have plateaued on the weight loss around the same time.....

  • Hello everyone, its good to see our group is hanging in there and staying strong!

    Mal- Thank you, I really want to see us all succeed! As far as after this challenge is concerned, I would like to start another one 2-3 weeks after this one, if you all want to stay together for another challenge keep me posted. To answer your question I am on Youtube- it mainly shows videos of my playing acoustic stuff with my gf, but I play all types of styles that I haven't posted up yet, thank you for your interest!

    Tiataz- Keep up the amazing work, you should definitely post up your before and after pictures!

    Shb- I wonder if we are on the same medications, I think it also has something to do with my halt in weight loss. Keep staying strong, you're almost there! I think January 23rd is a great starting date for a new challenge as well. Gives a little time to breathe in between. I really want to restructure a plan this next challenge for better weight loss and more results, sometimes your body just gets use to the same routine.

    BahamasBound- I totally hear you about the hunger pains this week, I so so badly wanted to break down last night and eat something heavy, one of thee hardest nights ever. I just ended up going to sleep early last night and I feel fine today, must be that time of year or something. It sounds like your stir fry was a good option, probably low in carbs and calories. Keep up the great work!

    We're getting closer and closer everyone, stay strong!!!!!

  • jasongitar -  I am on a cardiac rhythmic medication and a cardiac beta blocker. I also have an IUD, which I assume you do not... haha.  They typically make you gain weight.

    Anyways... no excuses.

    I am officially the WORST BFL participant.

    I have GAINED 1 inch since week 4. (still down a total of 1.5 inches).  And from day 1... I am only down 0.2 lbs.

    I have NEVER missed a work out.  I eat way better than I did before I started BFL.  Sure, I slip up here and there... but I am at least eating better than I was.

    If I could insert an emoticon of the saddest, most discouraged face here - * -  I would.

    A friend "says" that I seem "tighter"... but who know if she's just humouring me.

  • Hey, wanted to share.  Just to show how far we've come :)  I borrowed a weighted vest from the local High School training program, packed it with 25 lbs, since that's what I've lost.  Holy crap!!  My cardio (steady state x 30 min) was brutal this morning.  Ended up walking @ 3.7 mph at a 3 degree incline and my HR stayed right at 70% (which is where I want the steady state days).  It was a total surprise, though, "putting back on the weight" that used to be there.

    I hope you're all enjoying the same kind of life-changing feelings.

    shb - stay with it, it does take time.  I saw quick changes because I'm a supplement freak and did some things you couldn't do on that type of medication. (nor is my IUD still in place :)

    I am for sure going to do another, you all decide how long you want to take off and keep me posted on the next round.  Fellas, go buy and Muscle and Fitness magazine over break to keep motivated.  I subscribed, and have a man-crush :)  Something about getting ripped is getting addicting.  Christmas candies never looked so GROSS!!!!  :)

    Brace yourself for the big snow coming thru the Midwest, I could use some extra snow-days at home with the kids!!!


    DavidinDallas, you still goin?

  • Shb' sorry to hear that. I have heard stories about the hormonal iud and possible side effects. This isn't my first time with the challenge and I have learned alot from not completing it a couple times. I just wanted to let you know that I have been thinking about you and I hope with some small adjustments things will change for you. I think I would be rethinking about the iud.

  • Shb - (((hugs))) - hang in there!  Keep cleaning up the diet and you will keep seeing results.  Diet is 70-80% of this thing!!  You can do it!!   Kick it in, it's only 3 more weeks!  We are here for you, cheering you on!  I have found Fit Gal Club on facebook, very motivating!  Check it out, if you're on FB.  :)

    I have hit a bit of a plateau here, too, but, you know what?  It's to be expected.  My body has changed a lot, and now it's fighting the change.  I'll keep pushing and it'll be okay.  I know next weekend I'm going to take TWO cheat days, christmas eve and christmas day.  (But only ONE rest day. ) & I'm okay with that.  Christmas is just once a year.  It's not the one or two times a year that we eat like hogs that make the difference.  It's what we do day-in and day-out that really make it or break it.

    Count me in for round 2 (really round-for-life, right?!)!!  I'll hang with y'all! January 23 sounds good, I'll be there!

    Ryan, I've been wondering about Davidindallas, too...are ya out there Dave??

    It's all about progress, not perfection.

  • ryan 0425, tiataz, linsforlife and all...

    THANK YOU so very much for all of your support!!!  It means so so much.

    It means a lot that you are all supporting me... that we are all supporting one another.

    I am truly looking forward to hearing about our team's last 3 weeks!

    Stay strong over the next 2 weeks!!  (I know that I am going to struggle saying no to the goodies)

  • Hey everyone! Hope you are doing well! I've been getting music opportunities every week, and having the time of my life! I'm still sticking with it hard, my focus is to lose 10 pounds in the next few weeks, I've adjusted my diet in a way that seems to really be working finally!

    You are 3/4th Done! Be proud of yourselves for making it so far! We can do this, the hardest part will be getting through Christmas I think!

    Shb- hang in there! I know its hard, I really struggled hard for the first couple months because I only gained muscle. Only 3 more weeks, you can do it! When we all start a new challenge, maybe we can compare notes and figure out everyone's strategy and success so we can do even better the next time.

    I'm glad to have you all in my life, this group has really inspired me and motivated me to stay strong and make it through!!!

  • Hey everybody, just wanted to check in with all of you and see how your week is going.

    What are your plans for the holidays?

    Stay strong, we are getting closer and closer!!!!

  • Hi Jason,

    Thanks for the message earlier.  My account is jacked up as I can't respond to messages or update my bio.  I contacted the webmaster long ago, but they didn't really care and didn't fix it :)  Anyway after this challenge I may just create a new account, BahamasBound2 or something, because it's so annoying!  Anyway thanks for checking in on me, I'm hanging in there, but barely!  I've been pretty good with the food, besides a few christmas treats here and there, but a 102 fever knocked me out for a couple days on the exercise.  I'm going to allow myself 2 cheat days over Christmas and hopefully work out again tomorrow.  This thread has been very motivating and I appreciate all the posts everyone has taken time to write.  

    We are almost there!  Stay strong!  It will feel so good to go into the New Year so far ahead!

  • Hey, this week I have had four days of out of control eating. I have managed to exercise everyday but all the treats have been adding up! I also had a very stressful week at work and with one of kids being sick, just haven't been able to pull it together. I know there are always set backs but does anyone have any suggestions or strategies for the Hoildays? Tomorrow is a new day and Im going to eat clean no matter what!

  • Sounds like you already have your plan in place.  Start on the right foot tomorrow, and put one step out in front of the next, that's all you really can do.  Drink LOTS of water to help wash away some of the eating mistakes, and that will also help you to feel better.  It's how we overcome our setbacks that help to determine where we end up:)

    I'm lovin this!!  Getting more definition and really pushing the cardio past my previous "limits".  I've had chicken legs all my life, and I'm finally getting some quads to pop out.  Walked by buffet style tables of sweets tonight and really had no motivation to over-eat.

    Finish strong.  It usually helps me to think about what motivated me to start this, and how damn stubborn I really am.  I'm not going to get sidetracked by something unnecessary.  Joe Dirt said it best, "Keep on keepin on!"



    An easy tip to finish strong, drink your coffee!!  Link above provides some insight.  Hope you're all doin well.  I did find my hand in the cookie jar over the weekend, so I'm being really strict this week.  Can't wait to get finished and take some pics!!!

  • Hey everyone,

    How's this week going?  I've been really disappointed in myself :(  Legitmately I was really sick for a couple days and couldn't work out, but then both my kids got sick and then it was Christmas, and then there was no sleeping in the house with four ear infections.....basically a bunch of excuses and I skipped five days of workouts!!!  Thankfully I have been sticking to the eating about 80%, but I just feel like I failed by messing up here at the end, when I was doing so well.  I'm back today, did my workout and eating clean, but I have two dinner parties to go to tonight and tomorrow.  I have to stay strong b/c I've worked so hard these last three months and want to finish my challenge feeling like I really gave it my all!!!!  

    How's everyone else doing during the holidays?  Ryan thanks for the coffee tip - I could drink coffee all day I think, actually I do b/c my babies keep me up 1/2 the night and I need it to function :)