Anyone starting today October 17, 2011????

  • Hey everyone! I'm going to full on get started today. Anyone want to start with me? We can check in on each other and keep each other motivated and accountable. Kind of like workout partners over the internet. I want to follow the program to the letter and lose at least 20 pounds. Hit me up!

  • I started yesterday.  Not officially, but took the photos, measurements, etc.  Doing something different with my workout and thought BFL would be a nice change before the New Year.  Would enjoy a distance workout partner.

  • Hi Ryan,

    Awesome, thanks for responding! Let's do it, let's motivate each other and look awesome by New Years! When are you starting in the gym? What kind of work out are you doing? I have had to change my routine around too, I'll usually do the original Body for Life program to the letter once every year, then my body gets use to it so I have to do something different as well. I'm back to the original program this time and already feeling better after the 2nd work out. hit me up!

  • I started this program on the 17th, I'm gonna give it my best shot.  I borrowed and read the book, but I still keep coming up with questions, so be patient please :)  I'm sure I will need some support, can't wait for some good results!

  • Sounds good MommaDee! Lets motivate and encourage each other 1 day at a time!

  • Great to hear I'll have some company.  I'm not a big Myoplex fan, I'll be using Dymatize products, and pre-workout NO booster and the Elite Gourmet Protein.  Is there a negative to staying away from Myoplex, minus their sponsorship of "The Challenge".  Jason 90 pounds would be amazing!! I'd like to lose 15-19, but not sure how well I'll live in the 160s.

  • Good attitude, jason, so lets do this.

    MommaDee, the only way to learning is by asking, and I think I speak for all of us when I say dont be afraid to ask, we will help you. Lets do this one day at a time.

    Ryan, as far as I know theres no negative in using other products. The reason they make you use Myoplex for the challenge is because is a product from Abbot. I used some shakes and even had a couple of Boost as susbstitutes during my first challenge and lost 20 pounds, and I cheated a couple of times, so believe me, this works.

    People, together we will do this, and see to its end. As Jason said, lets look our best in New Years Eve, with our new and improved bodies, lets do it...

  • Hi all,

    So I started Monday too. So far so good. I do have some questions too. Is anyone having trouble drinking the full EAS shake? Mine came in individual packets but, I can only drink about half. Just to full.

  • How's it going?  I've dropped 8 pounds :)  Too much, too early, but I knew cleaning up my diet and running would change some things quickly.  Cardio workouts KILL ME!!  Enjoyed blowing my legs up yesterday, but couldn't sleep at all last night (they were killing me)!!  Ordered some supps this am and I'm ready for a great day and a free evening.  How's 10/17 group doin?   R

  • Hi. I also started BFL on Monday. I have done it three times after each baby. Now, life got away from me, so I am doing it again. I feel better already as well. The cardio kills me also. Each time I do this I get frustrated that I do not get results quickly enough, however, I know it takes 7 weeks for me to really see the results! Hello to all and let's drop this weight!

  • Day 4 workout complete and so far so good.  Hope that everyone is having a great day.  I got on the forum for a bit last night and looked at some of the people on line who had completed their challenge and it was vey motivating.

    I'm trying to take it one day at a time. Each day puts me a little bit closer to my goals.

  • Hey El Profe, Gray shae, MJ2011,  & DavidinDallas. Awesome to meet all of you! Very cool that we all started at the same time, this will be a great opportunity to encourage each other and stay focused. My first upper body went great, my muscles are still recovering!

    I can't seem to handle any of the products with sucralose also known as Splenda, I have an allergic reaction to it, Does anyone here know about any protein shake replacements or protein bars that don't have Splenda or artificial sweeteners in it? So far I have found plain whey protein powder at Sprouts, so I think that is what I am going to go with.

  • Hey Ryan,

    I hear you about the Myoplex, I used it too much for a long time and got burned out on it, plus I have built an allergy to Splenda, so I got to use something new. I need to update my profile, at this point I only need to lose 50 pounds, I dropped my first 40 pounds over the last year!

  • Hi everyone - there is also an October Beginners thread with a lot of us who started on the 17th.  You might want to check in there as well.

    Day 4 and I did NOT work out this morning as planned, but I will get my cardio in tonight after work.  I'm enjoying the slight muscle soreness from my Lower body workout yesterday.  It always reminds me that I'm doing something good for myself.

    I don't care for Myoplex shakes unless they've changed the formula in recent years.  I prefer Bill Phillips' Right Light Nutrition shakes.  They are delicious - but they do use Splenda.  I think Jay Robb has a good tasting shake that uses Stevia as the sweetener.  I may have to try that again, I remember liking it.

    I do love the Myoplex Lite Crisp bars though.  

    I swore I would only weigh myself once a week but I couldn't help myself today.  Started Monday and I'm down just under three lbs.  My goal is to lose 20 - 25lbs altogether but if I can drop 10lbs in this first 12 weeks I'll be quite pleased.

    I'm so happy to be back with the most sane fitness/nutrition program out there.  I don't feel like it takes up all my time.  I don't feel like I'm deprived or  starving all the time.  And using the EFL cookbook I know I'm going to love the food - and the recipes call for items I can find at my tiny local grocery store.

    Hope everyone is having a great first week!


  • Sadly almost had to stop in the same first week, although Im doing the eating part, cant do weights because I developed a nasty cold. But I'll be here with all of you, I hope to start the exercises next week.

    People, lets do this, I sense that you are pretty well motivated and thats the point. Who wants to wear something new that fits your new body in New Years Eve? Well then, lets work for it.