Starting Monday 10/17/11!

  • I hope to make some friends on this site...maybe other newbies? 

  • Starting today 10/16/2011. One year since I had my baby and 30 pounds to go. Did this in 2003 and I got ripped. Body for life is the best program because it lets you eat and not diet! Good luck to you Lorie.

    Massachusetts Diane

  • I'm starting tomorrow!! First time challenger and am a little nervous/overwhelmed especially with the food component. I'm trying to map out my meals and keep portions down. Wondering why I've chosen to start over the holiday season!!! ;) ha! Would love the online support to keep going.

  • I would say Good Luck, but Good Planning is what seems to make all the real difference! : ) My husband and I are on wk 5, and we already feel better, stronger, and more energetic. The workouts are just part of every day, no matter what. We keep each other accountable, and encourage each other.  The key to the food seems to be preparing everything on Sundays, and eating the same thing, pretty much, for the first several meals of the day. (We change lunch weekly, from soups, to wraps, to salad, to ?) We try to come up with interesting things to have for supper every day, and plan leftovers that accommodate busy evenings, that's where we get our variety. This program is the only one we have found that actually incorporates easily into our work, fun, and family lives with big impact, and few issues.  Come on and ask questions, and share your changes. It keeps everyone else motivated, too. And if you have a challenge, I bet it's on here somewhere!  


  • I plan on starting tomorrow as well.  Although I am worried about how I'm going to fit in exercise with my weird work schedule.  I read in the book that ideally the best time to exercise is the first part of the day, in the morning... but I have to be at work at 6:45am and that would mean me getting up at 4am to work out and eat and be ready.  So I think I'll be doing my workout after work... any one have any suggestions on this?  Also I will be following the 6 meals a day plan, but that would mean eating my last snack at 9pm and I thought eating before bed was not good for you?  Any thoughts?  Thanks, Racquel in Denver Colorado.

  • I am also starting tomorrow. I have crazy emoitions going on right now and I hope  I can sleep tonight. I am very excited for a new life transformation.

  • My baby turns one in a week too :)  I took a picture of myself in a swimsuit and couldn't wait to start so my start date is 10/15.  I've found I'm so hungry during the day though!  Any tips on curbing the hunger?  I'm drinking tons of water.  Can I drink a hot decaf tea at night b/f bed?

  • Good luck to everyone! I'm starting tomorrow and hoping to regain my old body back!

  • Good luck everyone, I'm starting my second round today, and I guess this is my support group. Lets try to help each other, is a 12 week journey on route to make it a lifestyle. Is not easy, but it can be done. I wasnt the most discplined guy and I lost 20 pounds. Lets go for it, boys and girls...See you in the afternoon

  • I started today also.  Had my first BFL workout this morning at 5 and it went very well.  I am 52 years old, 5'8" and 207 lbs so I need to dump about 40 pounds total.  I'm sure that it so much for 12 weeks so I made my goal 15 pounds.

    Good luck to you in your challenge.

  • I'm starting my challenge today too! Hoping to lose 20-30 pounds and get some motivation in my life!

  • We work out after work. I know mornings are supposed to be better, and I would like to at least do cardio in the mornings once I get the basement done so we can use the treadmill. But the point is to DO it, and not have any excuses, because I have tried and failed too many times to leave myself any of those.  Just follow the plan, and push yourself, you will still see gains.  On the last snack, I have seen a portion of dairy as the last meal (a portion is so small, it won't hurt you calorie-wise) because dairy is slow-burning protein, and will keep you from losing muscle while you sleep.  Hope that helps! : )

  • If you are hungry in between meals: check your portions, avoid all sugars, watch the schedule (Every 2-3 hrs, don't miss), and add more veggies to fill up.  The tea has no calories unless you add them, so it should be fine!

  • How did everyone's first (or so) day go?!! I'll be honest and say that I had trouble with the food. Did fine up till dinner when a group of us went out to eat (as we do every Monday) and Mexican was chosen. agh. I think I'll say today was my free day! Tomorrow is a new day.

    Any advice on how you eat BFL style ( it isn't a free meal) when you're eating out?

  • I'm on day 4 and I just thought I'd post for the people that started yesterday that the ravenous hunger just lasted the first couple of days, along with a bad headache (which I think was sugar withdrawal).  I feel SO good today.  I read on the forums that those side effects are normal and shouldn't last long.  Just FYI

    Ooh Mexican is a tough one, but most mexican restaurants offer a salad with fajita chicken on top.  Get it without the shell or any cheese or dressing.  Maybe use a little salsa instead of dressing.....