BACK 2 BACK - C2 Oct.24th to Jan. 15th


    The BACK 2 BACK group will be beginning the 12 week challenge October 24th and will finish January 15th. Anyone can join in at any time.

    This is the continuation of a group that did the BFL challenge from August 1st to October 23rd. We wanted to just go from that 12 week challenge right into another 12 week challenge... so we decided to call this thread the Back 2 Back thread. Although this is an already established group, anyone else can join in and be a part of the team. We know that the BFL thing is all about making it part of your life style, so we are doing just that. I've seen another group do this same thing recently and liked the idea of starting this new challenge by asking what your goals are, it's great to let everyone know what you're striving for, and once you put it into words out here, you'll find all kinds of people have great ideas, tips and moral support to help you along the way.

    So for all the August 1st-ers that are good to keep on going, and all those first timers that want to be a part of a great support network:

    1. What are the reasons that brought you to do the 12 week program.

    2. What are the main things that might stop or block you in succeeding in the 12 week challenge.

    3. What are goals you are planning on achieving.





  • So I'm about one week away from finishing my first 12 week challenge, here's where I stand right now and where I came from.

    When I started back in August 1st I weighed a whopping 345lbs, today I weigh 305lbs I cut 40lbs and gained more muscle,strength and cardio. I found that I was drinking way too much alcohol every night and I was eating too much junk food everyday too. Thanks to Bill's program that way of living is gone now, I only eat junk food and have a few drinks on Saturday nights now.

    Heres my goals:

    1. Continue to burn the fat off by increasing my weights and cardio. cut another 40lbs.

    2. Alcohol and junk food only one night per week.

    3. Eat those 6 meals a day.

    4. Drink MORE water everyday.

    5. Train to run in the 10K Sun Run next April.

    6. Read and post my progress at least twice a week.

    Alright B2B'ers, lets get ready for a fresh new beginning!


  • Yeah Cheatday!  Thanks for taking the initiative!  Ok -- never put my goals/specifics out there before.  Here goes:

    1.  Start over -- I messed up and let life get in the way.  Not gonna let that take over this time.

    2.  Weights and cardio to increase -- wanna burn at least 25lbs of fat.  I have WAY more than that to go!

    3.  Eat properly 6x/day and drink more water.  

        Not give in to my Diet Coke addiction -- and I do mean addiction... :(

    4.  For May -- to fit into and feel better about the little skimpy dress that my soon to be sister-in-law

        chose for we bridesmaids... ughhh... ;)

    5.  Read the threads, offer help and support where I can, put my progress out there 2x+/wk.

        Might have to be more at the beginning to keep me on track, sorry...

    The other questions were about what might block us or get in our way and what brought us here.  I have many reasons that brought me here... round about 100 actually... and the things that might block me (but won't! :)  are the fact that I own a restaurant, the holidays are smack dab in the middle of the challenge, and I'm beyond stressed.  I appreciate everyone's candidness in the posts that I've read so far.  Hopefully I can help here and there, but I think I'm gonna need some support on occasion too.  I'm having a little bit of a rough time at it lately.  Between feeling horrible about myself anyway, losing my parents, and having stressful relationships though an expansion of my restaurant, I'm kinda swamped!  But onto bigger (well smaller I guess...) and better!  Onward and upward!!!  Thanks for letting me join your group, putting my goals and blockages out there, and holding me accountable to my better life ahead!  WOOHOO!!!

    Chrissy :)

  • Fantastic post Chrissy, I can relate on much of what you put out there.

    I'll do what I can to toss you my encouragement and support, especially when things get tough.

    I really just have to remind myself that this is the way I live my life now, it's hard sometimes but the good far out weighs the bad... funny, how that "out weighs" bit sounded ;-)


  • Cheatday, ok You rock for doing this . Taking it forward, and I'm happy to have provided a whimsical name. Hey listing the goals was something I did privately w/ the first 12 wk challenge  and it helped . I will be revising them for the Back2back and posting them. This is fun.!

  • HUGE thank you to you Louis for the great forum name idea, it's perfect.

    You already know that I'll be doing another challenge right after this one (no injuries or other crazy life interruptions), so I guess we'll be calling that one the Back 2 Back 2 Back forum crew ;-)


  • Thanks so much for your great post. BtoB sounds just great,  even though this is my first "back"!

    To me, it's  extraordinary how even putting an "intent" out into a forum somehow makes it more real, and therefore more likely to happen. I've a long way to go to even really reach "go",  but the fact that you reached out t me encouraged me greatly.

    So I'm with you (Oct 24). I will use the time before the official "BtoBer" start-date, to plan, organize and  work on developing a "prototype" regime (as in - try to get into the rhythm). I'll also post my "reasons, blockages and goals" on this thread, in advance.

    Thanks again Cheatday! J

  • Hi, gang!

    I saw this thread with the last post by Janann and I thought someone beat us to it and used our name!  What a relief to see it was cheatday getting the ball rolling.

    I struggled and still struggle with eating six times a day, so my first goal. . . .

    * Eat six small meals a day, with the right amount of protein and carbs at each meal.

    I am not a morning person, at all, but when I'm home and get my workouts done in the morning, it's a great feeling, so my second goal. . . .

    * Do workouts in the a.m.  If it's a work day, get up only half an hour earlier and do cardio.

    * Drink more water throughout the day.

    * Encourage at least one other person to do the BFL program and discover the benefits of it.

    * Restrict all "cheating" to free day, instead of making allowances throughout the week.

    That's all I can think of right now.  More later.

  • 8 DAYS LEFT!

    Keep it going everyone, we're almost to the goal line.

    Hey Monscal, I just figured we would get things set up with Louis' great name idea... before someone else ran with it ;-) We're all set for C2 now and have most of the August 1st survivors rolling on into the B2B challenge, great to have you in the crew too!

    I'll be updating some more of my goals and limitations soon too, the ones I posted were a little "taster".


  • Cheatday - Forty pounds!  That's amazing and it must be so satisfying to see that reflected on the scale.  You must be feeling great.

    I have to get the eating thing worked out pronto.  We leave for Florida on 24 Nov, so I have to be super organized with food and workout plans for while we're away.  There's a gym and a tennis court at our place for the last two weeks.  There's a tennis court at our place for the second week, but no gym.  There's no gym or tennis court at our place for the first week, but I've scouted the area and found a tennis court.  I'll bring my Insanity DVDs, so that will be good for cardio, as will tennis.  I'll bring my resistance bands and hand weights, but I sure will miss my Total Gym and Weider Crossbow while we're away.  That can be a goal to add to my list:

    * Keep on the BFL track while travelling 24 Nov to 26 Dec.

  • Thanks Monscal, it does feel amazing for me right now. I used to get out of breath just getting off the couch, but now I'm full of strength and energy. The program really works, and I really need it to.

    A little more about my goals and potential blocks:

    I used to be a "full time, all in super jock". I lived at the gym, ran 10K twice a week, was a personal trainer, aerobics instructor... the list of athletic achievements I had was massive. Here's a picture of me at the end of the BFL challenge back in 1999:

    I'm a super fit 180-85lbs in that picture, now add 160lbs of fat to it and you've got me. The thing is that I really never thought I'd ever stop my fitness pursuits, I loved it so much. But something did happen to me, I was injured in a cycling accident and, well somehow things got way out of focus, I lost my passion for fitness, I actually no longer cared about myself.

    Well, thankfully I have shifted back into caring and have regained my passion for fitness again phewwww!

    So, the thing is that I have to keep on this and take my successes in the challenge as prof that I'm going to make it back to that picture again.

    So I'm pretty serious about making this my way of life, and I know the things I did that got me so far out of shape:

    Drinking every night.

    Eating popcorn, peanuts and or potato chips every night

    Not exercising at all.

    So you know what I'm after now.

    I'll post my before pictures one day, maybe once I'm a little closer to that picture ;-)

    Just thought I'd share that with you all.


  • Hello everyone, here are my goals.

    1. What are the reasons that brought you to do the 12 week program.

    Years (and years) overdue. Even though the outside "me" had held up well-enough for a long while, the inside wasn't really in great shape, so when the outside "me" inevitably and steadily slipped into mid-life decline, it was very quickly joined on the journey south, by my confidence, self-worth and optimism. Add to that, the loss of my all-consuming job (nearly two years ago now) - and a perfect storm was a'brewing!

    I'm looking for sustainable life change. I am very fortunate. I have detoxed from the corporate world, and am optimistic about my future work as an entrepreneur. Now I want to detox from all the other bad stuff too, and look and feel like the kind of woman who has earned the smile on her face (and put one on my husband's too!)

    2. What are the main things that might stop or block you in succeeding in the 12 week challenge.

    Failing to get into a routine.

    Cheating (mostly to myself) and false excuses (travel, busy etc)

    Alcohol. That's going to be hard to take out of the mix.

    Possibly leg injury - something that's recurred many times over the years.

    Staying motivated if results seem to be slow

    3. What are goals you are planning on achieving.

    Well I have to do the measurements yet, but I'm going to say 15-20lbs of fat. Don't care is that's all replaced with muscle, but I want to feel just fabulous in slim jeans and T shirt again, or maybe a Chanel suit! I'm currently working on a mental montage of "looks" I would like to rock!

    Thanks everyone. I'm really looking forward to the journey....

  • hi everyone.

    i was wondering if i could join in on your group. I completed half a challenge this summer but got caught up in a new relationship and got sidetracked and gained about 10 pounds. oops! talk about unattractive haha anyway Im finishing up my last year in college and my eating habits have become a mess with all the stress and lack of funds.

    1.I really want to get a handle and get back into the shape i know i can be!

    2. Im gonna need a lot of help since im in college there will be a lot of distractions such as late night eating while studying and drinking. I think alcohol will be the biggest distraction.

    3. Lose about 5 pounds but tighten everything up! Im tired of flab. I used to be so muscular from gymnastics and since coming to college its all gone away.

    Thanks for letting me join hopefully! I look forward to getting to know you all!

  • Hi Mell392!

    Yeah!!! Of course you can join in!  I mean -- I didn't start this little group, but I think I speak for everyone in saying 'The more the merrier!'  I didn't make it though a challenge this summer either, but I'm starting over!  This is a great group -- glad you're part of it!

    Have a FANTABULOUS day!

    Chrissy :)

  • You're in Mell392, welcome to the best BFL team on the forum ;-)

    Just keep posting on here and stick to the program, you'll get into great shape for sure.