Started 10/10/11

  • Anybody else starting that date? Let's team up! Keep each other accountable!

  • Hey I officially signed up today but would be willing to chat about our success, fall backs and just motivating each other!!

  • I will be starting on 10/13/2011, would appreciate friends and support along my journey!

  • Yay! Good. We can all encourage each other. I have a blog if you guys would like to take a glance. This is my second round of Body for Life.

  • Does anybody know if Sunchips is on the BFL plan? :D

  • I  would eat the Sunchips on my Free days in place of fries at a cheat meal.  Don't think they are on the plan officially stil they are better than some other choices.

  • I also started my second challenge 10/10/11.   Well actually I started it several times this summer but never stuck to it.  But I'm officially doing Challenge #2 now with photos, measurements, etc.  

    As for sunchips I agree with WPBill.  Okay on free days....not anytime else.

  • Heather,

    I started the BFL challenge on 10/13/11, I am working my way through my first week of the challenge and will do my first weigh in this Thursday, 10/20/11;  can you tell me how many pounds you lost your first week of your challenge when you first started?  I'm realistic (and hoping)  in thinking maybe a 1lb or 2 and understand everyone's body reacts different to diet and exercise.  I was curious what your loss was.  And anyone elses who would like to comment.  Thanks


  • I didn't want to be discouraged by little to no progress so I weighed and measured only every 4 weeks.   At 4 weeks I had lost 4lbs.  More important I had lost 1 inch in my waist and hips!   Don't worry to much about what the scale says.  Pay attention to those measurements.  Weight can be effected by so many factors (water retention, etc)....measurements don't lie!  

    My stats and pics from my first Challenge are on tracker if you want to check them out.

  • Thanks for the info.

    I will definetly go by measurements as the scale can mess with your mind!