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  • Hey all I was wondering (and maybe I just didnt see it when I read the book)  how much is a palm full of protien?  I am a femal.  It would be easier for me to weigh and bag my protien on Sunday.   This is my 3rd week and I am ALWAYS starving.  No cravings anymore so i am wondering if I am getting enough food.  Oh and I am drinking just shy of a gallon of water a day,  Thanks so much  jill

  • oops  I mean female  

  • oops  i mean female

  • PROTEIN & CARB should be about 20g each per meal. So, about the size (breadth and thickness) of your palm only (no fingers) and the carbs should be about the size of your clenched fist. (assuming you don't have extra large hands for a girl like I do) I think the average weight is 4 oz for protein.  Someone else will chime in soon!

  • Bill describes ain diameter as the palm of your hand and no thicker than a deck of cards.  Are you getting a thick enough serving?

  • I'm 5'8" tall and female.  My average protein portions are 25 grams per serving (5-6oz).  If you are not making it to the 3 hour mark you definitely want to either increase your portion size of protein or add an additional meal on for the day.  

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  • Champster:  Do you find a lot of people have to eventually add a 7th meal?  I ask because there are days when I find I never feel satisfied..not always but I definitely have those days.

  • Per the Eating-for-LIFE book (page 73), here is how to judge your portion size:

    A portion of PROTEIN is roughly equal to the size of the palm of your hand. For example, a chicken *** about the size of the palm of your hand is a proper portion of chicken for you.

    A portion of a right CARBOHYDRATE is an amount roughly equal to the size of your clenched fist. For example, a baked potato about that size is the right amount for you.

    The right amount of a serving of VEGETABLES is approximately what you might imagine you can hold in the cupped palm of your hand. For example, a portion of steamed broccoli could be a little or a lot, depending on your appetite, really.  You see, with vegetables, you have a lot of leeway—you don’t have to limit yourself to a certain amount, and you certainly don’t have to force feed yourself a certain serving size.

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  • Jill,

    1st of all congrats to you in coming this far!  Between my week 3-5 I was in starvation mode myself (I'm on C1W7D43) so what I did was just have a bigger palm (or fist) of food.  Then as my body (and mind) adjusted, my fist portions of food would shrink just a little.  Now after an intense morning work out, my morning fists of food are a little bit bigger, but by lunch and dinner they shrink considerably.

    So learn to adjust accordingy to your lifestyle.   I'm a computer geek so usually after my work out, I'll spend between 8-12 hours sitting in front of my screens so not much activity to burn off anything.  But if I had an active job like construction or something where I was constantly on the move then I would adjust my portions accordingly.   - Also in the book it did mention to drink some water before each meal if you feel you aren't getting enough.     Well have fun with it all and challenge yourself!

  • Thanks for all the suggestions.  I do have an active job, I am either standing or walking all day.  I think the thickness is what i was having trouble with.  I will go with 4 oz of protein and see how that goes.  I don't really have a problem with being hungry, on a diet, just don't think i could do hungry for life thanks jill