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  • I just wanted to share something I across. The picture below is of Earnestine Shepard...she is 74 and a competitivel bodybuilder. Don't ever think you can't be a bodybuilder, no matter what your age excuses!

  • Ok for you guys out there. Here is Ed who is 60 years old.  You can check out his info at :


  • I guess we just need a little more confidence and energy in our life to accomplish our goal. Hey, cheer up and run your life! You will find the dream is not too far from you. :-)



  • Hi RFF!

    John: Thanks for all the motivating pics! That's my be a body building Grandma one day!!!! ha ha!!! But really, I would love to keep this up until my old age. Even my 9 y/o son tells me "Mom, you're pretty strong for a girl!" I hope your hip is healing. I have had hip problems due to my running. Is it muscular? If so, have you tried a foam roller yet? Torture, but a good kind of torture!!!!

    Heather: I have stopped weighing myself (well, most of the time!). My weight fluctuates so much, and I don't see the point. I see the changes in the mirror and my clothes continue to fit the way I like, so that's all that matters! Plus, I feel great and know that I am doing the best for my body!!!!!

    This morning I did a 30 min HIIT on the treadmill. I was tired today and it felt difficult....I didn't sleep well last night so I think that was part of it. Also, I think the 11.5 miler on Saturday took out some of my steam!!!! However, I got it done and was sweating by the end, so that's good. I also jumped rope for 5 minutes and did 15 minutes of ab/core work. My hubby gave me a great compliment on my arms today...he is really noticing a difference. It is amazing the muscle gains I have made since adding P90x to my workout routine! Ya'll are going to think I am trying to sell this product! I'm not, but I can definitely say that I have added lots of lean muscle since starting these workouts 3 weeks ago. I built definition in my first challenge with the BFL workouts, but now I see mass!!!!

    Have a great day everyone!!!!!

  • I think we ought to return the reasoning of why we are taking this challenge in the life to change the body shape! We have the most beautiful body God gives us. It's the temple of God. We have the responsibility to maintain the cleaning and good shape of it.  We want to keep God feel happy to live inside of this temple. Right? That's why we want to work hard to make this place to be safe, durable and clean. :-)

  • RFF crew! Checking in for the past 2 days Monday's workout went good I think I'm gonna step up the shoulder presses to 65lbs on the dumbbells for my 6 rep set next UBWO Im able to get those 60's up without killing myself right of the bat.. wooooooo!! Runnermom glad you got it in and you are starting to spark my interest to that P90x deal The ab ripper x sounds like something i want to try lol. Hit the gym 5am sharp warmed up on the elliptical for 15 then did my 20 min circuit I could tell I hit it hard, one because of the profuse sweating and 2, I think I had runners high lol I really REALLY felt soo good and light on my feet.. made my day that much better!

    John: I hope the hip heals quick take care of yourself and thank you for posting those pictures true proof right there your never too old to become or to stay in the best shape of your life!

    CatherineLi: thanks for the post I feel that my body is my temple and I have spent most of my life NOT taking care of it the way I should That has changed since the beginning of this year and I intend to keep it this way for life..

    Planning a killer LBWO tomorrow looking forward to hearing progress people.. Much aloha.... :-))

  • Good Morning RFF!

    Catherine: You are so right!  God gave us this body and it is our responsibility to take care of it. It is our temple!!! I am glad we are all on the right track to taking care of ourselves and hopefully inspiring others to be healthy and give all glory to God!

    Island: Wow....65 lbs on the shoulder presses....amazing! I love getting that runners high! What a great feeling!

    Accountability: Today was LBWO and I killed it with P90X Legs and Back! I also added some kettlebell walking lunges (love these!) and sumo squats. I had some intervals of jumproping as well. All in all, a great workout today.

    My eating has been totally clean this week! I boiled some eggs earlier this week.....they are great to grab and go. I add them to a spinach salad to get in those veggies!

    Have a wonderful day!!!!

  • Hi everyone!  Checking in on Week 3 Day 5 and I gotta tell ya my week has not been so good.  For some reason week 3 is always the hardest for me (recorded from my past attempts) and is usually the week I haven given up in past attempts.  I have missed 2 cardio workouts this week, eaten poorly 3 days out of the 4 and find myself wanting to throw in the towel.  

    When I look at the situation realistically....I think I may be suffering from a scatoma ....when our thinking and beliefs are so reinforced in a certain area that we don't even realize we are causing ourselves to stay right where we are at because we don't believe we can really change.  Well, I think it is time for me to change this way of thinking!  I really do want to reinforce healthly patterns in my life.  I am very capable of that!  I am also very capable of taking off those inches that I have allowed to stay there for quite some time.  They really don't belong there : )

    So today I commit to taking on Day 5 in a big way!

    John, I hope your hip is healing quickly.  Thank you for sharing the pictures.  Earnestine at 74 is pretty amazing!

    Runnermom,  It is always so motivating to read your posts : )

    Island, Your posts, also!  You are always moving forward and always motivated : )

    Keep up the good work everyone!  I will be staying with you in this challenge : )

  • Good morning!  W3D5.  I'm going to try to double up workouts tonight.  I missed my LBWO last night.  We had a plumbing problem in the bathroom which ended with my husband having to cut a hole in the wall of the loft.  My gym is in the loft :(.  He had everything pushed to the side and I couldn't get to my equipment and didn't have room to lift if I could.  He finished up about 9:45 and it was bedtime.   So tonight I plan to do my 20 min HIIT and then LBWO following.  

    I also tweeked my diet a bit this week and cut down the amount of dairy.  I had dairy in 5 of the 6 meals in one way or another.  Hopefully i see better results than last week.

    Keep up the good work everyone!   One more week till 4 week progress pictures!

  • Hi RFF!!!!!

    I am finishing up week 3 as well.....we are almost 1/4 of the way through this challenge!!!

    DPatt: You can do this. I know you can. So much of these challenges are MENTAL! You have the right attitude today and that is wonderful! I always start to crave bad food towards the end of my week, usually a day or 2 before my free day. I just have to push out those thoughts and think about how I would feel AFTER I ate those foods....I know I would be full of guilt and feel physically bad all over as well, including sluggish for my next workout! I always have to tell myself "nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels".

    Heather: Sorry about your gym! Hope everything is fixed today!

    Today was cardio day for me. I did a 30 min running HIIT on the was awesome! I also did core/abs for 20 min and added in some squat thrusts!!! I MADE myself do 2 sets of 10....those are killers!!! But I love the challenge!!!!

    I am adding in more carbs today since I am running 12-13 miles this Saturday, my last long run before my half marathon! I will taper next week and cut back my mileage to around 8, then the next week is my race....can't wait!!!!

    Hope everyone else is doing well today!!!!! Have a wonderful day!!!!

  • Hey team RFF the dude from the islands is checking in.. Wednesday had an awesome LBWO I think I will be upping my squat soon as well too..335 for 6 315 for 12 directly followed by single leg extensions on the cable machine at 115 lbs I can honestly say my quads are really starting to show.  Maybe by next friday I  might up it to 355 I am starting to crave that 400 lb squat lol.. worked the dumbbells for the stiff legged DL's double plus on that one cause it really works my grip strength still haven't resorted to wraps .. yet went up to the 90lb dumbbells and finished with hammer strength machine leg curls one leg at a time 45 lb plates on each side. Today's cardio session consisted of some quick ab work.. about 7 mins then kettle bell circuit 20 mins and finished directly after with a 10 min run on the treadmill ... that was a tough one being that I was near hyperventilation when i got on but managed to cool down even though i had it at 6mph..

    Im with runner, Keep your head up Dpatt... It's always a struggle when life gets in the way but ultimately as i have stated in our previous forum "I am responsible" you know you got this get over your hump look forward and leave the not so good that happened behind you. We all are here and I for one am glad that you were open enough to share the not so good which is the point of posting.. for both good and bad times Good for you for making the decision to turn it around! We are here for you!

    Heather, same here on the gym hope it turns out good and keep on keepin on!

    My diet has been still great slipped yesterday with the kiddos had a little package (snack size ) of nutter butter with the children lol... grrrrrr! I have really been hitting the fruits though bartlett pears are my new favorite as well as blue berries and I found TRUVIA YAY! now i can down plain greek yougurt with a pinch of truvia and cottage cheese! I have been weighing in every 2 weeks and this past monday was first weigh in happy to say 4lbs down in last 2 weeks so good pace.. I actually bought me a scale for this challenge so I can weigh same time same clothes same everything and accurately track my weight and so far *fingers crossed I have NOT been weighing myself everyday some days I hear it calling me haha.. but I resist and have my chart right in my mirror with my reminder.. WEIGH ONLY ON WEIGH IN DAYS!  it helps..

    anyhow it's bedtime UBWO 5am sharp! John how's things with you my friend? I hope your doing ok.. much much aloha everyone!!

  • Hi RFF!

    Island: You just keep increasing on your lifting.....awesome! I don't blame you for indulging in the Nutter those! I love ANYTHING with peanut butter.

    UBWO for me today. I did P90x back and biceps. I really love that workout! I also did a few minutes of jumproping plus forearm planks. Not my best workout, but I got through it! I was tired hubby was up late last night watching the World Series (Go Rangers!!!) and I couldn't fall asleep!

    Tomorrow is a long run for me. I got new running shoes so I am excited!!! 2 weeks from tomorrow is my half marathon! Can't wait!

    Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

  • Anyone out there???

    It was a busy weekend for me...and things are busy at work, and kids had a busy busy all around!

    I had a good 9 mile run on Saturday, even though it was a little torturous on the treadmill! I couldn't run outside b/c it was raining! Oh well, I got through it and felt good afterwards.

    I indulged on my free day on Saturday, and went to Outback for dinner....yum!

    Sunday was rest day for me. Yesterday was LBWO and I hit it hard with P90X back and legs plus a good kettlebell workout. Today was cardio and an awesome 30 minute HIIT! I also got my ab/core workout in, so it was a great workout!

    Hope everyone is still hanging in there. Post, post, post!!!!! Thinking of all of you!

  • hey all Im still here runner thanks for always checking in and letting us know how you are doing.. well I have a few days to catch up on so here it goes....

    Fridays UBWO was great I wasn't able to get to the dumbbells for my shoulder presses so i opted for the smith machine and got up to 175lbs on my shoulder press for 6! made my week!! Saturday was good for a free day had a class half the day then spent the remainder at the beach with some co workers and my kids it was nice.. Sunday breakfast was a bust but the rest of the day went well did my kettle bell workout  @ my security job lol.... thankfully the gate i was in charge of is literally in the middle of nowhere and im lucky if I get a lost tourists come through so got it in and that's what counts. Mondays LBWO was done at night spent an hour after work taking my little ones trick or treating then hit the gym and happy to announce got to 345lbs on my barbell squat for six and on the leg curl machine I did the entire stack for 6! 200lbs another high wooooooooooo!!!!! Today did 10 mins on the elliptical and 18 mins circuit kettle bell and body weight exercises tried to make it to twenty but was literally gasping for air and I had a nice sweat patch on the floor all around me lol.. well its almost 11 pm here and planning on getting to the gym at 5 Have a good day and rest of the week everyone... RUNNERMOM U ROCK!! aloha all like runner mom said... "Post, post, POST!!!!"

  • Hi RFF!!!!

    Come on everyone....Island Dude and I need some company!!!!!

    Island: Your workouts continue to amaze me! I wish I could lift like a guy!!!! Glad you got to take your kids trick or treating. My kids had a great time!!! There buckets were full after just one street! They wanted candy after breakfast today....they are candy junkies! My healthy eating has not had an effect on them yet!

    Today was UBWO for me. I did P90X Chest, Shoulders and Triceps. I also did a few minutes of jumproping plus some kettlebell swings. Great workout! Eating has been super clean this week!!!

    A week and a half til my half should be a cold morning! It has been starting off at 28 degrees each morning this week! Brrrrr......

    Hope everyone is doing well. Have a great day!