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  • All- I posted this in the last group but I thought I would repost:

    1.Measure yourself- Scale weight is important but there’s a lot of other things you should track as well. You can put on muscle at the same time or even faster than you lose fat so the scale may look like you aren’t making progress but in fact you might be making great progress!  So to make sure you get the full picture, measure your waist, bicep, thigh, neck, chest, calves using a tape measure most people have at home.

    2. Measure your Bodyfat-  I can’t tell you how many people come back and wish they had taken this. You can get it professionally done at a gym, use an electronic device that Patty and I use or one of the most accurate and cost effective ways is by using body calipers.

    Here's why I think scale weight is limiting. If you had three people and their scale weight:

    Person A: 150lbs

    Person B: 150 lbs

    Person C: 150 lbs

    Can you pick out who is overweight, healthy, and under weight? No of course not there isn't enough information there but what if I added percent body fat?

    Person A: 150lbs (18% bodyfat) Healthy

    Person B: 150 lbs (34% bodyfat) overweight

    Person C: 150 lbs (3% bodyfat) underweight.

    I know what you are thinking... duh. no kidding...but you get the point....scale weight is very limiting.   Let me show you where it gets helpful. Look at these calculations below for week 1 and week 4 for someone doing BFL.

    Week 1:

    scale weight: 150 lbs

    body fat 34% (measured using calipers)

    Pounds of fat equals 150 * .34 = 51 lbs  (multiple total scale weight with percent body fat to get your total pounds of fat)

    pounds of lean mass = 150 lbs (scale weight) -51lbs (body fat) = 99 lbs (subtract the pounds of fat from to total scale weight.

    So this person has 51 pounds of fat and 99 pounds of lean mass which results in 150 pounds of scale weight. They work hard at body for life and here’s their week 4 results:

    Week 4:

    scale weight: 150 lbs (scale weight hasn’t changed at all)

    body fat 30% (gone down by 4%)

    Pounds of fat equals 150 * .30 = 45 lbs (actually 6 pounds less of body fat)

    pounds of lean mass = 150 lbs (scale weight) - 45 lbs (body fat) = 105  lbs

    In this example, the individual lost 6 pounds of body fat, gained 6 pounds of lean muscle which resulted in no change in scale weight.  Even though clothes fit a bit better, they are probably getting discouraged at the “lack of results”.

    At amazon you can get a set of body calipers and body tape for very cheap ($8 dollars). Here is the link:

    A few things to know about measuring body fat with calipers,

    1.You’ll need to take about 60 readings before you have enough experience to take good measurements

    2.take measurements at the same time every day! Your body is different throughout the day and so to see true differences you should to it at the same time every day. I do it when I get up in the morning.

    3.Do it before exercising, once the blood starts flowing with the increased heart rate you’ll get inaccurate readings

    3. Set your challenge goals-  Come up with your goals for the challenge.  Imagine this is the last day of the challenge and you are telling us how it went. Come up with what you’d like to be saying in terms of scale weight, muscle gains, bodyfat, fitness levels, just finishing...anything!

    4. take a before picture. I think you’ll be shocked and motivated as well as allowing you to compare yourself to the person you are about to become.

  • I'm also reposting something Pattymelt posted in the last challenge. I think its a great sample menu for a day. Keep in mind she weighs about 130ish pounds.

    Tony- That morning smoothie she makes is a great way to add carbs

    Went shopping, bought and cooked all my chicken, turkey and beans.  This is what I will be eating this week. If anyone wants to break down their meals is the site I use.  If you go under goals and select custom you can adjust the % for carbs/protein/fat.  BFL is 40/40/20.

    Morning Smoothie

    ½ small banana, 1 cup of almond milk, ½ frozen blueberries, ¼ cup of oatmeal,  1 scoop of whey protein

    Total:  310 calories  36g carbs  29g protein  8g fat   12g sugar  6g fiber

    Mid Morning Meal

    2 eggs with yolk scrambled with ½ cup of pinto beans and 1/8 cup of fat free shredded cheese

    Total:  285 calories   25g carbs  25g protein  11g fat  0g sugar  8g fiber  


    3 oz. of chicken breast, ½ cup of brown rice, and frozen veggies

    Total:  251 calories  29g carbs  25g protein  6g fat  3g sugar  2g fiber

    Mid Afternoon Meal

    ½ cup of pinto beans with 2 oz of ground turkey

    Total:  173 calories  18g carbs  20g protein  6g fat  1g sugar  8g fiber


    2 oz. Grilled chicken breast,  2 cups of mixed greens, 1.5 oz avocado, frozen veggies

    Total:  281 calories  17g carbs  22g protein  12g fat  3g  sugar  5g fiber

    Before Bed

    ½ scoop of whey protein with 1 cup of almond milk

    Total:  100 calorie  4g carbs  13g protein  5g fat  1g sugar 2g fiber

    Total for day:  1,400  calories  129g carbs   134g protein  48g fat  20g sugar  31g fiber

  • Good Morning Fearless Forum!

    Accountability for today: I worked arms and shoulders doing P90X. It was definitely not my best workout....I felt like I had NO energy! I was hungry too! Well, I got through it but will have to figure out what was up with my low energy level. I ate clean all day yesterday and my calories and ratios were typical according to myfitnesspal. I am not doing the traditional BFL strength workouts (did that in C1, but want to shake things up a bit), but I am alternating muscle groups and still sticking with the 3 days of strength and 3 days of cardio HIIT.

    John: again, thanks for all the great info. You are a wealth of knowledge! I don't particularly like Tony Horton, and there are some exercises I don't like, but I felt like my body was getting to used to the BFL strength workouts (Newbies, please stick to the original BFL program!!!! It works!!!!). I like the challenge of the program, and I also love the fact that when I tried P90X 2 years ago there was no way I could do it, and now I can proudly say that I can complete the workouts thanks to BFL! I'm not going strictly by the P90x program, and am picking and choosing which DVDs I use (I don't like some of them, like the yoga), so we'll see how things go. When I get bored, I may go back to the traditional BFL workouts since I could do those in my sleep!!!! By the way, my team is number 1 right now......Go LSU Tigers!!!!

    As far as the 8 week miracle, it didn't happen for me. Not to say that it doesn't happen, just not for me. I saw my best results at Week 12 and I did meet all of my goals by that week!!!

    Also, I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the protein pancakes! I made a whole batch and froze them, so I can eat them anytime! They are a great take and go meal too! I would highly recommend them to all of you. Yummy and approved by BFL!!!!

    Hope everyone has a great day!!!!

  • So I ended chalking up yesterday as my "Free Day" and  allowed myself some lee-way to indulge a little without the guilt.  

    Today was an awesome LBW....hit my 10's on calves and hamstrings. Really seeing an increase in how much I can lift! I have a notebook where I am keeping track of workouts and eating in one place- instead of sheets of workout logs & meal planners everywhere. 

    As far as 8 week miracle....I wouldn't call mine a miracle.....but I definitely saw some weight loss. My loss occurred quick in the first 4 weeks, stayed the same until week 7, week 8 &9 saw more weight loss, stayed the same until week 11 and saw about 2 more pounds fall off there. So mine was like a wave- when I wasn't losing I was gaining muscle. Which BY THE WAY JOHN777  I appreciate your post about the 3 people weighing 150 but with different fat % AND how to do the simple calculations.... I did mine and will keep track of that through-out the challenge. Thanks.

    SPARTANMAN! Glad you found your way over here! 

  • Love all the activity on this forum but fear I wont be able to keep up.  So sorry if I dont respond to all...

    Did my UBWO this evening as I was too tired this AM (going to bed early tonight).  Food was in check.  Made some awesome shrimp with brown rice vermicelli tonight for supper. Mmmmm.  Going to hit those 10's during HIIT tomorrow... even though my calves are killing me!  Thanks for all the feedback on the 8 week miracle comment.  I had read that link that was shared here and I wondered if there was much truth to that... guess that everyone saw their greatest improvements AFTER week 8 which is motivating in itself no matter how big/small the change was.  

    Thanks for the protein pancake recipe.  I am going to have it in the morning!! Looks good.  Nite all.. have to get to bed so I can get my butt up at 430am.  Cheers!  Thank you all for posting I read them all... even though I cant respond to all.

  • Hello all,

    Day 3.  Only did 8 minutes of cardio.  Was too pooped to do more.  Guess I'll have to gradually make my way to the 20 minutes.  Anyway, here's my menu for today.


    1. Two hard boiled egg whites, one whole hard boiled egg,

    two slices of whole wheat toast, and 6oz. OJ

    2. Protein shake

    3. Skinless. boneless chicken breast, mashed potatoes made with soy milk (NO BUTTER)

    1/2 cup whole kernel corn

    4. EAS Whey Protein and an orange

    5. 1/2 salmon fillet, mashed potatoes, and corn

    6. EAS Whey Protein

    That smoothie sounds delicious.  Thanks for the feedback.  Keep pushing Fearless Forum!!!

  • Alright FF team! The dude checking in.. Wasn't able to get the lunch break WO in today due to work and situations unforeseen been thrown at me.. So Its gonna be a late one 830 pm hawaii time. My regular gym closes at 9 boooo!! and tonight is keiki *Hawaiian for kids night no post work workout either.  Thankfully there is another gym that closes at ten pm YAY and its only gonna set me back 5$ Nice to have a backup plan.. So as soon as my QT is done and my little ones are back safe and sound with their mother I shall Tear up that LBWO. So great to read everyone's posts even though its a challenge trying to keep up pace..

    @JOHN Thanks again for re-posting some of the info from the last thread I am starting to see the benefits of writing on a spreadsheet before posting on here. .

    @ everyone else Happy humpday and lets keep rollin!! AAAALOOOHHAAA!!!

  • Hi FF Team!!!!!

    I had a great HIIT this morning. I did a 30 min run on the treadmill, then finished it up with some Ab Ripper X. I was sweating for sure!!!!

    Eating has been 100% clean!

    Island: Way to find a way to get in your workout, even with your busy schedule! I admire you b/c I think if I didn't get my workout done in the morning, then it wouldn't get done!

    When I got home yesterday, my 9 y/o son asked if he could do P90X! He LOVES sports and wants to be conditioned. So, I let him do the Plyometrics (which is no weights) and he finished all but the last 10 minutes of it! I wish I had his energy in the afternoons!!!!

    Tony: Wow, your meals look a lot better!!!! Way to go! Make sure you are eating enough, though, to make it through the full 20 min of cardio. Take it at your own pace and try to make it through those 20 min, even if it's just walking or doing something at a lower pace. The whole point is to push your body beyond where you think you can go. The majority of this challenge is MENTAL so it is helpful to learn to push through those times when your brain is telling you to stop, but your body can actually handle more!

    Want2B: Hope you like the protein pancakes! They are definitely one of my favorite foods. I also love them b/c my husband makes pancakes every Sunday morning, and I wasn't able to eat them b/c they are not approved. So now I can have pancakes with the family and enjoy them and not feel guilty!

    Diane: I was a lot like you on my C1. I lost most of my scale weight in the first 4 weeks, and then a few more pounds the last 2 weeks. I put on a lot of muscle throughout though and the biggest changes came in the way my clothes fit.

    Well, gotta wrap things up now. Have a great day! Eat clean and train dirty!!!!

  • Day 3 (Wednesday) Accountability –

    I did UBWO (morning) as well as Crossfit (night)

    I was on the road yesterday so couldn’t get all my meals in – only 4 so I will plan better next time – but here are my meals.

    7:00 coffee, 2 eggs, 2 whole wheat bread

    9:30 Myoplex lite shake

    12:00 Peel & eat shrimp (1 lb), cocktail sauce

    6:00 apple

    8:00 rice, edamame

    1471 calories (over by 63)

    129 carbs

    19 fat

    63 protein

    32 sugar (over by 4)

    26 fiber (over by 10)

    Again, over on sugar and fiber – those are the two that always get me – and I only had 4 meals.  

    Last challenge I noticed a difference in week 8/9 but the biggest was week 11/12 – it’s almost like it melted off.  I lost a total of 18 pounds.

    @john – thanks for posting the scale weight vs. body fat examples – I think you sometimes forget this simple information.  I want to concentrate on that this challenge because I tent to bulk up so scale weight is not so important.

    Well I submitted the Challenge information and photos this morning from Challenge 1!  By submitting, I have closed the Challenge 1 chapter…

    I didn’t make it to the gym this morning – I could barely move after all the working out I did yesterday but I will make it there around lunchtime.  I could barely roll over and turn off the alarm clock.

    I thought today’s inspiration was fitting…

    "It is necessary to try to surpass oneself always; this occupation ought to last as long as life."

    Have a great day everyone - Greetings from the Sunshine State

  • Hey everyone- Happy Thursday to all of you. I did manage to workout last night but I didn't get to it until 11PM. I ran three miles and was completely wired after that so didn't get to bed until 1AM.  So then I couldn't get up early to workout. Its a vicious little cycle!  I have GOT to get it done in the morning.

    I appreciate everyone posting and look forward to everyone posting!

  • Hello RFFers.  Had a great HIIT tonight, also did my abs and butt!  My husband tried to talk me out of exercising tonight but I said "no way.  I have to do it!"  and I did.  Was over my calorie limit today for some reason - I've been trying to come in at 1200 ish so it's not a big deal but I'm going to watch it more closely tomorrow.  

    John, can't believe you're running at 11PM.  You've got more late night energy than I do, that's for sure!

    Runnermom - I love the fact that your son wants to work out with you!  

    Island dude - you are just like John, working out at 10PM!  I'm in bed by then so I can get up and get into my office by 7AM!  

    TonyBfree - you'll get your cardio in, just be patient with yourself.  8 minutes is a start.  You'll get up to 20, I know it!

    Want2BFit - let me know how the pancakes are.  They sound delish!

    Gvogt - love the inspiration.  Keep em coming.

    Well, I have to walk the dog, prepare my lunch for tomorrow and spend some quality time with the hubby before I go to bed - have a great night all and see you on the funway tomorrow.

  • wow! i've been doing great with my workouts every day until today! Just pulled up to the house and realized i never got to the gym. That's pretty crazy that I could totally forget, but my day was all over the place. Anyhow, I was thinking of posting yesterday how I feel like the workouts aren't challenging enough and I am so tempted to do more cardio or weights and luckily my husband talked me out of it.

    In the past I've always been in the gym no less than an hour and a half and it was unstructured and never got me anywhere. The pleasant surprise is that these body for life workouts actually do push you. After my day 1 UBWO on Monday my triceps are still screaming and yesterday after my LBWO when I swore I didn't push myself hard enough and logged mostly intensities of 7's and 8's in my journal we got a call right after I was done (i'm a firefighter/paramedic) and I noticed I was shaking from how much I pushed myself!

    So this is a reminder to stick with the program and i'm sure as those on here who've already done it once can attest that it does work! I am very happy to be reminded of this and I'm not going to let missing today's cardio stop me. My eating has been clean although I"m not sure I have the portion control down all the time yet and i've worked out every day (except today). but still happy with the way i feel. Already (on only day 4) I honestly do feel more energized and stronger, can only imagine what i'll feel like on NEW YEARS DAY!!! woo hoo!!

    So happy the end of the 12 weeks being on New Years Day has motivated so many of you as well, I am absolutely LOVING that we have an amazing head start on the rest of the world who will be starting their new year's resolutions to lose weight the day we will be DONE with ours!  

    keep up the good work everyone, i'm reading all the posts and really appreciate all the comments and suggestions. And thanks for the replies on eating late, seems cottage cheese or some form of protein before bed is a popular choice..will keep that in mind :)

  • Thank you everyone for posting it really helps to read how everyone is doing.  Did my HIIT this morning and hit those 10's was really good.  I went to bed earlier last night so it was easier getting up.  Forgot about the protein pancakes this morning but will make them on the weekend.  I tend to stick to many of the same foods so its quick to prepare, so I (like readytogo) got sidetracked with routine today :)  

    Been reading a lot about having protien before bed since you body has to go 7 or 8 hours without food for energy and that is when our body builds muscle.  Apparently casein protein is the best as it takes about 7 hours to digest so when we get up in the morning we are good to go for our workout and first meal shortly thereafter.  I use whey protein for my shakes and it is considered to be a fast digesting protein.  Likely why 3 hours afterwards I am ready for real food.  

    Islanddude you are a true inspiration and are so dedicated.  How long have you been doing these challenges?  Always a person who worked out?

    We are close to the end of week 1 everyone - lets make it count!


  • Good morning to all, and thanks for all the great insights into the program, very motivational.

    Due to excessive work commitments yesterday, and an early rush out the door, missed my workout and then felt guilty all day!  Too tired at night to make up for it, so I guess that is my free day.

    Today, up an hour early, looking forward to the treadmill, ha!  Great way to start the day.

    Nutrition good, not perfect, looking at progress, not perfection.  Always inspired by you all, and the "success stories" posted on this site.

    Great day!

  • Good Morning Everyone -

    Great LBWO this morning - I was very stiff and tired going in (at 4:00 AM) but am loose & full of energy now!!

    Going over on sugars has been a problem for me - so today I have given up coffee - did you know that a cup of black coffee has 5 sugars?  Without sugar or milk?  That is a lot of sugars when your daily allowance is only 24.  I am having a cup of tea instead...trying to get use to the change.

    Not sure if you all remember a few months ago I told you that the morning people at the gym had their own little clique and wouldn't acknowledge me for a couple months until I became a "regular" - well this morning, one of the morning regulars asked if I would be his Wednesday workout partner...I guess I have arrived.  While that was very nice of him, I enjoy working out alone - that way I don't have to be accountable to anyone to get to the gym at a certain time.

    @readytogo - I knew that we would be finishing our BFL Challenge by New Years, however, I didn't think about the rest of the world starting that day - I use to be one of them, New Years Day, starting a new diet...what a great feeling!!!  

    Have a great dayeveryone!!