Returning Fearless Forum Starting October 9th/10th- All Welcome!

  • Hello Fearlesss Forum –

    DAY  1 of 84

    Well it is good to be back with all of you – you have truly been an inspiration to me throughout Challenge 1 and I am looking forward to working through Challenge 2 with all of you again, as well as with all the new folks who have joined – it sure looks like we are kicking it off with a bang!

    My name is Gerie and I am from Central Florida.  I have a husband, Scott of 13 years (we dated for 11 years before making the big commitment) and a 5 year old daughter who keeps me young – and constantly running... they are the reason I do this, so that I can be healthy and have stamina to keep up with what life throws at us.   I am 45 years old and will be 46 one week after this challenge is complete so my ultimate goal is to look and feel better at 46 thank I did when I was 20.

    Challenge 2 Goals:

    1. Lose scale weight of 10 lbs

    2. Lose body fat of 3% (minimum)

    3. Fit into dress size of 4

    4. Track food daily with to input prior to the day so I don’t go over)my name is gerievogt in mfp

    5. Track workout regimen daily (I still use the clip board but don’t feel geeky anymore)

    6. Post daily – I didn’t do this is C1 but will in C2

    7. Take measurements/BF/pictures every 4 weeks

    8. Eat clean 100% of time

    9. Exercise in morning before the day gets a hold of me…

    10. Incorporate yoga at least once per week

    11. Set up meals/grocery shop & prep on Sundays for upcoming week

    12. Include a shake per day (from Susan Berna’s posts) – they look delicious!!

    13. Experiment with new workouts every four weeks

    14. Fit into my wedding dress (I know this sounds unusual but my daughter plays dress up and is always asking me to put on my wedding dress, which I do, however she still hasn’t seen me in it – zipped up)

    Talent/Skill – What I bring to the table is “not” expert knowledge on nutrition or workouts BUT experience having gone through the challenge with all of it’s ups and downs.  I am also very organized and a spreadsheet queen so I have doctored up the daily workout spreadsheets.  

    Thanks John for having us actually write and post our goals – I went through C1 on a wing and a prayer (actually goals in my head, not on paper) so this is good – I saw a couple signs this past week so I thought I would pass the message along,  

    “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time”


    “Goals are dreams with deadlines” – deadline here is Day 84!

    Have a great day everyone - greetings from the Sunshine State

  • Silly question - how do you friend people on myfitnesspal?  Do you have to have actual email addresses?

  • You can just do a search by the username....mine is amyjslp. I will go on there and try to friend you. You will need to make your food diary visible to friends so I can see your meals.

  • READY TO GO: Congrats on the pregnancy!!! How wonderful for you and your husband! 

    Hi all-Starting my 2nd challenge today. Just finished the first- transformation pics are on my profile page- check em out!!! I am a 43 yr old wife of 18 years, stay at home mother of 3 teenagers (2 boys & 1 girl). Student....currently enrolled working toward my bachelor in English and teaching credential.  I am at 127 lbs now....don't want to lose too much more weight- but have lots of body fat to shed- I'm at 31%. That still baffles me how I can weigh a decent amount and still have so much body fat. But oh well

    My goals for this challenge are:

    1. Reduce body fat down to 24%

    2. Take calcium supplements as well as continuing my multi-vitamin, & omega-3

    3. Keep a folder of workout and eating history.

    4. Incorporate more fruits as carbs into my meals.

    5. Enjoy my FREE day without GUILT

    6. Define those leg muscles

    7. Define those ab muscles

    My talent is that I am compassionate.  At the same time if you tell me you skipped some workouts and complain that you are gaining weight I'm gonna call you out on it. I check the forum everyday and try to post everyday IN COLOR   

  • Hello everyone... wow this forum is amazing... I am super thrilled that there are so many experienced BFL'ers here as well as newcomers (like me).  As mentioned I started 8-22, and fell off the program for 10 days when I got sick with a cold flu so I am starting over today with you, as well as posting in my original group.  Had a great LBWO this morning.  Was surprised I didnt lose the ability to lift the levels of weight I left off on so that was also encouraging.  

    Since there are so many I will likely find it hard to comment back to every single person... so please bear with me here....

    Someone pointed out that the end of 12 weeks from now is NYE.  Whoever that was THANK YOU.  That really stuck in my head... and it really helped me to get back on the bandwagon this morning.  I have marked it up on my calendar as well!!  

    Congrats on the pregnancy as well - how exciting and what a blessing...

    There was mention of eating a lot of the same things on program, I tend to do that was well.  I find it easier to plan what i know I like rather than try new things that I dont really care for.  I also am on the go and need to pack 90% of my meals for the entire day so a cooler goes everywhere with me and foods that transport easy are essential.  I use the ensure high protien RTD shakes for the go as myoplex is not available in Canada, and I am careful with the protein bars as they dont always agree with me.  I am celiac too so many have ingredients I cant eat.  

    Are any of you using supplements that you feel have been essential to your progress and muscle building on this program or have the greatest gains come from simply increasing the difficulty of your lifts gradually and pushing for those 10's?

  • @readytogo- My first challenge was about 10 years ago as well! 7 years would go by before I did a second one.  I’m glad you are ready to go and very excited you’ll be joining us.  Get in there and kick some butt!

    @dpatt-  Always a pleasure to read your posts! I’m happy for you that its cooling off in AZ.  We just started cooling off in Colorado this weekend it’s going to be 67 today. It only seems appropriate for you to be joining us as we kick off another challenge!

    @Sherryjoy- Welcome to the group! To build a meal you need some protein and some carbs.  For two of the meals you need to get some veggies.  The protein should be about the size of your palm and for the carbs it should be the size of your fist.  In my first challenge that’s all I used as a guide and it worked wonders.  

    In terms of protein bars, they are not the best solution but I think of them as a compromise.  The usually have about the right number of calories, the problem is usually they are high in sugar.  So that’s the compromise, you sort of stay within the right caloric range (usually 200- 320 calories) but you eat something that isn’t great. If you are on the go through and its either that or missing a meal, I’ll take a protein bar every time!  Not all protein bars are equal, luna bars and cliff bars seem very high in sugar but not enough in protein.  I like the labrada bars, balance bars, and myoplex bars. I never have more than one per day (well I’ll have 1 and a half balance bars to make sure I get enough protein). I have Tupperware that I carry with stuff like greek yogurt or cottage cheese with fruit.  I also have sandwiches with whole wheat bread: Slices to chicken breasts, lots of veggies, mustard (no mayo), and whole wheat bread.  

    @tc747- Thanks so much for checking in and best of luck to you on your challenge!  Let us know how you are doing!

    @B2B (Doni)- I’m glad you are joining us.  Life has a way of testing us at times. The important thing is how we respond and it sounds like you are responding in a very positive and powerful way.  I do body for life for many of the same reasons you do and I lost my father about 2 years ago so I really want to see you succeed! What I would say is don’t hope for it Doni. I know you are a strong man if you have 3 kids so use that strength to set some goals and put together a plan that gets you there and make it a priority in your life. Take it one day at a time and I know you’ll see positive changes in a few weeks and you can use that as motivation to continue.  We’ll be here to support you as you do it.

    As for breakfast, don’t limit yourself to traditional breakfast foods. If you don’t have problems with dinner or lunch then eat dinner or lunch for breakfast.  I have no problems having a chicken breast and sweet potato for breakfast.  How about a turkey sandwich? I’ve grown to love oatmeal and will just add some protein to it.  The most important thing is to keep it simple. You have enough going on in your life make sure its repeatable. I do the easiest thing possible, usually I workout and then have a shake and drink it right out of the blender over the sink.  It takes 5 minutes, gives me protein I need to heal those muscles, and then fills me up with water as well.

    @lb- I knew you’d show up and so glad you did. Let’s do it (again)!

    @Tonybfree- Thanks for joining us, we are happy to have you.  My wife won tickets to Duran Duran if you can believe they are still touring so I got a dose of 80’s music last week. Lol It was fun and that crowd made me feel young!

    @readytogo – Another message for you just congratulating you on your pregnancy.  Definitely talk to you doctor before you start but very excited for you!

    @kimis- Thanks for joining us and looking forward to getting to know you!

  • My Fitness Pal Question -

    Should the goals be custom for BFL -

    40% Carbs

    40% Protein

    20% Fat

    That is what I used for C1 but just want to confirm as we are rolling into C2.  

    Also, I seem to always go over in sugars and fiber.  I have sugars set to 24G and fiber at 13.8G.  Those 2 get calculated for me - just checking.

    Thanks in advance -

  • HI, on day 2 and going strong. Did my 20 minute aerobic run this am ( boy does 0515 come early). That was a true butt kicking workout. My husband is doing P90X while I do this and he made a comment about wanting to puke or pass out after a workout, I felt like puking this am. I am on track for my eating and feeling satified. But it would be nice if all this halloween candy would vanish ;)

    So question: The food list in the book shows low fat cheese as a healthy fat ( On the "What to eat on body for life"?? So when exactly can we have it ( on a sandwhich or as a cheese stick???)  



  • yikes! those late night munchies just got to me. Granted I ate edamame salad with pita chips but I ate a bit too much and have kind of a full feeling. I justified it because I didn't have any veggies with my dinner.

    Working on stopping just before I feel full...

    Which brings up a question, I saw in the book that there is a snack at what I would consider to be too late at night to eat. I believe the example is myoplex pudding at 9pm, does anyone else have a late night snack or do you stick to the old don't eat past 6pm rule?

  • Diane33 Thanks! and just saw your 12 week pic, wow! very impressed and good for you, what an amazing transformation in just 12 weeks. It helps to see the "real life" pics because sometimes looking at the ones in the book looks like there's no way it took only 12 weeks to get that lean. But seeing yours helps motivate me, thanks again.

    I'm not sure if i'm replying to everyone right now on the forum, but thanks for the nice words :)

  • OK, I'm a newbie here.  A 35 year old women who is living in Cambridge, MA.  I've been battling foot and ankle injuries along with trying to keep up with my classes etc.  Those poor excuses for skipping exercise, along with poor eating, have added up!  I feel sluggish, clumsy, and am just hating how I feel in my own body right now: I'm very motivated right now.


    1.  Lose 24 pounds in 12 weeks (2 pounds a week)

    2.  Consistently exercise...making it a habit once again (I use to love it...I just need to get into that routine again).

    3.  Fit into my smaller clothes (which I will be able to do after meeting Goal 1).  

    4.  Stop my mindless eating/snacking while I study; instead I'll make a point of having 6 small, healthy meals


    1.  Finally set up an appointment with a doctor for my foot/ankle issue

    2.  Researched/came up with alternative aerobic exercise--swimming and water aerobatics--which will not aggregate my foot/ankle (walking, running (I usually love) and biking (due to hills/resistance) seem to be out)

    3.  Told two people--outside this group--about my plan.

    4.  Read the book and filled in my journal.

    5.  Signed up for a meal delivery I don't really have the time or skill to cook great tasting, healthy food (added bonus: I'm comfortably within my budget, with is better than when I shop at the grocery store as I tend to surge frequently).

    I think that basically covers it!  I'm pretty excited that our 12 weeks ends on New Years Day--very motivational!  I would love to start the new year feeling like my old self (pre-weight gain).


  • Welcome to all that have joined over the last couple of days.  This is going to be a great challenge!  We are all in this together : )

    Today is Day 2 for me.  It was my cardio day.  I jogged / walked for 40 minutes.  I have been experiencing some tightness in my right calve but today it was alot better.  I have added more stretching into my routine and I think this is helping.  I also completed abripperX.  It has been awhile....I thought I was sore today from yestedays workout : )  I am expecting to be even more sore tomorrow!

    I logged my food for the day into myfitnesspal.  We didn't make dinner tonight so I only had veggies at lunch.  I will be adding spinach to my breakfast shake tomorrow so I will have veggies at 3 meals tomorrow.  Unless pumpkin is considered a veggie?  Hmmm, I'll have to check into that.

    Everyone have a great evening : )  On to Day 3!    

    "You have to think anyway, so why not think big."  ---Donald Trump

  • Oh, just wanted to has been awhile since I completed is another up to being able to complete it.   : )   It is a workout that thoroughly makes your ab muscles burn!!!

  • Good evening BFLr’s,

    Day 1 workout, Great!!!  Day 1 eating habits not so great.


    1. 1 cup oatmeal, hand full of craisins, water

    2. 1 can Campbell’s Healthy Choice Chicken Noodle Soup, water

    3. 4 chicken wings, wild rice, string beans

    4. EAS 100% whey protein shake

    My goal is to add at least 8lbs. of mass to my frame during this challenge.  Is that realistic?  My ratios are:

    40% protein

    35% carbs

    25% fat

    Didn’t even come close to my ratios.  Will do better tomorrow.

  • RFF IN THE HOUSE!!! Well your friendly island man checking in on hour 13 of my 18 hour day. I got my UBWO done At 540am sharp. Man it felt good to bust the okole (hawaiian for buttox) :) first thing in the morning. Just set me up great for the rest of my day.. Wow the activity on here has been phenomenal I can barely keep up KIMIS aka BRIDE WELCOME So happy to see you again!!! To all the new peeps in here ALLLOOOHHHAAAAA and welcome aboard We are starting so strong and lets make it a point to end it the same way! I can happily say That my eating was 100% clean so far one meal left which will be protien and skim milk in a few hours..

    1. Syntha 6 cookies n cream protien w/one cup of skim milk

    2. Muscle milk protien powder with skim and a bartlett pear

    3. Spiniach salad light dressing and 4oz of lean sirloin half a cup of strawberries

    4. sliced tomatoes and sliced cucumbers 3 egg whites boiled and 3oz of sliced deli turkey

    5. 1 cup cottage cheese 6oz vanilla greek yogurt

    6. whey protien one cup of skim and an apple to finish!

    Tomorrow will be a 15 min circuit of kettlebell swings and bodyweight excercises and 10 mins of jumping rope Im still trying to nurse my knee its getting better but don't want to start running just yet.

    @john Im sure you did but I gotta ask.. you break that 3 mile mark yet?? I went up to 2.65 last challenge As soon as my knee is back and well Im gonna try and best that mark this time around.. you are a real inspiration my friend..

    anyway dinner break is over and it's time to get back to work.. Keep it up all BIG HEART STRONG MIND!! ALOHA..