Returning Fearless Forum Starting October 9th/10th- All Welcome!

  • welcome back LB! Glad you are still pushing along with all that has been going on with you thank you for keeping us posted.. I missed u guys man! :)

    Runner mom my knee was good today my legs were sore though lol.. it was expected considering the shock it took haha of course it was a good pain :) so I think Im gonna start to maybe do a shor endurance run at least once a week... thank you though very much

    accountability: Made it to the gym five am sharp warmed up on the elliptical for fifteen minutes and then went at my circuit for twenty busted my butt... one sure sign was that i was sweating profusely at six am lol and continued for an hour.. went back to the gym for lunch and did another thirty on the elliptical again.. had a looong sixteen hour day and it is now 11 pm and time for me to sleep.. no gym in the morning.. maybe lunch (if possible) or a late nighter.. either way I'll keep you all posted.. aloha

  • RFF how goes it people?!? Well Im on the post workout high the time here in paradise is 1035 and i am feeling good hit my LBWO at 900 didn't make it in the morning due to loooooong day the day before extremely busy during work so no lunch break/ workout and my babies after work for some QT so all that was left was Late night fun :-) Got my squat to 365lbs again for 6 followed by 335lbs for 12 swung some giant kettle bells post workout whew I love love love those things :)) keep on truckin team.. aloha

  • Island: I am right with you on the kettlebells! I have lots of love for them too. I am so grateful for my sister for introducing me to the kettlebells. I would highly recommend them to everyone.

    Accountability: Today was cardio day for me. I did a 20 min running HIIT, plus a 10 min easy run for a total of 30 minutes of cardio. I then did 30 minutes of abs/core, 100 pushups, and stretching/using my foam roller. My nagging left leg injuries are raring their ugly heads at me....UUGGHH.! I don't really need them 2 days before my half-marathon! So, I rolled and rolled my glutes, hamstrings, IT band, and adductors!

    This Saturday morning is my half-marathon at 7:45 AM Eastern Time. Can't wait!

    Have a great day everyone!!!!! Still looking for more posts......Island Dude and I still need company!

  • Friday, friday yay it's Friday.  

    Dude - man your schedule is jam packed - you're an inspiration to everybody who says "I don't have time...."  If I hear that again, I'll just send them your way!  That'll teach em.

    Runnermom - good luck with the race.  I'll be sending my positive vibes your way to stay strong through the event.

    Heather C - way to go.  An inch is a big deal and it feels so good doesn't it?  Keep up the good work.  

    Sally - planning is definitely the key to success in this challenge so it's great that you're meditating and thinking about how you want to get to your destination.   If you keep that up, there's no stopping you.

    The only one who can get in your way is you.  You are your success and your actions make the outcome happen.  Accountability is what it's all about.   Being fearless doesn't mean you don't have your failed moments, it means you never give up.  That's what the Returning Fearless Forum is all about.  Like the song says "I get knocked down, but I get up again, cause no one's ever gonna keep me down."  Have a great Friday RFFers and keep the faith!

  • HEY RFF Dude checking in Happy aloha friday and happy veterans day to you all.. Had a long class today. Had the Holiday off from the primary job but class for one of my others a re certification course for EMR's *emergency medical responders Tomorrow class again but test time as well.. 3 hours worth. I got my UBWO in before coming home and hitting the books and got a new high on my dumbell shoulder press in the books.. 65lb dumbbells for 6 Man it felt good especially when looking back on my first challenge my 6 rep set was at 30 lbs. Really made my day :-)

    Runner mom Good luck tomorrow or where you are its today with your run I know you are gonna kill it!

    TEAM since my new found love for kettle bells I bought me a new toy drum roll please.................

    Im starting to make a family lol ...


    LB thank you for the compliment.. My schedule is extremely crazy but I put my health infront of everything Its right there at the top with my babies and work.. for without my health I wouldn't have neither, and you are soo right about the "dont have the time" excuse Im sorry but that wont cut it with me lol.. There's always time.. U just gotta make it! Well RFF Have a great weekend Im taking a free day tomorrow and then breaking in or should I say that 50lb is gonna be breaking me on Sunday lol .. Aloha crew


  • Ok, its Satuday morning - my first free day.  My muscles are sore and I had forgotten how difficult it is to do cardio when you take a few weeks off - goodness!  The arm and shoulder muscles only took 2 workouts to pop back up and knees are still a problem!  I got all my workouts and cardio in though and looking forward to a day of rest, studying my bible and meeting with friends and eating POPCORN.  

    Island you really motivate me - thanks for your posts.  You may have posted previously and i not read, what kind of exercises do you do with the Kettlebell family?

    LB - thanks for the encouragement and confirmation - never give up!  

    Runnermom - half marathon today!!!  you are really amazing to me!  You are probably done depending on how fast you go.  How did it feel, what was your time, and you must be so proud!!!  I am going to check out that website you recommended.  I have been going on and reading some amazing articles that encourage and motivate.  I have to get back into the mental groove and stay there.

    John - back in the groove?  Hows your week been going?  

    This has been a hard first week but at least i know it wont get any harder than that!  I am becoming my best me yet!

    "What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals." Zig Ziglar


  • HI RFF!

    Thanks for all the well wishes on my half marathon! It was a fun race, but tough!!! Way too many hills for me....but I pushed on through and finished in 1:53. Not my best finishing time, but not my worst either. It is always my goal to finish under 2 hrs so I reached my goal.

    Sally: Don't you love when your muscles are sore?? I do! It means I have worked hard and really pushed myself! Keep up the good work. Your day of rest sounds right up my alley!

    LB: Glad you are still here! Thanks for the inspiring quotes!

    Island: You know I LOVE your kettlebell set!!! Now that's the right way to reward yourself! Oh, I did SO much better on my free day yesterday. I still had some treats (mainly bread b/c I crave it after a long run!), but I was in CONTROL and it felt so good. I didn't feel terrible this morning like I have on past Sundays after my free day. I feel great and I know that my free days are now under total control!

    Alright RFF let's start this week off right......EAT CLEAN AND TRAIN DIRTY!!!!

  • Aloha RFF crew.. Happy Sunday and booo to Monday lol.. Glad u made your personal cut off time Runner mom damn I cant even imagine running that far for that long... U go lady!! Congratulations!! MY freeday was defiantly better than previous free days as well.. I didn't eat simply because I could I ate what i wanted when i was hungry and just carried on with the day like normal :-) I passed my exam Saturday wooo that was a big weight off of my chest so im good for the next 2 years lol..

    Sally I usually do a mix of different swings and cleans and snatches with my bells along with bodyweight exercises, just look it up on youtube there is sooo much you can do with them.. and it's a complete body workout which means you burn major calories in a very short amount of time.. Like runnermom I really do enjoy them..

    Had my circuit today and used both my 30lb and 50lb today god it was tough! I couldn't make it to 20 mins went to 18:30 but that 50lb really killed me like literally I was on my hands and knees for about 10 seconds trying to catch my breath.. sooo good lolol.. had a good exercising with my babies today too and relaxed for the afternoon and eve.. TIme for bed .. Make everyday count team.. aloha

  • RFF HIIT done 50lb kettlebell is killin me.. in a good way of course.. I have new muscle pain because of it lol.. UBWO tomorrow.. gonna make it count! keep going RFF.. aloha

  • greetings RFF Late night UBWO done.. and feeling gooood lol now the whole getting to sleep so I can rest before work thing haha.. Great workout tonight sweat like a pig in sh*t and still sore in place unknown from swinging my new toy around the last few days lol.. I think I better give my body a little rest.. anyway RFF We need some posting here How is eveyone doing... roll call! aloha

  • Hi RFF!!!

    Of course I am still here! Just not sure how much longer this thread will last.......we really need some posting!

    My hubby just called and told me he bought me a surprise....a new kettlebell!!! Woo hoo! I am moving up to 25 lbs! Island dude, I'm sure I will be right with you with that new muscle pain!!!

    Great workout today---30 min running HIIT and 30 min of core work with my 9 lb med ball. It was awesome! Finally starting to see some little abs showing through...yeah!!!

    Have a great day everyone!

  • Hey everyone. I've been very busy and travelling all over the country but the hip is holding up and I'm back in the groove! I'm eating clean and having working out dirty (lol runnermom is that what you said)?  I'm very impressed with you guys posting so regularly and I appreciate the motivation that it gives me.

    You guys are doing great!

  • Hey RFF Glad u still keeping at it with all the craziness u got going on john .. I got my share of it here as well being the holiday coming up and all... Missed my HIIT WO thursday but killed my LBWO friday and had a pretty good free day saturday.. today hit my circuit and felt good.. caught a bit of a bug over the weekend but gonna make sure i sweat that out in due time.. stay strong RFF much aloha..

  • Hi RFF--

    John: Glad your hip is holding up. Also glad you are still hitting in hard and in this challenge!

    Island: Hope you feel better! No time for bugs around here!

    I am still taking this challenge to the next level, and can't believe we are already in Week 7. How time flies when you're having fun!!!

    Planning to take Thanksgiving for my free day this week. Can't pass up my mom's fabulous cooking which I only get about 2x per year!

    I had a great 6.5 mile run outdoors on Saturday in the 20 degree weather. Exhilerating! This morning was UBWO and I killed it with P90x Shoulders and Arms, plus kettlebell swings and snatches and a bike warm up.

    Have a great day everyone!!!

  • Hi all that are still here.  Sorry that I have not checked in sooner.  I have not been keeping up very well with my challenge so I just haven't been posting.  I definitely won't be able say that I completed this challenge but I am going to finish it out with you.  I am so proud of you who are still going.  : )  

    I haven't gained any inches back but I am losing some of the muscle tone.  I injured my shoulder and it has been very slow in healing (almost 2 full weeks - next week an xray if it isn't feeling better).  I am not even sure what I did or how I did it.  I guess it is a very common injury though...especially for those who are on a computer all day.  I can not do any comfortable lifting right now but I know there are a lot of other things I can do.  I work out at home so I don't have access to weight machines.  I can perform lower body exercises that don't require me to hold weights.  Yoga would probably great for me to be doing all the time.  I can also do cardio as long it doesn't require quick movements of the arms.  I am currently doing rehab exercises but that is all that I have been doing : (  

    I am reading your posts and telling myself to get back in there.  I feel bad that I was so anxious to get started with the 2nd challenge and then all of the sudden I disappeared.

    Island are amazing...I've said it a number of times and it is definitely true. are always an inspiration.  I'm glad your run went well.  I know the hills took away from your time...but I'm glad it was a great run.  I was thinking about you that day.

    John...glad your hip is doing well.