Returning Fearless Forum Starting October 9th/10th- All Welcome!

  • Hey all Had my UBWO this morning 5am and happy to say that I was able to get those 65lb dumbbells over my head for six clean reps shoulder presses!! zipped through my upperbody in 42 mins sweaty and outta breath went from the gym to the car straight to work lol.. set a good tone for the day Food however has been very challenging for me.. this week has been particularly hard ever since sunday I flubbed breakfast was good the last few days but broke again for dinner tonight.. portions were bigger than they should have been.. I have my next weigh in on  monday morning and really want to see steady progress but doing this is hampering that.. I know I have no one to blame but myself and this is by no means any indication that I am giving up.. I am gonna finish my week strong and come what may on Monday I will make the adjustments and continue on!

    Good work on the workouts for you runner.. I know you are gonna kill that half marathon! and BRRR indeed.. I cant even imagine what waking up to 28 degree temps must be like.. We did get snow here though on our mountain tops today should be melted by Friday lol

    This is the mountain Mauna kea hawaiina for "white mountain" it always snows on this mountain in the winter in the background is the mountain Mauna loa hawaiian for "long mountain" both of these mountains get snow in the winter but mauna kea gets the most hence the name. FYI this picture is not from today but it was pretty close to this.. anyway.. have a great day all ... till next check in ... kettle bells for me tomorrow hehehehe aloha!!

  • Wow....gorgeous picture, Island Dude! I sent you a message, so check it out! Way to go on your UBWO! Don't worry about flubbing on will get back on track. You are so dedicated. I still go way overboard on my free days, but by Thursday of each week I always end up being lower on the scale and am still seeing great transformations with my body. I just really believe that sometimes our bodies need that extra food....we work so hard!!!!

    Today was cardio day for me. I did a 30 min running HIIT on the treadmill, plus did a circuit of core exercises including different medicine ball exercises, stability ball pike, and pushups (100 of them!!!). I also did my jumproping....still increasing my jump time!!!! It was a totally AWESOME workout!!!! For whatever reason, Thursdays are always good for me. I wake up feeling LEAN and full of energy!!!! Must be that I am looking forward to the weekend!

    Okay, where is everyone else? Remember those goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the challenge!!!! Progress....not perfection. No one is perfect except Jesus Christ!!!!

    Have an awesome day!!!!

  • Hey You alls - this is "body builder" (trying to see myself that way anyway!)  formerly known as Oneofthebranches returning FEARLESS!  I just wanted to use my real name since its easier. I am finally starting on November 7th but will be hanging out with you guys. Checked out BFL book from library today and will be making my plans, goals, and praying for strength over the weekend.  I may even try to catch up reading all your posts!  They have come to my email since you started, but I just haven't had to sticks of time to rub together until now.  Went on my camping trip, ate everything in sight and lost .4 lbs!  Unfortunately I know its muscle loss.  Anyway, hope we can keep each other motivated - this is my 3rd challenge and I still have not reached my goals previously set but I actually have become happier and healthier so its still a good way of life!  Its GREAT to be back and looking so forward to this!!!!


  • Hey peeps checking in day 4 week 4 here hectic day at work and could not leave to take a break..  so ended up using an empty 40ft container I just unloaded to do my workout in :) kettle bells and push ups burpees and mountain climbers.. It was pretty intense also considering that it was a warm day and it was an oven in the container kicked up the workout a notch almost like working out in a sauna..I was more than soaked after that I needed the stress relief!  100 PUSHUPS runner mom way to go!! I tried doing punch pushups today that was a real killer.. I am soo looking forward to saturday I missed the usual giant breakfast with my kiddos last saturday due to a class in the morning for work but it's planned already and we cant wait hahaha.. anyway till next check in all aloha

  • Hi RFF! Happy Friday!

    Sally: Welcome back! Glad you are starting another challenge. You will reach those goals this time!!!! I will be praying for strength for you this weekend too. The power of prayer is amazing! Glad you got the book....I love the BFL book. I also really like the "Champions Body for Life" book. It is a good additional resource to the original book.

    Island: Way to go on your workout and still fitting it in even while you were at work! THAT is DEDICATION! What a special tradition, to have a big breakfast with your kids every Saturday.....that makes free day even more worth it! My hubby and kids do big breakfast every Sunday, and they love it!

    Today was LBWO, but I didn't want to lift heavy before my distance run tomorrow, so I did Power 90 Express with Tony Horton, as well as more of him in the first half of P90X Plyometrics. I love those workouts! Lots of power moves that involve both strength and cardio, some using a medicine ball. It was great to shake things up a little bit and do some different exercises. I was sweating for sure!

    Tomorrow will be a 7 mile run for me, maybe 8 depending on how I feel and what the weather is like. This will be my last long run b/f I start tapering for my half marathon next Saturday.

    Have a great weekend everyone!!!

  • Aloha Friday RFF LBWO done and it was gooooooood! Tomorrow is FREEDAY looking forward to BREAKFAST! LOL.. have a good weekend all.. Runnermom I know you are gonna kill that run I'll be thinking of you while I gorge on my giant omelet and french toast :)) aloha

  • Thanks Runnermom!  I am planning my menu and grocery list right now!  I am getting that BFL excitement again like I did my first challenge.  I really need the prayers for my inner strength!!  

    I am going to go to bed now and lay and meditate on what I want out of this challenge, how I want to see myself, set some goals and seek the Lord's help.  


  • Hey RFF got my circuit  training in along with a curious friend that wanted to give it a try.. He finished albeit barely but he managed to stick with me with a few breaks.. Did some light physical activity with my children after my circuit.. We had a fun time and I will start to make it a weekly thing  to do some physical activity with them every sunday at least.. I really hope most if not all of you are still continuing your journey even though this thread has almost come to a stand still I will continue to post and hope to hear from you all soon.. aloha crew..

  • 4 weeks down - 8 more to go!!  Did my weight & measurements on Saturday. In 4 weeks I've lost 5lbs and a solid inch off my waist & hips.   I'm very happy with my progress and excited for the next 8 weeks!  I still need to do a 4 week progress pic.  I'll have my daughter take on tonight.  

    How's everyone else doing?

  • Happy Monday RFF!

    Glad to see a few more people posting....keep it up!!!

    I had a great long run on Saturday (a little over 8 miles) and this morning was UBWO. I did P90X Shoulders and Arms, plus a kettlebell circuit and jumproping. A great workout!

    I am restructuring my free days. I have been losing control on my last few freedays. Well, no more! I feel like I am ruining my progress when I do this, so I have come up with a new plan and a new goal for free days! I need STRUCTURE for everything I do, so from here on out my free days will be totally structured. I know I will feel better this way and my progress will be the best it can be!

    Have a great day everyone!

  • Hey guys. Sorry for the extended absence but I'm back including my hip! It feels good and I worked out Saturday and Sunday and I'm feeling good. I've been bummed out about not being able to work out but I'm back!

    Sally- Hey old friend so glad to see you back! I like the new name as well :)

    Runnermom & island dude- You guys are true leaders and love how you've carried the team! Thank you so much for all your great posts!

  • So I started back today and there is nothing but this forum that could have made me do my UBWO tonight. I was SO tired (probably due to lack of artificial energy called SUGAR) and all I wanted to do was go to sleep after dinner but I kept thinking about you all and knew I couldn't bear the thought of saying I bailed on the first day!  So I got my sweats on, brought my weights upstairs to the livingroom and just did it.  I am so ecstatic that I have begun BFL again and look forward to going to the gym tomorrow since I only work til noon.  Anyway, thanks John, glad to be back.

    Islanddude - I sure do like the way this is affecting your family as well!  You are a great dad!

    Heather - great results so far!  and thanks for the reminder to do starting measurements - I almost forgot!  Look forward to seeing you around the forum...

    Runnermom - I know what you mean about needing structure.  How are you going to structure your free day?  How do you like P90X?


  • RFF crew!! looks like we got some life going on in here again!

    John: I missed you man welcome back and I am happy to hear everything is going good now!

    Good for you SALLY i am happy you got that workout in the hardest part is just to get started.. after that it's all good!

    I am with you on the free day runnermom I have been treating freeday just like you eating everything in sight just because... Im gonna make the change like you too 2 free meals on free day one of them being the traditional breakfast lol...

    Day 1 week 5 UBWO in the bag flew through it in 41 mins.. managed to get 175 on the military press using the smith machine Mostly 9's this morning but got it done.. Runnermom I went for a run today I covered 3 miles in just over 26 mins which i was very surprised  with considering I haven't actually ran in over 2 months.. My legs feel good my heels were a little sore and we shall see how my knee feels tomorrow.. Rock on RFF aloha

  • Good Morning RFF!

    Sally: I LOVE P90X! I love challenging myself! I have to say that I push myself a lot more with the P90x workouts. Now, I LOVE BFL and it got me where I am today. If it wasn't for completing my first BFL challenge, there is no way I could complete the P90x workouts. But, I feel like this is what my body needs right now to keep improving and to shake things up. As far as structuring my free day, I am going to still have 5-6 small meals, and at these meals I will still eat equal portions of carbs/protein and have fruits and veggies (I have neglected these on my past free days, but I still feel that I need them daily). I will allow myself to have treats that I normally don't have during the week on 2 of the meals, but I will only have a SERVING of these treats. So, for example, I LOVE crunchy things like wheat thins and cheez-its crackers. I could eat a whole box! But, I will only allow myself a serving of these treats. If I don't structure my free day, I lose control. I am not recommending this for everyone, but I know it will work for me. Also, Sally, way to go on getting your workout done. You can do this!!!!

    This website has a TON of great info on fitness and BFL specifically. I like what it says about free day, as well as the mindset portion. Take a look! I have marked it on my favorites.

    Island: You continue to amaze me! Way to go on all your workouts! Great job on your run....hope the knee continues to feel good.  

    John: So good to hear from you! I am very glad that your hip is feeling better, and especially that you are still with us. I know you will finish out this challenge strong!

    Accountability: Today was cardio day for me. I did a 30 min running HIIT, plus jumproping, 100 pushups, and abs/core work. Great workout!!! I am continuing to see my body transform!

    Have a wonderful day RFF!!!!

  • Hello RFFers....I've been absent from posting lately, my apologies.  Lots of personal stuff going on that has consumed my time.  I'm still in though - working out and trying to keep up with all of you who are doing such a great job of posting.   I have some catching up to do on the reading.  Sounds like you're all doing great and really pushing the boundaries.  

    Sally, Dude and Runnermom - thanks for keeping the torch burning in the room.  

    John, glad to hear you're healing and back in the groove.  

    Tonight is cardio - I'm going to hit it as hard as I can and I'll be thinking about all of you to keep me inspired!

    Be great today!