Returning Fearless Forum Starting October 9th/10th- All Welcome!

  • Team!

    So we are starting on October 9th or 10th as planned! Everyone is welcome to join us during this challenge! In fact the more the merrier! All we ask is your introduce youself so we can take you into our friendly group as quickly as possible!  For those of you from the last challenge, welcome back! Here's some home work:

    1. Post your individual goals

    2. List out the things you are doing to get ready for the challenge

    3. Tell us about a talent/skill that you have that you can educate the group on through the challenge (optional ;))

    Let's Seize the day and kick some butt!




  • I suppose it would only be fair for me to respond to my own questions. As an introduction I'm 41 years old and I'm in management consulting. I travel quite a bit and so its easy to get out of shape since routines can be quite hard when you are in 2 or 3 cities a week. BFL gives me a solid structure which forces me to live healthy.   I have a wife and two kids and I want to stay healthy and fit for them. I'm also a happier more confident person when I'm fit and have abs (that you can see).  I'm in the best shape of my life but as they say, you are either going forward or backward so I choose to keep moving forward and taking my health to the next level.


    1. Reduce bodyfat percentage by 3%

    2. further define abs

    3. Mix up my workouts more often to keep it fun

    4. Push my max bench press to 280

    5. Get my wife to participate with me


    1. Stocking up on myoplex shakes and also getting more whey protein powder

    2.Putting together my shopping list including introducing new carbs

    3. Create a new workout list

    4. Making a vow to post at least once a day!

    5. Start a fresh spreadsheet for tracking all my lifting progress


    - I play golf and can share stories. I promise only things I feel are actually entertaining :)

  • My name is Sally and I am 46 and live in the Chicagoland area. I have been happily married to Mike for 21 years and we have 2 lovely (adult now yikes) children – 20 and 18.  I did payroll/human resources for a commercial construction firms for over 20 years and then I “retired” but recently I went back to work part-time for JC Penney’s to work on a family goal of getting completely debt free including our mortgage.  This was the main cause of my lack of commitment to the 2nd challenge I did – but no more excuses!  

    Heres my goals:

    1. Continue to work on becoming debt free (shed the flab in all areas!)

    2. Stop drinking coffee with cream and sugar and switch to fat free sugar free version

    3. Eat those 6 meals a day!  

    4. Read the book again, plan and prepare – start Oct 24.

    5. Plan to walk at least 1 mile or more per day while camping

    So far my back and hip pain has completely disappeared and I can put my socks on again without even having to sit down so I do not want to go back to that.    

    I will be planning and preparing starting Sunday but I won’t officially be starting until Oct 24th when I return from camping.  I’ll only be 2 weeks behind - not a big deal.  I will try to watch my food but we are celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles (aka Sukkot) and I mean it’s a FEAST. So I will do my best to maintain.  We will also be traveling to KY for a couple days where Mike will be speaking to another group celebrating Sukkot and I have no idea what they’ll feed us or if I will have any time to walk or exercise at all.  

    I know that this forum is critical to me staying on track. It is a constant reminder that I am not alone so please post as often as you can even if it’s just to say you’re still in it and I will do the same. I don’t know about once a day, but I will do my best to post more than just weekly.

    My best “talent” is that I know the Scriptures very well, Old and New Testament. I will try to post applicable verses if I come across them that are applicable to our striving to better our health and our self-control. I also love (clean) jokes, so I will try to post them as well.  Laughing is so good for your health! Heres a good laugh for you to start with: Jim Gaffigan’s routine on Hot Pockets -  

     - if you like it watch his Camping and Bacon routine!  
     Can’t wait to hear all your goals…

    Fearlessly,  Sally


  • Hello everyone...

    Female, Canada, 41, No kids, No Pets, Love to ride Motorcycle, Recently Married

    I will join this thread in addition to one I already post and share on because I started 8-22 but I fell off the wagon.  Its been 2 weeks off and I am restarting on October 10th.  So... I thought this thread was fitting too.  

    Goal 1: Weight Loss - 30 pounds in 12 weeks (2.5 per week)

    Goal 2: Total Inches Lost - 20 in 12 weeks


    Workouts - pre-plan the night before if not a week at a time in advance

    Food - pre-plan the night before and stick to the plan the next day


    First thing in the AM (4:20AM) prior to work


    Protein Powder / Various Vitamins & Minerals (too many to list)


    Goal: Post daily, minimum: weekly

    I am a vitamin/nutrition nut - so I can share ideas on this in a general way

  • Hi Fearless Forum!!!

    I am a returning member of this forum (thanks John for getting us started!!!).

    I am a Christian, wife to Mike of 12 years and a mother to 2 active boys! I also have 2 Great Danes who are also my babies. I have always been active and have been running marathons and half marathons since 2008. However, even though I logged hundreds of miles in training, I never saw the defintion in my body that I wanted. I just completed my first BFL challenge, ending on October 1 and I love the lean muscles my body has developed! I also lost 8 pounds of scale weight and now fit back into my size 4 pants, which are loose! I am eager to start my 2nd challenge b/c I love the structure of this program. I have seen my body and life transform in so many positive ways and I want this to be FOR LIFE! I also struggle with hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), so eating 6 times a day and the balance of protein and healthy carbs totally keeps my blood sugar in check! I want to be healthy for my family, and I also believe that God gave me this body so I need to glorify Him in all that I do!

    My goals for this challenge are:

    1. Continue to build lean muscle mass (I will get my BF percentage measured this time and get an exact number I want!)

    2. Get definition in my abs

    3. Maintain my current weight (I am not looking to lose weight with this challenge, as I can happily say that I lost all I needed to lose in Challenge 1!!!)

    4. Run the Thunder Road Half Marathon on November 12 and beat my current personal record (1:45)


    1. Continue to eat clean with the help of Body Fortress Whey Protein Isolate (my favorite!) and Myoplex RTD shakes, along with lots of healthy whole grains (my favorites are quinoa and wheat berries!!), fruits and veggies and of course COTTAGE CHEESE and greek yogurt!!! These are my staples! Oh, I can't forget grilled chicken, tuna, Egg Beaters, and sweet potatoes!

    2. Continue using to log my food and workouts

    3. Incorporate P90X into my workouts to mix things up a bit for strength training 3x per week.

    4. Cardio HIIT 2x per week plus a long run on weekends in preparation for Half-Marathon (after my marathon in November I will go back to 30 min cardio HIIT 3x per week). I know, I know that BFL recommends only 20 min of cardio, but being a long distance runner I can't go less than 30 minutes (unless I am in a time crunch!).

    5. Hit my 10's in every workout and give it my ALL!

    6. Post on this forum daily.

    I am an expert on distance running and running in general. Got questions?? Ask away! Also, I am a self-taught nutritionist! I love reading about nutrition and am willing to try just about any food that is beneficial to my body! I love reading the latest research on nutrition, and have read tons of stuff on nutrition for distance runners, nutrition for strength training, and nutrition for recovery. Also, I am a certified Group Fitness Instructor and have taught many types of group fitness classes over the past 12 years. My husband and I also train for and participate in sprint distance triathlons. Oh, and I forgot to mention my "real" job is in the field of Speech-Language Pathology, and I work daily with preschoolers with disabilities. I love my job!

    Hope everyone has a great weekend! I am ready to start on Monday!!!! Go Fearless!!!

  • Woo-hoo! Welcome back John, lb, runnermom, and dpatt (and the other returning champions who will get getting here in the next week or so).

    Just a quick post from me this a.m…. I was having a hard time deciding about a 2nd challenge. I struggle so much with my eating disorder and my relationship with food that I didn’t lose any weight in my first challenge. This week I’ve been asking myself if I really want to set myself up to be disappointed again…my answer: Smash a hammer on *that* stupid question because YES, I’m ALL IN for a 2nd challenge.

    My goals:

    1. Replace food as a coping strategy with exercise. (as one part of that, I’m going to move my workouts to the afternoons so I de-stress at the gym instead of in my kitchen)

    2. Go down from a dress size 10 to a dress size 4 (about 15 lbs)

    3. Get some new exercises and change up my workout more often


    1. I have GOT to keep healthy foods ready and handy

    2. Make use of eas meal replacement foods – I didn’t last time – which means riding my bike more often and seeing less movies so I can put the $ towards supplies for this challenge

    3. Daily/weekly/monthly goals to rehabilitate my relationship with food… you guys will probably hear about those.

    Talent… I’m really good at making the rest of you feel good about how well you’ve succeeded in your goals (i.e. my big success is just hanging in there while everyone else has actually lost weight!)

    Ha. But also, I’ve got a talent for making some of this BFL lifestyle stuff funny (bathroom burpies, anyone?). So I hope we can all laugh together at the challenges, bruises, and successes 

    I’m excited to see Sally and Runnermom are knowleagdable about nutrition. That will certainly be helpful and I look forward to your insights.

    Sally, - I enjoyed the jokes. Keep ‘em coming!  Humor is a great fuel…

    John: as always, you rock my socks. Thanks for coming back for another challenge.

    Has anyone from the 1st challenge seen anything from Island dude about whether he’s going to do another challenge?

  • Good morning all,  I am on day one of the body for life challenge,  I am very intimidated,  but have no excuse!  I am going to try my best on a day by day basis.  I want to say thank you to all have made this possible,  those who have not taken the stel to give it a whirl, may get inspired like I did,  I now have a real purpose to get to the gym.  I look forward to becoming healthy again.  That's all for now,  got some time to head to the gym and going to seize the opportunity,  once again  "thank you".


  • These are all great posts! Glad to see all of you stepping up to the challenge.

    Salishgirl we are all here to support you and happy to answer any questions you have.  Planning is everything to make sure you workout your meals and workouts in advance, it makes everything go so much better. We are all behind you so good luck and post often!

    M Sheep- Yeah! Glad to see you back, we need your strength and sense of humor!

    runnermom- You always set a good example for the rest of us.  Let's do this!

    want2befit- Welcome to the group. Its important to check in often and let us know how you are doing.  We'll keep you accountable and you should do the same for us!

    Oneofthebranches- Always glad when you post and thank you so much for the humor!

  • Hi Everyone!

    Today is the LAST day of my FIRST challenge! I am so proud of myself for completing this program. I have surpassed all of my goals. Actually I didn't make my goals real hard because I underestimated myself and was sure I would wuss out....but look at me!!!??? I would be honored to join this forum with all of you and begin another journey to better health. These forums really do help me stay accountable and keep me company. Because while I'm working out I tend to reflect on things I've read on these and people who have posted as if they were right there with me. I'll write an "all about me" later. I'm so excited to find out tomorrow how far this challenge changed me. Weigh in and measurements and body fat percentage truth!

  • Cheatday here, I've been lurking around you all because you've been a huge source of "been there done that" wisdom on the big 12 week journey. I'm actually in week 10 of the challenge because I started with the August 1st group... a great bunch too! I really learned a lot from your group as well as mine, I want to thank you all for telling about your journey to the end and beyond, very inspirational in keeping me focused on the goal line.

    The August 1sters are also going on with a second go at the challenge, and so am I.

    I'll be officially joining the second challenge cycle with my August 1st group, but will always be keeping my eye on you guys... just to let you know.

    Looking forward to everyone's words as we go into C2!


  • Cheatday here, I've been lurking around you all because you've been a huge source of "been there done that" wisdom on the big 12 week journey. I'm actually in week 10 of the challenge because I started with the August 1st group... a great bunch too! I really learned a lot from your group as well as mine, I want to thank you all for telling about your journey to the end and beyond, very inspirational in keeping me focused on the goal line.

    The August 1sters are also going on with a second go at the challenge, and so am I.

    I'll be officially joining the second challenge cycle with my August 1st group, but will always be keeping my eye on you guys... just to let you know.

    Looking forward to everyone's words as we go into C2!


  • Hello,

    I am a 28 year old stay at home mom. I just had a baby 3 months ago :0 I will be doing my best to follow the program However, I will not be using supplements. My goals are to lose 2 pounds a week, to be able to run a mile comfortably, and to develop healthy habits to set an example for my children. To get ready for the challenge I am putting together a shopping list. I really need the support of this forum so I will try to post daily and read/respond to your posts !

  • Hello,

    I am 35 years old, I have a beautiful and very active 20 month old daughter and a very supportive husband of 10 years.  I work full time, and I am going to school full time.  My goal is to be a size 8, I am currently a 14.  I plan on cooking all my weekly meals on Sundays, and do my workouts at home.  I know it will be a challenge to get the workouts at home, but I know it can be done.  I know I can do it, I have done some figure competitions in the past, and worked with top trainers in the industry; however the way of training was very harmful and unhealthy and it has taken me more than 4 years to be back at my healthy self as far as mental health.  This time I want to get healthy for me, not for no competition ( I have nothing to prove), I want to be able to get in shape without killing myself with crazy hours of cardio and starvation methods.  I need all the support I can get, I plan on posting on a daily basis.  I am super excited to start the journey with everyone.

  • FEARLESS FORUM!!!!! JOHN SHEEP DPATT RUNNERMOM LB!! and all fellow newcomers I AM IN october 11th!

       Intro: Hello one and all my name is Kaina pronounced like "kinda" just lose the "D" :) 34years old From the Island of Hawaii, anyway I am a single father of a 10 year old boy and a 7 year old  girl my reasons for living. I have 3 current employers yes paradise is expensive. One full time day job and my nights get split between 2 others full time job run and maintain a warehouse for a beverage distributor adult beverages lol we also do others but mainly adult. Nights get split between serving food at the four seasons and private security for a gated community. Yes I have a full plate but thankfully for the structure of BFL I manage to find time to get the workout in and still make time for my kids.. planning goes a long way.. this will be my fourth challenge and I am ready to rock it again!

    Goals for this challenge

    1. I will lose no less than 20 lbs of scale weight in these next 12 weeks

    2. I will eat clean 100% of the time with the exception of free day

    3. I will not go overboard with the free day this challenge ( this has been an ongoing problem for me)

    4. I WILL  get my ab muscles to show.

    5. I will make every effort to not go more than 2 days without posting

    6. I will incorporate more fruits and veggies this time around for my feul..

    Glad I took this much needed week off missed  a few days of working out more cause work was CRAZY BUSY we just had the iron man triathlon this week thank god its over so I can get back to some sort of normalcy.

    I will incorporate more circuit/kettle bell  workouts for HIIT this time around.

    As far as special talent I am a get it done type of guy. Once I tell myself I'm gonna do this It shall be done.. *now if I only can get the same attitude with food lol.. If any of you need motivation I will l do what I can even if it has to get tough... We are in this together and we can do this!!

  • So excited I lost track of my days haha I'm in OCT 10!