• So my boyfriend and I have tried so many things and failed. I 100% believe in this program. Why?

    1) No deprivation feeling of food

    2) I used to wake up everyday with a major stomach ache (taken many pregnancy tests b/c THATS how bad my stomach hurt) and ever since starting this, I don't (except the morning after my first free day, but I learned my lesson quick not to go OVERBOARD)

    3) I lost 3 lbs in 6 days of SCALE weight

    4) I am not so depressed and tired and graugy anymore

    5) I actually look forward for the next day's workout to see my improvements. (Except leg days, I have leg days still)

    6) Today is my 11th day, and instead of starting out my level 5's with 3 lbs, I now start with 8.

    7) My clothes fit different and I can ALREADY see muscle definition.

    8) THIS FORUM (support is key to success)

    9) I feel sexy and I feel confident in the way I look. I have NEVER liked the way I looked EVER. I can't imagine what I will be like in 73 days.

    I just want people who are new that are feeling like they will just fail this one, that it's really not that hard and it will change your whole mind set on the way you live, eat, drink, move, etc.  It really is not just a diet or weight loss program. Its SUCH a confidence booster.

  • Welcome Jakubasm1,   To our BFL Team and community. Thank you for your kind words about our forum and it's participants.  All your points are very very valid and I support them and you as well. Hang in there, because it is a Challenge but not without it's rewards as you are just starting to observe and feel. BEst wishes and KEEP Moving Forward always and plan ahead if possible.