Newbie starting October 3rd 2011 - anyone ready to rally up??

  • @Patricia - Thanks for the encouragement.  Figured kick that cold in the butt before it took hold.

    Got my LBWO in tonight and hit it hard.  Pushed through the burn on several sets (it's just heat... not pain I keep telling myself)... refueling right now...

    Have a great night everyone and great job for all the work outs today.  Cya tomorrow.

  • Good Morning everyone,

    Was up bright and early at 5am this morning to get my cardio in before heading to work.  Legs are still recharging from the LBWO last night so didn't hit quite as high as last time on the elliptical but still hit 162 heart rate or so for last peak.

    Hope everyone has a great cardio day today and workout.



  • Good morning!

    Good job, Paul! Glad you felt well enough to get up early.

    I thought that it was just a little tougher to do the cardio today for the same reason, the LBWO from yesterday. I figured that I'd be sore, I usually am after the lunges. It's a good soreness though.

    I was just writing to my sister and telling her how helpful it's been for me to decide that I'm going to the gym to workout everyday. That way I don't have to decide if I feel like it today or not. I find it so liberating to take that out of the equation. I also find that I feel great! Probably because I am doing the thing that I know is ultimately best for me.

    When my boys were little and they didn't like something ... or didn't want to eat something ... I used to very sweetly say to them " You don't have to like it - you just have to eat it. It's that same type of thing, I very nicely take how I feel out of the equation.

    Hope you all have a good day. Keep us posted on how it's going.


  • One more thing. I still haven't bought any EAS Products. I looked for the whey protein or myoplex powder at GNC yesterday and all they had were pre-mixed drinks or bars. They were over two dollars a piece and that's just too expensive for me. I suppose I could consider one of the supplements. I don't know how much of a difference they really make in the end and when finances are a factor it seems more important to get a good protein source to make a quick meal replacement drink.

    What are some of you using for your EAS products? Any suggestions?


  • Great Job Patricia on getting your cardio in this morning.  I am feeling pretty good thanks to some sleep and probiotics as well (take extra when feeling ill).  At least I think they are helping :)

    Just getting up at the same time each morning helps keep me on autopilot getting to the gym to so as you said you just do it.   When I was young I always hated taking out the trash so when my mom would tell me too... I would say "I am not doing it"... of course that was as I am bagging it up.

    In terms of EAS closeouts at GNC, the only things I have seen are the Pro Science products being discounted, not the EAS powder or myoplex.  Of course if you get the GNC Gold card, you get additional discount on things the beginning of each month.

    In the past I have off and on pretty good deals on the EAS powder at Costco (and I would assume Sams as well).  

    I know last time I was in Costco they had the Muscle Milk brand powder, but for some reason the smell of it and taste don't agree with me.

    I was able to find some EAS Pro Science Finish as one of the GNC's which is protein powder and extras's in premade packets.

    I also get from Costco the Premier Nutrition Protein Drinks (30g of protein per drink) and the Detour Low Sugar Protein Bars (15g's per bar) to help cover my in between meal times.  They both fit nicely in my lunch bag for work.  The drinks come 18 to a box, and I think the bars are 15 to a box, but don't remember what each costs off top of my head.   I know it is less than $2/serving for both of them for sure.

    As for what I am using right now,

    Protein - EAS Pro Science Finish, Premier Nutrition Protein Drinks, Detour Protein Bars (in various combinations depending on the day)

    Supplements - EAS ProScience Push(pre workout), EAS Armor (post workout to help repair)

    You might want to call EAS's 800#, but I would think the most important item would be getting your protein since the muscles need that to repair/grow.

    When I talked to EAS today (to get better feel of when to take what), they recommended .8g of protein per pound of body weight (per day).  So I am supposed to get about 160g of protein per day.  

    The other supplements seem like they are more for getting that extra 10-20% improvement beyond just the basics w/protein.  

    Hopefully this helps, but the people at EAS are DEFINITELY more educated on this than me.

    Have a great day - Paul

  • I am starting on the 17th. Let me know the hardest part so I can prepare for it. I am a single mom of a very active one year old and I also work 10 to 12 hrs a day. =/ A little nervous.

  • Do you think its better to try and work out in the mornings or in the evenings.

  • Welcome CassMC!!

    The hardest part I think varies on the person and their life circumstances.  I would say the first hurdle is just forcing yourself to get to the gym 6 days a week and eating right.  Making sure you get enough protein, rest, water, and knowing that being sore is an ok thing :)

    As for when to work out, the book recommends to work out right after you wake up (before breakfast/coffee/etc.).  That was you have an empty stomach and your body has to tap into fat reserves for fuel to power the workout.

    The other benefit is that your metabolism tends to stay elevated for a while after working out so you keep burning extra calories.  I am not sure if you do this late in the day and then go to bed soon after if you would get that extra boost as well.

    The other thing for me is it helps me feel great starting off the day.  I have already checked it off my list, don't have to worry about being too tired, something unexpected coming up and screwing the schedule up, etc.

    Those are my ramblings, but I am sure others in this forum will share some great wisdom as well.

    Congrats again for joining the party and wanting to make a change in your life !!


  • Hi there cassmc!

    As Paul so nicely said, " Welcome to the party!" It's fun and satisfying. You'll be so glad you did it.

    I was a single parent for many years also and it does present some special challenges. But in other ways it makes life simpler too.

    I used to get up super early so I could get a workout in before anyone else was up. No one needed me at that time and I felt like it was fine to use the time just for me. It was fine as long as I went to bed early enough. I got up at 4:45 a.m. so as long as I went to bed before ten I was okay. Going to bed closer to nine was better.

    Like Paul, I think that working out in the morning is a great way to start the day. The psychological benefits are great and it's easier once you've made the commitment and a plan.

    Working 10-12 hours a day has gotta be a challenge already! You are already an amazing woman!

    Are you familiar with the program already? Are you familiar with working out with weights? And are you already familiar enough with nutrition to know what things have a lot of protein, what things are the healthiest carbs and how to put things together so it actually appeals to you?

    Let us know how we can help you. It's great to have people you can ask questions to, people who know exactly what you're talking about.

    Keep us posted.


  • @Paul

    I'm with you I did my lower body workout yesterday and my cardio today, I was a little sore after Monday's upper body but nothing like I am today. I am so sore from the LBWO yesterday that I am limping around and sitting and standing is quite hard. I guess I did a good job on the lower body looking forward to the same thing on the upper body tomorrow.



    I workout in the mornings as well, we have a fitness room and showers at the office so I get in nice and early (a little before 6) workout and shower. At the very least showering at work should lower my water bill :-) As for the hardest part, my job requires me to run around town going to different client sites and I work a second job two days a week so getting all the meals in was going to be the hardest for me. What I do is plan all six days of six meals after looking at my schedule to see where I will be and when. If I am at a site during a meal time I will use a bar or RTD shake. Each night before I go to bed I pack my lunchbox and label each of the food items in a ziplock with the time of day it is planned for. So far I am through 4 meals on my fourth day and have not missed a meal yet. 


    Good lock and I can't wait to hear your results

  • Day five workout in the books, I woke up this morning looking forward to my workout as I wanted to see how the changes I made to the first workout would go. Today's UBWO went great, the changes I made to the weight amounts from day one really paid off, I reached my high point on three of the exercises and made changes where changes need to be made for the next workout. When I was done I showered and sat down to do my planner for the next UBWO so that I could give my body about 30 minute to continue to burn calories before eating my first meal of turkey sausage, whole wheat toast and two glasses of water. I can honestly say that I have started my morning off right and look forward to seeing how everyone else's mornings go.

  • Great Job Bumpus!!  Jealous that you have a nice workout facility in your office as I have to rush home from my gym to shower, change, eat, etc.  As for sore from workout, what supplements are you taking (if any)?  I have some soreness but nothing too terrible.  Supposely some of the supplements I take are supposed to help with that.

    Got my UBWO in this morning.  Upped majority of my weights, although I changed up biceps (free weight hammer curls vs. nautilis bicep curl) and triceps (assisted dip vs. nautilis chest press) but still worked them hard.  Gotta keep those muscles guessing :)

    Then it was back home for protein, armor, and some breakfast (wheat toast, almond butter, and banna) on the way out the door.

    Hope every has a great workout today.

  • Starting on the 10th.  I did most of a challenge over 10 years ago.  I really need to do this for myself to feel better physically and mentally.  And there will never be a perfect time to start, so I am doing it.

  • Welcome aboard Ginny.  Good job on taking charge of your future.  If you have questions, there are plenty of great people here to ask.

  • @Paul

    You are right having the little workout and shower area at work is a great little perk. I actually lowered some of my weights from the first UBWO since I was way to high on them in the beginning. As it turns out lowering the weights gave me a better workout since I got more and better reps. As for supplements, I use the Myoplex RTD shakes and bars as a few meals a week if I know I am going to be out and about, I also use Dymatize Elite Recoupe to help with soreness and to assist in getting the muscles to recover faster. The only other thing I am taking right now is Dymatize NO Extream to increase O2 to the muscles and give you more reps. Other than that just following the meal plan using the book as my Outline.

    Hope everyone had a good day.