Newbie starting October 3rd 2011 - anyone ready to rally up??

  • You can add me as a friend there if you want to...  You make a profile, and people will just see that you've joined and stop by your profile page and welcome you.  It's a fabulous support!



  • Hi again to everyone here on our newly active thread,

    I will go to the transformation site and sign up this time. I used to peruse that site and really liked it ... but found myself spending too much time there. I want to see all the eighteen steps though. I may buy the book but if they're on the site I'll get to check it out and start the process. I like "self-help type/attitude adjustment" input so I'm sure I'll like it. I find that if I actually write things out when using them that I get much, no - MUCH, more out of it.

    Thank you for trying to help with the "not eating six meals" situation. What you are suggesting is probably just what is needed for many people. I figured that most would assume that I was eating TOO much. I should probably have been clearer about what my meals are like so people wouldn't spend time trying to help me with good advice ... but advice that doesn't fit this situation. My meals ARE small, my  portions are small. I rarely eat more than 1/2 cup of whatever grain type thing I'm eating and my portions of protein are moderate. I love vegetables and include raw vegetables frequently.I make my plate look beautiful with greens, with magenta colored turnip pickles, with a russian mushroom salad ( oil free) and whatever else to fill it with nutrients that are not calorie dense.  

    I've been careful with my eating all of my adult life and have read most nutrition books out there so I'm not ignorant about calories, carbs, glycemic index or much of anything else. My body is accustomed to subsisting on few calories and carbs already.

    My guess is that my way of eating is a lot more scanty than most. I rarely eat fruit because it has an extremely high glycemic index. I am choosing to eat the lower glycemic index foods for my carbs this time. I may have an occasional eighth of an apple cut up in a salad but for now it's vegetables( NON-starchy ones), proteins, legumes and a few "grains" like barley.

    My meals are not large so making them smaller is  not what I need.  I think I just need to stoke the furnace and give my body adequate protein to build more muscle. Because I ate extremely low carb most of the last 14 years it is possible that the protein I was eating had to be used for energy. There is a process called gluco-neogenesis where our bodies can turn protein into glucose. Because our brains absolutely need glucose our body will do that even though there are by products of it that are disadvantageous. It is entirely possible that I was losing muscle mass slowly during those years.

    I did body for life for a full twelve weeks ( and then some) two years ago but ate very low carb. I did not have much energy and I didn't see much change with my muscles. I am now eating carbs along with protein and I have much more energy and I think that the protein I eat can be used the way it's supposed to.I am convinced that eating healthy carbs is good for me at this point. I am still more careful than most and probably still under-eat. During the last challenge there were a few days when I ate five or six small meals and I remember that I felt mildly hungry a few times. I saw that as a good sign. I will put effort into having a whey protein drink or cottage cheese and fiber one in between meals on plates.

    Thank you for putting all that effort into helping me, Lisa. I hope it helps someone else because it is all good advice and well stated.

    I'll look for you over on the transformation site. Those eighteen steps sound like good ones to apply to our lives in ways that go beyond diet and exercise.

    Hope you're having another good day.

  • Hi Patricia :)

    Low glycemic carbs fill you up faster and keep you full longer, which probably explains why you can't get all of your meals in.  The reason why I used fruit is because I want that sugar in it to get the protein into my muscles faster and I want those carbs used up before my next meal.  If I ate all low glycemic carbs, I'd not be able to eat the 6 meals and at least 2 of those meals should be a shake.  The trick is to mix the carbs.  I use fruit in the am and then more complex carbs in the day and then fruit at night.  I hope that you find something that works well for you because the nutrition aspect of the plan is really vital and if you're not getting enough calories and nutrients in, you will have a really hard time losing the weight.  I also keep my carb portions no larger than 1/3 cup, and sometimes, like with brown rice, 1/4 cup.

    If you open a profile on the transformation site, so let me know and I can send some of the champions your way, they are a great help and amazing source of information. I am sure that someone there has had the exact same issues with food and can be of help.


  • Patricia,

    The last time I did BFL I only ate 5 meals a day. I still lost 50lbs and went from a 14 to a size 6. So I think it still works. It also helps alot of you eat less "food" and are replacing 2-3 meals with shakes or bars.

    Another option is maybe you are restricting yourself too much and eating some higher glycemic carbs could give you a extra or just different boost of energy to push yourself to a new level.

    I am doing all of my carbs this time from beans, legumes and fruit. I am finding that I am not very hungry either and its probably because of what Lisa said above. However, on the flip side, I am also finding that I am having zero cravings. Free day is approaching and I havent been thinking about anything Im dying to eat this day! I guess all these veggies are satisfying enough!

    I opened a profile on the transformation site with the same username. It is a little confusing at first but I am excited about all the information on there!

  • Sarebear, I am also using legumes, brown rice and fruits and am also finding that unlike the last challenge, I have zero carb and sugar cravings.  I also allow myself to eat avocado on my free-day, which is a healthy fat and stops your body from looking elsewhere for the fat it needs.  That seems to be a great help to me this time around.  I'll look for you on Transformation and send you a friend invite :)


  • Hey Gang,

    Yes I am still alive (kinda).  I have been fighting a cold since the 2nd, and am finally getting the upper hand.  Needless to say, I haven't been to the gym since the Dec. 24th :(

    Now feeling real great as I can feel the loss of muscle tone and adding of padding.

    But did want to stop in and say that yes I am still here and alive.

    Great job all and keep up the good work.


  • Well hello Paul!!  Glad to hear that you're still with us :)

    I have been shaking up my routine this time around so that my muscles don't adjust.  For the next week, I am going to do...

    Monday: 5-25 UBWO (in the mornings)   and   5-25 Cardio (in the evenings)

    Tuesday: 5-25 LBWO (in the mornings)   and   5-25 Cardio (in the evenings)

    Wednesday: 5-25 Cardio and abs (in the mornings)   and   5-25 Cardio (in the evenings)

    Thursday: 5-25 UBWO (in the mornings)   and   5-25 Cardio (in the evenings)

    Friday: 5-25 LBWO (in the mornings)   and   5-25 Cardio (in the evenings)

    Saturday: 5-25 Cardio and abs (in the mornings)   and   5-25 Cardio (in the evenings)

    The awesome thing about the 5-25 workout is that you can stack it and do both the LBWO and UBWO on the same day, or alternate days and you can also do the cardio on the same days.  It's all about how it affects your muscles and this workout is very different that the old Body-for-LIFE workout. 

    The reason you can do both 5-25 workouts in the same day and alternate them every other day is because of the 5-25 circuit routine. It's not muscle hypertrophy type workouts which break down muscle to build muscle.

    The BFL workouts are pyramid workouts designed to increase weight and reduce reps as you go heavier each set. That's muscle hypertrophy and it's designed to put on lean muscle and build strength. 

    The 5-25 is designed for endurance.  Studies have shown that two per day workouts will double your VO2 Max (Mean Daily Oxygen Consumption) and elevate fat burning effects for up to 48 hours after performing cardio exercise.  I have the time to do the 2 workouts per day, and have a very sedentary lifestyle because I work at home on the computer so I thought it would me good to try and my body is responding well.  Now that I am taking the HMB daily as well (which is a natural amino acid... I can really feel the strength improving in my muscles and the muscle fatigue when I work out is barely noticeable... and I've only been taking the HMB for a few days.  After a week I am gonna be unstoppable, lol.

    Had an amazing 5-25 LBWO this morning, really burned and I can still feel it now.  As has been since day-1 of this 18-week challenge on Jan 2nd, my diet has been spotlessly clean and I have not had any cravings for carbs at all. I am about to do step-3 of the 18-steps frmo Bill's Transformation book and will list them on the site in my blog there.  Really amazing inner work going on and I can feel the mental changes as well as the physical ones.

    Hope you're all having an awesome Friday!!


  • Good morning all,

    Paul, I'm glad you're back. You've been missed. That stinks to have such a bad cold. Glad to hear you're getting better finally.

    Lisa, you continue to amaze me with your enthusiasm. I went to the transformation site and will sign up soon. That is a very nice picture of you on that site.

    Did my LBWO this morning. I am doing it similarly to the 5-25 workout in that I don't take breaks between sets, instead I alternate it with the sets for the next muscle group. I have always liked doing it this way because it seems good to get my heart rate up. I continue to push for real tens in intensity.

    I ate five "meals" yesterday. Two of them were whey protein ( one with fiber one for carbs and fiber)

    Today I've already had two and it's before noon so I'm doing well. I thought that if I could get in four of them before four o'clock that it'd be easier to get them all in. I"ve got to just have the whey protein handy or buy some protein bars in case I'm out. I'm really trying to improve with the frequency of the meals because I think it will affect my bodies ability to recover and actually build muscle.

    Hope you're all having a good day. Paul, let us know what your plans are so we can cheer you on.

    Lisa, keep up the great and inspiring work.


  • Woohoo!!! Made it through week 2!

    Not a long post today, taking it easy and getting some much needed rest.  Just wanted to share my results for this challenge up to this point... since January 2nd... 5 1/5" and 3 1/2lbs - - -> GONE!! 

    I've lost more in the last 2 weeks of this 18-week challenge than during my entire 12-week challenge.  Now those are awesome, motivating results.  Did Shawn Phillip's AbSolution workout yesterday so I feel like someone punched me in my stomach, lol.  It's awesome.  If anyone is interested in his routine, let me know and I'll post what you do to get that killer six-pack.

    Hope you're having an awesome weekend!!


  • I'm feeling AWESOME! Been an amazing journey this far and I can feel the energy just building and building... there's no stopping me, lol.  I have to say that for me, doing the 18-steps is the definite key to making the changes. I'm down another pound since Saturday morning when I weighed myself (4 1/2 lbs in 2 weeks) and the thing that I notice most, is how much easier it is for me to push those negative thoughts out of my head and replace them with positive ones and I am getting those negative thoughts less and less, which is awesome. For the first time, I can actually visualize my thinner, healthier self in my mind and I could not do that before. I still live in the same home with the same negative, pessimistic partner, but it's just not affecting me this challenge. I am super-excited about week-3!!

  • Good morning,

    Upperworkout #4 done! Hit high points on most exercises. Met a new "chatter" and didn't get to dash back and forth between exercises to keep my heart rate up. He was quite impressed with the BFL page to keep track of progress and thought I was a trainer ... hmmmm. That could be a compliment, couldn't it?  

    Lisa, I finally went over to the transformation site again and filled out the initial forms to sign up but got stuck on trying to say a "little something" about myself. It's tough to be succinct but maybe I'll do that later today. I'd like to get on  the site and start in with the eighteen steps.

    Your enthusiasm is wonderful, keep up the great work!

    Paul, I'm looking forward to having you join us again. Hope you're better and better everyday.

    Have a great day everyone1


  • Hi All Have been reading through your progress its amazing.Congs you have all come so far.About me I went up to week 8 but then wasn't well so stopped and have started.Am in week 2 but will transfer to transformation.I feel different this time round like am actually ready to make the change. i need to work on my body and mind as well

    Lisa can you please post the shawn philips abs workout you mentioned in 1 of your posts?Will add you as friend on transformation.My user name is jaydee Shopping around today for the book today.Am really  looking forward to the mindset bit.

    Have a good all

  • Hello all :) Be prepared, I've written a novel below, lol...

    @ - Patricia, you do not need to fill in your complete profile to be able to use your account at  It took me a month to completely fill in all of those things on mine.  Just so long as you activate your account, you can use it and start doing your 18-steps.

    @ - Salama, I will go and add you as a friend on, you're gonna love it there!  My profile is here...  Like you, I gave up at about 8 weeks when I did the old BLF program during October to December.  I just did not see results and that was so depressing.  Switching to the new 5-25 routine was the trick for me, along with the 18 steps to a healthier me on the inside.  I have seen more results in the last 2 weeks than I did during the whole 8 weeks of the last challenge.  My hips are slimming out, my stomach flattening, my endurance and strength have increased by about 75%, and mentally, I am so clear, focused, and most of all positive.  I can see me, the me at the end of this challenge, clearly in my mind, and I could not even visualize that last time around.

    I am reading two books, the first is Bill Philip's, Transformation and the other is Louise L. Hay's, You Can Heal You Life.  Both focus on the same things, just Louise's book actually takes you through letting things go, as if you were in a therapy session with her, and it's really amazing!

    The ab workout...

    Shawn Phillips wrote the book AbSolution. I use his routine and break abs into 4 groups in this order.

    1) Lower - 10x Leg raises: Raise legs until your toes are straight up, then push them to the ceiling, then back down again for 1.

    2) Upper - 10x Crunches: Bend your knees 90 degrees, contract your upper abs and support your neck or rest your heels on a bench.

    3) R Side - 10x R Side Crunches: on one elbow or traditional, your choice.

    4) L Side - 10x L Side Crunches: on one elbow or traditional, your choice.

    **Try to get to 4-5 sets of each done after cardio. Some days, I only have time for 3, so be sure to focus and make what you do get done count.

    5) This is the most important exercise you can do to tighten your abs!! After each of the 4 sets - Get on all fours with your back straight as you can, then pull in your abs (suck them in toward your back) as tight as you can! Hold it and keep holding it as long as you can (for at least 1 minute, and slowly work up to 2 minutes over time). Remember to breathe when you do this, but keep your belly button tight and try to pull it to your spine. Do this for one-two minutes. Release your abs if you need a quick rest, but tighten them back again. These one-two minutes permits your abs to recover from the four exercises you just did and focuses on the core muscles around them.

    If you do these ab exercises three times per week, it should take you about 15-20 minutes after cardio, but in two weeks you will drop two inches around the waistline. After your transformation, you will see a lean 6-Pack.  It is going to burn!!!  Especially the first time you do it.  For me it felt like someone kicked me all over, but it went away after 2-3 days, so you might need to do it and then take a 2-3 day break before doing it again. After a few times, you will feel that when you stand, your abs will stay contracted on their own, it's awesome!

    The mental stuff I have been doing...

    The negative thoughts, those are the real issue to losing the fat and keeping it off, at least for me.  So long as I was thinking that I couldn't do it, or that I'd never be able to do it, I was not successful.  I'v done 2 really important things so far during my challenge.  First, I am doing Bill's 18 steps and am reading the Transformation book.  I have always caught myself thinking bad thoughts of myself, like "I'm not good enough", "I can't do this", I'll never get there", I'll always be fat", etc.  But I have never before grabbed those thoughts, and thrown them out of my mind and replaced them with good thoughts.  Like when I would do cardio, my lower legs are always sore to begin with, from an old car accident injury, and my mind would tell me, "don't push it, go back to be, your legs are too tired, you can't do this"... but my legs are tired every day when I start and are fine after the first 5 minutes.  So when that negative thought comes into my head now, I say to myself, out-loud... "stop!  I can do this, I'm always tired at first, I can push through it, I have to want it!" and I stick with it and do the cardio and I feel better for it and slowly, my muscles are responding and are not as tired... and the most amazing thing is that those negative thoughts are bothering me less and less.  It's all about re-training your thoughts.  Thoughts make up what we think of ourselves, we are what we think.  Change the thought and you change your ability to succeed.

    The other major change that I have incorporated, is letting go of all the anger, resentment, bad energy, hatred, animosity, pain, and blame that I have been carrying around towards others that are or have been in my life that I have felt have treated me badly or wronged me.  Not to excuse their behaviour or forget it, but to not hold that negative emotion within me.  I meditate nightly and I talk to myself in thought and have gone through each person in my life that I held resentment toward (and there have been alot of them, abusive parents, pedophile father, abusive husbands) and one by one, I say their name and I forgive them, I release them from the pain.  I tell my body to let it go, wherever it is hiding within me, that toxicity, and I instruct my body to release it, and for my blood to carry it to my pores, for my pores to release it to the air, and into the atmosphere, and let it travel far away into the universe, far away from me.  Then, I mentally gather the pure energy in the universe, and draw it toward me, asking that the light of the stars fill and heal me, mentally and physically.  For me, this is the most important step.  If we carry all of that round with us, it is like a cancer.  Yes, those people behaved in ways that was not good, it does not punish them for me to hold it, it punishes me.  I can't even begin to tell you how freeing it is to let all of that go... I feel 100lbs lighter having just done that and I've not even lost all the fat yet, lol.  It's amazing!

    I'll give you an example... my husband, who I am in the process of separating from, he is closed minded and very negative, emotionally abusive, etc., and for a long time I blamed him for ruining my life and stressing me, but I was the one who chose to stay.  He needs some mental help, that is a fact, but, he is also a product of what he has learned and he is not at a point to deal with how he is, as we all heal in our own time.  His is just being who he is and unfortunately, that is not healthy for me, I can't blame him, things just are how they are and I have to let that go and release him from that burden and move on. 

    If you have things like this in your life and I think that we all do have issues with people or experiences, then those things need to be released, because that is where all of those negative thoughts arise from.  The more of those things that you let go of, the less negative thoughts you will find yourself having and the easier the fat will fall off.  The emotional issues are the disease and the fat is the symptom of it, treat one and the other goes away.  Doing the plan and sticking to it will only be possible for about 6-8 weeks if you don't do the inner work, like in Bill's Transformation book.  After the 6-8 weeks, you need something more than desire and motivation to propel you forward and keep you on track.  Without the inner work, those same old thoughts come back and you start to tell yourself again that you can't do it, and stop focusing on what you can do, if you really want to.  It's all about changing your thought process, what you think, is what you can do.

    Ok, novel finished, lol




    Just popping in to see how everyone is... hellooooo??, LOL!!

    Hope that you're all doing well :)


  • Hey all.  I guess no one but me is doing the challenge this time around.  I'm just popping in to share my week-4 progress... 10 1/4 inches and 8.9lbs gone!  I'm literally shrinking!  

    I'm enjoying free-day today with some raw sunflower seeds in the shell and a few dry figs and dates.  I cut the processed sugar habit when I started this challenge and have not had any non-healthy foods since then,... and I feel amazing!

    Hope that everyone is doing fine :)