Newbie starting October 3rd 2011 - anyone ready to rally up??

  • Here we go!  Older, wiser, more determined than ever!

    Finished my first UB w/o of this challenge .... had to really talk myself into it, but it was worth it and now I am happy that it's done.  DH is planning to start with aerobic w/o - he thinks we should alternate days (he does aerobics on the days I do weights, etc.).  Whatever he thinks will work I am not against!  

    Eating going OK, but already detours in the plan. Rosie (golden retriever) woke us up very early with sickness requiring an unplanned visit to the vet today ... hopefully the antibx will get her back to good health and SLEEP!

    I worked around the changes in schedule - I think that "flexibility in perserverance" should be my goals this time around, maybe even for the year. Not sure how to make it a measurable goal yet, but I will take some time to think about it.  

    @Lisa, I agree w/ Patricia - thanks for the cheery-positive posts!  Would you be willing to post a link to the the 18 week challenge information about the shakes you wrote about? Thanks :)


  • Answers to Paul's questions:

    Did you make it to the finish line with us? If not, what do you think stopped you?

    I finished up 7 weeks very well, two more weeks were sketchy…and then 2 trips to MI and 1 trip to OH +  household guests, husband’s retirement, etc. got me off focus by the end.  When interruptions and snags happen to my plans, I let them get the best of me instead of seeing them as challenges/opportunities to do even better than ever.

    What was the biggest UNEXPECTED change that you noticed?

    The UNEXPECTED change was that I did not lose any weight….and according to my body fat scale, there was not body fat loss either.  Not sure why I saw my pants’ size go down!  

    What are you most proud of having achieved?

    I stuck with it for seven weeks. That is longer than any program I’ve been on in a r-e-a-l-l-y long time.

    One thing that you are grateful for (doesn't have to be BFL related) this Christmas season (or whichever holiday is applicable for you).

    I am grateful for new starts and a new years and new calendar  and for a fresh outlook and the ability to keep moving

  • Good morning, group...

    Got a great interval walk/jog in today - bright & sunny & 60 and perfect to get outside. So grateful for that.  Eating going OK; invited over to friends' for dinner tonight, so am trying to plan my day around the unknown.  

    Waiting to hear about a potential job today....arrgh....I am not so good at waitng, but I am keeping out of the kitchen.  The walk helped.

    What has your day been like?  We have the power to change our bodies and our lives and no one can take that from us! I hope your day has been powerful :)


  • Good Morning Everyone!!!

    Kay, fingers crossed for you that you get the job :)

    How is everyone else doing?  Today is day 4, cardio day.  I have legs of rubber, soooooooo sore from my 5-25 LBWO yesterday.  The 5-25 LBWO is so much more intense than the BFL LBWO.  Wow, I can tell that the results of this challenge are gonna blow my mind, lol.  My diet has been perfect, lots of water and making sure to get enough sleep.

    Hope everyone has a fantastic day today...



    Helloooooo??  Am I the only one here this week??  LOL!!  Ok, fine, I'll get fit all by myself :P

    It's been an AWESOME week-1 and I am super excited about how I feel so far.  Changing to the 5-25 workouts was definitely the right choice and I can really feel it... I mean, OUCH!!!... really feeling it.

    My diet has been completely perfect ALL week, not one snack and not one meal missed.  Had them all at the right times and ate the right portion sizes.  I can feel that this challenge is gonna be it... I am doing it!

    I ordered some HMB yesterday and it will be here by Monday.  Expensive, 94tl for 120 capsules (40 day supply), but it is proven to double your results and is in the supplements that Bill suggests for an amazing transformation, so I am taking the leap and doing it.  Aside from doing the 5-25 workouts this challenge, I am also really pushing myself to the point of near collapse when doing the exercises and cardio and I can feel the difference already.  No Paul, I am not looking at the scale, but I can feel the difference... It's gonna be an awesome 18 weeks!!



  • Lisa, you are doing great !!!! So nice to read your enthusiastic posts.

    I'm having compute problems but I'll try to post tomorrow night. I'm on track, did cardio on top of upper body today because I can't go to the gym in the morning. Food is going fine. I'm using my old notebook system since I had extra pages. I may still invest in a new success journal.

    Anyway, thanks for your faithfulness in posting.

    Keep up the GREAT work!

  • I loved this, very inspirational!

    @Patricia - Awesome job sticking to the plan!  Glad you're enjoying my posts.  I feel different this time around, with this challenge.  Can't really explain it, I just have more focus and inner determination.  You know those times when you're doing cardio or weights and you really think to yourself "I can't do it" because the burn is gonna make you collapse and you think you can't possibly finish, well, this time around, when that thought slips into my mind I stop it dead in it's tracks and say to myself "Want it!, Want it, Want it!" and I push through the burn and just about collapse, but I don't give in or give up.  I've been doing my 18-steps on the ( site and as well, reading Bill's Transformation book and it's really been helping me to notice those negative thoughts and change them to something positive... learning to believe in myself :)

    Today was day 6 of week 1 and it has been a really amazing week!  I have not strayed from my diet, not eaten one single morsel of food that I was not supposed to have and not even had the desire to.  Tomorrow is free-day and unlike my previous challenge, I am going to use it to have healthy foods that I did not allow myself to eat during the week... so no junk food.  So, tomorrow I will eat the whole avocado, not just a quarter of it, like in the week, and I have a chick pea meal that I really love, already made and waiting in the fridge.  If I am going to make this a life change, then I need to make healthier choices and on my last challenge, I really wasn't doing that.  That does not mean that I am never gonna have potato chips or french fries on my free-days, it means that eating those will be on special occasions and for the most part, I need to make healthier free-day choices.  I feel like I am growing up somehow, lol.  My mindset is different this time around and it feels really great to be thinking this way. 

    How has everyone else been doing? Hope that you're all sticking to the plan and had a great week.



  • Get ready for week-2!!

    Happy Sunday everyone!!!  I dunno about everyone else, but I had a FANTASTIC week!  I... lost a whole pound on the scale!!  I know, I know, woohoo me, lol.  It was a lot of work and I really pushed it to the limit and... I DID IT!!  I am soooo excited about week-2.  I am enjoying free-day today, but no junk.  Instead I'm having healthy stuff that I'd not have in the week.  So far, I've had some fresh coconut, corn nuts (those little toasted things), raw sunflower seeds, oh, and some delicious whole fat yogurt. Week-2 is gonna be an awesome week. 



    Hellooooo???  Ok, fine, I will do this challenge all my myself :P  LOL.

    What an AWESOME week so far!  Diet it perfect and have not even had any cravings.  I think I got the sugar out of my system and so long as I stay away from the sugar on free days, I don't seem to crave it.  Eating some healthy fats instead, like avocado.  Seems to be making the difference.  Was talking to a friend on who had a sugar addiction and she was telling me that once you get it out of your system, you need to stay away from that stuff, like potato chips and candy, sweets, or you can't control the cravings.

    I've also been learning how to restructure my thought process, to get rid of those negative thoughts that try to stop me from being successful.  Like this morning, I was so exhausted, and I really didn't physically feel like doing cardio, and that voice in my head was saying to me "Go back to bed, it's just one morning... you can skip just this one morning" and "Your legs are so tired, go rest them and do cardio another day".  But I DID the cardio anyway.  My legs never feel like pushing it, they feel the same every morning and by the time I am done the cardio, they feel fine.  They just need to be convinced to do the workout.  When those thoughts come into my mind, I used to give in, but not anymore.  Now, I argue with them and tell myself "You are not  quitter!", "You are doing this!".  I can feel the difference, the empowerment, the focus.  I can tell you that it's made a difference and unlike during my last challenge, this time, I can see my future self in my mind, every clearly.

    I no longer believe that others can achieve this and I can't.  I now know that I CAN do this, if my mindset is focused on that.  Day by day I am changing how I think and feel, and it's amazing to feel that healthy on the inside.

    Hope that everyone is doing ok and miss hearing from you all.



    Just here to brag... I'm down 2 more pounds since Sunday morning, so that's a 3 lb drop in the last week and a half.



  • Good morning Lisa!!!

    YAY!!! I am very happy for you! I have loved reading your enthusiastic posts. They are truly inspiring. Your excitement comes across in every post. Hearing how you are dealing with the little things that can trip us up is great.

    I have heard the same thing about sugar "addictions" , one of my sisters finds it easier overall to just stay away from most of the high carb foods, if she has a little she craves them. If she can just stay away for a week or so the cravings go away and eating healthier is much easier.

    I really want to know about your "chickpea meal" , can you tell me more about it. I happen to love chick peas anyway and use them as my carb food pretty regularly. I am sort of hoping that your chick pea meal is something "turkish" since I love learning about authentic ethnic foods. If it isn't though, that's fine too ... and is there a reason why it has to be a "free day" food instead of something you can have on a more regular basis?

    I am sorry that I haven't been posting more regularly. I'm up to date on my work outs and all ... just not posting. I was spending TOO much time on it. I'll figure out how to just post a report and leave it at that instead of writing books like I used to.

    One thing that is still tripping me up is eating six meals a day. I still almost never make it. Four-ish is about the best I do so I've gotta do what I've said so many times, PLAN IT OUT and DO IT!!!

    I'll put out some whey protein powder in a baggie today so I remember to have some.

    I've also got to get back to planning the evening before or earlier in the week. I"m still doing the program and recording it well but I feel more enthusiasm when I plan it out. I'll write about how I'm doing with that soon.

    Thanks for posting so regularly Lisa! I love seeing your posts and I am very excited for you.


  • Good Morning Patricia!!  Nice to hear from you, thought I was doing this challenge all my myself, lol.  I will type out my Turkish chick pea meal and post it for you.  I have it on free-days, because it has oil in it and during the week, I only have the bit of oil that is naturally in fish or my omega 3-6-9 capsules.

    I know what you mean about posting.  I try to keep it short and to the point now, because it's easy to just wrote a lot and then get nothing else done, lol.  As for the 6 meals a day, you can't actually eat 6 full meals a day, they need to be mini meals, like half an apple and a can of tuna, and then let two of your meals be a Myoplex, rightlite, or protein shake.  6 full meals a day is too much food.  The idea is to give you body a constant and regular supply of nutrients and fuel.  A day for me looks like this...

    (8am) M1: tuna, 80g (small can); apple 1/2; spinach and mushroom salad, 1/2 cup
    (10am) M2: protein powder; water, 1/2 cup; strawberries, 2; pineapple, 1 slice
    (12pm) M3: roast beef, 2oz; mandarin orange, 1
    (3pm) M4: protein powder; water, 1/2 cup; strawberries, 2; pineapple, 1 slice
    (6pm) M5: chicken, 2oz; brown rice, 1/3 cup; raw broccoli, 1/2 cup
    (9pm) M6: protein powder; water, 1/2 cup (no carbs for M6)

    The should really be more like nutritional snacks rather than meals.

    Try that and see if it makes it easier for you.  If you do not find that you are starving just before each meal time, then your meals are too large and you should make them smaller.  If you find that you're too hungry when you try this, you can either increase your protein potion size, or add one more veggie, and raw veggies are better for you and keep you full longer, so you might want to give those a try.

    I also am doing the 5-25 workouts this time around and I can feel the difference and the fat is just melting off so easily, so if you're not noticing the changes you want, you might want to try those...

    5-25 Lowerbody ...
    5-25 Upperbody ...


  • Wow, what an inspirational thread ladies. Its nice to see the encouragment and inspiration!

    Lisa- are you doing the 5-25 cardio as well? I didnt know about this program before. It looks intense! I would be interested in trying it.

    I am only on day 4 and I am looking to lose 70lbs!. I did the program a few years ago in college and really had awesome success so I know that I have good things in my future. It just seems so far away again....

  • Hi Sarebear :)

    The 5-25 is intense, but the effect lasts a lot longer and you burn more calories afterward and get more of a sweat during the workout.  I did the body for life routine last challenge and only lost 1lb on the scale... in 8 weeks!  I was so discouraged that I just about gave up.  This time around, I am doing both the 5-25 cardio and weight routines and I've lost 3 lbs and 4 1/4 inches... in 1 1/2 weeks!  This, if you ask me, is a much more effective and time-efficient workout, as the weight sessions only take 25-35 minutes to do, depending on your speed.  You get a full burn at the top of each set of 10, so you burn constantly, and really notice the difference in your muscles faster.  Overall, I think it's just a more effective workout.  I am losing about the same amount as you are, and I am doing it during this 1, 18-week challenge.  It's really not so far away.  Have you checked out the site (  You can open a free account there, and add friends and blog.  It's quite different than this site, because there you have a whole community to connect to and they have the 18 mental steps there that Bill Phillips has in his new Transformation book and you can friend a success coach, who has already transformed and they can help you with your challenge.  I'm presently doing the 18-steps and I can tell you that it is what is making the difference for me this time around.  All that emotional baggage really does make you hang onto the weight.  I think that is why the weight is falling off this time... inner work is the key to outer success :)


  • Thanks for the tips. I am going to go to that website right away! I need all the support I can get!

    You wouldnt believe the fitness rollercoaster I have been on.... perhaps you are on to something with the inner work...

    Thanks again!