Newbie starting October 3rd 2011 - anyone ready to rally up??

  • Kelly were you eating from my kitchen?! I had the same thing sans the cheese. I love my morning java soooooo much that I try to tone down the carb/calories to have 2 tbsps. of light half and half in my coffee. Yum.

  • Good morning everyone!

    Day one! How exciting. I planned it out yesterday and it went well. What a good feeling. It feels so good to do this in such an organized way. I'm not generally this organized but I thrive on it on the rare occasion that I take the time to structure things well.

    I have a shoulder that isn't quite recovered from surgery last spring so I have to modify some of the exercises or do different ones. It'll be good to see my right arm catch up with my left. Right now it's weaker and doesn't have full range of motion.  I'm going to try using machines instead of dumbbells because that way my stronger arm can help my weaker one until it catches up AND I think it would help me to move correctly or in better form.

    Now I have to keep my food chart. I usually eat well anyway and have never bothered to write it all down before. I know it'll be a challenge to eat the six meals. I started to do that on saturday and sunday as practice. I kept feeling like " ...but I just ate a while ago ... it's time again???..."

    I planned it all out so it would be easy, lots of cottage cheese eaten with other things. Black coffee though? I like light cream in my coffee and haven't fully decided if I'll give it up. I probably will though, it's easier for me to go cold turkey and drink it black than to drink it with low fat anything. yuck.

    I wonder if eating or drinking things that aren't on the "authorized" list disqualifies you from the competition. Do any of you know?

  • Good Morning Everyone,

    I started today also, even though I had been doing a practice run on the challenge for about the last 3 weeks or so.

    Got my upper body workout in this morning (using machines as well), but since I got work out right after I get up in the morning with an empty stomach.  Not sure this is such a good idea to do for weight days, but will try  it for a bit and see.  Thoughts?

    After workout I had a Pro Science Finish shake, some creatine with PowerAid Zero (fruit punch today :), and then 2 slices of whole wheat bread with almond butter and banana on the bus ride into work.

    I am using the following iPhone apps to help get me through the training, iFitness to track my workouts, Calorie Counter Pro to track my diet (love it's bar code scanning to make recording stuff easy) and then pandora for music to jam to while I am working out (love the new workout channels).

    Great job everyone who already worked out this morning.

    See you here tomorrow,


  • Morning all,  Great LBWO this moring after some good coffee.  I have my coffee maker set on a timer and just the smell helps me get out of bed to work out!

    PatriciaK,  I do not think it disqualifies you, as I did not see anything in the rules but that you have to use certain supplements.  My question is that if it is too late to start for this year?  I saw under the challange section that for "round 4" you had to start by early September.  Anyone know if it is too late?

    Have a great day!

  • Day 2 and going well. This morning I did 40mins of power walking including running up and down stairs at the end. I got the old wobbly leg treatment but it felt great. Had egg white omelette with veges and 2Tbsp cooked oatbran with water which was very filling. Had to make myself have a snack but glad I did. Lunch is salmon with brown rice and veges, dinner is fillet steak with cauli mash and green beans.

  • Made it thru the day....arms, shoulders, tri's are only slightly aching from this morning which typically means I'll be feeling it tomorrow. LOL

    I did alright with the food but I was still hungry after I ate meal number 6....uh, should I be admitting that? <grin> I'll have to double check my calorie count, perhaps my portions are a wee bit small. I might have been a little overzealous in that regard.

    Looking foward to a good walk/run tomorrow. Very focused on doing the 5k in December especially since the program I'm following mirrors the concepts for the cardio portion of the Challenge.

    EVERYBODY kicked ass today! Yea us! Savor the feeling of accomplishment and get ready for another successful day!


  • Ok day 1 down. Trying to get those last 8 oz.of water down. That isn't easy I may be up all night!  The day went well I had lots of energy and felt good. I'm excited about this.  Hope everyone else had a good day.  Food was yummy. I did have to veer a bit on the snacks two times I didn't have what I needed. But I stayed good and didn't eat cake or ice cream that was offered.

  • Hi Timothy,

    Thanks for responding to my questions. You are right about it being too late for any challenges for 2011 but we can start our challenge and be entered into the first one of 2012. I wrote to them to ask and that's what they wrote back to me. Just think I'll be done with the challenge before it even begins! Strange but true.

    I still have to decide which products I am going to use. Price is a big factor. I was going to buy the EAS whey protein at walmart but they don't carry it now. Does anyone know how much it costs per serving?

    I felt like I had to eat something every time i turned around! I planned it so that I'd eat every two hours for the first four meals and then every three hours for the last two. But I ate breakfast late so I only got four meals in and then had to go out ... so now it's nine o'clock and I just ate my fifth small meal.  I may have some skim milk with coconut extract and splenda before I go to bed. It has a fair amount of protein and carbs. Supposedly the protein in it gets digested slowly. That info came from this site in an area where they're comparing protein sources. I would have thought that the milk sugar ( lactose) would have made it a higher glycemic index food.

  • Hi everyone,

    I would love to join your group! I have done this twice before, but never quite finished (got up to week 9)... I hope to finish this time!

    Good luck!


  • GoodMorning!

    Patricia, thanks for answering that question! I was curious too...

    Got up at 5am this morning to get my walk/run in. Sweated like crazy! (yea) I'm resigned to the fact that I need my A.M. coffee but I'm switching my mid morning beverage to tea with an artifical sweetner. Maybe eventually I can convert entirely to black tea.

    Off to make egg whites, 2 turkey sausage links, salsa and a light whole grain english muffin. My favorite meal of the day!

  • The more the merrier Tracey.  Welcome aboard.

  • Patricia - If you are looking for deals on some of the EAS Pro Science products, check your local GNC.  Several in my area have been clearancing the product line and are doing offers like buy one get one free.  Plus you can stack the GNC Gold card discounts right now on top of that.  


  • Got my Cardio in today on the elliptical doing staggered resistance ramp ups.  Hit 170 heart rate on final peak...

    Then it was back home to get some Pro Science Armor in me, creatine, protein, and some whole wheat bread/almond butter/banana toast on the way out the door to work.

    Great job early risers and everyone have a great day.


  • Thank you, Paul! I'll go there soon and find out if mine has them.

  • My oh My !!! 170 Heart rate !

    I've just started really pushing myself on those high points and the highest I've seen is 148. I practiced last week so i'd have some familiarity with how to set the machines and show myself that I could do this. I I did well last week but really pushed myself harder this morning. It was fun to continue to challenge myself as the minutes went by. I kept aiming to get that HR higher and not let it go below a certain number even when i was at the low end. It felt really good to give it my all ... well, it felt good afterwards! Those few seconds just before the high points ended didn't feel so good ... but I knew they'd end and that it would be worth it in the end.