26-Sep-11 is Day One for Me

  • Today was my first day of the 12-week challenge.  In fact, just before writing this, I took my 'before' photos--ugh.

    I could really use some support and advice, and I think it would be great to have an accountability partner--I'm just not sure where to post to get the support I need.  If anyone has any suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate it.  As much as this challenge is about my health and my appearance, I think it's even more about gaining self-respect by keeping my promises to myself and following through.  I just need some help to do this.  Perhaps, after the first couple of weeks, I'll have some support and encouragement to offer; at the moment, I'm just so revolted by my 'before' pictures!



  • Hi David,

    Pop over to the thread "Starting Sept. 26, so mount up".  We already have a nice group going there.  I think you'll find the encouragement and support you're looking for!  

    Don't be revolted by your pics, use them to fuel your workouts and stay on track w/ your plans.   We are all starting somewhere, the key is to stay on track and move forward, if you have a slip up ...put it behind you and move forward.  How did your first day go?    

    Come over and join us on the other thread.


  • I just started on Thursday 9/22 (I know, weird day, but I couldn't wait once I started reading). I would like to join that 9/26 group, if possible. I'll look at that thread.