• Started 3 weeks ago, but wasnt following the diet exactly.  Ready to start the right way, 9/19/11.  Starting weight yesterday was 253.5, 23 yrs old, size 18, 5'6''.

    Any suggestions for losing weight and TONING muscle.  I have a pretty solid structure for years of being a student athelete up until my juionr year of college.  I don't want to gain much more muscle than I already have.

  • Hi Betty:

    I would say to do the program as outlined.  Still do the weights, but make sure your diet is right on, and make sure your cardio leaves you with nothing left!  The cardio and clean eating is what will get you lean; the weights will get the toning you are looking for.  Remember, muscle does burn more than fat.  Best wishes!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Thanks BDMom, I know that about muscles, so I'm still pushing myself with the weights, but I def have a lot of fat that needs to be burned off!  Thanks for the pointers, I'll keep those in mind.

    How does your basic meals look like?

    Right now I'm having:

    MEAL 1: Protein Shake after 5:30 workout

    MEAL 2: Oatmeal with some protein/sun butter mixed in

    MEAL 3: salad/high figer whole wheat wrap with chicken/turkey with cucumbers

    MEAL 4:chobani/apple and low fat string cheese

    MEAL 5: 4 oz of meat, veggies,and whole wheat starch/sweet potato fries

    MEAL 6: high fiber cereal (1/4 cup) acai apple cereal (1/2 cup) with unsweetened almond milk

    My only problem is, I'm doing this challnege with my roommate who is 135 lbs looking to gain muscle and we're eating the same.  I'm following the guidelines a friend gave me who did it and she was also only around 130ish when she started.  I'm wondering if I eat less calories without cutting anything out like carbs/fat/or an extra meal, I'll burn more fat..  I'm def not starving by any means.. I usually have to force myself to eat meal 3 and 6 cause I'm still satisfied from the earlier meal.

    Sorry if this was overload, I did read the book, but I dont know if I'm missing something.

  • My diet changes daily; there are some days I eat only 5 meals and others I eat 8.  When I started BFL, I followed it to the letter though, and had great results.  I think if you follow the fist/palm method, then you will get a better idea of what you should eat.  If you are eating things that are not able to be measured that way, you can eat 20-25 grams of protein & carb per meal.  Limit your fats to one serving a day.  If you go sign up on, and friend me (schmertnat), my daily menu is viewable to friends on there; you will be able to see what types of things I eat, and when I eat them.  My recommendations on your menu would be:

    Meal 1:  Good

    Meal 2:  Are you getting equal amounts of protein/carbs in this meal; if not, maybe add an egg white or some additional protein.

    Meal 3:  This looks good; make sure your wrap is not too high in carbs; try to keep around 20 grams per meal.

    Meal 4:  Is your chobani the kind with fruit or plain?  If plain, the apple is fine, if not...I'd ditch the apple.  You don't really need the string cheese here either.

    Meal 5:  Make sure if you are having Sweet Potato fries that they are homemade, with just a bit of olive oil, otherwise, just eat the baked sweet potato.  Watch portions on whole wheat starches...if talking about pasta, it is usually only 1/2 cup.

    Meal 6:  I would recommend replacing this meal altogether.  You don't want to really eat too many carbs at night.  This would be a better meal with cottage cheese and fruit, or a protein drink.  The last meal of the day really should be higher in protein; it helps with muscle repair and growth while you sleep.  Carbs need to be digested and is easier to do that during the day when active.

    I hope this helps instead of confuses you.  Best of luck to you on your BFL journey.  You can do this!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Okay! Well when I was putting the "/" it meant 'or".. This was 2 of my days combined, not everything I ate together! I don't think I could eat all that if I tried!

    Thanks for all the good advice! I appreciate it!

  • I got it.  Thanks for the clairification.  Neither one would be a rounded carb/protein meal.  Not enough protein in the string cheese.  The chobani would not be enough without a bit of added protein.  I would suggest eating cottage cheese with your apple, and maybe adding an egg white on the side with your chobani.  Just some suggestions.  Best of luck to you.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"