Anybody starting Sept 26, 2011? If so, mount up.

  • Hi everyone.  I am finding the workouts are exhausting me.  I can't do them until 9:00 p.m. and its so tiring.  I hope this gets easier.

    Also, has anyone been tracking calories?  Mine are less than 1200 a day.  I am not hungry, but am wondering if I can sustain these workouts on a low calorie diet for more than a week.  

    Would welcome any input.

  • Hi Everyone,

    kkerri ~ ouch, that would be tough working out at 9 pm........  is there any way possible you could get up earlier and do it first thing in the morning?  I know there are a lot of variables there .....but that might help.    Do you work out at home or in a gym?

    I used to track my calories, but now I don't.    I follow the plan, limit the brown rice/sweet potato/oats to before 2 pm and use veggies and fruit as my evening carbs (mostly veggies).........I've found that I can't drop weight (at first) if I'm consuming any starchy carbs (even the good ones) later in the day.

    Hope everyone is having a great day so far!  Looking forward to my outside cardio after was raining this morning at 5 am when I had planned to go and I did not want to ruin my new shoes..... :)  so after work will have to do!

    Stay strong everyone!    I'm loving the energy here!  


  • I am not sure I can get up to workout at 5:00 a.m.  I wish I could, but I am not a morning person.  Maybe I will try it and see.  I am going to a gym for my weights, but doing cardio at home.  My husband leaves around 6:30 a.m., so it wouldn't leave me much margin for error to go that early.  We'll see.

    I am adding another carb to my afternoon snack - realized that EAS carb advantage is not a complete meal, so I am adding a piece of fruit to that.  

    My friend at work did this and said it takes about 2 weeks to feel good.  Plus, he reminded me that giving up diet coke and sugar can be contributing to being more tired than normal in the beginning.

  • I have a question about protein bars.  I had a hard time finding anything that had enough protein to count as a meal. Then I found  PURE PROTEIN at Wal-Mart. Have any of you tried these?  Do they sound alright to use?  They have 20 g protein, 16-20 g carbs, 3 sat fats, only 2 sugars but also only 1 g fiber.   How would they stack up against those bars I hear you all talking about?

  • kkerri: you're definitely not eating enough. I would up the calorie count. Me however, I don't count calories, I just measure out my brown rice and that's about it. I hear ya though, I am tired, but not from fatigue. My infant daughter still hasn't slept through the night so these broken sleep patterns are really exhausting. :(

    tj40: If I eat any sort of bar, I like Larabars or Think Thin bars because they're all natural. You look at the ingredients and it contains fruits or nuts. They also have some other really good protein bars at Whole Foods if again, you want it to be natural.

  • This is for those of you out there like me.  I've never run a marathon.  I can't walk fast.  But, I just finished my first( well, technically, my second 12 week program, I did one back in 2001) 12 week challenge.  I didn't take a before picture so I don't know how I really looked.  But when I finished, I had lost 14 lbs.  I've stressed my whole life about what the scale said and that didn't look like much to me. BUT,  I measured myself and I had lost 20 1/4 INCHES.  Last May, I cut out a dress and didn't have time to sew it.  This week I sewed that dress and had to cut 4 inches out of the top.  This morning, I walked with some friends after we dropped off school children.  AND we passed the walkers who were a block ahead of us when we started and they were the young & fit type:-)  If I can do this, we all can.  Yesterday, when I lifted weights, I had to think back to what I started with back in July.  I have not achieved all my goals but I have STARTED and that's worth a lot.

  • CaliRunner13 - I have tried the Think Thin Bars also and liked them but I live in a small town and have a hard time finding them.  Do you think there would be anything detrimental to using those PURE PROTEIN bars?  I have a hard time not snacking in the mornings but If I eat those and drink plenty of water with them, they really control my hunger.

  • tj40-- That was a great story, so inspirational.  Thank you for sharing.  I know what it's like to live in a small town, and I've come across the PURE PROTEIN bars... I don't think they're the type that are more "snack" than "bar"-- meaning, I don't think they have too much extra crap thrown in.  Why don't you try them for a week and see how it goes?

    Blessed Mom-- I have wanted to weight myself so bad!  But, I know if I do it once, I'll do it obsessively.  Congrats on the three lbs lost so far!  That's so awesome!!

    I'm going to try to jog on Saturday.  So far, I've been using our stationary bike in the garage.  I'd like some variety, though, and I'm sure my dog would love to come along with me.  I just worry how my knees are going to react.  I'll wear both of my braces, ice afterwards, and stretch stretch stretch, so hopefully that will work.  I've tried running since my last surgery, and it seemed to go well the first couple of times, but then my knees got REALLY unhappy.  Maybe if I just jog once a week and do the bike the rest of the time?

  • I agree with SpanishMoss - tj40, thanks for inspiring us with your story and encouragement. I took the before photos but haven't done the measuring yet - I will first thing tomorrow.

    Today went well with eating and aerobic exercise. It was a nice crisp morning here, so I decided to walk instead of the elliptical. I used an interval walking program I have on my IPOD and did an energizing walk; in fact, it went so well that I walked much farther than I usually do - and I got all turned around (i.e. lost) on trying to find my way back home in my new neighborhood. Good news - I got a bonus 10  minutes walking from that :)  I am sore today, though. It even hurts to cross my legs.

    Good conversation re: protein bars. I was reading labels today and ended up choosing Lara bars because of the unprocessed ingredient list. They aren't nearly as high in protein as some of the others - but so many just don't sound appetizing with all the stuff in them - but I plan to use them as back up in case I am out and about and can't get in a meal that I planned.

    Hope everyone is up for a great weight training session tomorrow!

  • I'm excited to be a part of this group. I wanted to know what you all think I should do - I use the small gym at my apartment complex, which has all the upper arm machines I could need, as well as an elliptical, bike, and treadmill. but there are NO lower body machines WHATSOEVER. I know. Seriously. I know that exercises can be done with free weights, but there are none of those either. What do you suggest I do for lower body weight training?

  • Hi JamieRau,

    You could do squats, lunges, dead lifts, standing calf raises, side lunges........if you don't have access to dumbbells or free weights of any kind, you can improvise, use milk jugs, detergent bottles...anything w/ a handle and add either sand or's not perfect, but it works......

    tj40 ~ yes, thanks for the inspiration!  20 inches! that's fantastic.  It is so hard not to be a slave to the scale........the last time I did a 12 week challenge (2008), I literally put my scale in the basement so I wouldn't be tempted and just weighed in every Saturday morning.....I took measurements every other week....

    Well, it's Day 5!  How did everyone do yesterday?  I did ok on my meals, I didn't hit my 10's during cardio though.....I took my dog w/ me and he thought it was social hour w/ the other dogs and wanted to visit every tree we passed......  LBWO in store for me after work.   My goal next week is to get my work outs in at 5:15 am.  

    SpanishMoss, regarding rewards for goals, my first 10 lbs gone I am buying myself a "curl" bar for my home gym and maybe some new lifting gloves.  When I finish the entire challenge if I hit my goals, I'm buying myself an ipod, and then I'll have to get one of my teenagers to program it for me :)

    Have a great day everyone!  Waiting on my myoplex lite to arrive!  That is one EAS product that I really enjoy, good for in the car and for right after a workout if I don't have time to cook.

    ~ Marce

  • Day 5-  WooHoo!!!!!  The thing that I am most excited about is how I feel!  I am a home health nurse and I sit and read and chart all day.  I have an office job and don't see patients anymore, so I have had a problem with becoming so sleepy after lunch that I was not being productive.  Yesterday, when I got off work, I thought I'll go home and lay down and try to catch a 20 min nap before my son's JV football game.  WELL---  that did not happen.  I couldn't doze off because I was not the least bit sleepy!!!!!  I have so much energy and feel so great!!!!  I am so excited and stoked.  I didn't get to work out last night, but plan on doing it this afternoon.  I am so grateful for each of you in this group, b/c I read what you are saying and see that others are busy and are doing this.  I am not quitting this time.  I am so ready to change my life and my body too!!!!  Rock on guys:)

  • yay it's Friday!

    tj40, very inspiring story and thank you for sharing it with us. As for your Pure Protein, i have no idea what results you will have, but just try it out for a bit. Since you're from a small town with no Whole Foods, have you ever considered using I buy practically everything from that site and I am in a very large town. They sell a ton of the Think Thin bars for a great price and free shipping too.

    Today is my legs day which I am dreading because I ran a really hard 3 miles yesterday. And tomorrow is my rest day....I can't wait to just sleep in until 7 or when baby wakes up...and just get a latte and enjoy the weekend. Not sure what is in store for my free day, I have been craving some Korean food all week, so maybe i'll be having that for dinner.

    What are you all having on your free day?

  • CaliRunner13-- My husband and I have had a bit of fun discussing what we'll have on our free day, but haven't come up with anything yet, besides beer or wine.  It's funny, I'm totally glad the free day is there and I think it's super important, but I'm not as desperate for it as I thought I'd be, which is cool.

    Blessed Mom-- I loved reading your post!  It made me smile.  I know what you mean about not passing out when you expect to-- I used to always pass out on the couch at like 8:30, which was pretty annoying for my husband.  Now he goes to bed before I do because I'm still up and doing things around the house.  It feels great!

    Marce-- Great advice on the LBWO.  I do all my workouts at home and don't have any leg machines, so I do squats, lunges, and heel raises with weights and sometimes an exercise ball.  I also like the myoplex lite-- have you tried the carb control?  I haven't, but I noticed it's in the "weight management" product pack, so I'm curious... might give it a shot when I go to GNC next week.

    radiant one-- If you have access to Lara bars, get them b/c they are YUMMY. : )

    Okay, so an update.  So far I've done well on the training portion of BFL,l but I'm getting frustrated with the nutrition side, mainly because I'm so uncertain of my darn portion sizes.  Is it a fist for carbs and veggies and an open palm for protein?  And does a protein shake count as just protein or a carb, as well?  How many carbs does a food need to count as a "carb"?  What about protein?

  • Myoplex Lite is a total meal.........if you are mixing just plain protein powder w/ water or milk it might not be a complete might need to add a piece of fruit to make it a complete meal and if you are using milk, you need to be careful and make sure you count those carbs and proteins...milk also has a good amount of sugar in it...   If I use plain protein powder I sometimes use almond milk and add a very small apple as my carb.....

    when you are counting a portion of protein...its the size of a deck of cards...that makes it easier to gauge than your palm...since everyone's palms are different sizes.....a carb is the size of a tennis ball or a closed fist.....this came from "Uncle Mike", past BFL champion...

    if you are buying your products from GNC, you might want to check out this website....   I buy all of my supplements on this site....quick shipping, great prices and the products are always fresh.   The cost savings is significant.  

    I think a protein needs to be at least 15-20 grams to be a meal and carbs are tricky because of the fiber/sugar content....I kind of stick to the list in the book when it comes to carbs (starchy ones) ....

    I've never heard of Lara bars, where do you get them?  I've used the carb control ones from eAS, they aren't too bad....some of them have a funky aftertaste though....

    Well, off to pick up dinner for all the teens in this house and off to LBWO for me!  Hope you all have a great evening....Going to try to not have a glass of wine until my free day.....