Anybody starting Sept 26, 2011? If so, mount up.

  • Thank you! It was a really great event.  I ran at Disneyland, the day after my birthday :)  Doing it again next year!

     Eat well, be strong & live life to the fullest!

  • CaliRunner13,  I'm doing a bit of a modified version of BFL as well.  With small kids (too small for me to feel comfortable leaving them at the gym kids care center) I have to shoot for workouts before everyone is up or naptime.  Evenings can be quite hectic so it can be hit or miss. However, Tuesdays & Thursdays my friend & I do attend a Body Pump class at the gym.  It is by far my FAVORITE class.  I'm really going to concentrate on upping my weights and pushing myself to the limit (10's).  I'm hoping to find another pump class on Saturday mornings I can sneak off to first thing in the morning.  

    On my free day, I love to do the P90X stretch DVD.  I always feel relaxed and ready to tackle the next weeks workouts.

    I hope everyone is having a great start this week!  Can't wait to hear everyone's first week results :)

     Eat well, be strong & live life to the fullest!

  • Morning everyone,   Day3 and cutting out sugar was the best thing for me.  

    I've been doing my DVD workout and weights at home in between bubs napping times.  It's working out well, with some fast advance planning.  I'm  joining in a couple of local fun runs in October & November to keep my focus for summer.

    Get active everyone & enjoy:-)

  • I started on the 26th, too.

    I didn't take before pictures, but might this weekend.  I am looking lose the last 8 pounds of pregnancy weight before my kids start college and also tone up.  

  • It's been a good day ... ended up getting off track slightly when I received a surprise invitation for lunch out...but made up for it by the end of the day.  The best part of the day was getting a long, leisurely hike this afternoon - Fall colors & a sunny, warm day in Denver were awesome and energizing.

    I will sleep well tonight and I wish that for everyone on the team!

  • It's an arm day for me... Just about to hit the gym. This is my most challenging (and sadly, most dreaded) workout! I always realize how much upper body strength I lack. But I guess that's the point. Making our weak muscles stronger!

    In other news..  I'm glad to be making some positive changes in everyday life, along with the BFL plan. I live in Washington DC and I usually take the bus most places (it's so accessible!) But this week I've been trying to walk anywhere that's under 2 miles away. I've probably walked about 5 miles just monday and today! I definitely took my time so it wasn't any major calorie burning cardio, but hey. The little things make the biggest changes in the end!

    Good night everyone, glad we are all doing so well. :)

    BFL! BFL! BFL!

  • Corinne ~ Congrats on walking everywhere!   Today is my upper body day as well.  My scheduled w/o is 4 pm today.......

    Hope everyone is doing well and staying on track.   I will be on the road some today, packing my meals so I won't be tempted to "run through" somewhere!  Plan, plan, plan!

    Spanish Moss, you'd asked about my green drink, I make a blender full of this every 3 or 4 days and have about an 8 oz drink every's packed w/ vitamins and nutrients and just seems to jumpstart my day.  For this challenge, I'm using it as my first carb w/ small portion of protein, since the veggies do have some protein as is what I use (you could throw about anything into it)

    2 hand fulls of torn up spinach

    2 hand fulls of torn up kale

    2 hand fulls of torn up swiss chard (I remove the stems)

    small tomato or some cherry tomatos

    2 tbsp ground flax seed

    2 tbsp wheat grass ( I use the dried stuff)

    1 small banana

    1 small apple (you could use any fruit you want)

    1 tbsp of cinnamon

    filtered water

    dash of trace minerals

    I just put everything into the blender, you have to smash it down to fit and then pour in the water and blend tastes much better cold.....I usually drink one glass right away and the rest fits perfectly into a blender bottle (the kind with the whisker ball) and keep it in fridge for a couple of days.....  Yummy and very healthy.  They sell these drinks at whole foods and also at our farmers market.....but it's easy to make it yourself and much more economical.   One of my friends puts apple juice in hers, but I don't drink juice, too much sugar for that would be an option as well if you can handle the extra calories/sugar.

    You could put almost anything into this.....I have put cucumbers, tried green peppers (didn't care for that)  steamed broc, zuc, squash......whatever you have on hand would work.

    OK, off to get ready for work!  Have a great day everyone!

  • Day 3 and still here!  Yay:)  Got a little off yesterday and ate 1/2 of my hubby's cheeseburger on the way home from our daughters' softball practice.  But I did an hr of cardio yesterday 30 min walking on my lunch break and 30 min of running/walking while one of my daughters was at softball practice.  Excited to my lower body weights tonight.  This is a very problem area for me.  Have my lunch and snacks packed and so excited to have accountability in this forum!  

  • Ow, ow, ow..that's how yesterday and today have been. I still had my butt in the gym this morning though.  I love all the pics of before and after on the site but was wondering if there are any pics of women that started out larger?

  • Up and ready for my LB workout. I think I will make a poster of all the exercises because I kind of have my nose stuck in the book trying to figure it all out as I go (even though I do plan my workout).  

    I hope this part of the weight training gets easier.  Exercising does not come "naturally" to me - count me in the list as one always picked last for teams in gym class.

    Wirebiter - good work keeping at it in spite of the ouches!!!  I too have noticed that most of the "before" photos are moderately overweight folks.  I am using the BFL "Success Journal" for these 12 weeks which I purchased at B & N....and there are a few photos in there of larger folks. Maybe you can stop by the bookstore and thumb through it....check out Day 50, for instance for photos of an inspirational woman who lost 96#.

  • Great to see all the high energy!  Let's keep it up.

    Had a GREAT day yesterday, and was good with food.  My biggest challenge is that I am "single" and have been dating for the past three years a man who loves wine with dinner, great wine with dinner.  Trouble is, I have trouble saying no to that, but once I have a glass or two, go home and indulge in food  more than I should.....

    So for tonight, our "Wednesday night dinner out":  my plan is to order a salad and fish.... no bread.... water.... Can I have just one glass of wine?  If I want to be thin, no.  But is that practical.... I'll let you all know how I do tomorrow, ha ha!

    Couldn't squeeze in my weight training this morning, early work, so will call it quits a bit early and do it before dinner.

    Really want to be "svelte" for that Thanksgiving dinner!  The whys and the hows, I keep reviewing in my mind.

    Good luck to all.

  • I am glad to see that everyone is doing a great job and keeping up with this routine.

    Yesterday at lunch I did shoulders, bis and tris and after work I ran 4 miles in the very warm 80 degree weather. ICK. Today at lunch I did abs for 15 min, had someone take my before pics and then did some light cardio. I took it a bit easier today since yesterday I combined my weights and running.

    For lunch our department brought in things for us to make sandwiches. I would have loved to have piled on the cheese and the mayo and grabbed something from the desert tray, but I didn't and am glad. I want to drop this baby weight so that I have my body back. I am already not going to run CIM (California Intl Marathon) this Dec because of my injury and well, it's so darn hard to run at this size. Hopefully the weight will drop off so that I can run smoother because I would love to sign up for some other marathons in March. Fingers crossed.

  • willtowin-- I believe in the book, it says that you can have a glass of wine or beer every now and then, even if it's not on your free day.  I know what you mean, though, my husband and I also love wine with dinner.  But we're planning to go out to a nice dinner on our free day to celebrate our first week, and I'm certainly we'll have a bottle or two there.

    Marce-- whoa, that green drink sounds intense!  I have a JuiceMan that's I never use, so maybe I'll drag it out and give it a shot!

    Question to all-- what are you guys thinking for your rewards?  Short- and long-term?

  • SpanishMoss- I don't have all my rewards figured out yet - but I know my 4, 8 and 12 week rewards will  be massages. And the new clothes I will have to buy :)

    Marce-thanks for sharing the recipe. We are participating in a CSA this summer and I am learning to love kale & Swiss chard - but having a new way to use it is great.

  • I did not get my lower body workout in yesterday, d/t my daughter's softball practice ran over, but I am going to git'r dun this afternoon.  I am super committed and will not let that throw me off.  I have to learn to be flexible.  I did get my before pics and measurements this morning.  I did sneak a peek on the scale and have lost 3 lbs since Monday.  I am excited about that, but I am mostly excited about the fact that I have really changed my eating habits and exercising.  I have always exercised, but don't tend to eat healthy.  I figure if I put it all together, there's no telling what may happen!  LOL.  Goodluck to us all today.  We are a group of winners, because we have decided to change our lives.