Anybody starting Sept 26, 2011? If so, mount up.

  • ncpgibson-  So glad to hear from you.  I too have had several slip ups last wk and I normally would say to heck w/ it and stop.  But the thing that matters is you got right back up and dusted yourself off too.  I'm so glad there's someone else in this group that is like me.  I love the motto you each keep posting- "progress not perfection"!  That is my new battle cry!  

    Did good on my eating yesterday.  Two of my friends from work that I always go and eat Mex food w/ wanted to go eat Mex food.  I said, "no thanks, I'm gonna walk".  I walked and then had some grilled chicken and brown rice.  I was so proud of myself.  

    Did something so not me and funny this morning.  Our cabinets are running low and I need to buy groceries, but won't until Thur.  I didn't have time to fix my snacks and lunch last night.  I just went thru the fridge and cabinets and grabbed food that was on the list.  I have bell pepper, onion, low fat cream cheese, whole wheat Eng muffin.  Then on the way to work, swung thru gro store and this is what I came out with- oatmeal, sweet potatoe and lean piece of ham.  Don't know what is going to be eaten when and with what, but I'm gonna make it happen!  Usually I would be, ohhhh this would be a good excuse to eat out w/ some of my co-workers today.

    Let's do this y'all:)  

    P.S. How do you upload your pics on here?  

  • Good afternoon all.   ncpgibson - way to stick with it and not start over.  I've also had some slip ups, Monday was my husband's birthday and we celebrated Boss' Day at work  So we had cake.  I had a piece and after I finished, I felt guilty.  I told myself, you slipped, it's not the end of the world, lets get back on track with the next meal.  I love your phrase.  It is so true.  I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one that has slip ups.  

    As far as the weight training goes, if you're short for time, can we sub some shorter training sessions in?  I believe Fitness, Shape and Women's Health Magazines have some 15 minute workouts on their websites.  I know it's not something we can do all the time, but thought maybe as a substitution occaisionally might work.  

    Blessed Mom, wht did you end up doing for meals today with the ingredients you had?

    Does anyone have any suggestions on replacing soda?  I've tried tea, but I miss the sugar and I can't do sweet tea.

    Everyone have a great day.  I'm off to lunch and then some cardio after the gym.  


  • Looney-  breakfast was kinda late, like 9ish, so no snack.  lunch was the ham and grilled onions and bell peppers, afternoon snack is the sweet potatoe, thinking the apple in a couple of hrs.  Then dinner and an evening snack.  

    I was a big coke drinker.  That was a huge obstacle in the beginning.  But I also love sweet tea.  But I have REALLY cut back.  I constantly drink.  So I either was drinking coke or sweet tea.  Anyways, the coke part hasnt been too bad, but I do not want to give up my sweet tea.  I haven't even had any in 2 days.  (I just realized why I've had a headache for a couple of days).  I do drink a lot of water, but I try to limit myself to one glass of tea at supper time.  I don't know what else to suggest on that.  

    Have a great day!!!!

  • I drink water now. Before the only think I would drink was pop or McD's sweet tea so this is a big thing for me. Between the water and myoplex shakes, I don't really miss them much.

  • hello everyone. Ugh, the past week has been brutally busy. First my daughter has had a fever and been vomiting so my husband had to work from home to help her. Second, I am getting killed at work, I guess it's a good thing since the busier I am means more people need me.

    Anyway, this is the rest week for p90x. So Monday I did core synergistic, which I really need because my core is really weak.  Yesterday I got in a nice 4 miler and today was supposed to be x stretch, but i had no time today.

    Thanks to whoever brought up french toast, I just found the BFL recipe and i am sooo going to try it.

    I know some people were experimenting with Almond butter. That stuff is good, but now I am addicted to sunflower seed butter. They sell it at Trader Joe's and it's just soooo good. It's great for people with nut allergies too.

    Looney: hummm, try adding a lemon to some water to give it some sort of flavor. I have to chug lots of water because I was getting so addicted to Lattes and the new Salted Caramel Mocha.

    Ugh, I am not looking forward to this weekend. Sat are my free days, but I like to work out on it and just take Sunday off. So in order for me to get in my 12 miles, I need to get up super early Sat so that I can get back in time for my mom's bday lunch. I don't get sleep as it is, so not looking forward to it at all. I used to be a much faster runner, but nowadays, I am slow and so it just takes so darn long to get those miles in. Thank goodness for free days because when I want to give up and not run all of those miles, I just push through it because I know that there will be a red velvet cupcake for me in the end.

    What is everyone's free day must haves? I have a huge sweet tooth, so I always have to get either a red velvet cupcake or some fruit tart from Whole Foods. And I also get some sort of latte.

    Hope you all have a great week.

  • SpanishMoss – enjoyed the article on weight lifting, thanks for sharing.

    Blessed Mom – I liked your grocery store story – the “random” things that appealed to you made for an interesting list :). Most days I try to plan what I’ll be eating, but sometimes a little spontaneity is called for.

    Ncpgibson – way to go on sticking with the Challenge while having houseguests!  You get five stars from me!  I know what you mean about the little negative voice inside.  I am working to silence it by becoming immersed in BFL reading – I feel a bit overboard, but I know it’s a phase - I’m reading the original BFL, BFL for Women,   Champions BFL and the Success Journal. And when those are finished I will read Fit to Live by Pamela Peake.

    CaliRunner13 – Wow, life has certainly been throwing you some ups and downs. Hope your DD is feeling better quickly…and I also hope that the weekend holds something positive/encouraging for you.  I might have to make a trip to Whole Foods, too – the goodies there are so tempting. Last w/e our son-in-law made an apple-pear pie that was pretty amazing…I really savored it.  

    As for beverages, the 10 cups of water keep me floating around enough, so that, other than my morning coffee and daily protein drink, I have no desire for anything else. Other than a glass of wine :)

  • Good Morning everyone,

    Sounds like you are all hanging in there, I've been swamped at work and haven't had a whole lot of time to get online.   I've missed a couple of workouts and had two free days last week instead of one free meal.........but back on track.....

    My kids don't have school today, so it's an extremely peaceful morning here......I made a batch of protein pancakes and boiled some eggs for snacks later today.  Doing OK, biggest challenge for me is all of the eating out I have to do for work, it's a challenge to make good choices at some of the restaurants we end up at..........

    Radiant One, I'm with you on the water, I am honestly not craving anything other than water....I gave up diet coke about 4 years ago and have hot green tea in the afternoon, but thats about it.....

    CaliRunner, I hope your daughter is feeling better, poor thing....your work event is this weekend right?  Hang in there!

  • Marce- good to hear from you.  So glad that each of us face the same obstacles, of slip ups.  At least we each keep getting back on the "wagon"!  

    Something happened to me yesterday that wasn't good, but the realization that came w/ it really lifted my spirits.  I am a country gal.  Sweets aren't my downfall.  Second helpings and unhealthy choices are.  I love me some fried potatoes and a second helping is awesome.  We had a pot luck at work yesterday of taco soup.  I went back for 2nds, b/c it was so good.  My tummy hurt so bad afterwards and I realized....I haven't had 2nds since I started this program.  I got so excited to realize I really have changed my eating habits DRASTICALLY!  That was really exciting.  I really have changed my food choices and they aren't bad.  I'm not eating tasteless, yucky stuff.  I enjoy each of my meals and snacks.  I even look forward to working out!!!!

    We are doing it!  We really are!  Progress not Perfection isn't that what y'all say!!!!

  • I'm still hangin' in there! I started a new job a couple of weeks ago and have been swamped! But workouts are going well and food is going pretty well too! I missed a couple workouts, though, admittedly. Just wanted to check in and say i'm still on the BFL course and I'm walking/working out/eating right more than ever! I hope the pounds fall off soon!

  • Free Day! yay....kinda. I'm finding my old food just isn't the same. I made cookies for the kids yesterday and saved one for myself because it was a new recipe. By the end of the cookie, I was not liking it at all. I'm sure it tasted perfectly fine and I would have loved it before, but they were just really sweet. Before I only drank pop so I would have had that with the cookie, but the thought of more sugar, yuck, had a small glass of milk. I have been craving potato chips all week, so I happily grabbed the bag and could only eat like 5 chips. Used to be a bag of chips only lasted 2 days, 3 at most. Hopefully those potato chip craving will die down now, even if they don't though, I know that they aren't that tasty anymore.

  • CorrineC-  so glad your still here!  So glad that even though you have been slammed, you are still hanging in there:)

    Wirebiter-  same here about things not tastng the same.  We had ball tournaments Sat and Sun this past wknd.  It was early when we left and chilly outside, so I thought- yum, a capaccuino really would hit the spot.  Stopped and got one, it didn't tast very good at all.  I thought, well, it's just this one.  Same thing Sunday morning.  It just did not hit the spot.  I was excited about that.  

    Didn't get my cardio in Sat, but will make up for it this wk.  We have FINISHED, not started wk 4.  I'm gonna try to take my post 4 wk pix tonite!  

    Have a great and wonderfully blessed day:)

  • Good afternoon and happy week 4 everyone.  

    ConnieC, it is nice to hear from you.  I'm glad to hear that you're keeping up with your workout and diet dispite the hectic work schedule.  

    I'm also noticing that food is tasting different, I'm glad to hear that it's not just me.  I had a mozzarella stick the other night & it just didn't taste right.  I guess that is a good thing.  

    CaliRunner13 - is your daughter doing better?

    My weekend was rough, I have to say I probably had a 3 day binge.  I made Thursday night my free day & drank a little too mucy, so that carried over into Friday because greasy food always tastes good when you're hungover & then Saturday I had a football party and wedding.   But was able to run on Saturday & Sunday, I got back on track with the diet and did my upper body workout.  Today I am cutting out my caffine.

    Everyone have a great day. I look forward to hearing how everyone is doing this week.

  • Hello Everyone.

    Looney: that's ok, just continue on as you are with getting on track. We've all been there.

    My daughter is better and is finally back at day care. Last week because all of the things going on, I was only able to get in 1 workout. Which isn't too bad because it's the easier week for p90x...i did want to get yoga in but didn't.

    As far as things tasting different...nope..not the case here. The red velvet cupcake was as good as I imagined.....and so was the latte ;)

    Since I had a joint bday to get to on Sat....i got my butt up at 5:15 am and was out running at 5:30 to knock out 12 miles. I tell ya, when I hit mile 10....i just wanted to give up so bad and call it a day. I dug in really deep and told myself that I am almost's just 2 more miles. And of course I was able to finish it up. This whole journey is a lot like running. When we want to give up, we just need to dig down deep inside and tell ourselves that we can do it. And like running, it is mostly mental. We have to keep motivating ourselves to keep progressing and stay on track. My mantra is, pain is temporary, but quitting is forever.

    I just had a run this morning too, and it felt good..physically and emotionally.

    My brother and I get along fact we just had a joint bday lunch with his family, my parents and my family.

    I overheard he and his wife talking about a Halloween party for the next day. I thought that they were going to one. Nope, they had one at their house for all the little kids. Their son (my nephew) is 2.5 and so are all of his playmates that were at this party. So yes, I am very hurt they we were not included. Even though my daughter is only 6 months, it doesn't matter, we could have just enjoyed everyone's company.

    Sorry for the little vent, but the wound is still fresh.

  • CaliRunner, glad you "enjoyed" your runs and you're back into the swing. Sure seems like those we love the most can also cause the most hurt at times, no? I wish family relationships were easy!!!!

    I can identify with those who found themselves slipping up on the weekend. I didn't do major damage but sticking with the program is just hard on Saturday - even when I have carefully planned. I am trying not to see the slip ups as obstacles but rather opportunities to learn and get to where I am going - its a mental transformation that isn't easy, though.

    Today I was back on track :). I also had a massage and to my huge joy, she said - you've definitely lost weight, haven't you?  Someone noticed!!!! Yay! I was totally not expecting this because my weight has barely changed. I will measure inches later this week.

    So good to hear from everyone about your journeys...we can do this!!!!

    Have a superior week 5 practicing progress, not perfection.

  • Morning everyone!  Hope your day is smooth sailing:)  So far, so good, but it's just 8:53 here-  lol!  

    I did really good yesterday during the day.  Ate what I brought.  Drank my water.  When I got home I attemmpted to run 3 miles.  I ran the 1st 1.5, but wound up walking (briskly) the last 1.5.  Oh well, I still got 40+ mins of cardio.  Then my mother-in-law called and had cooked supper for my family for mine and my husband's anniversary.  I told you we are country folks, well we had some good ole' fried home cooked foods and some enchiladas on the side.  I did eat mostly veggies.  But I did have a small portion of soft fried potatoes w/ one biscuit and some gravy.  I know it was bad, but it did taste good.  But I did do my UBW last night and I was sweating and  my arms were trembling when I got thru.  I'm gonna take my pics tonight for post 4 wks and measure tomorrow.  Praying for some encouraging news.  

    CaliRunner13- how do you push yourself to run 12 miles?  I would so love to finish 5K.  I have been up to 2 miles, but can't seem to get past that.  I know it's all in my head.  I haven't ran in a couple of wks, so I was just exhausted after that 1st 1.5 miles yesterday.  But I also know that if I can change my eating habits, I can do anything else.  Like you said, it's just like this program-  Don't quit!!!

    Radiant One- congrats on your compliment!  I know you had to be so excited to know that someone noticed your hard work.  

    So excited to still be here.  Do have days when I fall off the wagon and get ran over, but I do keep climbing back on and that is something that I have NEVER done before.  Loving the new motto-  Progress not Perfection.  That's always been my prob- I felt like I was the only person that didn't do everything by the book.  If it weren't for all of y'all and this forum, I would not still be here.  

    Is everyone on Facebook?  My name is Shannon Culpepper Hammonds look me up!!!!