Anybody starting Sept 26, 2011? If so, mount up.

  • Good morning everyone! I hope you all are doing well.

    The 5k was bad. We were shuttled to the trail and when we got there, nothing was set up. 20 min later we were able to start the event, by that time, it was a hot 85 degrees. There was no shade throughout the run and right after the turn-around point, there was no clear direction on where to go. 80% were completely lost. Some of us ran more than 3 miles and some ran under. At least I got a workout in I guess.

    Back to the plantar fasciits. it is pretty much gone. I know the feeling of waking up in the morning and feel like my foot is stepping on spikes. I know about the cortisone shots, but that isn't treating the problem, that's just numbing the pain.

    I first took 6 weeks off of running because running only prolonged the injury. During that time, I slept with and still sleep with a night splint. The night splint works because it keeps your foot flexed at night and doesn't allow it to relax..that is why it doesn't hurt during the day when you're walking around in's all warmed up. When you don't have it in a splint and your foot is relaxed and it allows the muscle to tighten at night. So when you wake up and walk on it, you're basically tearing all the little fibers in the foot, hence the pain

    Each time I do some sort of activity that involves my feet, I ice it right after. I also bought this thing called The Footlog. It's friggen awesome. You massage your feet and it hits all of the little pain points in your feet.

    Another thing you want to do is massage your calves because it is connected to the plantar fascia as well. If you don't have a foam roller, i suggest getting one.

    I also don't believe in arch supports because our feet were made to walk without them. I run wearing Vibram FiveFingers which emulates barefoot running. I can go on and on about barefoot running, but that's another story.

    So my, ice, massage..night splint.

  • Oh, i would like to add, if you don't want to get The Footlog, a golf ball or a frozen plastic water bottle will also do the trick. Just put your foot on those items, apply pressure, and roll. It's going to hurt like a SOB, but it's worth it.

    Blessedmom: How are you liking the 30 day shred? I love it and do it from time to time. I always feel like I want to die when I am doing it too. All of my clothes are stretchy, so i have no idea what my size is.

  • Blessed Mom,  I haven't seen any difference in my clothes either & definitely not seeing anything on the scale.  I'm just waiting for that 8 week miracle.  Have you read some of the stories on that link that radiant-one sent.  There are some good stories.   The lasagna recipe I have, I got a couple years ago when I tried BFL.  The ingredients are:

    Lean Ground Beef (I use 90% or higher), or turkey - 1 lb

    Wheat Lasagna Noodles (8)

    16 oz 1% Cottage Cheese

    2 TBS of parmesean cheese

    LF (or maybe it's labeled Sugar Free) Spaghetti Sauce

    LF Cheddar Cheese

    Preheat Oven at 350

    Brown hamburger, drain and stir in spaghetti Sauce

    Make Noodles according to package

    Mix Cottage Cheese & Parmesean Cheese

    Layer: Noodles, Cottage Cheese Mix, Hamburger Mix and Cheddar Cheese, and Repeat.

    Place in over for 30 minutes.  

    This recipe makes a 9x13 pan.  It fed me, my mom, two boys and husband.  

    Make sure you watch your portions.  I usually do a piece about the size of my hand and then add a salad to it.  That usually fills me up.  

    If this sounds to heavy to anyone please let me know.  I don't want to blow my nutrition.  


  • Looking ahead in the Success Journal and  just had to share, seems we may need it right now.  "Unlike virtually all the popular diet programs that basically measure your success by how much less space you take up on the planet, Body-for-Life is different;  It's about gaining energy, increasing strength, renewing health and decreasing body fat. So please, don't make the mistake of measuring your success each day, each week, or each month by the amount of weight a scale says you have lost. Measure your success by what you gain, not by what you lose:"

    Now, I don't think I've lost much at this point, my clothes all seem to fit the same, but I feel great. I can fold the mountains of laundry that my kids make without my arms hurting. Carrying the groceries up the steps today was easier. I'm doing all these positive things in the gym and it makes me want to continue that throughout my day.

  • Good Morning Team,

    I want to share this with you guys, especially the runners......see if you can open this link, this wonderful man and his wife are good friends of mine from the senior center......

    heading outside this morning for crisp fall cardio and then off to one of our last farmers markets of the year.  Hope you all have a great day!

  • Holy cow, I am so glad you posted that link to the ladies' journal, radiant-one!  Reading it was very reassuring, and gave me some much-needed good news this week.  I definitely feel better/healthier since starting BFL, but my clothes are fitting more or less the same.  However, I did take my measurements this morning and noticed that I've lost about an inch in my hips, butt, and thighs.  No change in my waist, though.  I'll weigh myself and check my body fat % on Monday morning.

    I was up from about 1 AM - 5 AM this morning because I was so stressed out about my upcoming work event.  It's not so much that I was consciously thinking about it-- I kept dreaming about it every time I fell asleep!  It was maddening.  So finally I just got up and decided to watch tv on the couch.  Can't wait until the 27th when this will be over!  Thanks for the support, everyone!

  • Hello everyone -

    I really liked that last post about measuring what you gain and also the one about "progress, not perfection."

    I cannot tell you how many times I have said that to myself b/c I have had a little slip up and its kept me on track.  I have not been perfect, but I have been SO MUCH BETTER.

    As far as weight loss - I am still bouncing around between 134 and 137 (started at 139).  I won't really classify anything as a loss though until its under 134 b/c that's a pretty average weight for me.

    I do feel much better though and while I can't say that I have lost anything, I do think I feel a bit smaller.

    I haven't tried on anything previously *tight* though, so I don't know if my clothes are fitting different.  I don't normally wear super-fitted clothes.

    Hope everyone has a great week!

  • I have something like The Footlog, CaliRunner13, and I don't know what I'd do without it.  Because of my knee, I walked incorrectly for years and some of my toes started going numb because my cuboids (small bones in your foot) started collapsing on each other and cutting off the nerve bundles in my toes.  I had to start rolling my foot twice a day (you're right it hurts like a SOB, especially when you're encouraging bones to stay in place), but now things are much better.  If you run, or do any kind of cardio activity, really, I highly recommend rolling your feet and icing like Cali suggested.

  • By the way, saw this article on another string, and thought I'd re-post here since we tend to talk a lot about cardio and not so much about lifting.

    Mostly, I was interested in this part:


    Lifting weights is an essential exercise. Aerobic training is fine, but if you compare the amount of effort, it’s simply far easier to lose weight through lifting some weights than it is doing hours and hours of aerobic exercise.

    The key is in lean muscle. As you lift weights, you develop it. It’s not bulky, it’s not big, and it’s not the kind of muscle you’d find on a bodybuilder. Nope, this is the kind of muscle that burns calories to maintain itself, that continues to burn those calories long after your workout is over.

    If you are doing aerobic exercise to burn fat, you are concentrating on just that — burning fat. It takes a hell of a lot of cardio to burn all the fat you probably want to burn, and when you’re at rest, your muscles — although they might have gotten a reasonably OK workout through 60 minutes of dancing around — simply won’t be doing all they can to help you burn more.

    If you start lifting weights, your muscles will get a workout, not just your body in general. You’ll build that lean muscle, which not only looks great, but does so much more work for you when you aren’t working out.

    Have you ever watched a marathon? There are many, many runners around the world who are able to run that amazing length — 42km — but still have, for example, a spare tire around their belly, or significant weight all over. How is this possible? How can all that running, all that training, not just cause the pounds to melt away?

    Because they aren’t really building up their muscles. Now, before you think we’re negating an entire type of exercise, we should say: long-distance training, just like doing 2 hours of aerobic dance classes, does wonderful things for your body — don’t get us wrong.

    Your base fitness level will get higher, you’ll burn calories, your lung capacity will be fantastic, and if that’s the route you choose to take, or you just love running and working out for long amounts of time, more power to you. Anything is better than the couch.

    But — and it’s an important but — adding weights into your routine not only saves you the time drain of endless, repetitive cardio workouts, but it works many, many times faster than your normal cardio workout. Your muscles really will work while you eat, while you sleep, and even while you sit around (although your increased metabolism won’t allow for as much of that). It literally powers your fat loss into overdrive, and it’s why we focus so much on it here on the site. It’s time to get away from counting calories on a stairclimber and into a better, more well-rounded approach to your fitness.

  • Morning all!!  We have arrived at Wk 4:)  WOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!  We are 1/3 of the way there.  I am so excited still.  This last wk was a little rough.  I did more bad eating than the whole journey.  But I am committed to re-claiming this week.  I am looking forward to measuring next Mon.  That will be w/ 4 completed weeks and I try to measure every 2 wks.  

    Wirebiter-  thanks for the Success Journal info.  That really helps and reminds me of ALL I want to accomplish with this program.  Not just weight loss.  Don't get me wrong, that is the main reason I started this.  But I have gained so much more- energy, better decisions, believing in myself, working out w/ weights!!!!

    Spanish Moss- thanks for your article too.  Who would have thought weights were so important.  I want to print that out and read it from time to time, when I don't feel like weights.  

    Marce- if a 96yr old, can do it, why can't a 36yr old?  I keep telling myself- lol

    Thanks y'all for your posts.  We are going to keep on keeping on:)

  • Quick question... Can we have peanut butter on this program?  I know when I had been on South Beach a few yrs ago, you could have it.  The kind I use is Skippy Natural peanut butter.  2Tbsp has 190 cals, fat 16g, carb 6g, fiber 2g and 7g protein.  

    Just wondering if any of you knew.  I just love PB and banana.  

  • Blessed Mom, I know that nut butters (1 T = serving) are allowed on the Body for Life for Women program.  An example of a  "smart snack" is 1 Tablespoon nut butter on celery or sliced apple. I use almond butter sometimes--it's good!

    My weight has been holding steady these past 2 weeks, but I am noticing a change in pants fit. In fact yesterday I was trying to find something to wear to church and all of my last year's fall/winter pants were too big!!! I am thrilled.  When I moved to Colorado in July, I started walking a lot more and hiking on some weekends and also started tracking everything I ate -- so that, plus these past 3 weeks of BFL seem to be making a difference. Yay Yay Yay.

    Today I had an unexpected invitation out for lunch - I suggested the restaurant and then went online to choose ahead of time what would work best for me - and then I followed through. I also really pushed to get my LB w/o done before I went out. These are both accomplishments for me :)  and I am celebrating.

    What kind of mini-accomplishments are all of you celebrating!

  • Got my LBW done last night and threw in a little Jillian Michaels to boot!  So ready to start seeing some change.  Eating yesterday was so much better for me.  I came prepared again today.  The french toast has got to be my favorite breakfast food.  Had it again today- YUMMY:)

    Thanks radiant one for the almond butter tip.  I'm not a big celery fan, but I am willing to try it w/ peanut butter.  I have heard lots of good stuff about almond butter, so I will definitely try it!  

    My pants do feel a tad bit looser this am.  

    The reason I've never had any success at anything like this is, I've never taken anything like this one day at a time.  I have always thought holy cow, this is 12 wks of my life.  12 weeks is a looooonnnnggg time!  I have not even thought about when this ends.  It is a change in my lifestyle and this will not end in 12 wks.  It will continue after 12 wks.  This has made it so much easier and I don't feel like I'm standing at the foot of Mt. Everest thinking I have to reach the top.  I am hiking a trail that I am enjoying all the way to the top!  

    Let's get this party started!!!!!

  • Whoa, I had not seen the french toast recipe, Blessed Mom!  I will definitely be trying that!  I made the pumpkin muffins.  They're ok.  I think the next time, I'll put more protein in them.  Oh, and I used vanilla instead of chocolate b/c I'm not really a fan of chocolate protein powder.

    I'm making the hawaiian pizza tonight for dinner and will do the lasagna Looney posted tomorrow.  Felt like I ate too much last night... dinners are the biggest challenge to me, by far.  Have to make sure my husband doesn't make my plate or he'll put too much on and I'll eat it!  Argh!  :)  

    progress not perfection progress not perfection progress not perfection.... it's a good mantra :)

  • Good morning everyone.  I've been reading all of your posts and love them but I haven't been posting much myself.  I've had a few slip ups here and there and am feeling down about it!  My in-laws arrived from England on Saturday and are staying with us for 2 weeks.  I'm still trying to make good food choices, but my schedule is worse than ever.  AND I missed my workouts on Sunday and Monday.  But I keep repeating "progress not perfection!"  

    At this point, I would normally tell myself that I screwed up and to just start over but I'm not going to do it this time.  In the back of my mind I just keep thinking "OK, so I'll finish this but then always wonder how much better I could have done if I had really stuck with it the whole time."  That's my biggest problem....I always have that doubting voice back there--just don't know how to silence it.

    Anyway, I had a great run on the treadmill this morning and really pushed myself.  I have my food planned out for the day and just have to be sure that I get all of my meals in at the right time.

    Good luck to all of you today;  I'm so impressed with your progress!