Anybody starting Sept 26, 2011? If so, mount up.

  • Marce, the banana is in place of the oats. Since it's such a huge batch, i was able to use both oats and a banana. If the batch was smaller, you're just stuck with a banana and no oats...and well, not sure how flat or watery that might be.

    As for hummus, it's a carb because it is made from chick peas. They're good for you though.

  • thats what i figured..........i make some with black beans sometimes and was wondering if that would be a protein, since they have more ..... but they have more carbs than protein....wondering if I should just ditch the hummus for now...

  • Greetings fellow BFL buds!!!!  Day 16- whoop whoop:)  Ran last night.  Ran about 1 1/4 miles and walked 3/4 miles.  Had my 12 yr old DD ( I know what that means now- LOL) with me.  So she hindered me a little, but we had some fun conversation, so it was well worth it.  Will have to get my UBW done tonight.

    Had a heart to heart w/ the Lord last night about my weaknesses and where I need strength.  Still excited, but tending to let bad habits creep back in.  Praying over all of us and our journeys.  

    Had a going away breakfast at work.  I did OJ, a breakfast casserole w/ eggs, sausage, cheese and hashbrowns.  I ate what I knew was best for me.  

    So excited to still be here.  So excited to be part of this awesome and welcoming group.

    Let's kick some boo-tay today:)

  • Happy Tuesday everyone.  Glad to hear that everyone is doing well.  I slipped a little over the weekend.  I started my free day technically on Saturday, but decided to start Friday night.  I figured a 24 hour period is a 24 period.  I had some wings and a BK breakfast sandwich on Saturday morning.  Then Saturday night at a football party I had a couple of beers and of course finger food.  I got back on track Sunday though.  I've been good since.  The hard part for me right now is trying to cut out the soda.  For over a year I went without & then one day I decided a needed on and I haven't been able to stop again since.  Any suggestions.

    Weill, I just turned 40 & live in Nebraska.  I am married to a fantastic man and have my 2 1/2 kids.  My sons are 2 & 3 and my stepdaughter is 15.  I had gained alot of weight during both of my pregnancies & managed to get 30 pounds of it off using a weightloss program that I had to use supplements on. Towards the end of my program, i went back to some of my old ways of eating but the supplements kept my weight pretty much at check.  Then when I went off program, it ballooned up.  But that was my own fault.  I'm hoping with this I will learn to eat better & combine it with exercise (which I've never done) and it will help me get in shape.  I figure I lose what I lose weight wise.  However,I want to tone up and drop a couple of sizes.  

    Here's to a new lifestyle.  


  • Question!!!!  Is anyone else getting hungry before time to eat.  I feel like I'm eatin about every 1 1/2 hrs.  I am drinking water.  I'm also exercising, so I know that's gonna make me hungry too, if I'm burning fat.  Any suggestions.  Here's what I've eaten today

    Breakfast-  hasbrown, egg, cheese, sausage casserole. OJ (1/2 c) and a mini blue berry muffin, strawberyy/bananb/lowfat vanilla yogurt smoothie

    Snack- Herbal life protein shake (25g protein 250cal),  1 serving pistachios

    Lunch- Herbal life protein shake (25 g pro, 250 cal)

    Snack- mini pizza (whole wheat eng muffin, 2 TBsp marinara sauce and 1/4 cup low fat cheese

    I've had approx 6- 20 ozglasses of water.  Not starving, just hungry.  I'm not even craving junk food.  I just want something else to eat.  Can't wait til my next meal.  Do y'all think I should increase my intake.  I logged what I've eaten (guestimating on the casserole- by the recipe) and I have had approx  1279 cals according to my log on my iPhone app.  Any suggestions?  Help

  • BTW- I am 5'4" weigh 160#'s.  Don't want to eat to much, b/c I want to burn some of this excess yuck off!  But my tummy is talking to me:(

  • Here are my thoughts - for what they are worth:

    Your breakfast seems to be very high on carbs & low-ish on protein.  Each meal is supposed to be one protein & one carb (serving the size of your palm) & a green vegetable at 2 of them.  Your breakfast seems to have 3+ carbs.  Your snack, on the ot her hand and your lunch, don't seem to have a carb (unless you are making them with milk - maybe that is a carb?).  Your second snack doesn't have much protein.  I am not sure cheese is considered a protein.  

    My day averages 1300 calories all day and I am not hungry.  Now, granted, I haven't seen stellar weight loss (yet, hopefully), but I am around 1300 calories on average (I am 5'6" and about 134).

    B - 1 veggie sausage & small apple

    S - myoplex lite bar

    L - plain veggie burger (low-carb), 1 cup green beans, 1/2 cup plain oatmeal

    S - EAS Advantage low-carb shake (I do skip the carb here)

    D - 1 small slice of WW bread, 4 scrambled egg whites (sometimes I add another veggie sausage or 1/8 cup of fat-free cheese) and another cup of vegetables

    S - 1/2 cup fat-free cottage cheese & 6 ounces of fat-free, sugar-free yogurt

    I am rarely hungry on this.  Again though - I am not really dropping weight either, so who knows!  But, it seems like you need more protein and less carbs at breakfast.

    Breakfast-  hasbrown, egg, cheese, sausage casserole. OJ (1/2 c) and a mini blue berry muffin, strawberyy/bananb/lowfat vanilla yogurt smoothie

    Snack- Herbal life protein shake (25g protein 250cal),  1 serving pistachios

    Lunch- Herbal life protein shake (25 g pro, 250 cal)

    Snack- mini pizza (whole wheat eng muffin, 2 TBsp marinara sauce and 1/4 cup low fat cheese

  • I am hungry today b/c I went out to lunch and there was nothing vegetarian so I had a plain salad w/a piece of whole wheat bread and zero protein and I am hungrier today than normal - the protein is definitely necessary.

  • Blessed mom.  Good afternoon.  How long are you waiting in between meals?  

  • Blessed mom, Where are your veggies?  Does the protein shake have carbs too?

  • Happy afternoon, team :)

    I hope that everyone has had a great day so far ... got a 45 minute interval walk in ... pushed myself and felt that it was a good workout. Arms are sore today from yesterdays' UB experience--doesn't happen every time, but I can tell today I did something different. I switched up two of the exercises I'd been doing.

    Blessed Mom - that other thing that comes to mind with your hunger issue is our friend, fiber. I have a feeling today's food isn't typical (I know the breakfast was a special event) - count the fiber grams in what you're having - recommended is around 25 grams per day. Fiber is good for helping proper digestion and providing a full feeling. Best sources of course, are fruits, veggies and whole grains (min. 3 grams fiber per slice of bread) as we"ve heard a jillion times. When you are focusing on a high protein intake, its really easy to not get enough fiber.

    I saw this on another team's posting and thought it was a good reminder for us all:


                             Let's be realistic here. You won't drop two jean sizes in one day.

             You won't lose fifty pounds in one month. You're going to binge every now and then.

       You will go a day or two without working out. Your weight is going to fluctuate here and there.

          You're going to try new techniques and they're not going to work. You're a human being.

                    But nothing great is ever accomplished without a few obstacles.

                                                             JUST KEEP GOING"

  • Happy Tuesday Everyone.

    I hope you all are doing well. I am feeling much better. I was so sleepy today because I only had 4 hours of sleep and back to back to back meetings. I even forgot to eat. I finally took a break and went out for a run. It is very warm today 85, which is not a temp that I like to run in, but i got it done. I now have so much more energy.

    Blessedmom: I agree that you are probably eating too many carbs. I would probably lay off the OJ and hashbrowns. If you can substitute sweet potato for the hashbrowns, that would be a good idea. Also, swap out your yogurt with Greek yogurt because it has a ton of protein in it and you'll definitely be feeling full.

    Carbs increase your blood sugar, which makes you not feel full. Add more fiber in and eat carbs like brown rice or whole wheat which contain more fiber. Fiber takes longer to digest and that is why we feel full when we eat it. Also, I also love to throw in tons of green veggies in my meals to help me feel full and satisfied. I am a huge fan of broccoli, green beans and lately kale and collard greens. Here is a cool way to eat kale and collard greens.

    Chopped kale

    Chopped collard greens

    Make sure both of the above are nice and drive

    Lightly sprinkle olive oil, salt and pepper.

    Bake for 10-15 min at 350.

    And've got yourself some kale and collard green chips.


  • How is everyone's weight loss coming.  I guess I am a bit frustrated b/c the scale keeps going up and down two pounds.  I am eating better and exercising more than ever.  I also am averaging lower calories than normal.  I do realize that I don't have a lot to lose and am already at a normal BMI, etc., but I still do have some weight.  The scale going up and down annoys me.  (I am a daily weigher, which I now is not great, but I can't help it).

  • Thanks everyone!!!!  I really appreciat your input.  I am by no means a nutritious eater... until now.  I am really putting forth an effort.  I have not been gettin hardly any veggies.  I love veggies and do not know why I don't eat them.  I am trying a "new menu" today.  LOL.  

    B- 2 protein pancakes w/ sugar free syrup

    S- green apple and pistachios

    L- brown rice, chicken and a salad

    S-  (still up in air on this one)

    D-  grilled tilapia, and veggies

    S- cottage cheese.

    I usually eat every 2 hrs, but the last few days, it has been more like evey 1 1/2 hrs.  

    kkerri- I too am fluctuating up and down that 1-2 #'s.  Very frustrating, b/c i tend to weigh everyday.  I try not to, but I do:(

    Had it not been for this group, I would have thrown my hands up already and walked away.  But I WILL NOT QUIT!!!!!

    Thanks, yall

  • Blessed Mom.  Menu is looking pretty good.  Usually for a snack I do rasberries & cottage cheese.  I saw it in the Eating for Life Cookbook.  The rasberries satisfy my sweets craving for the day.  Just play around with different snacks & you'll find something that will suit you for that 2nd break.

    kkerri - I weigh myself everyday also.  I keep telling myself not too, but that doesn't work.  But I've been fluctuating 1-2 pounds a day.  Just remember muscle weighs more that fat so that could be part of the cause.  I've read on other websites, you'll see gradual results for a while and then at week 8 you really notice.