Women 50 and over

  • Thank you PatriciaK.  Believe it or not, I was not always overweight.  I begain to gain weight in my mid to late 40's.  Believing that gaining is how it was supposed to be as we got older and there wasn't anything that could be done.  Then it hit me when I couldn't climb stairs without having to stop midway to catch my breath.  Why?  Not one person in my family is overweight and I never was.  I was called all sort of "thin" nicknames and still did after the weight gain (those people didn't see me because I avoided being seen).  So reflecting, I was eating out ALL the time and eating candy bars and drinking diet sodas and on top of all that, I wasn't exercising.  I didn't drink a drop of water and I wasn't getting much sleep.  I kept eating the way I did in my 20's/30's.  I used to eat whatever I wanted and not gain much at all.  So getting older and realizing now that my metoblism switched gears.  I tried a lot of avenues to lose weight until I remembered BFL.  I had done it before but forgot about it while trying all the quick fix diets and fat burners.  Each time I quit one of those regimes, the weight came back with friends.  Thank goodness for BFL.

    As for now, no I am not doing BFL.  I'm training to compete in a figure competition.  That is big for me and something I've always wanted to do since 2002 when I first did BFL.  I don't know if I can do it because eating and exercising is strict but I want to try and see how far I get. :-)

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • monscal - forget about the scale.  It will not come close to what YOU THINK you should weigh by the time your 12 weeks are over.  Just follow the program and enjoy shrinking.   Please do not stress about the numbers on the scale. :-)

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Sharon WW - I think you are a winner just to be competing in a competition!  I see so many of my friends who have just given up oln their bodies.  All of our metabolisms just crashed.  We did the same stuff we've always done, and the weight came on, particularly around the middle.  One day I woke up and realized I was shaped exactly like my Mom.  My friends all talk about being invisible now that they are middle aged.  I just won't give in to that.  It isn't easy, but I think that you appreciate the things you have to struggle for more than those that come easy.  It's the mental part of this program that really pays off.  I say, go for it!  You have already won in my book.  I love that you are considering doing something that most women over 50 wouldn't even think of.  Most of my friends have given up going to the beach or to a pool because they don't want to be seen in a bathing suit.  And you are training to compete.  That is awesome and inspiring.

    If you haven't seen Ernestine Shepherd, do an internet search on her or else "70 year old body builder."  She is really inspiring in terms of body building competitions, and she is over 70 years old!  What caught my attention was an article that showed her in her late 40's, before she started working out.  Her figure wasn't that much different than mine.  She went to Hawaii with her sister and hated how she looked in a bathing suit and that is what started it all.   Super inspiring!  

  • Monscal - good to hear from you!  I am envious of your size 4 pants!!!!   You might want to think about getting a scale that estimates body fat %.  I'll bet yours has changed from your starting point.  Did you take a before picture?  You'll probably see great changes.  I agree with SharonWW, don't use the scale to judge your progress.  Muscle is so much more dense than fat, and a regular scale won't account for increased muscle mass as opposed to decreased fat.  

    I'm jazzed today!  I was able to button my suit jacket and it hung on me without binding up in the back.  Can not remember the last time I was able to button it.  I think that last time, I had to safety pin the waist  because I couldn't get it buttoned.  It made it worth my while that I got up at 3:50 am so I could get in my UBWO before an early meeting at work this morning.  

    I wasn't expecting such good results already.  Week 3 ends tomorrow!  Thanks everyone for all the encouraging words!!!!!!

  • JosiD, you must be in the home stretch by now.  How is it going?

  • SharonWW -  What did you do for your cardio workouts?  Did you change them up or stick with the same exercise?  sorry if I missed this in an earlier posting...

  • I am so very familiar with Ms. Ernestine Shepherd and her story.  Anything she does I'm all over it. LOL!  If any of us can keep it going and look as good as she does at her age, that would be awesome!

    For anyone who doesn't know who she is, here's her website:


    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • I just looked up Ernestine Shepherd.  Wow!  I turn 50 on 01 March 2012.  I am so glad I started BFL when I did, because there's hope that I may get to where I'm going by the time I turn 50.  I've got four and a half months until then.

  • I did 20 minutes for the entire 12 weeks.  I never did more than that on cardio days.  I did change what I did every 4 weeks.  In the very beginning I think I did the ellipitial, treadmill and then back to the elliptical.  In later challenges,  I did the elliptical, treadmill and the stepmill.  The stepmill give one heck of a cardio workout!  One thing I overcame was being on the treadmill without holding on.  I had such a fear.  Now it's not a problem.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • The one person that inspired me to even consider that I could get in shape was Tosca Reno.  She advocates Clean Eating.  I stuck to BFL but always looked at her photos or read what she wrote about being over 40.

    Here's a video clip of her:


    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • I've been doing treadmill because I have one at home and it's easy to roll out of bed and stumble on to it.  I do love the Stepmill!  I did it during the challenge I did when I was 40.  It kicked by behind, but I got good results.   I think I'll go back to it when the treadmill starts getting less challenging.  LIKE TAHT WILL EVER HAPPEN ;-)

  • I just checked into the Ernestine Shepherd story too ... amazing!

    Sharon, that's great that you are challenging yourself now by entering competitions. It's great to only compete against ones own past best efforts but another entirely when you're competing against others.

    I know a woman at my gym who was entering figure competitions at 56 and she looked fantastic. Unbeleivably low body fat, lovely shape, etc. It was amazing. She didn't get the grand prize but she did "place" in the competition.

    I noticed that in the very last picture of you, the front, headless view with the vest, that your arms look more muscled than the last BFL pictures. They look beautiful. And your hips/thighs looked narrower. Can we assume that you're looking even better than your last BFL posted pictures? It would be really nice to see updates. Keep us posted on how you're doing.

    And, how is your routine different now than your BFL days? And your eating, any different?


  • I watched the Tosca Reno clip ... great stuff. Thanks for posting it here. It is so inspiring to see people like that. I'm going to check into how old she is now. She looks fantastic and appears to be in her fifties ... a combination I like to see!

  • Nope, can't assume that.  LOL!  I looked like that up until Thanksgiving and then I started gaining.  I let the holidays get to me and then I just was on a roll.  I gained about 20lbs. but at least I didn't gain all 62 pounds back.  I went up about 2 sizes.  I didn't have that issue the first year of BFL so not sure what happened last year.  This year that will not happen again.

    I've lost 15lbs since August 8 when I started training.  Trainer wants me to lose a total of 30-40lbs.  What he has me doing really isn't that different from BFL.  Just eating lot of white meat, brown rice and green veggies.  Very strict on how much of each portion etc, etc.  Eating for a competition is very different than eating for life.  I won't share that here because OMG someone will think they need to do that instead of believe in BFL.  BFL works so don't sweat it ladies. :-)  If you want to see photos of me through my BFL years, click on my profile name.  Once there, scroll down pass the last photo to click on links to more photos.  The last link includes photos of me from last weekends TN Champions weekend.  You can't miss me...LOL!  The jeans I'm wearing (as size 10) are too big.  I can slip them off without unbuttoning or unzipping.  I'm in that weird inbetween size 8-6 and I'm not buying new jeans since I already have a size 6 jeans.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Monscai,

    Wow ... week ten ... you're almost there! There have to be changes that aren't as apparent to you as you'd like ... but they've gotta be there.

    Is it pretty much a way of life now/ The eating, your exercise schedule and routine?

    If so, keep it up and even if you don't see the changes you'd like just yet, they'll show up. How can they not show up?

    That's great that you're able to wear clothes that I assume you couldn't for a while. I would think that would make it quite obvious that change has occurred.

    I can understand why you'd be disappointed though, I wish we could help you feel better about all that you've done. Of course you want to see those dramatic changes between your before pictures and the after pictures. The closer you come to what you're aiming for the more subtle they are. I've looked at some of the women who've done several competitions, one of them has a name with "mom" in it and she is incredibly lean and beautifully muscled. She doesn't look drastically different at the end of a competition because she was looking so darn good at the beginning. But she keeps on trying to perfect what she's got and strive to meet her own personal goals. I think it is harder when you're not seeing the drama of weight loss. But the drama of beautiful muscles is a wondrous thing too. I hope you get some surprise compliments that'll help encourage you and lift you up.