Women 50 and over

  • Hi there Islandersfan,

    I wasn't able to this morning but I will tomorrow morning!  (I slept in (9am) and my honey was already hard at work in the yard, so I helped him right away.)  We finished building a brick wall border around our pool area....so in a way, I worked out -- those bricks are pretty heavy!!

    I made the pudding once, but it turned to "meatcake" in my refrigerator before I ate it!! (don't know whether it's meat, or cake....)  :P

    A good mid afternon "snack" is 24 almonds....crunchy...salty...hmmm...not sweet.... you'll need to try the pudding though!  Let me know how it tastes!!

    I am glad to be feeling better and back to myself today!

    Can't wait to get to working out again!

    See you tomorrow - for sure!  :)

    How do you feel today??!!

    Thanks for writing!


  • Glad you are feeling better.  After a break, I've found as long as I get in my sweats and attempt the workout, I'm able to do at least something, which is better than nothing.  Then the routine kicks in and I do better the next time.  I'm feeling really good.  Today is my day off from working out, and I think my body needed a rest.  Yesterday was my off day from eating, and I didn't go crazy with food at all, so I'm glad.  I'm going to try the almonds, sounds like a good snack, and I think they have a lot of protein.  I'm curious about the CLA supplement.  Are you taking it?  

  • I don't take the CLA supplement, but I have in the past.  I think it's a good idea...I'll get some too!


    Have a great weekend -- talk to you tomorrow!

    Today is such a beautiful day outside!

    A great day for a walk!!


  • Good morning Bright One,

    I'm fifty four ... glad to meet you! My name is Patricia and I just started a new challenge today. I've done this program before, actually i've used his methods for about ten years now. I never actually completed a challenge though because I didn't start out looking obviously bad before ... I had nice low body fat ( 15-16 %) up until a few years ago. Around fifty my body decided that it was going to put a lovely little pillow under the skin on my belly. And no matter what I do it wants to stay there ... it's frustrating.

    I had surgery on my right arm last spring and I am finally able to do most of these exercises so I started Oct. 3 and because i think I'm looking terrible these days I hope to be able to see more improvement from doing the program carefully. I find that I don't expect to see change the way most people do and I have to remind myself that my body is normal and will respond just like everyone else's does.

    How long have you been doing this now? I'd love to get to know you and be able to talk about our progress. I'm glad you posted.


  • I'm back already! I could have said hello to a bunch of you if I had taken the time to read the thread instead of just the first post from Bright One. How delightful to find a group of people all over fifty. I'm so glad to know you're there. None of my friends from around here want to do weight training with me, they all just want to walk. I want a lot more out of my exercise time than walking can give me. Glad to have you people to talk with.

    I just started the program over again. I've done it for ten years but never actually finished any challenges ... but now I'm feeling dissatisfied enough with my physique to expect to see more changes. I had surgery recently so I couldn't  do regular exercises for six months. Now I can and I'm so glad. I'm committing to finishing  the challenge this time and seeing improvement. For some reason I feel like the improvements will show more on everyone else than they do on me. Do any of you have those fears - fears that you'll knock yourself out doing the program faithfully and won't see much as far as results?

    I have to remind myself that I won't know the real answer to it or see the results I do get unless I fully commit and finish as strong as I started.


  • Good morning!

    I'm brand new to these boards. I'm glad to have found all of you. I "re" started the twelve weeks again, today is my first day. I am familiar with the  program and the eating plan.I usually eat less than this and it's more carbs than I've eaten in years. It's a little scary to eat them, even when they are the healthy kind, however, my very low carb eating plan doesn't give me the results I want. I did this program very faithfully two years ago but ate slightly differently, less carbs, slightly less conscious of fat content and didn't see major changes. I'm going to try it the way the book says to do it. I made all sorts of healthy carb foods to eat, barley based "tabbouleh", mushroom barley soup, whole wheat bread with extra bran and ground flaxseed. It seems like cheating to eat things like grains or especially fruit. Eating an entire piece of fruit sounds delicious to me. I sometimes have a bit of fruit in a salad, maybe a fourth to an eighth of a apple, pear or orange and I love it. I'll enjoy being able to eat those, I just hope that it works for me.I do feel more energetic with slightly more carbs, that'll help. My cardio is easier already.

    Anyway, I'll learn to keep my posts shorter, it's just exciting to have a group of people who I can talk to about all of this and get inspiration and tips from ... and get to know as "cyber" friends.


  • Welcome Patricia!

    Nice to hear from you.  Now I'm not the newest challenger!  I'm half way through Week 2.  i tried the challenge before too.  Did well the first time;  not so good the second time, no weight loss although I did tone up.  But I really wanted the numbers on the scale to go down so I ended up quitting.  this time, I am really committed to finishing.

    I agree, the volume of carbs is scary.  I'm trying to use a lot of vegetable carbs instead of starch carbs, even if they are whole grain.  I tried the "caveman diet" which is all protein and no starch at all, just fruit and veggies, but I had no energy.  With BFL, I'm having at least one serving of a whole grain carb each day, and my energy has really improved.  And, I've lost some weight already.   Best of luck to you!

  • Hi JosiD,

    Just checking in to see if you are feeling better and got in your workout.  I did cardio this morning at 4:45 am, ran intervals on the treadmill.  it was the first time I felt strong running.  Yippee!  Tried a protein pudding; mixed 2/3 scoop with a snack-sized sugar-free low fat pudding cup, and it wasn't bad at all.  Killed the craving for sweets.  Got the CLA but haven't tried it yet.  Not sure about the dosage, so I plan on researching it today and starting tomorrow.   Hope to hear you are up and running too!

  • For the last ten years most of my carbs came from just Non-starchy vegetables and it's a nice, healthy way to eat. I find it very easy too ... however, i would have to say that adding some grains such as barley and an occasional thin piece of whole grain bread does make a difference in my energy level.

    As for the cavemen diet, I would've though that the fruit would have added plenty of carbs. But,  you've tried it and you are the only one who can determine if you had any energy. I'm glad that the one serving a day of grain carb is helping you already. I've been experimenting with adding them for about a month and half now and I definitely feel more energetic. I always have them with protein and a bit of fat. Another difference with BFL nutrition guidelines is that they restrict fat to one tablespoon a day. Everything I've read about fats in the last few years has been about fat not being as much a culprit in terms of their ease in being stored as far. I don't overindulge but I do appreciate being able to use mayonnaise in tuna or make real salad dressing to drizzle on food. I can take it really easy with that, one tablespoon of salad dressing is plenty, but I don't like feeling as if I'm reverting back to all the years that fat was the enemy. Since high school I was careful about them and it's been nice to not worry about them for the past few years.

    I''ve been eating every two hours today because I didn't eat breakfast till ten... my goodness! I feel like I have to eat every time I turn around! it's kind o' nice though!

  • Hello Ladies!

    I'm 50 and I first did BFL at 41 made it to week 10 and stopped because I was happy with my results.  Quickly regained the weight.  I restarted BFL at age 48 and did several consecutive challenges until I was at my best.  

    I read back a few and skimmed a bit so forgive me if anything I'm about to share has already been posted here.

    Bright one – You can get up earlier to workout.  I used to get up at 5 or 6 for work but I sat down and looked at my scheduled.  Figured out when I could honestly fit in a workout without excuses for missing it and that turned out to be 4 am.  I’ve been doing that since 2008.  How bad do you want it? :-)

    Have you all read the original book or looked at the foodlist on this site?  What is in the book or on this site is what you should eat to reach your goal.  Be sure to remember portion sizes too.  Palm/fist method works.  If you want to be successful at this, follow the original book.  I never read the woman’s book.  By the way, my hot flashes stopped as I lost weight.

    Sit down one day and plan what you will eat for the week.  If you have to make it the same thing every day for 4 weeks do that just so it’s easy to stay on track.  Change it every 4 weeks or not.  I ate the same thing for 12 weeks and I never got tired of it.  The only thing I changed slightly was meal 3 and 5.  “In all things, success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.” — Confucius

    If you all do shakes try not to do more than 2 a day.  Remember the goal with BFL is not only to lose weight and get healthy but you want to be able to do this for life.  Try to eat as much real food as you can.  The foodlist has plenty that can be worked into a meal.  By the way, there is no snack, breakfast, lunch or dinner.  It’s meal 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.  We are feeding our bodies for life.  Eat to live...DO NOT live to eat!

    Don’t waste your workout by eating off plan, remember you have free day for that.  Don’t waste your eating by not working out and don’t lose your dream by not following through.  This process really doesn’t take very long.  Here’s something another BFLer shared:

    “JUST 84 DAYS ....

    If, whilst doing a BFL 12 Week Challenge, you're tempted to blow-out a training session bear in mind that those 12 weeks break down as follows ...

    Only 36 Cardio sessions

    Only 18 Upper Body workouts

    Only 18 Lower Body workouts

    (and ONLY 12 "Free Days" too!)”

    Be realisitic about reaching your goals.  On average about 20 lbs is lost per challenge but cloths sizes fall too perhaps 3 sizes per challenge.  These are based on those who worked this program.

    Do yourselves a favor and ban food porn here (talking about unauthorized foods).  That doesn’t help anyone who has food issues. :-)  AND NO EXCUSES!

    There was a previous 50 and over group on here.  I’ll search for the link and post it here later.  Maybe some of what was said there may help you along the way.

    Age is just a number. :-)

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Here's the link to the other group.  It's no longer active but info there may help.


    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Wow, great tips, thanks.  Good to hear from someone who has successfully finished a challenge (or two!) and is happy with the results.  I really like the super early morning workouts, it gets my mind right for the day and I don't want to cheat after purring that much effort into it.  

  • Yeah!!  I DID work out today -- had more energy all day and am feeling great!  (at cake)...and will again tomorrow -- but I promise not to eat cake on Thursday!   I turn 48 tomorrow!  I feel great and I wen to the Dr. today and talked about the pain in my shoulder (had surgery...not better yet from all of that) and I got her to send me to the nerve guy....feel like I am heading in the right direction.  It is VERY WEIRD to lift weights and not be able to feel my left hand.....I am alittle bit afraid that I will drop the thing on my face!

    I love the upper body workout -- but I love the bike MORE!  I have a treadclimbler and I think I am going to add that to my "every day" routine.  I need some movement of POUNDS here!  (ya think it's the cake?) hahahaha

    I am tossing around the idea of only eating fruits and veggies and shakes.

    I need weight loss in order to feel like I am doing any good.

    I also started to do Oxycise -- heard of it??  It's deep breathing....oxygen....good for your muscles!!

    Anyway, when I work out, I BREATH A LOT!!!  I have lost a lot of inches -- I should measure and tell you how many since I started that -- it's amazing!  

    Anyway -- can you tell I am happy!!!  All CHATTY!!!

    :)  Glad you are here to talk me thru all of this!

    Thanks Islandersfan!

    You're GREAT!

    I am glad you are doing so well!  I think if I ran on the treadmill that I would just DIE!

    Hope I get to your stamina soon!  I am glad you ate the pudding before it turned to meatcake!  I thought it would be good to get rid of that need for sugar!

    The CLA is supposed to help your metabolism, right?  Read up, I will too!

    Thanks for chatting!


  • Hey Patricia,

    Can't wait to read more about your challenge!

    Write all you want to!  We love knowledge!!!

    :) Josi

  • :)  I'm going to go read my book again!