Women 50 and over

  • Hi deeter1! You did it once right? Soooooo....what makes you think you can't do it again? Nooooo negative talk!!!

  • Hey we can do this! I want to lose 40! I have to eat though, I can't maintain off shakes, metab pills...my concern about that is what happens when you stop?

  • let's see...didn't workout, ate red velvet cake....got an idea?? Needless to say wasn't a good day...

  • Hello to all ladies of approximately 50 years of age!

    This is a great program, whether you have ten pounds or a hundred pounds to lose.  Obviously it's going to take longer if you've got more to accomplish, just like it's going to take more of a commitment to get through a 700-page book than a 100-page story.  Good on you for wanting to make a change for the better!

    Today, Friday, is the fifth day of my sixth week of BFL.  I have done all required workouts and that's a huge accomplishment for me.  I usually get impatient when I don't see overnight results, and the scale hasn't budged since I started, so I get a little discouraged now and again.  My husband just keeps telling me not to quit, he's seeing results, and I won't be sorry in the end, as long as I stick with it, and he's absolutely right.  I only have about ten pounds of chub I want gone, and I don't care whether I lose it or convert it to muscle; either way, the jiggle has got to go.  Ten years ago, I could get myself back into decent shape in a month with healthy eating and exercise.  I tend to focus on healthy food anyway, no junk, but the exercise was not a constant, probably because I never knew how to do it properly.  I would run or I would do a few exercises, not see any difference after a week, and then only do it sporadically.  BFL has it all laid out for us.  Do this, now do that.  Eat this, eat that, don't eat those.

    There aren't very many of us in this category, but it's going to be fun getting to know all of you.

    Bright One - Red velvet cake, eh?  Hmm.  One day I had the house to myself and I could not shake this craving for brownies.  Like I said, I'm not a junk-food eater, but I love sweets.  I can't have them in the house, or I will eat them until there is nothing left, so I don't buy them, don't keep them.  Anyway, I found a box of Barefoot Contessa brownie mix tucked away in long-forgotten corner of my baking cupboard, so I pulled it out and thought I could make the brownies, eat them all before anyone came home, and no one would know!  Instead of butter, I used a mushed up sweet potato.  They were the best brownies ever!  I didn't eat them all, simply because I wanted to share them and see what everyone else said about them.  They were moist and gooey and yummy, and no one knew there was no butter until I told them.  My point is, if we're going to indulge in something decadent, we have the power to control the ingredients.  Good chocolate is key.  Use dark chocolate, because it's actually good for you, and don't use any fat.  Don't eat them all, though, or they'll "show up" on you a few days after you eat them!

  • Hi, I love what you wrote here ! I just got the BFL book yesterday and I feel so inspired for sure. I don't have a lot to lose and have gone to they gym for years. But nwo I am older(hahahaha) things have changed and now it feels i am starting all over and all new. So I joined this here group for some support. I have been going to the gym now for about amonth but found it boring till I found this book!! Now I feel newly inspired all over again and yes I am over 50 actually over 60! You sub on the  butter sounds really good and I too eat pretty healthy. But I realized what is stated in the book about protions and at least 6 eatsa day can make the difference I am looking for!! So thanks for your great tipand support! This is icanduit, again thanks!

  • Hello to all ladies of approximately 50 or 60 years of age!!

    icanduit - What fun it is to check in and see a new post.  I know what you mean about boring.  I have some equipment downstairs and just got bored with it, time and time again.  I never knew how to put it all together, and now that I do, I am inspired.  My question was always, "How long might it take to go from this to that?"  Now that I know it takes approximately 12 weeks, I can work with that.

    I'm almost halfway to the end of my twelve weeks, but I'll just keep going after that.  The workouts have become a habit, so that will continue, and I already ate clean before I started this challenge, so my good eating habits are likely to continue, as well.

    So, ladies, it looks like there are six of us:  Bright One, JosiD, deeter1, AK After 50, icanduit, and me, monscal.  I look forward to our discussions.

  • Hey Bright One!  I love sweets too....put an ice pack on your neck for the hot flashes (sometimes at work I put one in the small of my back...under the bottom of my shirt where it's hidden...so solve the person summer problem!!  I also purchased a little fan pen...it IS AWESOME!!!  :)  How is it going for you today?  Did you get a workout in?  

    Day three for me.  Lower body and abs.  I couldn't figure out how to hook up the leg lift thing on our contraption in the basement -- so I did it without weights  lol....think THAT did anything!?  hahahha

    I feel pretty good.  I am doing kindof an Atkins type diet with this workout and not the BFL....I probably should try to do the diet in the book and on line...maybe next week I will switch it up.  I already lost 6 pounds (two weeks on Atkins)  I have about 30 more to go...but I am hopeful that the lifting weights and the cardio will help me get there!!  

    How do your muscles feel?  Are you working out!??

    How's your eating.....

    p.s.  NO SWEETS...NO CHEATING!!!

  • I never just STOP.  I always work my way into the carb thing slowly -- I don't take metab pills, they make me jittery.  I take prenatal vitamins....they have alittle of everything in them, and then some!!

    How much have you lost yet?

    I have lost inches!  (from my thighs and tummy)  Not a lot, but enough to make me happy!

    Results are GOOD!

    Keep me up to date on your progress!!

  • Hey Bright One,

    We all have a bad day now and then -- I eat cake from the cake plate with a fork.....just get back to it, and let it behind you!  I love CAKE TOO!!!!!  Chocolate chocolate ganash filled, with butter cream frosting!!!

    When this is done in 80 days (?), I am going to eat some cake!!!  Also on my birthday -- it'll be my free day!!!  YUM!

    I am sure that wasn't encouraging....sorry!

  • Hi Monscal!  Try putting a tv with your workout....that might help the boredom!

    How are you doing on the 1/2 way mark?

  • Hey ladies in the 50 and over club! Thanks for the chats and encouragement! Wasn't able to work out today, but will get back on track tomorrow. Still working with the sweet thing,...hormonal. The hot flashes kick in and I get so frustrated and exhausted, so I'm still working through that. I'll be in touch...Have a great Sunday!

  • Hey JosiD! How was your Saturday? I won't comment on the NO SWEETs..No CHEATING!!! comment... I'll do better..no motivation right now, but don't give up on me yet. On a lighter note, you're doing excellent! Kudos!!! I'm sore from my workout last week... it's funny how you don't feel it until a few days later.. I had a really good workout last Wed? but hadn't had time the last few days...I do ok with eating until late nights, or feeling that I have to have something sweet after a meal. I don't eat fast food, and I'm not really a meat and potatoes kind of eater, but it's more chips, cookies, popsicles,....not a problem with water, I drink diet soda sometimes, regular sodas rarely; if nothing else is around. My routine wouldn't be a challenge (fitting it in with everything else). I'm sure that's an issue for many, but they manage to figure something out. My grandson he's 2 and lives with us during the week; of course all attention is on him! I'll get there...thanks again for the encouragement. Enjoy your weekend!

  • Hey monscal! me too!

  • I will be starting my third challenge this coming Monday. (Should be the fourth, but one fell apart due to being snowed in last winter. Live and learn: if it happens again this winter I am now prepared for workouts at home.)

    Active rest came at a great time this week. Free day was my birthday, and midweek I had one and a half days of fasting for that pesky 50-year-old procedure. I'll be ready to start again Monday.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • You have a personal trainer?  I am a bit jealous!!  

    How did that go on the 9th?   Do you do the workout in the book?

    You look amazing! Great job getting it done!!!

    Did you have food ideas for us?  We all seem to be doing something different!!  Help us succeed!!  :)