Women 50 and over

  • Hi Sharon-Wonder-Woman,

    Wanted to let you know that I am not currently doing a BFL challenge. I did 4 in  a row before branching out to other things to give the mind and body a break. I am doing my 2nd round of P90X right now. Every now and then I look at the message boards but post rarely. Thank you for checking up on everyone you are an inspiration so keep up the good work.

    Take care,


  • Hey Islandersfan!!  How are you doing?!! I haven't written because it's been crazy here with sickness (we all had the nastiest cold I've ever had!!) and my mom had some skin cancer removed...we've been sitting on the edge of our seats waiting for results.  I was a grumpy mess -- no cancer in her body now, so WE ARE ALL ON CLOUD NINE!  Hip Hip Hooray for those DRs IN SEATTLE!  They ROCK!  

    Anyway, back to business!  I want to say that the only thing that was NORMAL in my daily routine these last two weeks has been MY WORK OUT!!  I can feel like not gettng out of bed at 5:00 and going down and working out, and then....I make myself get up, and VIOLA!, I feel 100 percent better when I get on that bike!  I also changed my routing a little bit.  I get on the bike for 15 minutes (warm up) before I do the Upper and Lower body workouts - it gets my blood going so I don't drop the weights!!  

    I was 158 (or 156) when I started (can't remember which) and today....drumroll please.....140!!!!!!!

    Holy Cow -- this is really working!  Push Push Push....my arms are more defined, my middle is getting smaller.  I went down a pants size (no more fat jeans!)!!!!!  I am excited to keep this going.  I know that it's working, because not only the scale is showing it!  I am eating a lot of salads though.  I cut out carbs.  My protein is high and my carbs low.  I think that it's the way to go.  Halloween party this weekend though!!!  Ut oh....I better BRING something I can eat!

    I started eating breakfast and lunch every day also -- I NEVER did that!  I noticed that it helps to keep me awake in the afternoon.  If I can't bring a warm something, I bring a protein shake and a salad.  Lettuce mostly with salt and pepper and some low calorie dressing. I recently found that if I cook some pork w/gravy (found in the already prepared section of the grocery store) in the microwave, cut it up and put it on the top of my salad - IT IS DELICIOUS!!

    Anyway -- I just wanted to share the success (and the good news about my mom!)!!!

    Write when you have a minute!!

    Oh!!  I almost forgot -- they also found out what is wrong with my left are (numb for about two years now....fell and broke my hand in Sept/2009)...it is correctable with surgery!  I am READY FOR THAT!  By Christmas I ought to be on the mend!!  Life is GOOD!

    Take care!

    :) xoxo


  • How's your back feeling!??   I forgot to ask!!  :P

  • JosiD - I am so excited for you!!!!!  Congrats on the good news about your Mom and congrats on your progress in the challenge!  18 pounds down is fabulous!    I can't remember, how far along in the challenge are you?   Was this an 8-week miracle or has it just come off gradually?   it was so great to hear from you.

    Thanks for asking about the back.  I've been away from the workouts for 2 weeks now, and hate it!  the first week, at first, I was still good with the eating portion of the challenge, but then they put me on something called a steroid pack, and everything went out the door!  the pain got manageable, but I felt awful!  Took the last one a week ago, but have not felt normal all week.  I miss how good I felt on the program.

    I want to give it a try this weekend to get back on the full program.  I still don"t know what I did that caused the muscle strain, so I'm going to have to be careful so that I don"t reinjure myself, but it seems like most of us on this blog have to accommodate some restriction or injury, so I'm going to go for it!  most of the pain is gone, just some soreness and stiffness on the left side, which I'm hoping will work itself out with the workouts.  

    This is the first time that I've fallen off of a challenge from an injury, and I have to say that it really pisses  me off.  I read through this blog again, and I want to feel empowered again like I did.  It is great to see the concrete progress that you and Sharon and Patricia have made.  It really blows that nagging doubt that menopausal women can"t lose weight right out of the water.

    When do we get to see the before and after photos????  Woo hoo and good for you!

  • Hi Sharon,

    I've been thinking a lot about willpower and commitment.  It sound like our circumstances may be similar.  I am a division manager in Los Angeles and have at least an hour commute.  I too work out in the mornings, usually around 4:30, because that is the only time that I really have any control over.  My commitment towards work goals is rock solid and I can push myself to great lengths to get a particular job done.  But prior to this challenge, it seems like I haven't brought the same intensity to taking care of myself.  I was curious as to what motivates you to get up and work out on those days that you haven't had enough sleep or just plain don"t want to get out of bed?  What do you say to yourself, if you don"t mind me asking?  I can see that now with the proven results, that is motivation enough, but how about in the early days of your first challenge?

    Ladies, feel free to chime in here.  I find it fascinating that I can't really pin down the mechanics of what is different about work goals and fitness goals, and what actually changes in my head on that day that I actually commit to a workout program and get going, as opposed to sleeping in for another precious hour (sleep problems seem to be my menopause specialty).

  • HI Patrica,

    Sorry for the late response.  Didn't want to whine.  Thanks for the suggestions and well wishes.  I am determined to be back among the BFL challengers.  How are you doing?  Your profile photo is great, you sure don"t look like you should be in an over 50 group!  Are you seeing some progress?  You should be close to 5 weeks now, right?  When I got down about being derailed by this injury, your comments about working around your physical limitations really hit home and helped me to decide not to give up.  I was toying with the idea of starting over after the holidays, but I don't want to do that.  You really helped sway me back.

    Where do I find the ladies success document?

    At first I thought that the thought of multiple challenges was pretty overwhelming.  But after the last two week comparison of a return to my normal eating patterns with no exercise to the three weeks prior, I can't believe how much better I felt, both mentally and physically.  I think that some version of this program is going to be necessary for me.  I have a friend who is a couple of years older than me and she really yo-yos back and forth between thin and really heavy.  I don't want to do that.  I want to get my body back in good shape and keep it there.  I think I'm looking for a lifestyle, not a diet.  

    It sounds like fitness and definition are your goals, as opposed to having to deal with serious weight loss.  So what do you tell yourself to hit the weights when you don't feel like it?  I'm curious, if you don't miind sharing.

  • Hi!  And thanks for checking in on everyone Sharon!  I honestly thought I had posted my results.  

    My challenge ended last Thursday, the 20th.  I lost 15 lbs (183 to 168) and 15 inches.  The only areas I measured were my smallest part of my waist (down 4.25 inches), largest part of stomach (down 4 inches), hips (down I think 3 inches) and thighs (each about 1.5).  I know I lost size in my arms and in my chest (I need a smaller bra now).  I went from a size 16 to a 12.  I am 43, 5 feet 9 inches.  

    Now a week later, I am up 1-2 lbs, working out so far 5 days this week, just not as hard.  I am going to take off probably 3 weeks since my challenge was 14 weeks (really too long for me).  

    I am so thankful for this program and challenge!  I am feeling more focused.  I feel better than I did 10 years ago!  I intend to start another challenge in a couple of weeks, hoping to lose a couple more inches in my waist.  And I want to get good at pushups.  And maybe do a pullup.  But most of all, I want to at least maintain over the holidays and keep in this mindset.  

    I am not baking anything for Christmas this year.  I am going to do Mason jars with the kind of cookies that the recipient can bake so I don't have fresh cookies lying around here to tempt me! Ooops that was a tangent!

    I am glad to see us hanging in there!! Keep posting!

  • I was 60 yrs young in June! I want to lose 20 lbs. I did BFL 12 years ago at a major turning point in my life - and it gave me new life. Once again I am emerging from some huge "challenges" in the last 5 years.......and wish to  make the BFL challenge a part of my "new life".  I feel great and am so blessed to be healthy. people tell me I look great - but when I tried on some clothes this week and took an honest look at me - I was shocked! and what has happened the last 4 years.....  I am much bigger than I realized. I must get control of my eating - it has been controlling me. So glad to join you, ladies!  Blessings LindaP

  • Islandersfan - Put one foot in front of the other. :-)  I used to sing that song in my head.  I also didn't want to lose ground on the progress I had already made.  But mostly I wanted to see what my body would do next.  I personally noticed tiny things happening with my body.

    Check out this post I made in July last year https://bodyforlife.com/community/boards/bfl/f/17/p/1843/21944.aspx#21944 and look at the lyrics in this video.  It really does apply.  We don't like the way we look, we think it's difficult to change and we do want to change our direction. :-)

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • If you don't want to watch the YouTube video, here's the lyrics without the chorus being repeated in between.  These really do apply:

    Put one foot in front of the other
    And soon you’ll be walking cross the floor
    Put one foot in front of the other
    And soon you’ll be walking out the door (I like to say "And soon you’ll be walking in the gym door")

    You never will get where you’re going
    If you never get up on your feet
    Come on, there’s a good tail wind blowing
    A fast walking man is hard to beat

    If you want to change your direction
    If your time of life is at hand
    Well don’t be the rule be the exception
    A good way to start is to stand

    If I want to change the reflection
    I see in the mirror each morn
    You mean that it's just my election
    To vote for a chance to be reborn

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Welcome LindaP and congratulations  Twinmom165.  KMsBFL took you off the list (I gathered you weren't but wasn't positive).

    Today we had the very cold weather and some areas here had snow.  I spent part of the day clearing my closet of clothes that are suddenly too big for me to wear.  Next stop for those cloths, Goodwill. :-)

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Hi again Islandersfan!

    I'm very happy to see you're back. I hadn't posted on the over fifty thread for a while because there was so little activity.

    I can understand how you got derailed. You had started so strong and then got thrown off through no fault of your own. And I can understand you wanting to start over after the holidays so you could get the full twelve weeks in a row in ... but boy oh boy, I can really understand how you ended up missing this when you compared it to the weeks you couldn't do the exercise. I don't like the feeling I have when i get derailed for even a day so I can't imagine how far away it all started to feel when you couldn't do it for a few weeks. I am very glad you're back and sounding excited again.

    It is harder to work around an injury, as you know! But I think I have found the additional challenge to make it more interesting. Plus, the time that I couldn't do this type of exercise at all made me yearn to do something besides physical therapy type exercises. I suppose it's the old adage about taking things for granted and not appreciating them till we lose them ( for a while in this instance)

    How are you doing with figuring out alternative exercises that won't exacerbate your back problem? It helped me to take some time to just look around the gym and "practice" with different machines to figure out if they would be a good substitute. I did it when I wasn't doing a workout so it didn't slow me down. I also looked at some of the other exercise books for women's weight training that I have and found some there that I could do.

    To a large extent you are right about fitness and definition being my goals but I do have some real fat on my tummy that i never used to have. I think that part of it is the ol' menopausal changes but some of it is inconsistency with my exercising. Fortunately I can change the latter. Deborah Waterhouse is a nutritionist who has written several books just for women and she talks about menopausal changes and one of them is that even women who didn't tend to store fat on their belly usually get some and it's actually beneficial hormonally.

    But, back to exercising consistently and the changes that I CAN make. Even if it turns out that my body won't allow me to be as lean as I'd like I know that doing this is beneficial in every way. Plus, I  feel SO much better about myself when I am exercising regularly and with intensity. It's worth it for that reason alone.

    I struggle with self image and perfectionism doesn't help. I don't hold anyone else to unrealistic standards and I fully know that it isn't as important as good character and that women can be very attractive with a lots of curves ( a nicer way of saying more fat) but i still don't feel very good about me unless I'm doing all I can to take care of my body. When I am doing that I can accept myself more easily.

    Those last few paragraphs start to answer your question about what motivates me when I don't feel like exercising. But, I'll answer it very directly too.

    I know I'll feel much worse in other ways if I don't do it. As I had said, even missing a day now puts that little bit of fear in me that I'll get off track. As for not feeling like it, I did one thing to take it right out of the mix. Once I could start exercising this way again I decided that I was going to just do it every day. (but sunday) If I did it less than that I'd be able to think about whether or not I either felt like doing it on any given day or whether or not there might be other things I should do instead ... etc. And I know that it's too easy to find things to do every day and then to even forget ... but mostly I didn't want to pay any attention to how I felt about doing it. Basically, I put it aside, I nicely tell myself that; 1.It doesn't matter and 2. I know I'll feel much better long term if I just do it. And in the end, what I find is that my feelings about exercise are altogether positive. And they're positive for the vast majority of my day and week. I tell myself, "so what..." if my quads burn occasionally or if I'm terribly out of breath or bored during cardio, "so what ... this part will be over very soon and then I get to spend most of my minutes feeling really good about the exercise I am doing"

    So, that's my mental strategy. I had to plan to make it happen though. I started to take my shower at night instead of first thing in the morning. I made sure I had clean exercise clothes ( with a pretty color thrown in somewhere ) And I do what I can to make sure I get enough sleep. I have big problems with sleeping too. Sometimes it feels like I am awake for as much of the night as i am asleep. But I usually have no problem getting up at six or just before it anyway. If I'm awake and it's just about five I'll get up because i don't want to fall back asleep and then have to get up.

    So, I get up, get dressed into the clothes I've already put out. I have enough time to get ready without rushing before my planned time to leave for the gym. It feels great to be able to beat myself by leaving even earlier but it's also nice to be able to sit down and have my cup of coffee if I feel like it.

    Now that I've been doing it for  five weeks i am feeling so good about it that it's even easier to recognize the overall good feeling from doing it rather than the occasional twinge of "not feeling like doing it"  

    So, that's my long answer. I suppose I could edit it and make it more succinct. I hope you don't mind the off the cuff version.

    I think that it is very smart to ask specific questions like you did. I should figure out some of the ones that you or some of the others could help me with and post them.

    One thing that I'm having some "issues" with is muscle soreness that goes on longer than I think is normal. For example, for this last lower body day my calves were still SO sore from the workout on monday. It hurt to even stretch in bed and I was hobbling down the stairs holding on to the banister for dear life. I wonder if it is partly because I've been using different things for the cardio so the muscles are always being used slightly differently. I think it's good that I am working them that hard but I know that our muscles have to have time for recovery before we go and rip 'em to shreds again. So, I don't know if they are recovering adequately before the next LBWO. I read some other web sites about muscle recovery and what I can do nutritionally to help so I'll try that. Have any of you had that problem and have you found things that help?

    So, Islandersfan, I'm glad to see you posting here again. Keep up the good work and keep us posted.

  • Sharon! I love that video you posted ! I will have to see if I can put it on my iPod to make me smile.Thanks for putting that up!

  • Here is a link for the LADIES SUCCESS DOCUMENT.


  • Hi All -

    I am turning 50 in March (Monscal - when is your birthday? Mine is the 20th) & I just started my challenge last week - did it in"03 with great results (see my profile for a pic) and am back again as I start preparing for a huge challenge next year - an ironman triathlon in September.  I did one in 2002, but that was 9 years and 2 shoulder surgeries ago, so I will have to train a bit more carefully this time.

    Patricia and Islandersfan - you both have mentioned injuries - you might want to see if any of the trainers at your gym are Certified Corrective Exercise Specialists (NASM-CES).  That's what I do, and my focus is on helping people find the best way to help/work around their injuries.  Patricia - I see in your profile that you're in Plymouth - I'm in Quincy & I work in Weymouth.  I've become a bit of an expert on shoulder injuries because of my own - please let me know if I can help you with modifying any of your exercises.  Glad to find this group - been posting in another, but it is helpful to chat with folks my own age too. Helen

    Whatever you can do or dream, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it! -Goethe-

    Discipline is remembering what you want :-)