• +.6 pounds this week, but still down by 3.  Didn't really recover from the bad eating day I mentioned earlier.  It was a crazy, busy week & I didn't get to cook any meals like I did the 1st week.  Been fighting a cold & have allowed myself to just rest the short time that I am home.  Of course, I wish I continued to be as successful as I was week one, but don't really think I feel too bad.  Plan on resting this weekend to kick this cold & discovering more BFL recipes.

  • Hang in there Terrim!

    Week 2 was discouraging for me. I am currently at a net 1 pound loss (up from a net 1.5 pound loss at the end of week 1), with a net 2.75 inches lost from everything between my knees and shoulders (which, okay, is all I really care about). :)

    Goals are a net 15 pounds lost and 15 inches lost.

    I do actually track my bicep measurement and--shock--it's up about an inch. I tend to bulk up fast for upper body though, even though I'm female, that's just my freaky deal.

    I realized that I'm going to have to start tracking intangibles/other stuff. To that end, My cardio reactions have been steadily improving - Max heart rate is lower (though still high enough to be a definite 10 at the end) and recovery is faster. I'm more productive and feel better, yada. :) I'm holding on to the idea that if I just keep at it, my body will eventually be "oh, this is the new normal" and start shedding the weight. But we'll see!

    This week will be tough--a weeklong road trip starting Monday. But I can only do my best, and kick it when I come back.

    Good luck everyone and keep at it!!

  • Thanks novelwriter.  I was okay yesterday, but after last night, I'm definitely feeling bad!  A few drinks & a ton of food later, I really went off the deep end last night.  Read your email and completely agree with just staying on the right track.  Good luck on your trip.  Be sure to take a lot of protein bars in your suitcase.  That might help.

  • well my bday was the 21st...went a little crazy on a 36 hour free day.  but im back on track down 11 since i started on the 1st and that is with eating alone...workouts to begin monday morning.  felt a little guilty but its getting my head back in the goodness...besides, after eating right, i just feel bloated and icky for a coupla days after eating a bunch of non-BFL food.  keep the faith virtual body for lifers!!  PROGRESS, NOT PERFECTION

  • So where are all the Sept 1 starters & why have we stopped checking in?  I realized today that I'm in week 4 & haven't made any progress since week 1.  I was very diligent the 1st week then kind of not.  Not really bad, but not really good & have not seen any progress.  All of a sudden my 12 week challenge is only 8 weeks away & I have only lost 3.6 pounds.  I really wanted to succeed & make life altering changes, but I'm kind of in limbo right now.

  • I haven't checked in for a bit. I found I was gaining on the eating program, so I had to limit my carbs-pretty much just focus on protein/veggies. I also have a nagging knee problem, since I've started my walk/jogs lately. So, I'm having to put some effort into just fast walking... we'll see how that goes....

  • I really just gave up on the week-long road trip that turned into 10 days... but shockingly, I'm only up a pound overall. I'm not even going to try worrying about measurements til next week. :) I now have another huge conference I'm manning so it'll be another hard slog. My strategy to get back into the swing is to eat as clean as possible for the next 6 days, then once I'm done with the conference next Thursday, to go steady on through the end of the challenge and beyond. if it takes me a few more weeks to hit my "15 pounds and 15 inches lost" goal, then so be it.

  • The challenge that each of us has committed to is a journey ~ taking baby steps ~ not sprints to get to the end result.  

    In the past 4 weeks, I ahve GAINED a pound!  I am not giving up!  

    The injury to my left leg (back in January 2011) is still a focus point with me.  

    Monday night, I walked the treadmill at 2.5 mph and after 30 minutes, I was in PAIN!!  2.5 mph is not even a fast walk for me.  I used to be able to get to 4.5 mph without any problems.

    Everyone tells me go slow (baby steps) and allow my leg muscles to get stronger and more flexible.  It's hard for me to do ~ but I AM taking baby steps (literally).

    Hang in there everyone.  Whatever your personal goal is ~ with focus, discipline and motivation WE WILL REACH OUR PERSONAL GOALS whatever they may be.


  • I have not checked in for a couple of weeks, I have had some hurdles but overall have conquered them.  First had the stomach flu, then broke my toe, then got strep throat.  The broken toe has been the biggest hurdle but I am still going to the gym just trying to do stuff that does not hurt my toe.

    In the past 4 weeks, I have lost 10.5 pounds so I feel pretty good about that.

    Something that I have found is that the workouts suggested are not enough for me right now.  I follow the  workouts and then usually add a walk in the afternoon/evening pushing a stroller.  I usually walk for like 40-50 min and lose about 400-500 extra calories, since starting the extra walk I have started losing more weight.

    It seems that everyone has been through struggles in this 4 weeks starting but everyone seems to be overcoming them and growing stronger, keep up the good work, I know reading everyone positive post has helped me to keep motivated.

  • Ebogiefootball,

    Congratulations on losing weight whilst overcoming some big challenges. The broken toe sounds very painful. I don't have any great excuses, I just make excuses.   I have been working out but not watched my eating carefully.

    Today is a new beginning and I've planned my eating.  I had slipped back into bad habits with diet coke and so it's water, water all the way. I'm off to my workout now.

  • Hello all!  In the middle of week 6 and I think I have hit a plateau.  I am not sure what is going on.  When I work out I am super exhausted and really have to push myself.  I feel tired all the time.  I don't think I have changed much since week 4.  Can someone help me?  I have not cheated during my week (just my free day) or missed a workout.   Maybe it is my eating???

    typical day of eating:

    Meal 1:  Egg white and ww toast

    meal 2:  Protein bar or shake

    Meal 3: shredded chicken breast, a small amount of ff cheese and a ww tortilla or a turkey sandwich on ww bread and veggies

    Meal 4: Protein bar or shake

    Meal 5:  Brown rice, chicken and veggies

    Meal 6:  Cottage cheese and yogurt or natural PB with celery and an apple

    Please help!

  • Hi Jenmarie ~

    It sounds like your body has gotten use to your daily exercise and food intake.  It's time to change it up a bit and push just a little harder during your workouts.  If your tired all the time, perhaps your food intake is not sufficient.  How many calories are you eating each day?  When do you exercise?  Do you have a protein shake/bar after your workout?  Are you drinking enough water?

    It sounds like your well on your way ~ just keep focused and change it up a bit.  You can do it!


  • Thanks for the reply TeriP!  I have been working out at 5 every morning, then wait the hour and eat egg whites and ww toast.  I haven't been counting calories because I have had a problem with the scale and calorie counting, so I am trying to stay away from both.  (I get a little obsessed! Lol)  I am drinking enough, about 90 ounces per day.  I will try to shake it up a bit, try to push through it.  Thanks again for your insight!!


  • Okay guys!  So here's the problem ;)   I was completely excited to start & make changes, but I haven't done squat since the 1st week & haven't seen progress since then either.  Granted, I haven't gained the 3 pounds back, but my moving forward to a better lifestyle just isn't moving.  I'm 6 weeks away & can still do it, I know, but don't know why I'm not following the guidelines better.  Lifting weights?  No problem!  I actually enjoy that.  Cardio -- Not doing too well.  Food -- Ugh!  A few weeks ago, I started to try to cut out carbs (not including veggies) & although it appeared to help, today I'm still only a few pounds down.  A problem I know I had in the last few days is after lunch, I was exhausted.  AND there's candy everywhere (thanks Halloween!)!  I had the most amazing mental battle ever yesterday with the candy bowl & although I stayed strong longer than I usually do, I still lost!  I don't want to fail!

  • Hi Terrim.  Sorry to hear this!  Have you been looking over all your goals that you set in the beginning of the challange?  That is what helps me I know that I have to want to change more than I want the candy and junk food.  I suggest following the plan as closely as possible.  Cutting out carbs is very dangerous when you are lifting and doing cardio the way you are suppose to be doing.  You have to fuel your body for energy and no carbs means no energy!

    I was the biggest secret junk food binger that I know and have not cheated once since the beginning.  I do not count my free day as cheating by the way.  I do go way over what is needed on my free day though and I am working on that!  Just tell yourself that you can have that candy on your free day.  6 days is not that long to wait for candy.  get some gum or extra water for the times when you are tempted. have to want to succeed more than you want to fail.  Just read over your goals again and try to remember why it is you started BFL in the first place!!