• Hi All!! I have been pretty busy at work so I am just now checking back in.  It is day 8 and I am still going strong.  The Myoplex Lite Shakes have saved me this first week.  They are not the greatest tasting but they will do.  I opted not to take my Free Day and did just fine.  I have fallen in love with the Zumba 20 minute intermediate on my Kinect.  See ya later!  I love Zumba!!

    I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....wooo..hooooo

  • Okay guys!  Tomorrow morning is my 1 week weigh in!  I'm sure I've lost a little (truthfully, I've been on the scale every day), but am still kind of excited that week one is almost done.  Haven't done perfectly, but have done way better than I have in a very long time!  I am a point/calorie counting freak & decided that this time around, there was going to be none of that.  Just make the changes I've been wanting to make & see what my body does.  GIve up the scale?  Absolutely not!!!  But OMG - I haven't counted a point or calorie for a whole week.  Woo Hoo!

  • Ok, So I am a little late in writing & getting strongly on the band wagon.  Officially, I began this last round on 9-2-11.  However, I am actually going to start with the trainer tomorrow 9-9, and strict dieting on Monday 9-12 (10 days late).  I have been sick, and without funds to shop for healthy food.  Just got my student loans in (am in the FL State Univ - MLIS graduate program via distance learning).  I have been an unemployed 52 year old teacher since February 2011.  Thank God for unemployment insurance.  Or I would not have anything to worry about as I wouldn't be eating anything & really loosing weight!  LOL.  Joking aside, I know BFL works.  See pix below - I was over 400 pounds in Jan 2011   Now I had another physical set-back.  I was hospitalized in mid-June for an 8mm kidney stone.  I lived a very sedentary life since then, barely going out of my house.  UNFORTUNATELY.  I now will get back on track & hopefully do GREAT! 


    In May, I was looking GREAT (see pix) But have gained weight again since June.  Oh well, back in the saddle.  

    Best Regards & Keep the faith :)

  • That should read I was over 400 pounds in January 2001 not 2011.  Big difference. Sorry

    Best Regards & Keep the faith :)

  • Congratulations AK After 50 for getting started again! I love our "mini-forum" and it helps me to have a "fix" to share BFL thoughts, so I don't bug my friends with it. :)

    Your pics show that you're already a champion--so here's to your improved health!!


  • -3.6 pounds - Yippee!  Granted, I made sure to have a super big, yummy dinner the night before I started, but I really feel like I'm on the right track.  So now I have to make it from Friday to Monday without gaining anything.  That's where I've been struggling for a few years.  Do well over the week, screw it up over the weekend, & start at the beginning come Monday again.

  • AK after 50 the difference between the 2 pics is inspiring!  Glad you're with us!

  • W1D5 ~

    I actually started exercising on 09/03/11, so I'm not sure if it's W1D7 or W1D5 ~ does it matter what day we start on as long as we start?

    I have exercised every day except today ~ went to the chiro because I was OUT everywhere!!  I will begin exercise again tomorrow :)

    My eating this week has been OK ~ not perfect by any means.  I have the Body for Life cookbook and I plan to review the meals and pick out at least 5 to prepare for next week.

    High 5 to each and everyone of you for making the decision to become healthy!

    We will each succeed at our goals ~ that I am sure of!

    Have a GREAT night and we will chat again soon...

  • W1D7 ~

    I guess you could say that yesterday was my free day for exercise and today may be my free day for food.

    I am going to the grocery store shortly to prepare for this week.  Lot's of chicken & turkey with frutis and veggies too.

    I've had a small set back with my thigh so I am taking it easy for a day or two.  I will not let my injury defeat my goals of getting strong & healthy!

    Have a GREAT Sunday ~

  • Okay guys!  Trying to figure something out here - Weighed in today 2 pounds heavier than yesterday - Yesterday being my free day.  So how can I ever make long term progress if I set myself back every free day?  I didn't think I went all that crazy either - considering what I know I'm capable of doing.  Problem is #1 being extremely frustrated when I got on the scale this am & #2 being able to stay on track.  Have a Bronco game tonight & am already having those self-defeating I want to eat everything tonight thoughts - You know, don't want to . . . but really want to.  The same thought process that has kept me overweight for 4 years now.

  • So my pictures show 10 years progress.  Actually, I got down to the 260 to 230 range before my major cancer surgery in 2005.  I have floated between 260 and down since then.  Last year, I was around 270, now today back to 250.  That May photo I was down to 235.  The good news is that my body fat is down to 30%.  I was a lot higher than that, like over 34%.  So BFL does really work ladies and gents.  Keep the faith & don't stop trying. 

    Good pep talk for myself today too.  LOL 

    Went to gym to reconnect with my trainer only to find my sessions left expired two weeks ago.  I will get them back as I had surgery in June, thy will credit me in time.  I did do 30 cardio on the elliptical.  So good start.  I had planned on doing upper, but starting back with cardio was probably the best bet anyway since I've been that "bed potato" for 2 month.  With very little motion.

    I met a lady from my old job who hasn't seen me in a couple of years, and she said "Wow, you look great" so that was a reality check.  Only I am as hard on myself.

    more Later.  Thanks for the encouragement.

    Best Regards & Keep the faith :)

  • Terrim, this has totally just happened to me, and I just am taking it one day at a time now--not trying to be a super hero but realizing that it didn't take me 8 days to get 20 pounds overweight... so losing it isn't going to happen right away either. But yes, I gained back everything and more despite a very reasonable cheat day. I have a huge trip in a week, so that will also suck sideways, but I figure if I can just keep up as well as I'm able through that trip, I'll get nutty when I get home. Weirdly, I am getting lots of compliments on how I look and if anything I've GAINED. so i'm going to assume that my energy is higher and at least THAT is win.

    hang in there!

  • Hello all, it was a busy weekend/week, just checking back in.  I see some people have had good progress congrats!  I lost 3 lbs which I was pretty happy about since it was the 1st week and I am still trying to get the hang of the diet portion.  I have found the chocolate protein to be much better than the vanilla however I am not using the eas protein but I am eating the some of the lite bars.  I have made the chocolate protein pudding and it is really good, almost taste like brownie batter just not as rich :)  Other than that I have stuck to deli meat sandwhichs and yogurt and fish products.  Still trying to figure that all out and hoping to increase content as I go.

    As for the weight loss portion I totally agree with the above post on gaining weight on off days.  However, I am trying to not get on the scale except for weigh day.  I know in the past my weight would fluctuate each day by like +/- 5 lbs so if I only get on the scale once a week that will be better for my peace of mind.  I also did measurements so that if one week I don't lose weight I hopefully have lost an inch or so somewhere on my body and I can be proud of that to keep motivated.  This is all trial and error for me but  I am trying to trust the program and hopefully it will provide results at the end of each week.   Good luck to all and try not to be discouraged about gaining on your free day you can make it up during the week with hard work and most of it is probably just waste from more processed foods :)  So you can lose that easy!!

  • Hello all... I've been struggling a bit. This is the start of week 3 with the eating. I've done quite well with food, but have actually gained  a few lbs. I haven't gotten in nearly enough workouts, but getting the food prepped is a huge hurdle for me. I think without the consistent exercise, I need less carbs, so I chose not to add brown rice with my chicken and green beans, and removed the corn and SOME of the black beans in my "turkey chili". I'm enjoying the food, for the most part. I feel really good today! Headed out for a walk...

  • Hello ~

    I am in W2D2 today.

    Yesterday I packed my lunch only to be reminded when I got to work that everyone was going out for lunch at Olive Garden for September birthdays.  I thought that was going to be today!  I was pretty good and had the sald (low in calories but oh so high in sodium), brothy soup and 2 bread sticks and water!

    I still have my lunch in the frid and will have chicken breast; peas and watermelon today!

    Worked out last night too.  I did 10 minutes on the Arch (leg still not where I want it to be); did the abductor/abbductor machine; rowing machine; crunch machine and back machine ~ kind of a hodg podg workout but at least I worked out!

    I usually weigh myself on Friday mornings.  I used to weigh in every Monday but I joined the Biggest Loser Club for the past 12 weeks (didn't lose anything~just maintained) NOT what I wanted and we had to weigh in every Friday for the challenge team I was a part of.  I dropped my membership because I didn't want to pay for a program when I knew that I could get more education and information  on becoming healthier for free!

    My goal in the next several weeks is to lose at least 15 pounds hopefully more and then continue with the strength training to keep me in a healthier state of mind and body.

    Wishing each of you a wonderful day....