• Try.....I know I will, I know I will, I know I will.....wooo..hoooo!

  • Good luck to you, all.  I am starting on Monday, so I will be a few days behind you.  I tried to start on the 11th of April this year and that very same day my mom had an emergency double bypass....I stayed by her side for weeks, so I had to stop.  Let me tell you something else.....when I was in the hospital with her, that very SECOND day, my entire body hurt from lifting those weights (not a normal thing for me to do).  I went easy (so I thought) and only went up to 10 pounds.....I am either a light weight!!! or it's gonna hurt!!!!  So...just so you might be sore that first time you lift.

    Hope it all goes well.  I'll be thinking of you.

  • Happy Birthday!!  I hope you have an EXCELLENT work out!

  • Hey everybody. Today is my first day as well. Good luck to you all.

  • Welcome to the First Day of the (what you hope and we all do) Rest of your life(it will definately help with the quality and extent of ones life normally).  Best wishes to you...Fellow BFL Team member.

  • Morning all!  Day 2 and eating right!  Success with cardio yesterday, weight training today.  Looking forward to the burn that just indicates progress!!  Thankful for the responses and small group we have supporting one another!!  Have yet to take pics, but will do so this evening.  SIngle mother of 4, full time nurse, and finding time to do this!!  WE CAN DO IT!!!

  • Hello all... I just wanted to pop in to share another food idea. This evening, I did more Brown rice, more chicken and steamed a bunch of green beans. Made 5 meals out of that combo.

    After that, I browned 1 lb ground turkey breast, added 1 can low sodium (and welll rinsed) black beans, 1 can ro-tel, 1 can Mexican Style diced tomatoes, and a few TB of corn, some chili powder, lots of cumin and simmered for a bit. That made enough for 6 meals. Tomorrow morning, I'll do more of the salsa/scrambled eggs and try to figure out some other meals/snacks. I could use ideas for something maybe less savory/more sweet? or bland...

    My house smells great and having the fridge stocked up for the weekend I think will really help me! I hope you all are doing well!

  • Awake and smelling the coffee brewing.  This is the 3rd time i have started the program.  The first one was successful, for the 6 weeks I stuck to it.  My daughter had severe health problems that required more time than I had for myself.  But in that 6 weeks I had dropped inches, and pounds and felt better than i had in my life!  The second time i simply was not mentally prepared to commit...lack of preparation with food, groceries, always an excuse.  This time is diferent.  "life" is stable.  I have a good head about it, am prepared, have acquired support and established accountability.

    It is 84 days.  82 now!  

  • So this is day 2 for me.  Workouts are going great but the food is not going so well.  Tried the pumpkin was not that good, not sure if I did something wrong or if just is not good.  Also made the pumpkin muffins, they are not too bad, I could not get them to rise like normal muffins and they are a little soggy in the middle but overall not terrible.  Made the protein pudding, it was pretty good.  I think I need to get a little more organized for the food portion and try so more things.  Hope everyone else is doing well on this journey!!

  • Well, I've figured out the key to working out w dumbbells is to simply go to the point of muscle failure. Which is harder for lower body (form goes down the tubes first) but I'm hoping this approach keeps me on track for the first few weeks. I belong to a gym but my spare bedroom is far closer! ;)

    Of course, I momentarily considered going down the stairs on my tail this morning, my legs were so wobbly post workout. But I'm just that out of shape!

    I lost my first pound today. I figure if I just net 1-2 pounds lost a week, I'll be more than thrilled. In all truth that should come just from the diet, so we'll see.

    Re diet -I'm one of those non cooks. I figure simple will be the only way I succeed - so I am a huge fan of nonfat Greek yogurt, canned pumpkin (I eat the pumpkin heated with spices and almonds on top), veggie burgers and my protein shakes. I did buy some boneless chicken, my body weight in frozen veggies, and enough low sodium canned beans to see me thru the apocalypse as well. So we'll see how it goes! I'm doing the meal replacement bars but only in desperate cases (like this week's all day meeting, to avoid the pizza. It worked!)

    Love seeing everyone's posts!!!

  • Hey if we have a global earthquake can I come stay with you? Those canned beans may come in handy. I love a good sense of humor...keep up the good work.

  • Ebogiefootball - Keep trying with the food!  I know a long time ago, I got the Eating for Life cookbook & had to make changes here & there in order for it to taste good to me (or my husband!).  This morning I did the protein pancakes.  Now they didn't taste ANYTHING like pancakes, but were actually pretty good.  Funny though, it took forever to eat because it was pretty "heavy" in the sense that it didn't have an ounce of flour & 1/2 cup of sugary syrup!  Wasn't sure at first, but then decided it tasted pretty good.

  • I am doing all my cooking for the week tomorrow. Any suggestions? What did everyone wear for their before pics. I am doing that tomorrow as well. I have been working out at home but I am headed back to 24 hr fitness because I don't have all the equipment I need. So, what are your reasons (everyone|for changing? I want to change because this is a un-realized dream, and I want to be an example to those that are in trouble with their health.

  • tsmall, if you arrive bearing a can opener, you are welcome to my wealth of canned goods. :) I'm sure that's the one thing I WON"T have!

    Also, I wore an exercise bra and swimsuit bottom for my pics, and I seriously look like I'm staring down a firing squad. Chubbily. But I figure if, at the end, I look fit, then I'll be glad of these pics.

    My suggestions for cooking are generally: avoid it... so I'm no help there (sorry!) Tonight I had peas, corn on the cob and poached chicken with a slice of low fat cheese. it was freakishly good, but I have low standards :).

    And as for my reasons for doing BFL--I realized that to really accomplish my goals, I had to start taking care of myself. I am on the cusp of a brand new career, and I want to be transformed in all ways--inside and out! I'm being kind of quiet about this to my friends (which is why I'm babbling online, I will simmer down shortly, I promise) but if I achieve my goals, then I want to be able to show them a path to reaching theirs. We'll see!

  • Morning,  I'd love to join your thread. This is my third attempt at BFL. After my first I felt great - lost 11 lbs and just felt fit.  I never really committed to the second and although I have continued working out - the pounds are slipping back. Today will be a tough week at work so I'm leaving for the gym in a little bit and planning my food. Greek yoghurt got me through the first challenge so it will continue to be my standby. I originally bought it with fruit added but then started buying plain non-fat and adding cinnamon and a few drops of maple syrup.  

    "tI hink I can, I think I can, I think I can," said the little engine that could.