• Tomorrow morning is it!  I am going to do this no matter what it takes!  I have even asked the gals at work to hold me accountable for what they see me put into my mouth...I am going to make it to the gym 3 days a week.  I expect to see at least minor results by the 21st, which is my 38th birthday.  I am a single mother of 4 children ages 10months to 13.  I want to have the energy to be a physically active mother and a role model to help them have an active and healthy lifestyle.  I can do this!!!

  • Good luck, stormtrooper! I'm starting today (9/1) as well.

  • Good luck to you!  I'm starting tomorrow morning as well... I've armed myself with my grocery list and will be as prepared as they come to start the challenge!  

  • I got in my slightly confusing Cardio workout this morning. I've been eating the BFL way for the past two weeks (almost) and have only begun the exercise today. I was feeling like the carbs were too high when I wasn't working out. I've gained, actually. I'm hoping to lose 10ish lbs and get firmed up. I want to look better after having 3 kids than I ever did before!!! Hoping to learn from others.

  • sounds like we're all in this together!  

    Since you've been doing the eating part for 2 weeks- do you have any meal plan ideas?

  • Here's the breakdown-I have been quite  boring so far... On Sunday afternoons, I spend a bit of time to prep my food. (I work full time, and have 3 kids so my time is VERY LIMITED). I throw 2 cups brown rice into the rice cooker. I fill the vegetable steamer basket with broccoli for the last 7-10 minutes of the rice cooking. I do use low sodium chicken broth in the cooker-the rice tastes great! While that is cooking, I cook my chicken-I use boneless skinless breast tenderloins and chop into smaller pieces for faster cooking-I have a Balsamic Citrus Basil marinade I got at Costco that I add to it, also. TASTES AMAZING

    This usually gives me at least 4 MEALS worth. I separate it out into containers and stack them up in the fridge so I can grab and go.

    I also take one container of Nancy's Cottage cheese (no crazy ingredients-it's the only one my body doesn't seem to react to) and separate it into 4 separate servings. I mix LIght FF Yoplait (per Bill Phillips suggestion) with it once I'm at work.

    I also use 1 quart of egg substitute, cook in a pan WITH 1 16 oz container of fresh style salsa-rojo's or other similar type. Scramble all together, and drain liquid (From egg whites and salsa) at the end. Separate into 4 containers (or more). I will usually add a small slice of Whole grain toast with the depends.

    Those have pretty much been my staples to get me through the workday. I also will do oats in the am with some ground flax. I usually have 2 hard boiled egg whites with that, as well.

    I found a protein pudding that's pretty great that I have had a few times. It sure fills me up! I've also included some Myoplex Bars/Shakes among other types. I need some more ideas.

    This Sunday, I'll be cooking some ground turkey and adding some (homemade) taco seasoning or something similar. Will steam some green beans and add that in for a meal. I'd like to start incorporating some quinoa and black beans-I love both... Just need to get creative! Share ideas :)

  • Hey Stormtrooper -- how did day one go?

  • I am getting started today, good luck everyone!

    I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....wooo..hooooo

  • I am starting tomorrow morning!  I am getting a grocery list together, good luck to all that started today and I hope it went well :)

  • I'm starting tomorrow - On my 45th birthday.  Already got confused with the process.  I thought you were supposed to complete the application prior to starting & finish it at the end (ha, ha).  Said I tried to complete my application 85 days too soon :) Did my grocery shopping & am pretty sure my refrigerator has never been so full.  Certainly not with fruits & vegetables.  I'm excited to go on this journey & hope we can all succeed together!

  • My name is Tammy and I am so glad I found a group starting now. I'm in. I am looking forward to getting to know all of you!

  • This is great! These are some great ideas. Thanks!

  • Hello, all! I hope you don't mind but I'll probably post daily for awhile. I am doing this solo and live alone, and I need the support. :)

    Today (day 2) is off to a good start, though an all day work meeting may destroy my food. No fridge, food brought in, and i know it'll be horrible stuff. I'll bring bars OR make it my cheat day, so we'll see how that goes.

    I'm a scale nazi, so girding my loins not to lose any weight, though my ultimate goal is 15 pounds lost. That... would simply be amazing. I've taken measurements and pics and will update those periodically. I had to take the photos with a self-timer so I look like the chubby girl on death row :), but it's something.

    Upper body was good--I think I'm going to need to increase reps vs. weight for a bit to get the burn--too much weight and my form goes down the tubes. But my goal is "quivering muscles" by the "intensity 10" group of reps, so we'll see how that goes. I'm starting at home, but will move to the gym if I can't get that shaky feeling. :) It'll be a few weeks, regardless for that!

    onward and good luck everyone!

  • So I did my initial weigh in this morning and I am heavier than I thought!  **Sigh**.. I printed a copy of my before photo and I am going to keep at my desk (where lots of snacking happens).  Weekends are the hardest for me and Labor Day weekend is going to prove particularly interesting.  So it is 8:00 am, Day 2!

    I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....wooo..hooooo

  • I am in  also. Just need to get a little more organized, but I hope the best for all that are starting in September.