August 29th Challengers!!

  • HELP!  I am so scared of my long weekend.  I leave for the mountains tomorrow night and I don't come back until Tuesday.  Any advice?  I think I can keep my diet in check most of the time, but those beers are going to be tempting.  Also, what can I do if I can't get to the gym?  I plan on being active most of the time by hiking, kayaking, swimming, etc.  I don't want to screw up so early in the game.

  • Hi LoseLBs...

    What I would do is plan accordingly to the grocery list your taking up there!! This is such a great program that you can mostly have a ggod time because you get to eat a lot...have you seen the Body For Life Cook book?!! There are some really good receipes from it...pancakes, pudding, pumpkin pie, burger, spheghetti, chicken and steak, pasta, can have almost anything but with a little substitutes to make it a healthy for the beer:)...I would start your free day maybe in the late evening on one day and stop it late evening the next by that same previous day's time (example10pm-10pm)...Its still a 24 hour period and it is better than going crazy on a whole weekend...instead you can have 2 evenings of fun:) not perfect but I think you should be fine...I have done this program many times and doing that once in a blue moon won't hurt....just be good the rest of the times.. as good as possible:) and don't beat yourself up if the worst happens...just get right back on track!!! Look at the book

    Have FUN!!

  • Day 4 - Going good so far.

    I have a fair bit of energy today.  But i am very very sore from yesterdays lower body workout. I have to go up quite a few stairs in my work building and its so hard to get down them and back up.

    Food wise i have been good, i haven't craved anything sweet/sugary or carby. i'm feeling pretty confident i can see this 12weeks through and i am excited about the end result.

    As for balancing family life./home/work- i am finding this good. My partner is really supportive and puts up with my whinging from being sore. Work is great, they all know i am on it and are encouraging me. And they are asking me heaps of questions and it keeps me confident

  • Thanks for the idea!  I think that sounds do-able.  

    Question...I thought the BFL cookbook was for maintenance after you complete the 12 weeks.  Is that wrong?

    I'm just going to go easy on myself.  I'll stick to the plan as much as I can over the weekend and really follow it to the tee when I get back.  I may have to work a little harder next week, but so be it.  Balance is key :)

  • Good morning, fellow Challengers!!

    Yesterday was a little short of a nightmare but made it through.

    * Woke up late, so no time to grab gym clothes to work out at lunch

    * Eating schedule was untimely -- hungry most of the day for some reason (For instance, ate meal 2 at noon, meal 3 at 1:25, and forced myself to wait until eating meal 4 at 5:30p)

    * Out to dinner with family, and had an ounce of peach cobbler -- yummy, but the only good thing is it set the tone for everyone else - they only ate an ounce, too! :o)

    * Worked out at 11:10p (did the Total Gym for legs since I wasn't going back out to go to they gym), following by my final Meal 6 at 11:40p (protein drink)

    Yesterday it felt like I was getting sick, today feels slightly worse.  But, ....... it could be my body responding to the additional water ounces and it's thinking, "I'm detoxing....."  Will know for sure by tomorrow.

    Today's "Day 4" hurdle?  Not giving into my emotions of "I don't feel good" and skipping or short-changing my workout.  Not sure if I'll do the stairs in my building for the cardio, or my neighborhood walk/run after work.  

    How's it going with you??


  • LoseLBs, I really like tashiana8's idea.  The 10p-10p FREE day is perfect.  You're gonna have lots of opportunities with the cardio, and you could carry rocks for your upper body weight training.  Hopefully your fellow travelers will support your efforts.  If not, go into the woods and get your workout on!! :o)

    Have a good time and let us know how it goes.


  • Welcome, patriciaa99!  Good luck this go round and PLEASE chime-in on useful things for us newbies!


  • Day 5

    I'm tired. I've been getting plenty of rest since the past few nights I can't stay up past 10 and I usually go to bed at midnight and wake up around 7. But my body is tired- these workouts are really kicking my butt. I cannot wait for my off day (Saturday) mostly so I can give my body a rest. I'm not really craving too much "bad" food like I did when I started my first challenge last year. I went for a bikeride today for my cardio and boy did my legs burn. All I have to do now is eat right the rest of the day, eat right tomorrow, and get through a workout tomorrow morning. I'm so tired!!!

    I weighed myself this morning and for the first time, I didn't care what the number read! I did lose a pound and a half which is great, but this time, for me, it's all about how I look and feel the end of week 12. I want it so bad I can taste it! I will make a transformation!!! Other poster's after pics have been so inspiring!

  • Correction: I do want a beer or two. But that's it :-)

  • Way to go, annrunning, and congrats on having 4 days under your belt!!  I need to get back to my AM workouts (at 5am).  SO HARD to get up, but very doable.  Thanks for encouraging us all with your activity.

    We CAN do this! :o)

  • I had to move my "Off" day from Saturday to yesterday. After the lower body workout my legs were so sore that I could hardly get out of bed the next day. Here in Afghanistan I still have to be able to move miles each day, so I had to re-arrange the schedule to fit the needs of the Army. I had my "Off" day, but still ended up walking 4 miles for my job, and I ate great except for dinner. I let dinner be my "Off Meal". We only get pizza out here once a month so I figured I would partake in a slice of home.

    I got right back down to business today with my upper body work-out and was KILLING IT!!! I felt so great I cannot even explain it. I measured today just to see if anything has changed, and I lost 0.25" around my mid-section, measuring from the belly button, even with the "Off Meal" in only 4 days of the program!!

    Dare to be awesome!!!!!

  • Everyone is doing so great! I love this forum! The long weekend is going to be hard we are having a big family party on Sunday so hopefully I won't ruin it. Had a great cardio workout yesterday. I am taking my "off" day from exercise today because I have to take my baby to the doctor. She has a heart murmur that we have to get checked out. Hopefully everything goes well. It is just hard to see such a little baby (she is 8 weeks tomorrow) have to deal with all of that but we have to get her better. I will still eat good today, I plan on having my off meal on Sunday for the party and hopefully I won't go wild! My mother in law and two sister in laws are doing weight watchers and I feel like this is a better plan because I just feel like it something tha I can keep up with the rest of my life. Not that weight watchers isn't good, I have done it and I am sure that most of us all have done it at some point I just like the fact that they put a huge emphasis on working out with BFL. They do with WW but I just feel like this makes more sense for me :). Anyway hope everyone has a great day and wish me good luck at the doc with the baby!

  • Alywllk - I'll be praying for you and the baby today. Hoping all goes well at the doctors.

    Huriakane872 - you are killin' it! A .25 inch lost is awesome, because every inch counts.

    Sillyghirl - your day did sound hectic, but you did it successfully! If you're still not feeling well today, sit in a bathtub with the hottest water you can stand for as long as you can stand (30 mins to an hour), with vicks on neck. You might also want to put a hot towel around your neck also.

    Annrunning - I'm with you, it's all about how we look and feel, and how healthy we are, when the challenge is over. The scale...we should all just throw them away now.

    Decided to do my cardio on the treadmill this morning. That liked to kick my butt. Starting at level 5 and moving to level 10, when I don't like running anyway. But I have to say that I look forward to the next cardio so that I can challenge myself to run a little further. I ran the first 2 minutes warm-up but then ran/walked the rest of the way.

  • sillyghirl

    Welcome, patriciaa99!  Good luck this go round and PLEASE chime-in on useful things for us newbies!



    Thanks for the warm welcome.  I'm with ya, girl.  Second time around will be golden.  Please count me in!!  I love BFL, because it's realistic.  I will post picture again soon.


  • Hi LoseLBs...HI ALL!!!!

    The Body For Life Eating For Life book is for EVERYONE who is beginning and maintaining:) It is my Bible to eat right now!!!! I love to cook and this book has breakfast, lunch dinner, snacks, and desserts(which would be your last "meal") in it!!  If you look at it it has pure healthy choices of portions of carb, protein, and veggies...All I can say is YUM!!

    I have to still do measurements which Im sure I have already lost an inch and 4lbs which could be water weight but I know my body is changing ALREADY by how my clothes are fitting, how SORE I am, and my energy level! If anyone starts to get sick, I had an excellent doctor tell me to drink lots of citrusy water, and wear light clothes, no hot baths because HEAT causes your temperature to rise and stay, and just rest as much as possible..(also, as a performer I swear to Airbourne and Zicam...especially airbourne.) If you read the instructions on both and FOLLOW them, it works!UPPER today...late start with breakfast 1120 BFL pancakes and egg white omelette with salsa and water will eat every 2 hours to get my six...120 will be a PB chocolate myoplex bar and water

    Alywilk..bless your lil one with health and happiness sound like your extremely disciplined and strong willed…that’s what this challenge takes…keep it up

    Sillyghirl…The treadmill definitely gives the best results, as a woman who’s done this before, and what I love to experience, is when you walk walk jog then start to walk jog jogfaster, then jog, jogfaster, run…and it just keeps getting better!!

    But TO ALL, once we get over all the cravings, the first week to the second and so on…it gets harder because we get BETTER at EVERYTHING(cardio,weights etc) and look better and then we have to push even HARDER!