August 29th Challengers!!

  • I eat so many bleeding egg whites now that I dream about them... well those things and big steaks

    I went out walking through the city center, it happened just the other day. Sometimes Sydney Harbor in the winter, blows a little luck my way.

  • Ok I have had a great day today. I went swimming for a bit earlier with my daughter... I did get some cardio in which I didn't feel bad because I was able to come home and get in a great upper body workout so I just may have to switch up days this week but I will be sure to get all of my workouts in. Anyway just ate dinner I made fajitas... just boiled some lean chicken breast in a little olive oil and water added green and red bell peppers, some onions and some low sodium taco seasoning and just boiled it down until the veggies were tender. It was delicious. I put it on some whole wheat tortillas that I found at Costco. They only have 80 calories with 12g fiber and 8g protien, got to love that and weird enough they tase really good!

    Made a trip to the grocery store today and got some good fruits and veggies and loaded up on the eggs and FF cottage cheese.

    Everyone seems to be off to a good start! Keep on posting everyone because I love pulling up my e-mail and seeing all of the conversation going on it is really great!!

  • All the meals sound fantastic.  I ordered my bars and shakes last week and I'm still waiting for them to arrive.  A friend of mine works at Abbott and does the Myoplex products, too, so we share some items (protein powder).

    My meals today were:

    Meal 1:  Spinach Frittatas: (Egg Whites, Spinach, Low-fat Mexi-Blend Cheese, Sweet Onions), 2 slices of Turkey Bacon; 32oz water and 6oz of Coffee with flavored cream - I think I should have done 1 Turkey Bacon
    Note:  the coffee with cream is my daily crutch -- looking to wean myself soon -- it's like being an addict!  Gotta have it!!!! LOL

    Meal 2:  Honey Greek Yogurt and Natural Almonds; 16oz Water

    Meal 3:  My Tuna Blend (2oz Albacore, 3 Egg Whites, 1/4 tsp Organic Seasoning Blend, 1/4 tsp Spicy Mustard, and 1/2 tsp Olive Oil) with 1 Whole Wheat Tortilla; 8oz water

    Meal 4:  4oz Turkey Meat (deli), 1 Whole Wheat Pita, 1 Low-Fat Mozerella Stick

    Meal 5:  4oz Low Fat Cottage Cheese, 1/4 tsp Cinnamon, 3/4 Fuji Apple; 16oz water

    Meal 6 (in the makings now):  Veal Piccata with Lemon and Capers (sauteed in vegetable broth, thickened with 1/4 tsp whole wheat flour), roasted Brussel Sprouts sprayed with Olive Oil, Seasoned Brown Rice; 16oz Water
    Note: Veal is not a preferred meat, but was the quickest thing I could defrost since silly me ran out this morning without pulling the meat from the freezer.

    My workout today:

    Let's just say my last minute was spent snuggling the elliptical. Ha!!  I worked up to my 10 on the last round, but needed an additional 2 minutes to get myself together in order to get off.  This was the first time I did it without holding onto the handles, and the first time I changed both the incline and intensity.  Whew hew!!  Next time, I will try starting 1 level higher, since I was able to talk and still workout until my levels 9 and 10.

    Ok, off to finish cooking my Meal 6.

    Ta-Tah, Challengers!


  • Gooooood morning everyone!  Wow. All of you are doing great and really pushing yourselves!  Yesterday I did my cardio.  Now it wasn't exactly a 4 mile run like I had planned.  It was more of a run most of the time, walk some of the time, sprint some of the time.  Even though I didn't run the whole thing, my legs are sore!  They are never sore after I run.  I think it was the addition of the sprints.  Might have to keep that going.

    Yesterday was another day without power/water at my house.  I stayed with my bf and his mom made us lasagna.  I'd rather screw up a meal than be rude, so I had a very small portion of the lasagna and a large portion of veggies.  Sigh.  I did what I could with the situation at hand.  I don't really feel bad about it either.

    Today, of course, still no power or water.  So I'll continue to survive on myoplex bars and shakes with the only exception being my breakfast.  Eggs and toast seem like a treat now!  Keep your fingers crossed that the power/water come back today.  :)  And again, you all are doing wonderful.  Keep up the good work as we head into our Labor Day weekend

  • Hi Sillygirl! I'm the BrightOne! Let's do this and stay in touch...My biggest deal is craving sweets and carbs.. I had quite a bit on yesterday! Today is cardio day.

  • So how are you guys handling the carb and sweets cravings or are you not having any?

  • Im having tons of sweets cravings...but I just tell myself its not worth it , gotta lose weight , not gain weight! Mind over matter!

  • Today is Day 3 for me and I feel so great , Sore from the gym but so worth it, I try to keep myself busy and drink a lot of water.( this seems to be one of my biggest challenges i hate water). But all I keep telling my self is it will be worth it in 12 weeks, one day at a time, one meal at a time.

    Good luck to all who started on 8/29/11.  We can do this together.

  • Wow.  Sound like everyone is starting off really strong!  Haven't checked the forum in a couple days.  Good to see so much success so far.

    I've been trying really hard to stay away from soda!  I've been good so far, even though I had an Iced Tea with a sweet n low yesterday.  Not too bad though.  

    I'm sore!!!!  lol.  But I feel great so far!  Can't wait for my 3 day weekend off work to focus more on planning.  Gonna help A LOT!!!  Picking up a multi exercise machine this weekend to help with my home gym.  Gonna make it a lot easier.  

    Great job everyone!

  • I'm in!!!!

    I started 8/28 because my off days need to be Saturdays, so today is day 4 for me. That means I've done 2 weight days and 2 aerobic days.

    I'm sore. I'm tired (but a good kind of tired). I'M SICK OF PEEING ALL THE TIME! But I know these are the growing pains, and soon enough I'll feel great. Shortly thereafter I'll look great. It'll be worth it.

    Yesterday I went grocery shopping and it was so tempting to buy "crap". But I am proud of all the fresh fruits, veggies, lean meats, and other healthy items I bought. My shopping cart looked great. Planning is key. I also do my workouts in the morning on an empty stomach. I get up, get the kids to school, get the dog settled, then do whichever workout I'm supposed to do, then eat. That way it's done and not hanging over my head the rest of the day, when excuses can easily creep in. Also, exercising on an empty stomach can help burn fat, and if you look at my profile, you'll see I've got lots of fat to burn!

    Good luck everyone! We can do it!

  • Whoa! This day has been crazy...temptation wise. But I haven't fallen for the bait.

    A manager came into my office for a coaching session with an open package of double stuffed Oreos. I'm not sure why she had them, since she doesn't manage the line that produces them (I work in a Nabisco plant). Then while out to lunch, my colleague decided she wanted ice cream, so while I was eating my turkey sandwich, she was chowing down on a very large scoop of strawberry ice cream. Ice cream has always been one of my favorite meals, but I wasn't tempted today. I'll just have it on Sunday. Then, just now, I walked by the coffee counter and there's a box of pizza sitting there, which is strange since we've been put on a lunch buying moratorium. Pizza is also one of my "wanna eat all the time" foods. However, I'm not falling for these tricks. I have resolved to do the right and everyday after this!

  • I was on week 10 when I left for vacation.  I blew the whole week, but I exercised like a mad woman.  Fortunately, the weight gain was minimal.  However, I'm starting the challenge over again.  So....

    This is C2, W1, D3.

    I'm 20.5% body fat, looking to be 15% body fat.  Count me in!!

  • good for you patricia for C2 ! sounds like everyone is adjusting pretty quickly. Im adjusting, but it definitely is a challenge to not eat all my favorite kill for a publix chicken finger sub right now but that I will not give in...unitl Sunday :) I've chosen Sunday as my free day because of football season lol. My boyfriend is a hard core Jaguar fan...ya I know we are big football celebrating and I just can't say no to wings. So I think that was smart of me. I have some at home free weights that you can adjust the weight from 5-25 so I did arms with those today after work. I also did an ab work out dvd I had just for fun. I feel like I need to do abs more for some reason. Had massive headache today , maybe its from the cravings. Hopefully that wont continue. Ive been drinking water like craaazy and im tired of it. But im gonna keep on truckin!

  • Everyone is doing fabulous! I was unable to do my cardio yesterday. I ended up with a migraine last night. I'm going to bed EARLY tonight to make sure to wake up early.

    I find the eating part so wonderful! I don't crave foods. I actually saw this lady buying 2 dozen donuts today and thought, "Wow, gross." lol! And I LOVE donuts!

    Anyway, upper body as soon as I finish my homework and I'm off to bed.

    Let's keep it up guys and gals!

  • I meant LOWER body :)

    And... I'm really tired of peeing. haha