Starting on the 29th...... will need encouragement, please

  • Well,  I am going to start on Monday, 29 August.  I did BFL years ago and had wonderful results.  I fell into bad habits and everything went down hill.  I have recently returned from deployment and have had a difficult time adjusting.  I have gained just too much weight.  I started running again but nothing is coming off.  I have to get back in shape and be happy again.  I will probably come on here and ask for some encouraging words every now and then.  Thanks for listening.


  • Me, too!!

    This is my first time, and I already recently lost 47 pounds.  One of my closest friends did it, too, years ago, and has maintained her weight, eating habits, and exercise and is now riding in 100-mi bike rides on a regular.

    Would love to encourage you and keep you spurred on.  You can do this, navygirl2!! :o)

  • Sillyghirl-  Great!!  We could do a daily check in,  hold each other accountable and all.  Where are you from?

  • That would be GREAT!!!!  I'm in sunny Northern California which really hasn't been all that sunny lately.

    Let's keep in contact via our profiles, or we can start a group.  I'm reaching out to all the Auguust starters I was able to identify and we can go from there.

    Going grocery shopping tomorrow and Sunday, and making my family do it with me.  My boys are EXTREMELY athletic but REFUSE to eat right, and my hubby works out, but skips meals here and there.  So the goal, everyone eating AND working out correctly.

    More to come!!!

    Anyone else interesting in joining the best Body-for-Life group out there?  Join the August BFLers!


  • Hi Silly!

    I started August 15th.  Nothing lost yet (was really sick last week and missed some workouts) but that's ok, I'm building good habits.

    I'll tell you how I look at it.  I did this 2 years ago and boy did it work!  It was after a lot of false starts.  I'd start, get a week or so into it, and let life get in the way.  Then, 10 or 11 weeks later, I'd think to myself, "Self, if you'd just kept with it, you'd look and feel a whole lot different right now, instead of exactly the way you always look and feel."  

    I decided to keep with it, and 11 weeks later, I DID look and feel very different, instead of the way I always did!

    It really sucks to look back on a very small chunk of time and realize what a minimal investment that time actually was, and how you could have spent it.  It flies by, it's nothing.  You can do this, and be very different in 12 weeks.  Or you can not do it, and be exactly the same.  It helps now, every time I REALLY want a big juicy burger, or to slack off on cardio one day, to think about that.  One little backslide, and I'm at the bottom of the damned hill!

    Also, I want to say:  You have to be selfish about this.  You really do.  When it's time to work out, it's time to work out - it's your first priority.   When everybody else wants a pizza, and you think you might dive face first into it if it's in front of you, you have to send them out to eat while you eat your healthy meal.

    If your boys and husband aren't up for doing things this way, you have to let the idea of them doing it with you go, and keep going on your own.  Don't fight them on it if they push back; just do you, and you'll be a great example.

  • Thanks, SuzanneMarie!  This is REALLY helpful!!  The diving face first has happened a few times!  I'm going to hold onto your "when it's workout time, it's workout time!"  Period.  No excuses.  No emotional, "I don't feel like it," or "I'll do it when I get home," or  whatever else that comes to mind.

    Thanks a ton!!

    And CONGRATS on starting and I hope you're 100% better real soon!


  • Find before and after pictures of people that have been successful with this.  That sure lights a fire under my rear!

    Matter of fact, I have one (I can't remember her name but she posts here sometimes) that I saved to my laptop, and I need to print them out and put them on my treadmill.  Her before shot looks a lot like I look now, and her after shot looks like a bikini model with muscle!  Amazing work!

    As I imagine slacking off while I'm on my treadmill I ask myself, did she slack off?  Bet not.

  • That's a good idea.  I have a few pics on my blog that keep me encouraged and I "plan" to check here a few times a week.  2 more days until start date!  Planning meals and grocery shopping today.  

  • I'm re-starting on Monday!!  I had started this week, but with an unexpected earthquake, and now a hurricane headed this way, life got a little hectic for me to really stick with it when I started.  This way I'll have 5 days under my belt before my weekend tempts me.  I'm going away for a long weekend with my bf for his bday on Friday.  Wish me luck and I'd like to keep in touch with you guys as we progress on this jouney

  • Hello everyone!  I'm also starting the challenge on Monday the 29th!  Can't wait to get started and STICK with it.  lol.  I've tried the challenge before, but just didn't have the motivation at the time I guess.  

    This time around though, I'm bound and determined to finish it and see my results.  I already have my first weeks workout and meals planned!  Good luck to everyone!  LETS DO THIS!!!

  • Hello! I am officially starting tomorrow though I have been following the weight training for a few weeks. Can anyone explain how this works because I would like to ask a question of the femaies out there doing this again. I lost a lot of weight when I did the program back in 2002 and now it doesn't seem to be working as well. Is it my age? I am 45 now and I think things are harder...but I know I work harder. just wanted to see if I could get encouraging words from others that did it again and succeded! thanks for any help you can give me!

  • I'm starting tomorrow too!  

  • Im starting on the 29th too. but i am in Australia so i have done my first workout this morning and i can still feel the burn! it was hard to get through the first one but i just kept picturing what i will look like by the end of it and how to make every rep count!

  • I'm starting on the 29th too!  So many times over the past years, I've told myself that tomorrow is the day.   This time, I'm determind to see it through to the end.  

  • Hello All,

    I am starting this week as well.  I'm starting on the first (Thursday) and this is my first challenge.  I'm excited and so glad to see lots of other people starting now too.  I'm spending the next few days planning my workouts and meals.  

    I agree with DunstinRV,  good luck to everyone and yes, Let's Do This!!