Am I eating too much food for the goals I want to achieve???

  • Hi all,

    I am into the end of my 1st week of BFL and am confused somewhat about how many calories I should be consuming. I an 5 foot 4 and looking to lose 15 lbs, gain a bit of muscle and tone existing muscle. I am concerned if I am eating too much. I have estimated over the past week that my calorie intake has been between 1500 - 1650 calories roughly. 

    Here are some of the meals I've eaten over the past few days:


    Day 1

    BKF - 1 slice WW toast w/ 4 egg whites and 1 egg w/1 oz grated cheddar cheese.  2C water

    Post W/O shake - 35 grams protein & 1 bottle water after (3 C)

    Lunch - 2 turkey patties 11 grams protein ea.(made w/ ground turkey , egg white, and spices - no salt, 1 C tossed salad (romaine, red cabbage, radish, carrot mixed in fine chopped), w/ 1 TBSP light Balsamic dress, 1/2 C red grapes (2 C water)

    Snack: none

    Dinner: steak & tomato rice casserole (made w/ lean round eye, 1 can lowfat tomato soup w/water, diced red pepper mixed in), 1 C salad. (same ingred as above, 1 TBSP light Bals. dress (2C water)

    Snack: none 2 c water in evening


    Day 2

    BKF - 3/4 C lowfat cottage cheese, 1/2 C mix berries, 2 C water

    snack - Post W/O shake (35 gr protein) 3 C water between snack and lunch

    Lunch - 1/2 sand (1 slice ww bread, 3 oz deli turkey breast, 1 oz cheddar cheese, tomato, 1 tsp lite mayo) 1C toss salad, (same ingred as above), 1 TBSP light bals dress, 2 C water

    snack - Berry PB protein shake (1TBSP natural PB, berries w shake, 1/2 C skim milk 12.5 gr prot)

    dinner - tom rice casserole w/ 3 oz shrimp, 2 C water

    snack - Berry PB protein shake, same ingred as above (12.5 gr prot), 2 C water before bed


    Day 3

    BKF - 1/2 egg whites w/ 1 egg, 1/2 C oatmeal (dry) w/ 1 C skim milk, 2 C water

    Snack - Post W/O shake 35 gr protein, 3 C water bet snack and lunch

    Lunch - 1 turkey pattie (11 grams prot) w/ 1 oz grated cheddar (8 gr prot) , 1 C tossed salad, (fine chop carrot, radish, red cabb), 1 TBSP light bals dress, 2 C water

    Snack - 2 whole grain rice cakes (40 cal each, no salt) w/ 3/4 cottage cheese, 1 C water

    Dinner - 2 oz sole fish w/ 2 oz shrimp, sweet potato ( fist size), 1 C steam veg (carrot, cauliflower, broccoli), 2 C water

    Snack - 5 oz greek yogurt (14gr prot), 1 C berries, 1 C water


    Day 4 ( I know I overdid calories a bit here)

    BKF - 4 egg white, 1 egg, 1/2 oatmeal, 1 C milk 2 C water

    Snack - Berry PB protein shake ( myoplex reg. w/ berries, PB & milk) 31 gr protein. I now know to omit berries when using milk. Did not know milk was a carb, thought it was protein) & omit PB from shakes? 3 C water bet snack & lunch

    Lunch - 1/2 sand (1 slice ww bread, 3 oz deli turkey brst, tom, 1 oz cheddar cheese, 1 tsp lite mayo), 1 C side toss salad ( fine chop, carrot, radish, red cabb), 1 TBSP light bals dress, 2 C water

    Snack - Myoplex reg protein shake (w/ 1 C skim milk)

    Dinner - 3 oz shrimp, Sweet potato, (fist size), 1 C toss salad, lite bals dress, 2 C water

    Snack - None, but 1 C water



    Note: I eat BKF between 8am - 830am and workout each morning about 9:30-9:45am. Should I be eating BKF earlier? If I wait to eat after workout, 1st meal is shake, not until around 10:30 - 11:00am and then lunch. 


  • Hi Tamara-

    I'm just in the middle of week no expert by any means but would like to give you some comments. I think if you focus more on grams of carbs and protein you consume instead of calories it will be easier. You should have 1 gram of carbs & 1 gram of protein daily per pound of body fat...... so if you weigh 140 you should be having 140 grams of protein and 140 grams of carbs per day. Divided by 6 that would make it 23.3 grams of each at every meal and snack. That's what BFL is all about.......consuming equal amounts of both.

    There is a great website called that has a food tracks calories and other stuff- but I just use it to input my meals to gauge my carb and protein intake. Per BFL you should be eating 6 times a day......including both protein and carbs.....I see where you are just having a protein shake. You need the carbs for energy. Check out the food diary- I find it very useful.....especially when I saw that I was actually eating too little! lol SO I'm in my 5th week- started at 140lbs- down to 133....and that's with 16 days of vacation in Alaska mind you!!!! haha

    Also in the BFL should do your workouts before you eat.....just drink two glasses of water and go! Cause if you eat before then you are just burning the carbs you ate and not the fat!! Then wait 1 hr to eat after a weight workout and 30 minutes after a cardio workout.....even after workouts the body keeps burning fuel to want the body to burn the fat as much as possible!

    So that's what I've learned so far in these 5 I said I'm no expert....but I've been putting my nose into alot of the other forums on this website and soaking in all the info.... good luck to the way- if you haven't read the Body for Life book.....I would recommend it :)


    wait one hour to eat after a cardio workout and 30 min after a weight workout...

  • Hi Tamara,

    I agree with Diane, I think you actually need to be eating MORE, not less!

    You MUST eat 6 times a day, no more skipping snacks!! I also use myfitness pal and find it great! I aim for 150g Carbs and 150g Protein a day (which leaves me with 33g fat per day using the 40-40-20 rule or ratio or carbs/pro/fat), and tends to work out around 1500-1600kcal a day anyhow, but I manage to fit all 6 small meals into that!

    I'd say watch your fat intake, do you have the original BFL book? That recommends just 1tbsp of healthy fat a day. PB isn't really the best choice to go with, and if you use myfitness pal you will probably find your hitting your fat target anyhow just from normal foods.

    I agree with not eating before workouts too, particularly with cardio that is important, and you need to have a snack/meal/shake within 30 minutes of weight training, the sooner the better to aid muscle recovery.

  • Oh p.s. also Cheese is not an authorized food, watch that.

  • Sorry just noticed a couple more things too! Light mayo, not on authorized food list, and also Greek Yogurt is not an authorized protein (too high in carbs).

    Hope that helps, if you stick to the authorized food list, you will get the results your looking for xx

  • The greek yogurt actually IS a food you can eat - it is much lower in carbs than regular yogurt, read the ingred on the back of both and check for yourself. 5 oz has only 7 grams of carbs and 15 grams of protein. * oz of regular yogurt has 27 grams of carbs and only 13 grams of protein. That's why reg yogurt is a carb. Cause of the carb to protein ratio between the two. I had come across another Body for life section where Greek yogurt actually IS a protein

  • sorry, 8 oz of regular yogurt has 27 grams

  • Tamara - Judging from your food choices, it does not appear that you have read, nor are you following the BFL authorized food list. That in itself will have you NOT get BFL results. In order to get stellar results you should read it and use it as your Bible for 12 weeks. Tweaking and guessing will just lead to regrets. It’s like going on a family vacation and forgetting your GPS.

    Diane is correct with the grams of protein and carbs however this would be to MAINTAIN your weight. I would suggest calculating your ratio’s for example as someone weighing 138lbs.  for a few weeks in order for your body to adjust, then 135lbs. and so on. (that is assuming you weigh 140lbs)

    1500 cal is not near enough IF you are hitting your 10’s in training. You need fuel in order to build and repair. Not doing so will just be a waste of time in the gym IMHO.

    If you choose to eat Greek Yogurt, just watch the labels. I know the product I get in my town is very high on carbs. I wish I could get the brand that was high in protein. :)

    You can do this – it just takes planning and ownership.

    I hope this helps.

  • I agree with Legs, ......I dont think you should be guessing or making estimations or just plain well changing things adhoc. CHEESE!!!!! did you really think that was ok to eat??? where are you getting your authorized food list from???

  • Better check the BFL book on that,  it has been OK by Bill, especially low fat cottage cheese for it's special protein...casein that helps to rebuild.

  • In my opinion, one of the main ideas behind BFL is that you don't have to count calories. Stick to the recommended portions.....fist for carbs and palm for protein.

    Fat free PLAIN Greek yogurt is fine. It is loaded with protein. It has a little bit of carbs, but you would need to add fruit or possibly oatmeal to equal out your carb/protein ratios. I would stay away from any kind of flavored Greek yogurt...they all have added sugar, which means higher carbs and more calories. It's not about the brand of Greek yogurt, it's about getting the PLAIN variety.

    Also, even natural peanut butter is high in fat and calories. I would not use it during your 12 week challenge if you want optimal results. You could have it on your free day. Also, check out PB2. It is a great alternative to peanut butter.

    I would also stay away from cheese (except for cottage cheese!) during the 12 week challenge. Again, another food that could be saved until your free day.

    Make sure you get in all 6 meals, and make sure you are sticking to your equal portions of carbs and proteins from the approved list, with some added veggies in there. It really is that easy! Stick by the BFL works!

  • I don't understand why everyone is saying no cheese. The eating for life cook book is full of recipes that use reduced fat cheese. I think one of the snacks is even two reduced cheese sticks and an apple.

  • Sorcha, Eating for Life is intended for maintenance rather than a challenge. It's a pity that is not made more clear in the cookbook.

    Many people report their best challenge results came from sticking to the food list from the original BFL book, which is even stricter than the one at this website.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • That's fine, because I actually don't like flavored yogurts anyhow. I prefer to add my own mixed berries because of the sugar content in them. For all you naysayers regarding the cheese, it is low fat cheese, and IF I have any it is MAYBE 1 or 2 ounces about 2x per week. That IS NOT going to kill my chance at losing weight and toning up. The greek yogurt I am using is called Chiobani's. It has ONLY 7 grams of carbs per 1 cup serving as opposed to regular plain FAT FREE yogurt @ 1 cup has 27 (yes, 27!) grams of carbs. The reg FF yogurt has ONLY 13 grams of protein for 1 cup, and the CHIOBANI's, which is non-fat, BTW, has 23 grams of protein for 1 cup. If you people would actually look inside the original BFL book, there is a phone # 1 800 297-9776 on Page 91 of the book to call EAS if you have any questions regarding the Myoplex products, or any fitness advice from Fitness experts who are very familiarized with the program. I have been calling this number regularly over the past week for ANY questions I have had, and have spoken to their fitness experts every time. They verified greek yogurt is a very good protein source to use. They also verified that low-fat cheese EVEN FF cream cheese IN MODERATION is okay every once in a while. Also you may want to check AKMAMA's pic's, one of the winners - she had an amazing transformation and used sugar free Polaner jam/jelly in her diet, she also used Rice cakes. Those are also not on the list, and I use both. The polaner jelly is sugar free, strawberry sweetened with splenda and has added fiber in it. When I grocery shop, I read labels for fat sugar, carbs you name it, religiously.

    Anyhow, my point is, is that I am very careful about what I have been eating, but will not limit myself to eating just chicken, fish, cottage cheese, berries, veggies, etc with absolutely nothing else for a little extra flavor per se.  A breakfast alternative I have found also is something called whole grain breakfast thins (basically sandwich thins) 1 of these has only 100 calories, 1 gram of fat (no sat fat) 22 carbs, 3 grams sugar, 4 grams protein, etc. I ocassionally have one of these with FF cream cheese and polaner jelly, the cream cheese has 0 fat and is 15 calories for 1 TBSP. The Polaner jam is sugar-free and only 10 calories per TBSP. I have only 1 TBSP of each on the BKFST thin. Then, I scramble 1/2 C egg whites with 1 egg and have that with it for the protein. The whole meal is only 245 calories. And you get your carbs, and your protein. These thins have less carbs than 1 slice of WW bread.

    Anyhow, I have been doing research and homework on the exercises and the diet, I have been calling the fitness experts at EAS for any concerns I have had, AND I have been reading BILL PHILLIPS book also. The experts at EAS told me there are other foods you can eat and that the book only lists some of them in it. So, maybe you people if you have any questions should call EAS if you have any concerns also instead of seeking it from people here who are also only just starting in the program and some who obviously shouldn't be giving advice to anyone else.