ALL ABOARD 8-22-11!!!

  • Hey Shelley - Ann,

    No offense takin it's all good, just drives me a little crazy when people coment on food they haven't tried yet is all. Can't wait to see pic's. For me not much change but will take pic anyway and post it. Does anybody have a quick way to get rid of fruit flies we have quite a lot flying around. My fault didn't take compost out quick enough. For all south of the border HAPPY THANKSGIVING. enjoy. How do you do 2 challenges at the same time please explain. Also those that have finished 1 Challenge I am inviting you all to come over to the WARRIORS thread great bunch and lots of motivation and all the help you could ask for.

    Where is evrybody today,


  • Hey everybody!

    Claude - Thanks for encouragement, I hope my wife is getting close to "the wall".  We watched Biggest Loser last night (her choice, not mine) and she really gets into it.  I think she wants it, but Biggest Loser makes it all look WAY harder than it really is.  I told her that last night, I said "You see how they are pushing these people to the brink for HOURS?  You don't actually have to do that to get results!  Just 45 minutes weights and 20 minutes cardio and eat right."  Sometimes I think the show turns more people off that might otherwise try something, because the show gives the impression that it is so hard that I think most people just say "well, I'm screwed.  Because I can't push myself like that!"

    Did HIIT last night for the first time since Thursday, followed by an UBWO.  I did 2.23 miles in 20 mins, and finished at 2.73 miles in 25 mins before cool down.  Then did my UBWO until I fatigued out after about 3 sets of each exercise.  It was really good though.

    Planning on pictures today sometime and getting my entry submitted.  I don't look like "Mr. Universe" like most of the guys in the gallery, but I'm really proud of my results so far and that's what is important.  To feel good, look good, and live life fuller and richer.  Notice, I didn't add "live longer" to the mix because I don't think you can add a day to your lifespan...that's up to God.  

    If you haven't taken the "real age test" at, I would encourage you to do so.  It takes about 30 minutes, but it gives you a snapshot of where your health is currently, and gives suggestions to improve your "real age" as opposed to your "chronologic age".  Chronologically, I'm 49 years old.  But my "real" age is 42!  When I first took the test a couple years ago, I was 59!  I actually feel younger than 42 as well, but the suggestions it gives you to further improve your health are well worth the effort.

    In case I'm not on here tomorrow, to my US friends:  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!  May God Bless you and your family this year.

    Blessings <><


  • Hey Steph,

    Did the real age and my age went from 54 - 50.3 yrs. so I'm headed in the right direction. C'mon 18. LOL.

    I have decided Sat. will be the end of this challenge for me too. Will try and post pic's on Sunday. Mon. is the beginning of the next challenge. Here's something that I borrowed from the TRX SITE.

    The first step in conscious eating is being aware of your triggers. If you think you or your clients are guilty of unconscious eating, here’s something to put on the fridge:

    •I will not eat food I don’t need.

    •I will not reward myself with food.

    •I will not medicate with food.

    •I will not allow situations, circumstances or other people to influence or dictate the way I eat.

    •I will not rationalize poor eating.

    •I will not lie to myself or others about my eating behaviors.

    •I will not eat in secret.

    •I will not repeat the mistakes of my past.

    •I will not allow my mind or emotions to sabotage my physical potential.

    •I will eat consciously.

    Conscious eating is about reconnecting with the body. It’s about stopping the cycle of lies and excuses. It’s about slowing down and paying attention. It’s about honoring and respecting the gift that is the body. When we eat consciously, our body, mind and emotions all work in perfect harmony.

    Craig Harper ( is one of Australia’s leading coaches, presenters and educators in the areas of health, fitness and personal development. Craig has been an integral part of the Australian fitness landscape since 1982. In that time, he has worked as an exercise scientist, corporate consultant, professional development speaker, university lecturer, AFL conditioning coach, radio host, TV commentator and writer.

    Hope this helps someone.


  • Well folks,

    I got my third official 12-week challenge entry completed and submitted today.  I added my new "after" photo to the photomerge on my profile.  I told ya, not much change this challenge.  I did manage to "bulk" up just a little, don't quite look as skinny as I ended up after C2, but still not where I want to be:  Still want more muscle and less fat (especially the layer still hiding any abs I might have - haha)

    But all-in-all, I can't and WON'T complain.  God has blessed me with great health this year and I'm happy to be shed of 51 lbs that I entered 2011 with!  I'm gonna enjoy my holiday time, maintain at my current weight with some good ol' Active Rest for the remainder of this year - and get ready to shoot for new heights starting 2012 (God willing).

    Let's hear from you guys and see some new pics...c'mon!

    Blessings <><


  • Good morning Stephon!

    and .. Good WORK Stephon!

    I see a difference in your upper body fullness and shape, most notably biceps, deltoids, trapezius and external obliques ... pretty much all of those muscles that show!

    You do look less skinny ... not less lean but less skinny.

    I wish our society didn't use the word skinny the way they do. They often mean " less overweight" as in 'ooohh, look how skinny you're getting' to anyone who has lost a little weight. I don't like it when words lose their meaning and that's happening with the word skinny. Being skinny isn't anywhere near as attractive or healthy as a being a normal weight with a reasonable amount of muscle. Young people who still have a fair amount of muscle can get away with it better than an older person who has lost muscle. I started to notice it on women who were roughly 40 and up and could see that being thin without muscle was not a good look. And of course, the same is true of men.

    So, back to my point. It is good that you see the difference and aspire to more than mere weight loss.  You definitely look like you've built up even more muscle in this third challenge. You mentioned your use of calipers for body fat % testing. Have you done that with this challenge to see how much fat you lost? That would be interesting to see. You must have lost some because you obviously have more muscle and if I recall correctly the scale is pretty much the same. That would indicate to me that you've lost a significant amount since muscle is so much more dense. I'd like to see that at some point too.

    By the way, us folk over on "Newbie starting Oct. 3- thread "are also starting on January 2 so maybe all of us can start a new thread and get to know new people that way.

    Thanks for putting up the new pictures. It's very encouraging to see such amazing progress and continuing dedication and improvement.

  • WHOWHOOOOOOO  we did it folks... we made it to the end of the 12 weeks and we ROCK regardless of how much weight or how many inches.  Bottom line is we stuck it out.  I am super proud of myself for achieving this goal and completing something I said I would.  That feels good inside.  I have not taken photos today and I am not going to until next Sunday, due to timing I think it may affect my photos.  I need everything I can to work in my favor.  

    Stephon - first of all I want to THANK YOU for starting this thread and hanging in there the entire time to keep us motivated and push us along when we needed it.  Your gift of giving was greatly appreciated and I know without you I couldnt have completed this 12 weeks.  Your photos look amazing, you can see a huge difference as far as I am concerned.  You have definitely put on muscle, especially upper body you look FANTASTIC.  Your dedication has definitely paid off.

    I will not be on this site moving forward as I am now hanging out at instead.  Should anyone want to reach me or see a before and after photo that is where you will find it as of next Sunday.  I am under the same name as here..

    Cheers, and thank you all... big hugs Claude too!


  • Howdy everyone!

    PatriciaK - Thanks for the kind words.  To answer your question:  This challenge I went from 15% to 13.4% bodyfat even though scale weight stayed the same.  This morning when I got up to get ready for church, I hopped on my bodyfat scales and they said I'm at 12.9% I'm somewhere around 13 - 14%.  I'm happy with the scale not changing as long as the fat goes down and the muscle goes up.  My goal starting in January is to get my bodyfat as low as I can (10% would be fine) and to really get strong and lean.  I want to participate in more 5K runs in the coming year, especially after my 50th birthday toward the Fall and Winter of 2012.

    Shelly-Anne - Thank you as well for your encouraging note.  I like helping and supporting others to reach their goals.  It really motivates me to keep going as well - so it's a little selfish too (LOL).  I will try to check in on you over at the Transformation website (I like the site too).  Keep going, and have a great Christmas!

    Blessings <><


  • How's everyone doing "post-challenge"?  Who among our group "officially" submitted a challenge packet besides me?  How is everyone's maintenance schedule working out?...

    Last night was the first serious exercise I've done in a week:  I ran 5K on the treadmill at varying inclines from 0 - 2.5% and speeds varying from 6 - 8mph after my first 2 minutes warming up at 4 mph.  I crossed the 20 minute line at 2.1 miles and finished the full 3.12 mile 5K at 30min40sec.  Definitely NOT by best 5K time ever, but a really good workout!  Burned about 410 kcals!  Then I did some bodyweight only core exercises to keep the abs, back and chest strong - then a good long stretching session.  

    It's amazing how FAST your lungs lose their elasticity!  It's probably the first thing to go.  I struggled a bit to get my breathing under control, but averaged around 6.5mph through the run.

    Has anyone experienced any further weight loss after finishing the challenge?  I have!  Working out very low impact, and NO weights while eating right; I have dropped to 175 lbs and 12.3% bodyfat!  That's 3 lbs and 1% bodyfat less than my official challenge completion stats were!  It defnitely pays to "calorie cycle" (i.e. - a couple days at higher than normal caloric intake, followed by a day or two of caloric restriction) as your body doesn't know you are cutting back on the lower calorie days, and drops more fat!  It's awesome!

    Check in, if you have time...

    Blessings <><


  • Hey Steph,

    I'm still kicking around last night did TRX Class at the gym. Tonight is believe it or not Linda and I are going to get ready Gentle Yoga class together. Her trainer suggested it she has knee issues and this might help can't hurt toooo much right. I'm pretty sure it's the same knee that she had surgery on yrs. ago after being pinned between her car and another car when a lady backed into her. Hope fully she will enjoy the class tonight. She has been eating clean all week and has stopped coke drinking also finally. Now she is going through DETOX so far so good for the rest of us no violent words yet.LOL.

    Did you check out TRX yet? Let me know what you think about it. Also Thanks for starting this thread throughout this challenge. I'm sure that was a challenge in itself you did a great job of keeping me and everyone else motivated that wanted to finish. It's unfortunate that we ended up being so few.

    Hey Lurker,

    Get on here and add your 2 cents miss you.

    Have a great weekend everyone.


    Just wanted to say "hey" and let everyone know I'm being pretty lazy!  haha.  I am going to get away with as little as possible (light cardio + body weight only exercises) through December.  Not going back on anything close to a regular BFL schedule until I start another challenge in January,

    Did want to let everyone know of a cool site I found that demos lots of different exercises:

    Later on everyone!

    Blessings <><



    Time to shake off your Holiday Food coma, and start thinking about starting a new 12 weeks!  Currently, I'm planning on kicking one off on January 2nd.  Wondering what everyone has been up to, and what your plans are.  Drop a line.

    Have a SAFE and JOYOUS New Years Eve!

    Blessings <><


  • Hi Stephon!

    I'm in and there are a few others from my old thread who are also starting on Jan. 2

    I wonder if I should start a new thread, I bet there are others who'd join as well.

    Hope you've had a good christmas and that your new year goes exceedingly well.


  • Stephon and any others who keep company here:

    There is a new thread started for the January 2, 2012 start date. Do you think we should all join in over there and get to know new people or stay in our "small groups"??? I could go either way but I know that it's too time consuming to be on more than one thread. The chances are good that the crowd will dwindle and there'll be a few regulars but right now there are lots of people who might enjoy having a wide variety of people. Let me know what you think, Please. thanks.!


  • I've been thinking about starting up on January 2, 2012 so please let me know what thread we are going to be using.  Thanks y'all!

  • I am starting of 8/22..and I agree. One thread is hard enough to keep up with.